Joseph Farrell ~ German – Russian Negotiations over Ukarine, NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM AUGUST 7 2014

Joseph Talks about a VERY significant article and analysis of the German-Russian negotiations over the Ukraine that appeared in the Asia Times. Here’s the link:…

Thanks for the link Andre!

Joseph Farrell ~ “GMO’s as a GeoPoltiical issue?” NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM, AUGUST 21, 2014

GMOs are in the news again, and again, from Russia. Joseph talks about new Russian regulations and fines in its GMO labeling laws.

Here are the links to the two articles:……

How the Defense Industry Convinced Congress to Militarize Local Cops

| Mon Aug. 18, 2014
Police drift through a cloud of smoke on August 13 in Ferguson, Missouri

The Ferguson, Missouri, police department’s display of armored cars, officers in riot gear, and assault rifles over the past week shocked Americans who didn’t realize how much military equipment is now available to local police departments. But since the 1990’s, more than 8,000 federal, state, tribal, and local police agencies across the country have armed themselves with the military’s excess gear, free of charge. The inventory includes everything from office furniture and first aid kits to aircraft, armored cars, rifles and bayonets, according to the Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Defense office that manages the transactions under an initiative called Program 1033.

In June, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) introduced an amendment to de-fund aspects of the program. Grayson’s bill would have exempted certain military equipment, including planes and armored cars, from Program 1033. That effort failed; just 62 members of the House of Representatives voted for the measure, with 355 voting no. Maybe the outcome shouldn’t have been a surprise: According to a new analysis of campaign finance data, the politicians who voted against Grayson’s bill received, on average, 73 percent more campaign donations from defense industry sources from 2011 through 2013 than their peers who voted for it.

The analysis—conducted by the Berkeley-based research group MapLight using data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics—also found that of 59 representatives who received more than $100,000 from the defense industry from 2011 through 2013, all but four voted against the amendment.

Correction: The original version of this story said that three representatives who received more than $100,000 from the defense industry voted against the amendment. Four representatives in this category voted against it.

The Pele Report for August 19, 2014 ~ Tom Lescher

When I believe I will see,
The plan that Life has for me,
To let go of pain and have a new start,
With a clear mind and a loving heart.

New Moon in Virgo coming up this weekend (Monday)! I think the Sabian Symbol of 3 degrees Virgo says it all so I will quote it here as described by Dane Rudhyar in hi book “An Astrological Mandala.” The symbol is “Two Guardian Angels” with the keynote being “Invisible help and protection in times of crisis.”

“Though the consciousness may not yet be able to realize this as a fact, man is as surrounded by spirit as fish by water. Angels, devas and the like are entitized forms of spirit. In a sense at least, they collectively constitute a realm of existence complementary to mankind. They are specialized fields of energy which are apparently conscious, but not “free” in a human sense — that is, free to be what they are not. We are told, by seers and even by merely clairvoyant persons, that they constitute hierarchies of energy- distributing forms which sustain all life processes — particularly in the vegetable and telluric realms — as well as protective agencies attached to human beings. Modern psychologists may think of them as symbols of as yet latent powers in man’s unconscious. By being aware of their presence and sustaining power a man may avoid the desperate feeling of aloneness and alienation which usually pervades the “night of the soul” and the symbolic forty days in the wilderness.”

These are the days to break through the illusion that something outside ourselves has control over our inner state of being and step fully into our potential as co-creators of a new earth. In the report I mentioned a valuable talk given by Matt Kuhn. Here is the link to that video (copy/paste)…

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You won’t believe where these hens live…disturbing

Australia Residents PLEASE Sign and share, the only way to end this shameful cruelty is when enough people become aware and take action. Mahalo…


They called it ‘state of the art’ — but the lives led by ‘forgotten’ hens trapped inside this ‘Egg Corp Assured’ PACE factory farm will leave you stunned…

‘Egg Corp Assured’ Like many egg factory farms, this PACE farm is “Egg Corp Assured”, which according to the industry is “a mark of a quality product produced under strict

guidelines.” Supplying the same company that supplies McDonald’s This facility supplies eggs for PACE —

the same egg company that supplies major retailers, hotels and even McDonald’s.

Take action today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Egg Corp Assured

Isolated incident? Sadly, no. Investigators have reported seeing live hens trapped in manure pits beneath tiers of battery cages in other factory farms too.

Isolated incident?

Surviving on scraps, bugs, and eggs Dozens of hens trapped in this manure pit did not have visible access to feed or water, but were seen to be surviving on manure beetles and their own eggs.

Surviving on scraps, bugs, and eggs

‘Lucky’ ones? As putrid as it is to live among rotting faeces, these hens could at least move, stretch their wings, and lay their eggs in private — freedoms denied to their caged sisters.

'Lucky' ones?

Falling through the cracks — literally Live hens sometimes ‘escape’ when workers routinely remove the carcasses of birds who die inside cages. These hens are believed to have fallen into the pits below.

Falling through the cracks — literally

Evidence of long-term abandonment Varying degrees of feather re-growth would suggest that hens have been living in the manure pit for varying lengths of time — from several days to many months.

Evidence of long-term abandonment

Rooster? Investigators filmed what appears to be a rooster among the colony of hens trapped in the manure pit. Defeathered, he too will have endured a year or more in a cage.


‘Egg Corp Assured’ Like many egg factory farms, this PACE farm is “Egg Corp Assured”, which according to the industry is “a mark of a quality product produced under strict guidelines.”

Egg Corp Assured

Supplying the same company that supplies McDonald’s This facility supplies eggs for PACE — the same egg company that supplies major retailers, hotels and even McDonald’s.

Supplying the same company that supplies McDonald's

Ties to the very top of the egg industry Eggs from this farm are sold under the PACE brand — the owner of which serves on the board of the peak industry body, the Australian Egg Corporation Limited.

Ties to the very top of the egg industry

State of the art
120,000 birds — on one ‘farm’ In massive factory farms like this, it is impossible to monitor the welfare of individual animals. Rather, a key measure of ‘success’ is how many birds remain alive.

120,000 birds — on one 'farm'

Repeatedly reported for animal cruelty This is the second time in as many years that Animals Australia has reported this PACE farm to authorities for serious breaches of animal welfare laws.

Repeatedly reported for animal cruelty

‘Get a ladder’ After receiving Animals Australia’s 2013 complaint, authorities instructed farm management to ‘get a ladder’ in order to be able to see hens in the 5th tier of cages.

Get a ladder

Neglected hens; rotting carcasses This hen was one of several found standing on the bodies of rotting cage-mates in 2013 — revealing that hens’ health had not been properly monitored for weeks.

Neglected hens; rotting carcasses

Illegal overcrowding in 2013 Animals Australia first reported illegal overcrowding in this PACE egg farm in 2013. Up to six laying hens were found crammed inside many of the cages.

Illegal overcrowding in 2013

Illegal overcrowding in 2014 Over a year later, the same farm has been re-reported by Animals Australia for confining more birds per cage than is permitted by law.

Illegal overcrowding in 2014

Visible signs of long-term stress These hens are “defeathered” — why? Apart from rubbing up against wire all day, stressed hens resort to pecking at their cage mates out of boredom and frustration.

Visible signs of long-term stress

Complete failure of the auditing system Even after being officially reported for cruelty, industry-funded audits have completely failed to ensure even the most minimum animal welfare standards are being met.

Complete failure of the auditing system

An inherently cruel and outdated system The barren battery cage has already been banned in the European Union for unacceptable cruelty. Hens suffering in Australian battery cages need your voice.

An inherently cruel and outdated system

You can help end this madness Hens are sensitive animals with unique personalities who don’t deserve a lifetime of suffering. Help free these amazing animals from suffering by taking action now!

You can help end this madness


THE SOLUTION: phase out the inherently cruel cage egg system.

When animals who live trapped among towers of rotting excrement have a better quality of life than those still ‘in the system’ — the question must be asked: how is this system still legal?

In many countries, it isn’t. The laws that govern Australian egg farms were due for review four years ago. Yet this critical review still has not been scheduled. Meanwhile, the barren battery cage has been banned throughout the European Union.

Australia is failing desperately in its obligation to protect animals. And in more ways than one.

This new investigation has exposed an even darker side to the cage egg industry: that birds can ‘live’ and die — with no independent person having ever set eyes on them. This is because there is no requirement for routine, independent auditing or oversight of factory farms in Australia.

This is an industry that will squeeze every last dollar out of every last animal if given the chance.

Don’t let them.

Take action today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Tottooing, Piercing & Plastic Surgery

The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency

by on August 20, 2014
BRICS Leaders celebrate their new Bank(Above/Left: For the time being, China still allows Putin the center position.)

Far from being ‘the end of the NWO’, the ongoing decline and coming collapse of the US Empire and its Petrodollar are the Money Power’s key goal in her age old drive to World Government. The BRICS Bank is a purely Globalist institution that paves the way for a new Currency Order after the Petrodollar has been done away with.

The endless chatter in the Alternative Media about Putin and Russia ‘fighting the New World Order’ looks a little hopeless at times. It’s not that Putin does not seem to be a fairly reasonable chap for a politician and ‘world leader’. Clearly he has the moral high ground in the sense that US/Zionist Imperialism in the Middle East and the ghoulish coup and provocations in the Ukraine are obviously purely criminal and Russia is defending legitimate interests.

But the ongoing equation of the New World Order with the US Empire is the sand in our eyes: the reality is that the US as the hegemon is dead. Why do people believe the New World Order would be interested in the United States after decades of horrendous domestic policies that have destroyed the health of the population with GMO and Big Pharma? After letting its once world class infrastructure crumble away before our very eyes? After outsourcing its manufacturing base to China, its supposed ‘strategic rival’? Do people think the Bankers are stupid? That they don’t know how to run a country properly? That they would destroy the goose laying the golden eggs without a plan?

The United States has been eaten from within and its bloated military and overvalued Petrodollar are the only things keeping its emaciated corpse still looking somewhat frightening. But both are totally overextended and antiquated and will without any doubt meet their doom within the foreseeable future.

The debate is far too much about people. Barack Obama golfing while the heroic Putin is doing so much good. This is not the kind of analysis that is very troubling for the Bankers. We need to focus on the larger picture. The who behind the scenes, instead of the puppets in the limelight. And, even much more important, understanding their strategies, their methodology, their main gun being Banking, institutionalized Usury.

Obviously a usurious BRICS Bank, that will undoubtedly be ready for a key role for Gold once the Petrodollar is resetted out of existence, is not in any way ‘threatening’ to the Globalist Bankers on their road to World Currency. No, it’s just the next step in an age old plan.

The Money Power
The Money Power is the group of age old Banking Families that rule the world from behind the scenes. They are the Princes and High Priests of Mammon’s Empire. Jewish Trillionaires are at its core, but many old European ‘noble’ families are also very highly placed.

God only knows where they came from or where they learned their tortuous tricks. Perhaps the old God Kings that used to rule the planet before the Great Flood put us back into the stone age left a copy of their handbook in Babylon, where the Jewish Pharisees and Money Changers and some others seem to have learned the trade.

The core of their Empire is the Capitalist Monopoly: all the major banks own each other, and are ultimately owned by said families. Not only that, they also own 80% of all Transnationals, plus associated patents: their technology is undoubtedly very advanced. They also control most land and related resources.

They have built this Empire through Usury: compound interest makes it inevitable that the very richest own everything within generations.

Not only do they own everything, they also own everybody. We are totally enslaved through Usury, taxation and artificial scarcity.

Our chains are invisible. Usury is the main issue and it’s invisible because most of what we lose to it is in the prices we pay for normal day to day goods and services: producers incur costs for capital during production and must pass these costs on to the consumer. These costs compound in the supply chain and it transpires that about 40% of prices we pay are Usury passed on to us.

Not only that, the State is also owned by the Plutocracy. Always has been: there is no precedent in history of a State that was not outright controlled by the Powers that Be behind the scenes. This is very important to understand, because it is quite common to look at the State for salvation against Plutocracy. But the State has, besides Usury, always been their main method of control! As the Protocols put it: “In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards — to Law, which is the same force, only disguised.”

Taxation is up to 50% Usury passed on to the taxpayer, what remains is directly controlled by the Plutocracy also through its asset, the State.

The Transnational Cartel (Oil, Automotive Industry, Telecom, Big Pharma, etc) operates through monopoly and artificial scarcity. In a healthy economy, mass production crushes prices, but the Cartel keeps prices inflated by buying up or crushing all competition. Through inflated prices, they suck away most of what remains of our life force after we have paid all the Usury and taxation.

This is what looks so desperate about people worrying about the coming New World Order. It’s not a ‘new’ world order, it’s a very old world order, that is just externalizing the Hierarchy in World Government: we are already totally, utterly, completely enslaved.

Oil and the rise of Russia, Iran and China
It’s well known that Empire has traditionally built up ‘enemies’. Either to crush them, or because they are needed for dialectical struggles that can be exploited. The Money Power is a global Empire, that has the nations battle it out amongst each other. Warring is profitable, it traumatizes people so they are more easily controlled and ritual sacrifice is pleasing to their ‘god’.

A good example was Saddam Hussein, who they provided with know how and arms, so he could offer a good excuse for invading the Middle East. Enemy du jour is ISIS, which is well known to have been built up from scratch by the US through its Saudi Arabia and Gulf State proxies. Now that it is strong enough, they can start fighting it. The real war is of course against the peoples of Iraq and Syria, but a bogey man is needed to hide the resource grabs behind it all.

The same has been going on with the Sino-Russian axis and Iran.

China has been built up by handing it the Money Power’s manufacturing base. This is a disaster for both the US Empire and the American people. Two wholly different entities, mortal enemies, although the gullible masses tend to enjoy the ego aggrandizement associated with being part of a big Empire, overlooking that this comes at the price of subjugation.

Is Washington stupid? Does it not know that its power was built on the thrift of its people? Of course they’re not stupid. Washington is a tool of another power, that’s why this is happening.

Russia is a different story: it has long been controlled through its dependence on Oil exports.

In the eighties Reagan started an arms race against the Soviet Union and he has been credited for bringing down that ‘evil Empire’. The real story, however, was that the Money Power institution that actually rules America (the Federal Reserve Bank and its owners), crashed Oil prices by restoring the Dollar, that had been inflating badly in the seventies. This was the key reason that the Soviet economy finally crumbled and could no longer maintain a ‘threatening’ facade.

In the nineties, when the Money Power was plundering the ex-Soviet economy through its Jewish Oligarch proxies, Oil prices remained very low and Russia on its knees.

Then in the early 2000’s, just after Putin came to power, they started raising Oil prices again, both by US military adventurism in the Middle East and by massive speculation by Wall Street. The Money Power controls all major resources and can halve, double or quadruple all prices at a moment’s notice. Oil prices actually went up tenfold: at its peak it stood at about $150 for a barrel, up from $15 only a few years earlier.

These insane (and totally unnecessary) prices have provided Russia with an enormous windfall. Russia? Well, the Russian State and the Oligarchs, Putin included, anyway. The common man saw little of it and wealth inequality in Russia is at US levels.

The Russian State under Putin used the money to pay off the National Debt and particularly to reinvigorate the Russian military. The same can be said of Iran, which has been heavily investing in its military, which would have been impossible without the massive Oil boom.

All this is absolutely totally typical of long term Money Power scenario based planning.

An infamous, purely Babylonian Coat of Arms, used by the Rothschild Family.....and the Russian State.

Putin’s Russia
While Russia is obviously in much better shape than when he came to power, Putin has rebuilt Russia into neo-fascism.

Fascism is a form of Government with a strong State, intimately cooperating with Big Business. Marxism, on the other hand, is a strong State with nationalized industry. Both systems are highly amenable to the Money Power. They have used both modes routinely and it is quite close to what they have planned for their Global Kingdom.

Today’s fascism has not the brutal face of National Socialism, let alone Stalinism, it’s somewhat softer. Russia holds regular elections for instance, which, as we know, would be immediately outlawed if they made any difference. But there is no need for any illusions about the risks of crossing Putin or the System/Plutocracy he represents. The Russian media, the banks and the economy at large are totally controlled by the global puppeteers.

The Russian State needs the current mayhem as much as the US and the West do: States are antithetical to both Spirit and the needs of ‘their’ people and they need manufactured problems and particularly enemies for their protection racket to thrive. As a case in point, Putin’s approval ratings have been unbelievable since the Ukraine crisis started.

What is crucial to understand is, that Putin only has to represent ‘legitimate’ Russian interests in a ‘reasonable’ way to provide the Bankers with exactly what they want: ongoing tension and the build up to war, which is the goal. We don’t have to defame him unnecessarily, we don’t have to call him or even his actions evil: it is clear the US Empire is the unadulterated aggressor and all Putin has to do is defend assertively.

It cannot be stressed enough that, should there be real war, the US Empire is planned to lose. Its airforce and navy, on which it is completely dependent for global projection of power, are totally antiquated in the face of S400 (S500 even) SAM installations, Sukhoi jets (which tank all American counterparts, including 5th generation, in dog fights) and Yakhont anti ship missiles. Of course Russia cannot in any way threaten America, or even Europe, but it most certainly can defend itself and its main allies.

I think we can agree America is not going to send millions of grunts overseas to fight an aggressive war against Russia. All that would remain is a nuclear first strike and deployment of advanced WMD that both parties have been ‘quietly’ assembling over the last few decades.

The BRICS Bank
In their statement, the nations’ leaders said: “We appreciate the work undertaken by our Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors“. Undoubtedly it was those who hammered out the deal. As we know, both the Bank of Russia and the Bank of China are major Rothschild CB’s, part and parcel of the global financial system with the Bank of International Settlements at its apex.

Bank of China is led by Zhou Xiaochuan, a member of the influential Group of 30, a Rockefeller confab for Central Bankers and leading economists. In 2007 he was calling for the replacement of the US Dollar with the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights. Please note: not with the Yuan, but with the IMF’s precursor to global currency.

The official reason for the Bank is dismay about the refusal of US lawmakers to ratify the 2010 IMF reforms, aimed at giving the BRICS nations a bigger part of the vote in the IMF: they control about 20% of global output (it’s bound to be higher in PPP terms) and have only 11% of the vote, reflecting basically the post WW2 balance of power.

The plan will see two different banks: one for infrastructure development, the New Development Bank (NDP) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), which will provide liquidity to countries in need. In short: parallel institutions to both the IMF and the World Bank.

However, both institutions don’t need parallels, they need disbanding, because they only exist to usurp national sovereignty and fealty to the Banking Cartel. The BRICS Bank does in no way damage the BIS global infrastructure. It in no way addresses any real monetary problem, let alone the core issues of Usury and scarce money.

In fact: there is little doubt that the BRICS Bank will seamlessly transition to a larger role for Gold, once the inevitable ‘reset’ of the global financial system comes. Both Moscow and Beijing have been massively hoarding Gold and the Money Power has been preparing the transition to Gold after the Petrodollar era for decades now. A gold backed Yuan has been fevorishly anticipated and recently, when the US sprang their first sanctions on him, Putin was saying he would use his Gold reserves to back (and thus give ‘credibility’ to) his own payment systems, away from the US Banks.

This is a good example of why it’s wrong to focus on people, while overlooking the methodology: how is a new Bank going to end Banking, Usury, scarce money, power centralization, Globalism? How is going Gold in any way going to solve total Money Power control of the money supply?

It can’t of course. Banking is THE main tool of the enemy. You don’t solve banking by starting your own, you solve banking by providing interest-free money.

Latin America
Interestingly, right after signing the deal, the BRICS leaders met with leaders of Latin American countries. These nations are mostly led by neo-Marxist presidents, like their deceased standard bearer Hugo Chávez.

Chávez was very popular in the Alternative Media because of his routine and much warranted America bashing, But meanwhile he collectivized the Venezuelan economy, destroyed the private sector, attacked the family by bringing feminism into Venezuela and sold Oil Dollars for one third of their worth to Transnationals to repatriate their Venezuelan profits and to the wealthy, so they could import their BMW’s for a fraction of their real cost.

In short: he ended income inequality in the typical Marxist way: by destroying the middle class with the motto ‘everyone poor is equality too’. The very wealthy became even richer still.

Today, you are more likely to get killed while walking the streets of Caracas than in Kabul.

What remained of his Oil Dollar wealth after handouts to the rich, Chavez invested in uniting the Latin American nations in some sort of Latin American Union. Something very high on the agenda of his Bolivarian successors and brethren in other Latin American capitals today too.

This is another excellent example of how the Money Power uses opposition to the US Empire and the plight of the poor for Marxism and supranational convergence.

The New World Order is a group of ancient banking families that rule through money.

Money is half of each transaction, transactions cannot take place without it. It is the gateway to all goods, services and resources. By keeping money scarce, they keep everything scarce. Through Usury they take their cut in every transaction.

Through control of money, they have acquired 90% of the hard assets on the planet. Not only that, they suck away 90% of the common man’s life force through Usury, taxation and the artificial scarcity of their Transnational Cartel. ‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than they who think they are free’.

They control all nations through their States: the Jews, the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese. They use these nations for different purposes and to pit peoples against each other.

They rule through dialectical pseudo ‘conflicts’, where both protagonists slug it out to amuse the public, while working together towards hidden common purposes. For instance: Marxism and Capitalism are both materialist and monopolies, the hidden common features that really matter to the Money Power.

People within these dialectics believe the conflict is real and they don’t have to actually report to the Bankers to do exactly what they want them to do.

Our current era is about the take down of the American Empire, which has served the Plutocracy well, but is now, with its heavily armed and fiercely independent people, the last block that has to be taken down to usher in the Global Despotism they have been working towards for so, so long now.

The BRICS Bank is anti Petrodollar, not anti Money Power.

It has long been prophesied that Russia would lead the West out of decadence and materialism. Edgard Cayce for instance. But also a great man like Rudolf Steiner had high expectations of Russia. This partly drives the optimism of some people concerning Putin. But while I believe the Russian Soul has an important gift for Humanity, it is most certainly not going to come through the Russian State, which is purely Babylonic. A grassroots spiritual movement or even the coming of the next Prophet, yes, but not the iron fist of the Kremlin.

A second installment of a recent interview with Morris, concerning the BRICS Bank and the rise of a New Currency Order:

He Unzipped His Luggage To Reveal Something Shocking! Everyone Should See This….Traveler Alert

In 2012, a TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003.

Whether you’ve been a victim of stealing baggage handlers or not, this is a video you need to see to help protect yourself the next time you travel! It’s a sad, but true fact that YOU need to know about… Airport crime is everywhere and unfortunately many people learn about thieving baggage handlers or fast-moving bag stealers when it’s too late to do anything about their lost items.

In this video, learn how thieves can break into your checked luggage and take anything they please… even if you try to protect yourself with a deadbolt lock! Whether you travel once every few years or hop from coast to coast each month, this information will definitely come in handy.

This video is so important to SHARE – please help your friends protect themselves on the road!


Desmond Tutu to Israeli’s: Free Yourselves

Dear friends, Aloha!

This is the first time an opinion piece has gone out to our community, but this one’s historic.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has just published a powerful call to conscience in an Israeli newspaper. In it, the Nobel Laureate and anti-apartheid legend stands with 1.7 million of us in calling on companies to boycott and divest from the Israeli occupation and repression of Palestine. His love shines through, as he urges Israelis (87% of whom supported the Gaza bombing) to liberate *themselves* from this terrible status quo. It’s a must-read:

His Op-Ed is here (free registration may be needed, or try this other link).

The piece is exclusively published in an Israeli newspaper, but it’s a powerful legitimizer of what some governments still see as a controversial position, and the rest of the world needs to see it. The only way that will happen is through people sharing it. Let’s share it with everyone!

This campaign is gathering real pace. Russell Brand has recorded this video backing our campaign, and the companies we’re targeting are starting to reach out to the Avaaz team and ask for meetings. Avaazers in the UK are campaigning to end arms sales to Israel as the government there initiates a review. And shockingly, even the US government cancelled a shipment of hellfire missiles to Israel!

The pressure is working – so let’s keep it up! If you haven’t yet, sign the petition here. Or click here to keep sending messages to our target companies. Let’s make sure they don’t think they can ride this out. And if you have a local campaign you could start to ensure that your town, or university, or community divests from the repression of Palestinians, start your own campaign here.

It’s a tremendous thing for us to once again stand alongside Archbishop Tutu – one of our truly great non-violent leaders. Because in a world torn apart by extremists who successfully demonise the ‘other’, non-violent strength is transformative – the strength to be firm, even tough, in standing up for justice, but out of a love for all people that refuses to fall victim to the fear and ignorance that is our universal enemy. A love that recognises that all our fates, and freedom, are intertwined. That’s the precious spirit that our greatest leaders, from Gandhi to Tutu, have taught us, and that our community strives to live up to with each and every campaign.

With hope,

Ricken, Alex, Fadi, Jeremy, Ana Sofia, Ari and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – This campaign is about creating the conditions for a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, and safe homes for Jews and Palestinians alike. Both anti-semitism and racism against Palestinians, like all hatred, are grotesque and should be fought. At the end of day, it is extremists on both sides that work together to threaten a peaceful future, and our work is to bring reasonable people together from all sides to take the action needed to save both Israel and Palestine. If anyone feels this campaign is one-sided, please check the Avaaz team’s response and explanation here.

UAV-Captures Airliner and UFOs

Video shows airliner being followed by 3 unidentifiable spherical objects for a short time. Then airliner and orbs vanish. This appears to be alt angle to previously submitted SAT footage:…

Received: 5 June 2014
Posted: 6 June 2014
Source: Protected

A 92-Year Old Is Held At Gunpoint But Her Response Brings Her Mugger To Tears

Faith is a powerful force to be reckoned with…

by on August 17, 2014

When this brave grandmother is held up at gunpoint, she does the unthinkable. Rather than give into her mugger, she shares powerful words with him that brings the man to tears. Her courage and determination are an inspiration to us all.

Making sense of chicken meat labels

Making sense of chicken meat labels

How much do you really know about how chicken meat is produced in Australia? We’ve demystified the process in no-nonsense terms to help you make truly informed choices.

How much do you know about how chickens raised for meat are really treated?

The modern phenomenon of ‘cheap chicken’ has come at an enormous cost to the animal and constitutes the world’s biggest animal welfare disaster, with 50 billion chickens raised intensively for their meat annually, worldwide.

Chickens have been selectively bred to grow three times their natural rate, impacting significantly on their physical well-being, as this rapid growth puts enormous pressure on their hearts and immature skeletons. 20 million chickens die in sheds every year in Australia as a direct result of how they are being farmed. It is important to note that this fast growth rate is common across all chicken production systems — whether factory farmed or free-range. The key differences between systems that do attempt to provide a higher standard of welfare for these birds are clarified below.

NOTE: Current demand for chicken meat in Australia can only be met by factory farming. But this demand never would have existed if people knew the truth about how animals are being treated. Now that you know, the power is in your hands. Refusing factory farmed products is an important first step. But to end factory farming, animals urgently need caring consumers to also make the choice to consume less animal products. Every person who replaces some or all of the chicken meat they eat with animal-friendly alternatives helps reduce the demand that has forced animals to be so intensively farmed, bringing chickens a step closer to a world without factory farming.

With no consistent or legally enforceable definitions for chicken production systems in Australia, it’s not easy to understand what the various logos and terms on packaging mean. Below we have attempted to demystify chicken production and in doing so assist more people to make kinder choices to help these animals.

Certification systems included in table below:

  • Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA)
  • RSPCA Approved Farming (RSPCA)
  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
  • Organic Food Chain (OFC)
  • National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA)
  • Organic Growers of Australia (OGA)

Note: If the production system isn’t specified on the packaging, the chicken was almost certainly factory farmed.

Factory farmed RSPCA Approved Indoor1 FREPA
Certified Free Range
RSPCA Approved Outdoor2 Certified organic3
Do birds have access to the outdoors?5 NO NO YES
No maximum density specified
Up to 170,000 birds/hectare
Maximum of 2,500 birds/hectare
Is environmental enrichment required? NO YES
(small bales of straw required)
Not specified YES
(small bales of straw required)
(ACO requires perches)
How many birds can be kept per square metre when in the shed?5 Up to 20 Up to 17 Up to 15
(+ access to outdoors)
Up to 17
(+ access to outdoors)
5 – 12 (depending on certification body)
(+ access to outdoors)
Can birds be exposed to periods of artificial light to speed up weight gain?4 YES
(up to 23 hours per day)
(up to 20 hours per day)
Not specified YES
(up to 20 hours per day)
(depends on certification body)4
Can birds be kept with tens of thousands in one single shed? YES YES YES YES NO
Are birds slaughtered before they reach maturity? YES,
(at 4-6 weeks)
(at 4-6 weeks)
(at 4-6 weeks)
(at 4-6 weeks)
(commonly from 8 weeks)
Are birds bred to grow unnaturally fast? (Fast growth may be associated with significant welfare problems.)6 YES YES YES YES YES

Ethical concerns in all chicken farming systems

It is important that consumers are aware that there are ethical and welfare issues common to all chicken farming systems – including certified free-range and certified organic. Regardless of the system the chickens are raised in, they will be transported and slaughtered in similar facilities at a young age, when they are in fact still just juvenile birds.

Birds are commonly handled roughly during the catching process, which is done under time pressure. They are grabbed by the legs and stuffed into transport crates with hardly any room to move. Many birds break bones in the process. During transport – which can be many hours non-stop – they can be exposed to weather extremes and are not provided with any food or water. At the slaughterhouse, their last glimpse of the world will be hanging upside down with her feet shackled in metal stirrups. Their heads will be drawn through an electrified water bath to stun them unconscious (some slaughter plants now use a gas immersion killing system) before an automatic knife cuts their throat. Some birds are not so ‘lucky’. Those who raise their heads and miss the electrified water bath face the throat cutting machine while fully conscious.

As consumers become aware of the ethical issues relating to chicken farming and slaughter, more and more are choosing cruelty-free alternatives, which are readily available in most supermarkets.
Making sense of labels

1‘RSPCA Approved’
The RSPCA Approved system accredits chicken farms to RSPCA standards. Chickens on these farms can be raised in either a free range or indoor system. Chickens in an RSPCA Approved indoor farm have no access to an outdoor area. However, the welfare standards are higher than in conventional factory farms. Freedom Farms products come from chickens raised on an RSPCA Approved indoor farm.

150-rspca-approved.jpg2 ‘Certified Free Range’

Unfortunately, there is no legal definition of the term free range in Australia so standards between farms can vary. These logos on the packaging indicate that the chickens were raised on farms with access to an outdoor range.

Free range chicken labels

* Note: The RSPCA Approved logo alone does not guarantee outdoor access – you may also find the RSPCA Approved logo on chickens raised in an indoor housing system that conforms to RSPCA welfare standards. Only RSPCA Approved products that are also labelled ‘free range’ come from farms where the chickens were raised with access to an outdoor range.

3 ‘Certified Organic’
Certified organic chicken products come from chickens kept on farms which exceed standards in the best free range facilities. However, simply the word ‘organic’ on packaging can sometimes mislead people to think the welfare of chickens meets certified organic standards – when it may simply mean that chickens are fed organic feed. These logos on the packaging indicate that the chickens were raised on a certified organic farm.

Organic chicken labels

4 Dark periods for rest
Providing chickens with proper dark periods is associated with many welfare benefits compared to near-continuous light systems. Natural light and dark cycles are important to stimulate activity in chickens and for the development of a circadian rhythm. Continuous light on the other hand may increase physiological stress by disturbing sleep and cause sleep deprivation. Incidence of leg abnormalities, such as lameness, and metabolic disorders have been found to be lower among chickens provided with dark periods. The Organic Growers of Australia is the only certification that does not allow the use of artificial light to speed up weight gain. Other organic certifications allow lights to be used for up to 16 hours per day; while RSPCA certifications allow 20 hours; and factory farms may subject birds to up to 23 hours of artificial light per day.

5Stocking densities
Maximum allowed indoor and outdoor stocking densities are commonly expressed in total bird weight per square meter (kg/sqm). For the table we have translated this to number of birds per sqm based on an average slaughter weight of 2kg.

6 Welfare problems due to unnatural fast growth
Chicken breeds used in the chicken meat industry are selectively bred to dramatically increase growth rate. They grow up to three times as fast as they would naturally. This fast growth has widespread and severe negative welfare impacts on the birds*, causing debilitating physical problems ranging from heart failure to lameness and results in millions of birds dying in sheds every year before they even reach slaughter age (up to 20 million die in sheds each year in Australia).

* EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW): Scientific Opinion on the influence of genetic parameters on the welfare and the resistance to stress of commercial broilers. EFSA Journal 2010; 8 (7):1666. [82 pp.]. doi:10.2903/j.efsa.2010.1666. Available online:

Other claims and logos
There are many other phrases and terms used on chicken products that may be perceived to suggest higher welfare such as ‘raised in large barns’, ‘range reared’, ‘corn fed’, ‘grain fed’, ‘chemical free’, ‘Australian chicken’ and ‘Australian made’. The majority of these do not signify a higher standard of welfare than factory farmed chicken. If there is no certified free range, certified organic or RSPCA Approved logo on the packaging, the chickens have almost certainly been raised in factory farms.

A common claim by some in the chicken meat industry is that the chicken was raised ‘cage free’. However, chickens raised for their meat are never raised in cages, regardless of the production system (only hens kept for the production of cage eggs are kept in cages). This claim is deceptive in making people believe that what is on offer is a ‘better welfare’ product. If there is no information provided that the product is certified free range or certified organic, ‘cage free’ chicken almost certainly comes from factory farms.

‘Free to roam’ is another term used by producers of factory farmed chicken meat – suggesting that the birds have plenty of space. But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is fighting this claim in court, alleging that it is misleading or deceptive advertising as the birds in factory farms are confined at such high densities inside sheds that they cannot roam around freely.

For information about labelling on other animal products, see our range of handy guides.

Six Reasons Why Spirituality And Personal Development Might Not Be Working For You.

Spirituality or personal transformation is a path without short cuts. Living in a world which offers immediate gratification in every corner at any time, the tendency of most people is to take a break from it and wait for better times to come. The general belief is that we have to be strong and ready to endure the feelings and emotions that come with it. With this is mind no one is ever ready and yet we all are. I believe there is a great misunderstanding in the process of personal development, how it works and what to do with it. While no one can tell you how to go about it, there are certain truths that even though we all can point out, we choose to ignore. Here there is a list of things you might be avoiding. It is not that you are doing anything wrong, but you might want to take a closer look at your experience, why you might feel stuck and what to do about it in order to change this reality. This is not criticism in any way, but a way to help you understand what might be doing wrong. If at any point during the reading you feel uncomfortable with what you read. Stay with that feeling. A feeling is where you are at the moment and the more you feel it, the stronger you will become.

Getting lost in rituals: While I agree that finding the right environment and a place in which we can practice spirituality comfortably, lighting candles and burning more incense is not going to do the job. We must create the right atmosphere to reach the right mood in order to produce the right energy, but we must also be practical. Perhaps you are making your surroundings too beautiful and not paying enough attention to yourself. Giving too much attention to what’s outside, might be getting you distracted from what is within. Within you will find all answers. A ritual should be an action that helps you to communicate with yourself, not a distraction.

Love and Light: There are many people for whom spirituality is only love and light. It is true that love and light is the purpose and the place where we all want to be permanently. However, by avoiding darkness we neglect to explore the uncomfortable feelings and emotions which hold all the answers in the end. We can only see light in darkness. Darkness is part of who we are. It does not mean we have to act upon it, but feel it. Show your light in darkness. Meet anger with love. Meet depression with love and so on and so on. There is nothing to be afraid of. We have been given a dark side so we can learn to balance it. This is not a celebration of darkness, but a nudge to embrace it. There is so much we can see in darkness.

You believe you are a follower: While it is important to get insights from others in the spiritual process, it is also essential that you expand on any new vision you embrace. Make it personal and flexible, by using your own experience, creativity and imagination you will get the results you are looking for. You are not a follower, but a leader. And I will keep repeating this throughout. You might be following this blog or not; but you are not following me. The knowledge I share is universal. What you read is only helping you to remember. That’s all. When following someone, if they make you believe that you need their direction permanently they are creating an unnecessary dependency on their figure. The reason why you need to begin to think and feel like a leader is because you have to make your own decisions and find your own answers. Others can point out a direction, but in the end it is living the experience that would make a difference. It what others tell does not resonate with you, do not follow. Your intuition is the one true leader. It is time you listen to it if you have not so far. It is as wise as everyone else’s.

You are not doing the work: It is human condition to get very excited when we decide to begin any process of personal transformation. Initially we look for the assistance of others. We might see someone privately, read books or attend courses, seminars or retreats. This is part of the work, but what happens in between meeting and meeting is essential in order to transform. Let’s say that you have attended a retreat. You feel uplifted and hopeful that this feeling is going to be permanent. It is not. The reason you feel uplifted is because you did the work and you have been inspired by others, as well as from your own input and experience. If the retreat has been going on for a week, this means that you have engaged in different practices non-stop for that long. It is consistency what makes a difference. If we stop these practices and return to old habits, we are going to obtain the same old results. What you learn from an experience has to be continued. Don’t wait until you next retreat, do it now.

Buying into new dogmas: Every experience opens every individual to a new truth. We are used to have a need to settle for a new truth too soon, as this is the way we have been taught to function. Somehow we are changing religion for a new spiritual dogma. There was a time in which humanity didn’t question religion, as we don’t question new beliefs. It is important to question everything. If the new dogma is limiting you in any way to express yourself freely in healthy ways, you might want to reconsider and perhaps expand on this new belief. Take the best of the new belief, mix it with what you already know and create your own belief and keep expanding on it. What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you. Personal transformation is about expansion. This is how you will give expression to your soul. Don’t be defined by terms. Free yourself from everything that is established and just be.

You don’t believe that change is possible: Perhaps your experience has conditioned you to believe that nothing good is going to come to you. This experience most certainly carries the echoes of the voices of a collective consciousness that tells us that better is not possible. Everything is possible and everything can change in just one second. While challenging the beliefs and ideas of others is a very healthy practice, the most important challenge we can face is that of our own beliefs. If you don’t see immediate results, be patient, trust and believe. Be persistent until you see the results you want.

You are not having enough fun: Spirituality is a journey in which we have fun, not suffering. Most religions invite suffering as a way of living. The more we suffer now here, the more rewards we will get in the afterlife. This is a lie which has been very convenient for the church to control the masses in the past, and somehow the energy of this belief is still very strong in modern society. Anything that suggests you have to continue suffering is not a healthy path. Have fun instead, sing, play and dance. Open yourself to the pleasures in life. As long as your practices are healthy and you are taking care of yourself, any practice is spiritual. Running or walking are activities as spiritual as yoga or meditation.

There is another aspect which makes spirituality not work for most people. I will dedicate a new blog post to it next week, as it is very important. I believe that these six points will give you a new perception on how to see spirituality in a new light. For now there is only one more thing to say; the more you put into it, the more results you will get. And above all; do not forget to have fun. Responsibility, fun and humbleness.

End of the Road for Mes Aynak

Buddhistdoor International John Cannon

Image of Shakyamuni Buddha in the Gandharan style excavated at Mes Aynak, Afghanistan. From Shambhala.


Archaeologists and conservationists are waging a battle against time to save as much as possible from Mes Aynak, an ancient Gandharan Buddhist monastic complex 30 minutes

A temple chapel at Mes Aynak. From The Temple Trail.

southeast of Kabul in the Afghan province of Logar. By year’s end the present leaseholders, China Metallurgical Group (CMG), a Chinese mining company, will resume control of the area of 4.8 million square feet, raze the entire site along with some local villages, and transform it into an open pit copper mine.
Mes Aynak is situated along the ancient Silk Road, which played an important role in the overland transmission of Buddhism to China. In addition to the four Buddhist monasteries, there are also a Zoroastrian fire temple, forts, an ancient copper mine, and a citadel.
A key to the significance of Mes Aynak beyond the cultural can be found in its name, which literally means “little source of copper” in Dari. The existence of copper in the area


A stupa at Mes Aynak, Logar Province, Afghanistan. From the US Embassy, Kabul.

and, more significantly, beneath its foundations, is the reason for the present predicament and dash to save as many artifacts as possible. Mes Aynak is sitting on what is believed to be the world’s second largest deposit of copper, estimated to be worth US$40 billion.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MMP) gave copper-mining exploitation rights over the area to CMG on 25 April 2008 for a period of 30 years at a price of US$3 billion, a significant financial windfall for the Afghan government. CMG has paid the government nearly US$200 million to date for the leasing rights.

Mounting international pressure and the deteriorating security situation in the area resulting from Taliban attacks have put the mining operation on hold. The group Islamic

State is a new potential threat as they have recently destroyed Muslim mosques and shrines as old as the 14th century in Mosul. CMG has delayed taking over the site, but the final deadline now appears to be the end of 2014. The continual delays have allowed time for the excavation and preservation of some of the artifacts. Whatever can be saved will be removed to the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul, and a museum is planned for Logar, near the site. In addition to the archaeological endeavors, Brent Huffman from America has been shooting a documentary, Saving Mes Aynak, to be finished later this summer.

Both international and local teams are involved in the excavation of the dig. One of the teams is under Philippe Marquis from the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA), which was set up in 1922 at the request of the Afghan government to help preserve the country’s historical heritage. Working with them is Abdul Qadeer Temore from the Afghan National Institute of Archaeology. Even the MMP, who brokered the deal with CMG, is providing resources for the rescue operation. The deputy minister of mines, Nasir Ahmad Durrani, commented: “From one side, my people need food. We are poor people. My national budget needs to generate revenue. But on the other side, I have to protect the international heritage.”

The MMP’s team, under Mark Lemiesz, is a small group consisting of 10 international experts, about 20 Afghan archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology in Kabul, and a further group of seven Tajik archaeologists. They are dedicated to safely removing as many of the wall paintings, statues, and stupas as possible, and aim to “preserve by record” whatever is damaged in the removal process or must be left in situ. A sobering thought: only 10 per cent of the site has been explored—90 per cent will be forever lost and unknown.


Film poster for “The Buddhas of Mes Aynak”. From Brent Huffman, Kickstarter.

A Prehistoric UFO ~ The Eden Saga

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UFOs didn't wait for modern times to appear

Hundreds of tiny metallic parts discovered in the Urals -dated 100,000 years or more- are pointing at an ancient technological civilization.

Archeologists make a great to-do about certain discoveries. Always about those ones that are acceptable for the dogma. Other sensational discoveries are quickly hushed up. Let’s take an interest in the

Prehistoric Nanotechnologies

A nano-object of the Urals, greatly magnified

From 1991, in Russia, a bunch of gold-diggers, followed by scientific expeditions, found some metallic nano-objects, mostly spiralled, which size went from 3 centimeters to 3 micrometers. Thousands of those artifacts were collected in several sites in Oural, from Pleistocene layers, between 10 and 40 feet in depth. The bigger ones are made of copper, the smaller ones of tungstene or molybdene. These metals are the proof of an industrial technology, their melting points being respectively 3410° and 2640°C.

UFOs could well be time travellers from the Earth's future


Other very enlarged nano-objects

Depending on the site and the depth where they were found, their age is estimated between 20,000 and 318,000 years. Even if interval is large, it doesn’t change anything.To our prehistorians, there was no man in Oural 300,000 years ago. And 20 000 years ago, man hadn’t created agriculture yet, he lit his fire by striking flints together. So who made these manufactured and miniaturized objects? Where are they from? What were they used for? These basic questions can’t be answered in a basic way.

Explosion of a UFO © Chris </p>
<p>Foss” width=”200″ height=”333″ border=”0″ /></p>
<p>Russian researchers found thousands of these small parts. And they found them far away from any ruin or any human trace. Why are there so many of those tiny objects? Since they are concentrated in an area of a few hundred yards large, it could be an accident, for instance a going bang machine. Or the failed landing of a spaceship.</p>
<p>Machine, spaceship, at that time? Manufactured with rare metals needing high temperature to melt? Right.</p>
<h3>Na Zdorovie!</h3>
<p><img class=

Definitely these tiny objects were not hand-made. Only a technological civilization, such as ours, could have mass produced them. Thus, russian scientists accept the fact that technological civilizations exist before us. Scientists recognize it at last! Let’s cheer up and drink a vodka! But the following is not so joyfull. The expert’s report ends like that: “The datas we got may suggest an extra- terrestrial technology.” (source)

Can you really believe it ?

Favorite shapka for Russkova!

We must admit that, on the field of science, russian researchers are more open-minded that the western ones. Generally speaking, eastern people admit more easily than westerners the extreme ancientness of our species or other non-conformist scenarios of that type. Facing the extra-terrestrial hypothesis is a huge step indeed. We can appreciate this, even if they quite moderated their conclusion. Engraved in marble, this scientific belief remains a dogma even for Russian scientists:

There was
no evolved civilization
before ours

Which is wrong obviously but stronger than ever. Instead of denying that scientific dogma, Russian scientists evoke E.T.! Niet vodka!! … However, could you imagine such a conclusion in any European scientific report?

Apparently they prefer te be fooled of than to be blamed. Why couldn’t we indeed imagine a terrestrial technology? A UFO from earth? 20,000 years ago or even more, yes, why not?

Some authors thought that developped civilizations have existed on Earth million years ago. Even with staying in the narrow limits settled by our prehistorians, the huge length of the neolithic period let time enough to develop a lot of civilizations like ours.

We may admit that some biblical integrists refused this possibility, because it does not suit the Bible. It is a religious belief, no problem. But science doesn’t deal with beliefs. So why all those scientists keep on singing their new bible, “we are the first ones” against all evidences? They don’t care. “We are the strongest ones,” they chant loudly. “Before us,apes. After us, deluge.” The dogma is so strong that even non-conformist Russian scientists respect it. So strange!

Why not imagining a story that doesn’t contradict this dogma?

Time Travel

According to relativity physics, time is like any other dimension and time travel is possible. Thus, our descendants will certainly be able to explore the distant past of our planet, leaving footsteps, nails, screws and other modern artifacts. And it is certainly possible than we find, far before our descendants’ birth, those objects they left very long time ago.

Besides, UFOs could well be time travellers’ ships, coming from our planet’s far future. Couldn’t they?

Rock carvings of pre-Columbian Peru showing aliens or time travelers in pajamas.

All those so called extraneans could well be our great grandsons, couldn’t they? They sure look weird, but considering all the poisons we spread on Earth, could they really look normal? They mutated, of course. They had no choice. But they remember. And they come to see how their ancestors looked like before the Total Atomization and the Newest Deal. Or else, they come to take our cells and organs to cure their virulent cancers caused by our nuclear waste?

Why not?

 Mayan vase: an elephant head reptilian standing on a flying machine? Note the elephant's trunk: it is a snake

William ShakespeareThere are more things in heaven and earth
than are dreamed of in our philosophy.

William Shakespeare

Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit

Evidence convinced judge of threat posed to honey production in Yucatán – but firm will almost certainly appeal against ruling
MDG : Monsanto GM soya impact on honey bees protest in Yucatan Peninsula in mexico
Greenpeace activists and Mayans form a human chain to spell out the words ‘ma ogm’, which translates as ‘no gmo’ (genetically modified organisms). Photograph: Arturo Rocha/Greenpeace

A small group of beekeepers in Mexico has inflicted a blow on biotech giant Monsanto, which has halted the company’s ambitions to plant thousands of hectares of soybeans genetically modified to resist the company’s pesticide Roundup.

A district judge in the state of Yucatán last month overturned a permit issued to Monsanto by Mexico’s agriculture ministry, Sagarpa, and environmental protection agency, Semarnat, in June 2012 that allowed commercial planting of Roundup-ready soybeans.

The permit authorised Monsanto to plant its seeds in seven states, over more than 253,000 hectares (625,000 acres), despite protests from thousands of Mayan farmers and beekeepers, Greenpeace, the Mexican National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and the National Institute of Ecology.

In withdrawing the permit, the judge was convinced by the scientific evidence presented about the threats posed by GM soy crops to honey production in the Yucatán peninsula, which includes Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán states. Co-existence between honey production and GM soybeans is not possible, the judge ruled.

Mexico is the world’s six biggest producer and third largest exporter of honey. About 25,000 families on the Yucatán peninsula depend on honey production. This tropical region produces about 40% of the country’s honey, almost all of which is exported to the EU. This is not small change: in 2011, the EU imported $54m (£32m) worth of Mexican honey.

The concerns are multiple. Roundup-ready crops – soybeans, corn, canola, sugar beets, cotton and alfalfa – have been manipulated to be resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.

Some argue that glyphosate poses a risk to human and animal health, a claim that Monsanto and other agribusinesses reject.

In addition to health risks, environmental damage to soil, water and bee colonies – which are dwindling fast – have been attributed glyphosate use, threatening food and water security across the globe.

GM crops could devastate the important European export market for Mexican beekeepers, where the sale of honey containing pollen derived from GM crops has been restricted since a landmark decision in 2011 by the European court of justice.

The ruling barred honey derived from a GM crop unapproved for human consumption – which includes some soy and other animal feeds – from sale in the EU. Honey with more than 0.9% of GM pollen (from an approved GM food) must be labelled as containing GM ingredients and cannot be marketed as an organic product. Some countries, including Germany, reject honey that contains any GM pollen.

A small study conducted in Campeche, where about 10,000 hectares of GM soybeans were planted after the permit was approved in 2012, found GM pollen in some honey samples destined for the European market. This, say the authors, threatens the local honey industry and contradicts the position taken by Sagarpa and industry groups that soybeans are not visited or pollinated by bees searching for food because they can self-pollinate.

The Monsanto ruling was commended by the respected national newspaper La Jornada, which accused the Mexican government of ignoring widespread concerns over GM and forcing those opponents to fight it out in court with powerful multinational companies. The government’s stated ambition of eliminating hunger is incompatible with its decisions to increasingly allow multinational companies such as Monsanto to introduce GM crops, the paper’s editorial concluded.

Central to the ruling was the Mexican constitution, specifically the government’s obligation to fully consult indigenous communities before making any major decision about what happens, including what is grown, on their territory. The judge ordered planting to stop and gave Sagarpa six months to carry out full and proper consultations with indigenous farmers – which it should have done before the permit was granted in 2012.

It was this same omission that led to an almost identical ruling by a district judge in Campeche in March 2014.

These two judgments have set a precedent that will help farmers, campaigners and environmentalists take local legal action against the rollout of GM soy and corn, which the federal government is sanctioning without consultation and against experts’ advice.

But this is a high-stakes game to play, in which indigenous communities are being forced to fight their own government and multinational corporations with multimillion-dollar legal departments, simply to have their constitutional rights honoured and protect their traditional ways of farming and living.

So while a third victory in Chiapas, where a similar case is pending, could soon follow, this is almost certainly only round one. Monsanto will probably appeal against the decision to a higher court.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, criticised by some for crippling small-scale Mexican farming, is not on the side of the beekeepers. This David and Goliath battle is about so much more than honey.

Captured and Enslaved: The Story Behind Lolita

If you think children are getting to see “nature” up close, think again. There’s absolutely nothing natural about this form of cruel and unusual confinement of a highly sentient species.
BOYCOTT SeaWorld and similar marine mammal parks. Mahalo!

This is Lolita. She is 20 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds.


At only 4 years old, she was torn away from her family and ocean home during the largest capture of wild orcas in history.

©Terrell C. Newby, Ph.D.

Eighty orcas were corralled into sea pens, and seven were kidnapped from their ocean home and sold to marine parks as mere commodities.

©Terrell C. Newby, Ph.D.

For only $6,000, Lolita was sold to the MiamiSeaquarium to be confined for human “entertainment.”

©Terrell C. Newby, Ph.D.

She is the sole survivor of the horrifying capture and has spent the past 44 years in the tiniest orca tank in the United States—a tank that also violates the Animal Welfare Act’s minimum size requirements.


In addition, the tank has has no shelter  for Lolita to find reprieve from the blistering Miami sun. Orcas who are confined to tanks that have crystal-clear water and little to no shade often experience painful sunburns and blistering.

Orcas in captivity are sometimes covered with black zinc oxide to prevent sunburn, but the substance has reportedly also been used to cover up painful blisters on the skin of orcas who have already been sunburned.

Orcas in captivity are sometimes covered with black zinc oxide to prevent sunburn, but the substance has reportedly also been used to cover up painful blisters on the skin of orcas who have already been sunburned.

With no mental, physical, or emotional stimulation, Lolita spends her days floating listlessly. She currently shares her tiny tank with a few dolphins but has no orca companions. Her former orca tankmate, Hugo, committed suicide after repeatedly smashing his head into the walls of the tank.

Repetitive harmful behavior is common, such as this orca banging his head on a landing platform at SeaWorld.

Repetitive harmful behavior is common, such as this orca banging his head on a landing platform at SeaWorld.

Held in a small barren tank with virtually no opportunity to engage in any natural behavior, Lolita exhibits abnormal repetitive behavior, such as bobbing her head:


Or floating listlessly:


Haven’t humans done enough to profit off Lolita in the past 44 years?

She is not ours to stand on …

… to pose on top of …


… to ride …


… to force to perform jumps and back flips …


… to confine as a prisoner …

Lolita the orca looking bored in her tiny pool at the Miami Seaquarium.

But Lolita’s time spent enslaved at the Miami Seaquarium is hopefully coming to an end.

Her family, the Southern Resident orca population, has been classified as endangered, and the government has agreed with PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund that Lolita should be included in her family’s Endangered Species Act listing and receive the same protection from harm. This inclusion would open the door for her release from the Miami Seaquarium and her return to her home waters.


With your help, she can be released … spread the word!