Our Connection to the Anunaki and Other Races with Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian

This clip is made from the Galactic Historian, Gregg P & Kendra G.-Galactic History Show Part9-Akashic Records interview below:

Audio Recorded on: Aug-5-2013
In5D Radio hosts Gregg Prescott and Kendra Gilbert welcomed Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis as we covered a wide range of topics, including Nibiru, Rh negative blood types, the Anunnaki, our real earth history and much more!

Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and Sacha Stone on ‘The One Network’

Sacha Stone and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and D…raw and unedited. To ALL I AM, we BE knowing what to do…full implementation NOW!

Post-production being finalised by The One Network.

In pure love and gratitude!
All ways!



State of Hawai‘i Judge Says He Received Summons from the International Criminal Court

Dexter_KaiamaDexter Kaiama, an attorney that represents war crime victims, was told by another attorney that Judge Harry Freitas admitted to him and the Prosecutor for Hawai‘i County in a conference call that he received a warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, to appear before the Court. Freitas is a District Court Judge for the Third Circuit in the city of Hilo, Island of Hawai‘i.

Judges-FreitasIn February 2013, Kaiama submitted the following complaint on behalf of his client with the Prosecutor of the ICC alleging Judge Harry P. Freitas committed a war crime by willfully depriving his client of a fair and regular trial prescribed by the Fourth Geneva Convention, and that Federal National Mortgage Association, and attorneys Blue Kaanehe, Charles Prather, and Peter Keegan were complicit in these proceedings and therefore committed a war crime as accessories.

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_02

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_03

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_04

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_05

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_06

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_07

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_08

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_09

On March 4, 2013, the Office of the Prosecutor’s Information and Evidence Unit acknowledged receipt of the complaint and assigned it case no. OTP-CR-63/13.

ICC.Complaint (Redacted)_Page_01

The International Criminal Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber (PTC) issues both arrest warrants and summons at the request of the Prosecutor. It is unlikely that Freitas received a “warrant,” but rather a “summons” to appear before the Court. “Warrants” are orders directed to governments for the arrest and apprehension of war crime suspects to ensure appearance before the Court, while “summons” are sent to war crime suspects themselves so they could voluntarily appear before the Court.

The PTC would issue a summons if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person has committed the alleged crimes, and that the summons is sufficient to ensure appearance before the Court on a specific day and time. Both warrants and summons can be sealed by the Court, which makes them only accessible to persons authorized by the Court. And once it can be ensured that victims and witnesses can be adequately protected, the Prosecutor could apply to the Court to unseal the warrants or summons in an effort to garner international attention and support for the arrests or summons.




It appears that the proceedings and summons are under seal because there is no mention of it on the website of the ICC. In the ICC case The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda, an arrest warrant was under seal for two years. In other cases the warrants or summons were unsealed within a month. Freitas, however, appears to have been confident enough to disclose the matter to both the attorney and the Prosecutor for the County of Hawai‘i in a conference call because he did state to both that he may be traveling to Europe soon.

When Freitas disclosed to two officers of the State of Hawai‘i court that he received a summons from the ICC it should draw international attention because if Hawai‘i was a part of the territory of the United States the ICC would not have issued the summons in the first place. The United States has not agreed to the jurisdiction of the ICC and therefore the Court would have been precluded from sending a summons if Freitas was a judge within the territory of the United States of America. The acting Government acceded to the jurisdiction of the ICC, which provided the basis for the ICC to exercise jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Islands. Hawai‘i is not a part of the United States and has been under an illegal and prolonged occupation since 1898 in direct violation of international law and the law of occupation.

Veronica Keen and Andrew Bartzis, Part 8

In this episode Andrew and Veronica talk about the common history on Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Iran; The importance for us finding the truth behind the game the Government and Banks are playing to be able to make a change, Social control with Vaccinations programs, Wars, Fear, Controlled Energy, we are at the point that we forgot what love is and what and open society is, and a lot more!
In this episode Andrew and Veronica talk about the common history on Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Iran; The importance for us finding the truth behind the game the Government and Banks are playing to be able to make a change, Social control with Vaccinations programs, Wars, Fear, Controlled Energy, we are at the point that we forgot what love is and what and open society is, and a lot more!

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Galactic Historian Website: http://www.Galactichistorian.com
Veronica’s Website: http://montaguekeen.com/

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Galactic Historian Website: http://www.Galactichistorian.com

Esoteric Agenda & Kymatica

Esoteric Agenda 1


” KYMATICA” Esoteric Agenda 2

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Veronica Keen and Andrew Bartzis, August 15, 2013 Part 7

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State Passes Law to Legalize Shooting Police

gun-doorFinally some rational legislation is passed concerning ‘public servants’ unlawfully entering another person’s property.

All too often, we see examples of cops breaking into the wrong house and shooting the family dog, or worse, killing a member of the family.

Well, Indiana has taken action to “recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant.”

This special amendment is no revolutionary new thought, only common sense.

Self-defense is a natural right; when laws are in place that protect incompetent police by removing one’s ability to protect one’s self, simply because the aggressor has a badge and a uniform, this is a human rights violation. Indiana is leading the way by recognizing this right and creating legislation to protect it.

Of course cops have already begun to fear monger the passage of this bill, “If I pull over a car and I walk up to it and the guy shoots me, he’s going to say, ‘Well, he was trying to illegally enter my property,’ ” said Joseph Hubbard, 40, president of Jeffersonville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 100. “Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law.”

Instead of looking at the beneficial aspect of this law, which creates the incentive for police to act responsibly and just, Hubbard takes the ‘higher than thou’ attitude and is simply worried about himself.

How about questioning the immoral laws that you are enforcing in the first place? Or how about sympathizing with the innocent people whose pets and family members have been slain, due to police negligence?

Who’s to say that a cop pulling you over to extort money from you for the victimless crime of not wearing a seatbelt, isn’t an unlawful act? Or how about breaking down your door in the middle of the night to kidnap you and throw you in a cage for possessing a plant?

Hopefully this legislation will lead to these arbitrary traffic and drug enforcement “laws” in place solely for revenue collection (aka theft), being brought into question.

The law states:

(i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to:
(1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;
(2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or
(3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect.

It is through legislation such as this, which will empower people again and aid in bringing down these tyrants from their pedestals, who are given free rein to murder and pillage without consequence.


From the Conspiracy File…Hurricanes “Steered” Towards Hawaiian Gold???

Mahalo DP for submitting this article which supports my suspicions of weather manipulation in the Eastern Pacific ocean. This isn’t just about the stolen gold, it’s  also about the Kanaka Maoli peoples awakening and remembering who they are and empowering themselves to regain sovereign nation status. In late June, early July the Dept of Interior conducted public meetings for packed houses, where 98% of Native Hawaiian’s attending vehemently opposed an attempts to remain a nation within a nation, under the control of the U.S. government. We made it clear in no uncertain terms that the U.S. and it’s military operations are no longer welcome here and we have documentation, including treaties with other nations dating back to the mid-1800’s which clearly outline the conspiracy by the U.S. to overthrow and illegally occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom.  More here: Polynesian Kingdom docs

With two potentially dangerous weather systems approaching the islands, I’m sending out a call to action for EVERYONE to hold space and pray for safe passage of these storms. Also, lets send our intentions into the energetics of the storms to serve as a cleansing mechanism. To cut  ALL cords attaching the islands to the system of domination and control. Allowing our stolen wealth to be returned, Hawaii1Ti Sovereign Nation status restored and healing the lands from decades of environmental assault  from radiation, chemtrails and bio-warfare.

More here, from yesterday’s post: Earth Energy Masters, Shaman and Lightworkers “2nd Call to Action” for Hawaii

My deepest gratitude to all who answer the call to action, I’m honored humbled to walk in the company of magnificent souls who are remembering who they are and learning to stand in their power as Co-Creators. We’re all learning how to fly as One, in unity consciousness. Let the Age of Alchemy and Transformation begin, we’re standing up and taking our planet back!  Mahalo! Annette













roadtoroota.com / By Bix Weir / Today at 10:02 AM

Just thinking out loud here… :)

Ok all you conspiracy buffs – let’s guess why the Bad Guys are steering 2 hurricanes towards Hawaii after 22 years of leaving them alone!

Yes, although they were supposed to die out over the Pacific Ocean the Bad Guys have fired up their HAARP machine and it looks like they are aiming these hurricanes directly at the Big Island.


Hurricanes Iselle & Julio Headed for Hawaii


I know there are many of you that have not done the research on weather alteration and weather wars so you may want to take this with a grain of salt but humans have been playing with the weather since the 1940′s. It’s not hard but it has huge ramifications and can cause tremendous harm when wanted. Here’s a good place to start if you haven’t been introduced to the concept…


Weather Control: Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?


Now don’t go around to all your friends and claim there are Bad Guys attacking us with weather…you’ll get even more stares than when you tell them the silver market is manipulated!

But do be aware of the potential, the power and the ability of governments around the world to use weather control and modification for their own use.

Think…Hurricane Sandy and the Flooding of the DTCC!!


The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast


Ok, let’s apply this potential conspiracy to the current situation in Hawaii. We know that they can steer hurricanes with HAARP so why aren’t they just steering these hurricanes away from the Big Island?

What could they be up to??

I have no idea…but if a certain vault that a strange IMF employee named Karen Hudes claims holds 170,000 tons of gold gets suddenly flooded and all that gold mysteriously floats out to sea…I guess we will know why it happened.



By the way…tell all your friends in Hawaii to take this one very seriously and get to higher ground as God knows what these bad guys have up their sleeves.

Signing off from the Conspiracy Bunker!!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Source: http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/321509

Andrew Bartzis on Angels, IN5D show August 5, 2013

Audio Recorded on: Aug-5-2013:  Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian describes the effect by the word ‘Angel’ and What Angels are.
This explanation was taken from the interview below @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn1pn…

Audio Recorded on: Aug-5-2013
In5D Radio hosts Gregg Prescott and Kendra Gilbert welcomed Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis as we covered a wide range of topics, including Nibiru, Rh negative blood types, the Anunnaki, our real earth history and much more!

Andrew and I will be hosting a webinar this weekend so stay tuned to In5D.com for more details!

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Montague’s Message for Sunday, August , 2014

Veronica, my dear, your work with Andrew [Bartzis] is proving very successful. It is releasing truth which explains all that has confused and puzzled people for years. I told you that August was the month for revelations. Soon, you will see the full picture. You will know what steps need to be taken in order to remove all that is dark and corrupt. The plans of the Cabal have not been successful. They have not been allowed to start World War 3. Yes, dear, it is true that BATTLESHIPS have been LIFTED OFF PLANET EARTH and placed where they can do no harm. Ships from the US, the UK, Germany, and of course, Israel. They are at a loss as to where their ships have gone. No longer will they be allowed to wage war in their efforts to bring about world domination.

I tell you now that NO ONE RACE WILL DOMINATE YOUR PLANET. It will not be allowed. All people on Earth must live in peace. This cannot be altered. It is THE PLAN.

There are some ETs supporting governments which have dark intent but they will not succeed. The Divine Plan stands: nothing can change it, and our work on both sides of life will ensure this.

Our grateful thanks go out to all those wonderful people who have become what we see as an Army of Light, who work on the ley lines to ensure that the energy is released. They will have their place in history and will deserve it. They are doing a sterling job. One day, they will see for themselves the importance of their work. Activating the ley lines is the most important work you can do at this time. You are rescuing your planet. What more important job could you do!

I am aware how distressed you are, my dear, as you see the slaughter of a noble and peaceful people [in Palestine]. What does this tell you about those in whom you were asked to place your trust? This is their plan to take over your world. All who keep silent and close their eyes to this slaughter are as guilty as those who drop the bombs. What is being rained down on these poor helpless people is PURE EVIL. Who will support you when they come calling on you? This is a takeover: they want it all, and that includes you!

Refuse to be part of it and make clear your feelings. Refuse to assist in the takeover of humanity. Refuse to be a HUMAN SACRIFICE. Do not buy into whatever package of FEAR they come up with next.

The ebola outbreak was carefully planned. It is intended to create FEAR, to allow them to remove more of you. Such ‘outbreaks’ are well planned in advance and timed so that you take your eyes off what they are doing. The unenlightened fall for it every time. Stop being SHEEP. Do your research and take responsibility. Such ploys worked in the past but you are aware of their games now.

Many of you have donated to the fund that will help us to set up the Centres in your world. These will help you through the difficult times when all that you take for granted today will be no longer be available to you. You need to learn to be self-sufficient for a while, until you come together, create FREE ENERGY, and grow your food, etc. You need to learn to live without the things you take for granted today. This change is coming and you cannot hide from it, for it has already begun. Veronica is finding the right people, who have the knowledge necessary to advise you on all aspects of life in the light. Please assist whenever possible.

Wake up to the fact that all that you are told on TV and in the newspapers is designed to keep you asleep and in fear. You are in an US and THEM situation. 99% are being led by the nose to their destruction by the 1%. How can this be so?

TV is their method of control. It draws you in and infects your mind. It controls your every thought and action. It shows you what you ‘need’ in your life, and what you cannot live without. It blinds you to who you are and what you are capable of. You become one of the HERD: all singing from the same hymn sheet. Like a mouse on a wheel, you constantly run but you never get anywhere.

When you wake up to who you are and what you are cabable of, you will wonder how so few could have destroyed so much on Earth. Some of you are still falling for the lies, thus allowing them to dictate how your world should be run, in the mistaken belief that their puppets have your best interests at heart. But this is not so. It is time to stop being sheep.

You were surprised, this week, to find that the Roman Catholic Church is JEWISH. The Jesuits are Jewish also. So Jews have been hiding behind different labels for 2000 years. Ask yourselves what all the wars were about? The simple answer: it is the shedding of blood that is required. The energy of FEAR in war situations is the oxygen of life to those who control your world.

The important thing you need to take on board is that THEY CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU !

Take back your power. This is your planet.

You are on the road to freedom and light. Prepare for it. Think about how you will survive when all the structures that you presently accept as part of your life, disappear. You will create new structures, but this will take time and patience. This guidance we hope to provide through our Centres. Both sides of life are working together to create a better world for all. We will not abandon you.

My dear, try to take time to rest. I ask all of you to send your love and protection to one who is being held by the dark.

My love is with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

Please watch the following video:

Veronica Keen & Andrew Bartzis Part VI

as this contains important information.

Veronica Keen and Andrew Bartzis, Part VI

Audio recorded on Aug 1st 2014

Veronica Keen and Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian continue with their amazing conversations.

The Seven Pillars of the Matrix

July 30, 2014 | By |

Seven Pillars non esotericRobert Bonomo, Contributor
Waking Times

“No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Contemporary baptized, corporatized and sanitized man rarely has the occasion to question his identity, and when he does a typical response might be, “I am product manager for a large retail chain, married to Betty, father of Johnny, a Democrat, Steelers fan and a Lutheran.”

His answers imply not only his beliefs but the many responsibilities, rules and restrictions he is subjected to. Few if any of these were ever negotiated- they were imposed on him yet he still considers himself free.

But is free the right adjective for him, or would modern domesticated simian be more apt? He has been told what to do, believe, think and feel since he can remember. A very clever rancher has bred billions of these creatures around the globe and created the most profitable livestock imaginable. They work for him, fight for him, die for him, believe his wildest tales, laugh at his jokes and rarely get out of line. When domesticated man does break one of the rules there are armies, jailers, psychiatrists and bureaucrats prepared to kill, incarcerate, drug or hound the transgressor into submission.

One of the most fascinating aspects of domesticated man’s predicament is that he never looks at the cattle, sheep and pigs who wind up on his plate and make the very simple deduction that he is just a talking version of them, corralled and shepherded through his entire life. How is this accomplished? Only animals that live in hierarchical groups can be dominated by man. The trick is to fool the animal into believing that the leader of the pack or herd is the person who is domesticating them. Once this is accomplished the animal is under full control of its homo sapien master. The domesticated man is no different, originally organized in groups with a clear hierarchy and maximum size of 150- it was easy to replace the leader of these smaller groups with one overarching figure such as God, King, President, CEO etc.

The methodology for creating this exceptionally loyal and obedient modern breed, homo domesticus, can be described as having seven pillars from which an immense matrix captures the talking simians and their conscious minds and hooks them into a complex mesh from which few ever escape. The system is so advanced that those who do untangle themselves and cut their way out of the net are immediately branded as mentally ill, anti-social, or simply losers who can’t accept the ‘complexity of modern life’, i.e. conspiracy nuts.

DELUSION DWELLERS, Laurie Lipton, 2010

Plato described this brilliantly in his Allegory of the Cave, where people only see man made shadows of objects, institutions, Gods and ideas:

“–Behold! human beings living in an underground cave…here they have been from their childhood…necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance…the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets… and they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall…”

It began with the word, which forever changed the ability of men to manipulate each other. Before language, every sensation was directly felt through the senses without the filter of words. But somewhere around 50,000 years ago language began to replace reality and the first pieces of code were put in place for the creation of the Matrix. As soon as the words began to flow the world was split, and from that fracturing was born man’s angst and slavery. The words separated us from who we really were, creating the first screen onto which the images from Plato’s cave were cast. Gurdjieff said it well, “Identifying is the chief obstacle to self-remembering. A man who identifies with anything is unable to remember himself.”

It’s no accident that in Hesiod’s ages of man the Golden Age knew no agriculture, which appeared in the Silver age, and by the time we reach the Bronze age the dominant theme is toil and strife. The two key elements to the enslavement of man were clearly language and agriculture. In the hunter gatherer society, taking out the boss was no more complicated than landing a well placed fastball to the head. Only since the advent of farming was the possibility of creating full time enforcers and propagandists made possible, and hence enslavement inevitable.

The search for enlightenment rarely if ever bears fruits in those temples of words, our schools and universities. Almost all traditions point to isolation and silence as the only paths to awakening; they are the true antidotes to modern slavery. As Aristotle wrote, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.”

So from the institution from which we are mercilessly bombarded with words and enslaved to time, we begin our descent through the seven layers of the Matrix.


There are things we are born able to do like eating, laughing and crying and others we pick up without much of an effort such as walking, speaking and fighting, but without strict institutional education there is no way that we can ever become a functioning member of the Matrix. We must be indoctrinated, sent to Matrix boot camp, which of course is school. How else could you take a hunter and turn him into a corporate slave, submissive to clocks, countless bosses, monotony and uniformity?

Children naturally know who they are, they have no existential angst, but schools immediately begin driving home the point of schedules, rules, lists and grades which inevitably lead the students to the concept of who they aren’t. We drill the little ones until they learn to count money, tell time, measure progress, stand in line, keep silent and endure submission. They learn they aren’t free and they are separated from everyone else and the world itself by a myriad of divides, names and languages.

It can’t be stressed enough how much education is simply inculcating people with the clock and the idea of a forced identity. What child when she first goes to school isn’t taken back to hear herself referred to by her full name?

It’s not as if language itself isn’t sufficiently abstract- nothing must be left without a category. Suzy can’t just be Suzy- she is a citizen of a country and a state, a member of a religion and a product of a civilization, many of which have flags, mascots, armies, uniforms, currencies and languages. Once all the mascots, tag lines and corporate creeds are learned, then history can begin to be taught. The great epic myths invented and conveniently woven into the archetypes which have come down through the ages cement this matrix into the child’s mind.

Even the language that she speaks without effort must be deconstructed for her. An apple will never again be just an apple- it will become a noun, a subject, or an object. Nothing will be left untouched, all must be ripped apart and explained back to the child in Matrixese.

We are taught almost nothing useful during the twelve or so years that we are institutionalized and conditioned for slavery- not how to cook, farm, hunt, build, gather, laugh or play. We are only taught how to live by a clock and conform to institutionalized behaviors that make for solid careers as slaveocrats.


In the countries that claim to be democratic the concept of a government created to serve the people is often espoused. Government, and the laws they create and enforce are institutionalized social control for the benefit of those who have seized power. This has always been the case and always will be. In the pre-democratic era it was much clearer to recognize who had power, but the genius of massive democratic states are the layers upon layers of corporatocracy and special interests which so brilliantly conceal the identify of those who really manage the massive apparatus of control.

The functions of the state are so well esconded in dogmatic versions of history taught in schools that almost no one questions why we need anything beyond the bare essentials of government to maintain order in the post-industrial age. The history classes never point the finger at the governments themselves as the propagators and instigators of war, genocide, starvation and corruption. In Hollywood’s version of history, the one most people absorb, ‘good’ governments are always portrayed as fighting ‘bad’ ones. We have yet to see a film where all the people on both sides simply disengage from their governments and ignore the calls to violence.

The state apparatus is based on law, which is a contract between the people and an organism created to administer common necessities- an exchange of sovereignty between the people and the state. This sounds reasonable, but when one looks at the mass slaughters of the 20th century, almost without exception, the perpetrators are the states themselves.

The loss of human freedom is the only birthright offered to the citizens of the modern nation. There is never a choice. It is spun as a freedom and a privilege when it is in fact indentured servitude to the state apparatus and the corporatocracy that controls it.


Patriotism is pure abstraction, a completely artificial mechanism of social control. People are taught to value their compatriots above and beyond those of their own ethnic background, race or religion. The organic bonds are to be shed in favor of the great corporate state. From infancy children are indoctrinated like Pavlov’s dogs to worship the paraphernalia of the state and see it as a mystical demigod.

What is a country? Using the United States as example, what actually is this entity? Is it the USPS, the FDA, or the CIA? Does loving one’s country mean one should love the IRS and the NSA? Should we feel differently about someone if they are from Vancouver instead of Seattle? Loving a state is the same as loving a corporation, except with the corporations there is still no stigma attached to not showing overt sentimental devotion to their brands and fortunately, at least for the moment, we are not obligated at birth to pay them for a lifetime of services, most of which we neither need nor want.

Flags, the Hollywood version of history and presidential worship are drilled into us to maintain the illusion of the ‘other’ and force the ‘foreigner/terrorist/extremist’ to wear the stigma of our projections. The archaic tribal energy that united small bands and helped them to fend off wild beasts and hungry hoards has been converted into a magic wand for the masters of the matrix. Flags are waved, and we respond like hungry Labradors jumping at a juicy prime rib swinging before our noses. Sentimental statist propaganda is simply the mouthguard used to soften the jolt of our collective electroshock therapy.


As powerful as the patriotic sects are, there has always been a need for something higher. Religion comes from the Latin ‘re-ligare’ and it means to reconnect. But reconnect to what? The question before all religions is, what have we been disconnected from? The indoctrination and alienation of becoming a card carrying slave has a cost; the level of abstraction and the disconnect from any semblance of humanity converts people into nihilistic robots. No amount of patriotic fervor can replace having a soul. The flags and history lessons can only give a momentary reprieve to the emptiness of the Matrix and that’s why the priests are needed.

The original spiritual connection man had with the universe began to dissolve into duality with the onset of language, and by the time cities and standing armies arrived he was in need of a reconnection, and thus we get our faith based religions. Faith in the religious experiences of sages, or as William James put it, faith in someone else’s ability to connect. Of course the liturgies of our mainstream religions offer some solace and connection, but in general they simply provide the glue for the Matrix. A brief perusal of the news will clearly show that their ‘God’ seems most comfortable amidst the killing fields.

If we focus on the Abrahamic religions, we have a god much like the state, one who needs to be loved. He is also jealous of the other supposedly non-existent gods and is as sociopathic as the governments who adore him. He wipes out his enemies with floods and angels of death just as the governments who pander to him annihilate us with cultural revolutions, atom bombs, television and napalm. Their anthem is, “Love your country, it’s flag, its history, and the God who created it all”- an ethos force fed to each new generation.

The Most Fanatic Supporters In The WorldCircus

The sad thing about circus is that it’s generally not even entertaining. The slaves are told it’s time for some fun and they move in hordes to fill stadiums, clubs, cinemas or simply to stare into their electrical devices believing that they are are being entertained by vulgar propaganda.

As long as homo domesticus goes into the appropriate corral, jumps when she is told to and agrees wholeheartedly that she is having fun, than she is a good slave worthy of her two days off a week and fifteen days vacation at the designated farm where she is milked of any excess gold she might have accumulated during the year. Once she is too old to work and put to pasture, holes are strategically placed in her vicinity so she and her husband can spend their last few dollars trying to get a small white ball into them.

On a daily basis, after the caffeinated maximum effort has been squeezed out of her, she is placed in front of a screen, given the Matrix approved beverage (alcohol), and re-indoctrinated for several hours before starting the whole cycle over again. God forbid anyone ever took a hallucinogen and had an original thought. We are, thankfully, protected from any substances that might actually wake us up and are encouraged stick to the booze. The matrix loves coffee in the morning, alcohol in the evening and never an authentic thought in between.

On a more primal level we are entranced with the contours of the perfect body and dream of ‘perfect love’, where our days will be filled with soft caresses, sweet words and Hollywood drama. This is maybe the most sublime of the Matrix’s snares, as Venus’s charms can be so convincing one willingly abandons all for her devious promise. Romantic love is dangled like bait, selling us down the path of sentimentally coated lies and mindless consumerism.


Money is their most brilliant accomplishment. Billions of people spend most of their waking lives either acquiring it or spending it without ever understanding what it actually is. In this hologram of a world, the only thing one can do without money is breath. For almost every other human activity they want currency, from eating and drinking to clothing oneself and finding a partner. Religion came from innate spirituality and patriotism from the tribe, but money they invented themselves- the most fantastic and effective of all their tools of domestication.

They have convinced the slaves that money actually has some intrinsic value, since at some point in the past it actually did. Once they were finally able to disconnect money completely from anything other than their computers, they finally took complete control, locked the last gate and electrified all the fences. They ingeniously print it up out of the nothing and loan it with interest in order for 18-year-olds to spend four years drinking and memorizing propaganda as they begin a financial indebtedness that will most likely never end.

By the time the typical American is thirty the debt is mounted so high that they abandon any hope of ever being free of it and embrace their mortgages, credit cards, student loans and car loans as gifts from a sugar daddy. What they rarely asks themselves is why they must work to make money while banks can simply create it with a few key strokes. If they printed out notes on their HP’s and loaned them with interest to their neighbors, they would wind up in a penitentiary, but not our friends on Wall Street- they do just that and wind up pulling the strings in the White House. The genius of the money scam is how obvious it is. When people are told that banks create money out of nothing and are paid interest for it the good folks are left incredulous. “It can’t be that simple!” And therein lies the rub- no one wants to believe that they have been enslaved so easily .

watch tvCulture

“Culture is the effort to hold back the mystery, and replace it with a mythology.”
Terence McKenna

As Terence loved to say, “Culture is not your friend.” It exists as a buffer to authentic experience. As they created larger and larger communities, they replaced the direct spiritual experience of the shaman with priestly religion. Drum beats and sweat were exchanged for digitized, corporatized noise. Local tales got replaced by Hollywood blockbusters, critical thinking with academic dogma.

If money is the shackles of the matrix, culture is its operating system. Filtered, centralized, incredibly manipulative, it glues all their myths together into one massive narrative of social control from which only the bravest of souls ever try to escape. It’s relatively simple to see the manipulation when one looks at patriotism, religion or money. But when taken as a whole, our culture seems as natural and timeless as the air we breathe, so intertwined with our self conception it is often hard to see where we individually finish and our culture begins.

download (1)Escaping the Grip of Control

Some might ask why this all-pervasive network of control isn’t talked about or discussed by our ‘great minds’. Pre-Socratic scholar Peter Kingsley explains it well:

“Everything becomes clear once we accept the fact that scholarship as a whole is not concerned with finding, or even looking for, the truth. That’s just a decorative appearance. It’s simply concerned with protecting us from truths that might endanger our security; and it does so by perpetuating our collective illusions on a much deeper level than individual scholars are aware of.”

Whoever discovered water, it certainly wasn’t a fish. To leave the ‘water’, or Plato’s cave takes courage and the knowledge that there is something beyond the web of control. Over 2,300 hundred years ago Plato described the process of leaving the Matrix in the Allegory of the Cave as a slow, excruciating process akin to walking out onto a sunny beach after spending years in a basement watching Kabuki.

How can this awakening be explained? How do you describe the feeling of swimming in the ocean at dusk to someone who as never even seen water? You can’t, but what you can do is crack open a window for them and if enough windows are opened, the illusion begins to lose its luster.

About the Author

Robert Bonomo is a blogger, novelist and esotericist. Download his latest novel, Your Love Incomplete, for free here.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Adventures Into Reality ~ Andrew Bartzis, BBS Radio, Jun 28 14

Audio recorded on Jun-28-2014
Adventures Into Reality with with Andrew Bartzis, Santiago Azpilicueta & Danielle Lynn

Lots of amazing information with questions from Open Calls!

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Why I am Standing for the Republic of Kanata ~ By Kevin D. Annett


One and three quarter centuries ago, a farmer and blacksmith named Philip Annett left the home he had built for his family in the forests of Upper Canada, armed with the only family rifle. Philip walked twenty miles in the snow to join other patriots, who together marched in arms to York, the capital, to overthrow the corrupt clique of crown judges, bishops and bankers who ran the country for their own profit.

Philip Annett was my great great great grandfather.

Like so many rebels and dreamers, Philip and his friends failed. The sovereign Republic on our soil envisioned by William Lyon McKenzie, Louis Papineau and the other patriots of 1837 did not come to pass. Their little army was attacked and dispersed, the leaders were hanged or deported, but Philip made it home to pass on to his children, and to me, the dream of liberty in a country frozen into a colonial tyranny.

Nearly two centuries later, the same clique of criminals still runs Canada: a Family Compact of offshore bankers, unaccountable judges and crooked politicians who soak our country and its people dry in the interest of that false and murderous entity called the crown of England and its funders. And so the time has come to complete the vision of our ancestors and take back our country from these murderous parasites, by establishing the Sovereign Republic of Kanata.

Today, we are better armed to establish that Republic, both in Canada and in England, now that the crown of England and its sponsor, the Church of Rome, have been lawfully convicted of crimes against humanity, and their authority has been disestablished. So-called crown and canon law are inoperative now, and therefore every judge, cleric, police officer, politician and soldier has been ordered to stand down from their office and oath of allegiance to the criminal cabal in London and in Rome, and to the convicted child killer known as Elizabeth Windsor and her murderous associates in the papacy.

We the People are the source of all sovereignty, all law, and all authority: and so we the people can establish once more the Republic of Equals that existed here in Canada among our different nations, when Europeans first encountered the indigenous peoples.

That Republic was enshrined in the Two Row Wampum treaty, signed between our indigenous and European ancestors. This treaty predated all so-called crown treaties, and established all people under the one great law of peace and equality that places the land and its wealth in common, for the good of all. We invoke this tradition as we gather to convene the constitution for a federated Republic of Kanata.

We also stand upon the common law of England that centuries ago outlawed the British monarchy, and established the People, not popes, kings or queens, as the lawful rulers of England and its commonwealth.

In the spring of 1649, the people in Parliament abolished the office of the British crown and made it a crime for any person to assume the title of king or queen of England. They did so with these words:

The Commons of England assembled in Parliament declare that the people under God are the origin of all just power … and have the supreme authority of the nation. Whatsoever is enacted and declared law by the Commons has the force of law, and all the people are included thereby, with or without the consent of the king.

- An Act to Establish the High Court of Justice, House of Commons, London, January 4, 1649

It has been found by experience that the office of a monarch in this nation holding such power in any single person is unnecessary, burdensome, and dangerous to the liberty, safety, and public interest of the people … Be it therefore an Act ordained by the present Parliament, that the office of a king or other monarch in this nation shall not henceforth reside in or be exercised by any one single person and that monarchy be dispensed with in its entirety, as the chief threat to the people’s well being.

- An Act Abolishing the Office of King, House of Commons, London, March 17, 1649

The fact that a military coup restored English monarchs to power in 1660 does not negate the standing authority of these laws of the English republic: the crown may be a de facto power but it is not a lawful or a legitimate one, neither historically nor lawfully: nor is it legitimate under the laws of God. For the rule of a single ruler over a people is blasphemy and idolatry, according to natural law, which places all people as one family of equals under the one God.

As the Biblical prophet Hosea declares,

“They have set up a King, says the Lord, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not; from their gold and silver they have made idols, therefore for all these things, they shall be destroyed.”

Our common law traditions grant we the people the power to judge kings and popes, and all unlawful rulers, and bring them down from their false authority. As it is written in Psalm 149, which was invoked at the trial of King Charles 1 in 1649,

“Let God’s people be joyful in glory; let the high Judgements of the Lord be in their mouths, and God’s sword be in their hands, to execute justice against the rulers, and to bind their kings in chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron, so that they may execute upon them the judgement that is from God. This is the honour given to God’s people.”

Our disestablishing of the English crown and its sponsor in Rome, and our invoking of the Republic of Kanata under common law, is therefore a just and a lawful act, required and demanded under the laws of God and of man. It is in this spirit and with this authority that we are acting, in unison with common law patriots in England who are creating the same Republic in their land.

Our people and our nation are in grave danger today. We are caught in the jaws of an unaccountable police state posing as a democracy, with the blood of countless children on its hands. Our lands and resources are being bled dry for the profit of foreigners, our skies and soil and waters are being poisoned, and the existing courts do nothing to stop it, for they are corrupt private bodies serving the rich and denying justice to we the people. We must act now if there is to be a future for any of our children.

Patriots across Canada are gathering in Winnipeg on October 27, 2014 to win this future for all of us, at a convention to establish the Constitution for a Republic of Kanata, and to officially proclaim our sovereign independence from the crown of England and its corporate agents. But in every province and on many indigenous territories, the work to create that Republic has already begun: for our new nation is coming about: not through words, but by the active reclaiming of our lands and our laws by We the People.

That work begins with each one of you. So I ask you first to join with me in taking the following public and solemn Oath:

As a freeborn man/woman, I (your name), do hereby solemnly swear my allegiance to the sovereign Republic of Kanata, its laws and its Constitution, and I swear to actively establish and defend the Republic. I hereby and forever cast aside all of my previous personal or political allegiances and legal obligations to the crown of England and the Church of Rome, and to any other foreign power.

I take this Oath freely and unconditionally, without coercion, reservation or ulterior motive, according to my conscience and capacity as a free born man/woman. I pledge to stand in solidarity with and to defend all those who swear this Oath.

The existing laws and authority of Canada, and their officers, are now null and void, and have no authority over you. As citizens of the new Republic, you have the authority to establish your own common law courts where the real criminals can be tried and sentenced.

You have the right to take back what you and your family need to survive from the common treasury of our world that is given to all people to share and hold in common. And you have the obligation to stop paying taxes to the fraudulent criminal body known as the government of Canada and its puppet masters in London and Rome.

As free citizens of the Republic, join your local common law court, established under the Republic’s authority; join the local branch of the Republic, and share our program with your friends and families, and administer the Oath to them; and finally, come as a delegate to our constitutional convention between October 27-31 in Winnipeg.

Copies of our Program, the draft Constitution, the Oath and our citizenship identity cards can all be obtained through our central office by writing to republicofkanata@gmail.com .

I stand today in the spirit and the faith of my great great great grandfather Philip Annett, and of all those who have struggled and died in bring about liberty in our land.

Let Kanata be what it was meant to be: a place of true liberty, equality and justice. I ask all of you to join us in establishing through our own actions the sovereign Republic of Kanata, invoking the authority and power of the divine law, and asking for the guidance and protection of every good soul and power, on earth and in heaven.


Hawaii and the Kanaka Maoli Peoples Battle for Sovereign Nation Status: OHA (Office Of Hawaiian Affairs) Conflict of Interests and Dept of Interior Public Meetings

Note: Things are really heating up amongst the local population between Native Hawaiians and the 120 year illegal occupation the  U.S. government. Here’s some background information on recent public meetings issued by the U.S. Dept of Interior in late June and early July, 2014. More background information on this unfolding story, is posted to the right under the Hawaiian Sovereignty Issues category.  Mahalo…Annette

MANA statement to the press regarding OHA governing entity. July 16, 2014. 

Aloha mai kākou,

Between June 23 and July 8, the US Department of Interior held 15 hearings in Hawai’i seeking input from Kanaka Maoli on a possible a rule change in federal law that would allow for a government to government relationship with Native Hawaiians. Throughout these packed hearings we witnessed an outpouring of love and patriotism as testimony after testimony rejecting the proposed rule change, rejecting federal recognition and re-affirming over and over that the Kingdom of Hawai’i still exists as a subject of international law. And it is through international law that we expect to move forward to restore justice to our people, lands and government. The passion, love and knowledge expressed at these hearings was awe inspiring and have launched a new era of unified dedication to justice amongst our people.

We call on the Department of Interior and the Obama administration to move forward under the principles of democracy, heed the voice of the people of Hawaii and cease any further support for US federal recognition of Native Hawaiians, despite what efforts particular individuals who claim to represent our people may say or pushing to the contrary.

The Department of Interior called for hearings in Hawaiʻi after a number of back door meetings with representatives from OHA and a few other politicians who were in Washington pushing for federal recognition in violation of their own commitment to the Hawaiian people to facilitate a neutral process toward self-governance. OHA tried to be sneaky but unfortunately for them, what they sparked was a unified, democratic Hawaiian voice who gave a resounding no, no, no, to federal recognition.

After weeks of oral and written testimony in nearly unanimous opposition to federal recognition the only moral action for OHA to take is to abandon Act 195, the Kanaʻolowalu roll and the pursuit of a governing entity as a ‘governing entity’ is only relevant to federal or state recognition. But we have learned that OHA is indeed proceeding with the status quo, proving that they do not represent the concerns and hopes of the Hawaiian community. The question then remains, who is OHA working for? Who do they represent? Why have they turned a deaf ear to the many voices of the people? Why have they abandoned their own publicly announced commitment to an open and neutral process, their own commitment to be “hands off”.

OHA might state they are obliged to the 125,000 on the Native Hawaiian roll, also known as Kanaʻiolowalu. We would remind OHA that they are obliged to all beneficiaries, 3/4 of whom chose not to sign up for the roll. We must also emphasize that 3/4 of the so called 125,000 names on the roll did not chose to be on the roll but rather were hijacked by Kanaʻiolowalu from other Native Hawaiian databases. In addition, many have found the names of deceased relatives who passed away before the roll was ever created and who the roll commission will not allow living loved ones to disenroll, this being one of the most egregious and deceptive flaws of the roll.

OHA cannot move forward with the corrupted and offensive native hawaiian roll and cannot move toward a so called governing entity. Doing so without any mandate or consent of the people is unprincipled and undemocratic. And it promotes division and disunity among our people and will only result in calls for escalated resistance, disengagement and direct action.  MANA calls for a process of fair and open dialogue where every voice is heard and all opportunities for education is encouraged and where open, free dialogue and debate is required. We have full faith in our community to truly speak for themselves in a clear, educated and unified voice. OHA disregard for such demonstrates their own fear of the wishes and concerns of an educated lahui.

In closing, we want to acknowledge and thank everyone in the community who came out to speak at the Department of Interior hearings, no matter what side of the issue you took. under international law. Today we stand here as MANA, movement for aloha no ka aina. Our message to the lahui is to remain steadfast! Heed the call of the Queen and onipaa! We call on the lāhui to organize your families, your neighborhoods and your mokus. To hold your own public dialogues and educational forums. Continue to have full faith in yourselves, and in your communities and in the lāhui.  We will continue to speak for ourselves in a clear, educated and unified voice. We know who we are. We are kanaka maoli, we are Hawaiian nationals. We are not Americans! The US has no legal authority over our nation and we will continue to challenge them to prove otherwise.

But we challenge OHA to have the same faith in our community.

We challenge OHA to put resources toward education that will bring to light the full range of options for the restoration of our government and assets that are available to us under international law. Stop campaigning and start educating!

And we challenge OHA to a public debate with other members of the community over our pathway forward.

E ola ka aina, e ola Papahanaumoku, e ola Mauna Kea, e ola Moananuiakea, e ola na kupuna, e ola ka lahui Hawaii, e ola ke aupuni Hawaii. E ola! Aloha Aina.

Red Ribbons for our Country

Picture Aloha ʻĀina Kākou, 

We’re encouraging everyone who supports Hawaiian Independence, and who feels that Queen Liliuʻokalani and the tens of thousands of our kūpuna who protested against annexation to the US is grounds to contest their presence in our islands to wear a Red Ribbon

The red ribbon represents Queen Lili’uokalani’s letter of protest against annexation and the cession of her lands and country:

“I, Lili’uokalani of Hawaii, by the Will of God, named heir-apparent on the tenth day of April A.D. 1877, and by the Grace of God, Queen of the Hawaiian Islands on the 17th day of January, A.D. 1893, do hereby protest against the ratification of a certain treaty which so I am informed has been signed at Washington by Messrs. Hatch Thurston and Kinney, purporting to cede those Islands to the territory and dominion of the United States. I declare such treaty to be an act of wrong toward the native and part native people of Hawaii, an invasion of the rights of the ruling chiefs, in violation of international rights both towards my people and towards friendly nations with whom they have made treaties, the perpetuation of the fraud whereby the constitutional government was overthrown and finally an act of gross injustice to me.”

We carry on the kuleana to see justice for our people, for our country and for our Queen. Make a red ribbon yourself or look for MANA organizers at the DOI meetings with Red Ribbons to give away to whoever wants one. 

If you make one yourself, fold the ribbon so that it takes the shape of an upside down V. Don’t loop it or it will look too much like other campaign ribbons. Lets make our ribbons distinct. Use a small safety pin to attach it on the left side above the heart to represent our deep seated love for our land, country and queen.

Basic Talking Points for Department of Interior Hearings

Basic Talking Points for the Department of Interior:

by MANA, Movement for Aloha No ka Aina

The Department of the Interior should not assist the Native Hawaiian community in reorganizing our government or  facilitate the reestablishment of a government to government relationship.

The Department of Interior should also not involve itself or support the current State of Hawaii-driven efforts to establish a governing entity.

We base our position upon the the following Principles of Nation Building:

1) We believe that nation building cannot be initiated, controlled or monitored by the occupying state or state representatives at the national or local level.

2) We believe that any nation building efforts must start with us, the lahui kanaka (larger Hawaiian community), from the bottom up, not top down.

3) We believe that terms of reconciliation must be set by those who have been injured, not by the offending party.

4) We believe that clauses and conditions granting the United States sovereign immunity and indemnification upholds ultimate power with the US and prohibits true reconciliation.

We reject and condemn any offers or models that do not uphold these principles. 

The current State of Hawai’i and Department of Interior involvement in nation building do not uphold these principles.


We believe the Hawaiian people can and will produce a peaceful and just resolution of the political and legal problems created by the US if we are not prevented from growing on our own pace and according to its own ideals.

We do not want just a “governing body” or “entity.” We want the restoration of our independent government and we deserve nothing less than that.

We have earned, through our patience and non-violent persistence, the trust of many of those who inhabit these islands along side us that we will not disenfranchise others nor deprive others of their rights.

We insist on claiming our rights as a sovereign people and on the US and state policy makers keeping their hands off our efforts.

Lastly, the question over the United States’ legal authority or jurisdiction over our nation remains unresolved: namely, does the Hawaiian Kingdom, as a sovereign independent State, continue to exist as a subject of international law? Resolving this question is a fundamental first step in reconciliation as called for in US Public Law 103-150, the Apology Resolution of 1993.

Testimony to DOI Advanced Notice of Rule Making

June 22, 2014

To: Representatives of the US Dept of the Interior and Dept of Justice
From: MANA (Movement for Aloha no ke ʻĀina)
Re: Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making


We welcome the representatives of the US Department of Interior and the US Department of Justice to Honolulu and thank you for the opportunity to testify on behalf of Kanaka Maoli seeking the restoration of our independent government. Our testimony in response to questions (i) and (ii) is that the Department of the Interior should not facilitate the reestablishment of a government to government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community, and should not assist the Native Hawaiian community in reorganizing its government. Nor do we support the DOIs involvement or support in the current State of Hawaii-driven efforts to establish a governing entity, which is a process designed entirely without the input of the community and which has been vigorously criticized and opposed at a number of recent community forums.

We believe that the Departments of Interior and Justice have a critical responsibility to protect the assets and resources of Kānaka Maoli and that this responsibility derives in part from Senate Bill 103-150, the Apology Resolution of 1993. This apology committed the United States to an undetermined process of reconciliation. However, the creation of a government to government relationship with any entity but a restored, independent, Hawaiian government would not be reconciliation but an additional US aggression upon our nation.

Already, the U.S. has perpetrated numerous crimes against our people including: a)  a determinative role in the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani’s lawfully constituted government and in its replacement by a  non-elected republican government composed of a coterie of U.S.-born  subjects of the Queen; b) the rapid and rapacious appropriation of our lands, waters and other resources; c) the attempted erasure of our history, language and culture; and d) the strangling of our diplomatic relationships with other nations in the world. These actions all constitute violations of our collective right of self-determination and also of our human rights.

The United States has in fact violated the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Kānaka Maoli collective right to self-determination by refusing to allow the restoration of the government it helped unseat in 1893.  Inasmuch as US never conquered our Kingdom which resisted takeover using diplomatic, not military means, nor executed a valid treaty of cession/annexation with us, either one of which was required at the time for an annexation to be valid under international law, the US has no legal authority over our nation.

In fact the attacks on the Hawaiian organizations like OHA and DHHL have principally come from right-wing American organizations who have, in American courts, asserted that the very existence of assets, resources and Hawaiian agencies which manage and protect them violate the rights of all other Americans who do not have access to those assets because of their race.  This threat to our people and our national lands would not exist if Hawaiʻi’s independence was restored.  So the US, by removing our government and by refusing to allow its restoration creates and maintains the political and legal threats to the few assets that still benefit Kanaka.

What the US ought to do between now and the restoration of our full independence is to officially recognize an interim trust relationship with Kānaka Maoli inasmuch as it holds our lands and resources depriving us of their benefits. Indeed, the United Nations imposed this international trust relationship on the U.S. when, after W.W. II, it placed Hawai’i on the list of non-self governing territories which, it later declared, must be decolonized.  As we are not now able to exercise our sovereignty in our own country, the US must also assure in this transitional period that the Hawaiian people do not lose the rights and prerogatives, however inadequate, that have been garnered by Hawaiians since the American takeover: OHA revenues; Hawaiian Homelands; special health and education funds; gathering and access rights, to name a few.

The US government should simply acknowledge that the Hawaiian people have agencies in place that advocate for Kanaka and manage their resources and that neither the courts nor Congress should diminish their mandates.  In other words, the US should inflict no more harm as the Hawaiian nation continues to unify and strengthen itself.  We call on the Department of the Interior to consult with other federal agencies, experts in international law and its own constitutional experts to determine rules and procedures that would allow federal protections of Kanaka Maoli assets without establishing a government to government relationship.

An increasing number of people believe that restoration of our independent government is not only viable and reasonable but inevitable. This makes the political climate and future in Hawaiʻi very different, and somewhat more precarious than in 1959 when Congress declared Hawaiʻi a state, in 1993 when tens of thousands of Hawaiians were seeking limited self-government, or even in 1999 when representatives from Interior and Justice came to Hawaiʻi seeking to begin a process of reconciliation. There has been considerable nation building since then, and a dramatic change in the interpretation of the history of our loss. The Department of the Interior and the State of Hawaiʻi should not attempt to influence or interfere with the nation building that has been ongoing among Kānaka for the past thirty years. The good will and aloha shown by Hawaiian patriots will quickly sour if either the US or the State of Hawaiʻi uses tactics to divide and alienate our people from one another.

We believe the Hawaiian sovereignty movement can and will produce a peaceful and just resolution of the political and legal problems created by the US if it is not prevented from growing at its own pace and according to its own ideals. We do not want just any governing body. We want the restoration of our independent government and we deserve nothing less than that. Through our patience and non-violent persistence, we have earned the trust of those who inhabit these islands along side us that we will not disenfranchise others nor deprive others of their rights. We do insist, however, on claiming our rights as a sovereign people and on the U.S. and state policy makers keeping their hands off our efforts.

Movement for Aloha No Ka ʻĀina

Ikaika Hussey, Camille Kalama, Noelani Goodyear Kaʻōpua, Terri Kekoʻolani, ʻIlima Long, Andre Perez, and Jonathan Osorio

MANA position on OHA nation building submitted as testimony at 5/29/14 Board of Trustees meeting

May 29, 2014

MANA continues to oppose the settler-state process initiated by Act 195 for a number of reasons that we feel are in alignment with the values of Aloha ‘Åina. We will not allow our self-determination to be administered by the United States. Our principles are expressed in the following document along with some of the fundamental problems with the current OHA-led nation-building process.

Act 195

  • State of Hawaiʻi legislation – with no lāhui consultation

  • Forced OHA to fund Kanaʻiolowalu

  • Act 195 gave the governor the power to appoint a five-member Native Hawaiian Roll Commission to build the foundation for self-determination. Key leaders in self-determination and nation building efforts should be appointed by the Hawaiian people, not the Hawaiʻi State Governor


  • Kanaʻiolowalu owes its existence to Act 195.

  • According to Act 195, the function of the roll is to create “a reorganized Native Hawaiian governing entity.”  The terms “reorganized governing entity” and “reorganization” have a specific history, or genealogy, within US law going back to the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, which allowed for limited self-governance under US plenary power (supreme authority). 
  • The sole kuleana of the Native Hawaiian roll commission is to prepare and maintain a roll of “qualified Native Hawaiians” and to certify that the individuals on the roll are of Native Hawaiian ancestry
  • Numerous commissioners stepped outside the scope of their appointment duties and lobbied in Washington DC while they were serving as commissioners without the knowledge of the Hawaiian community.

  • According to Act 195, “the members of the qualified Native Hawaiian roll, and their descendants, shall be acknowledged by the State of Hawaiʻi as the indigenous, aboriginal, maoli population of Hawaiʻi.” A native roll will give authority to the state to establish who is Native Hawaiian and limit it exclusively to those who signed up for the roll. The threat of exclusion from the state responsibilities to Native Hawaiians is a coercive tactic to get Native Hawaiians to sign up with the roll.

Native Rolls

  • Rolls are directly related to Indian law and tribal recognition through the Daws Act which was initiated to quantify tribal members for limited land allotments and monies.
  • Rolls are used to distribute limited resources by the federal government to the tribal members. The smaller the roll, the larger the share of federal monies roll members receive. This fostered competition almost always results in competition within tribes over who should count as a member and who should not.

  • Blood quantum has been a mechanism by which to determine how little or many native people will count as a member of the tribe.

Act 77

  • Due to lack of response from Hawaiian community to sign up for the roll, Act 77 is created to allow Kanʻiolowalu to hijack the names of nearly 100,000 Hawaiians from other databases: Kau Inoa, OHA’s Hawaiian Registry and Operation ‘Ohana programs.

  • There are more names on the roll through Kau Inoa than those who signed up directly for Kanaʻiolowalu.

  • The majority of people on the roll are on without their free, prior and informed consent.

Hoʻoulu Lāhui

  • Nation building plan designed by OHA Ad Hoc Committee with no lāhui representation or consultation.

  • Despite committing to neutrality, within less than a week of their announcement, OHA trustees and Kanaʻiolowalu commissioners and other Hawaiian politicians were in DC lobbying the Department of Interior to find an alternate way to recognize Native Hawaiians as a tribe.

  • As a result of OHA and Kanaʻiolowalu’s lobbying, the Department of Interior, who governs American Indian Tribes and their lands, is preparing a visit to Hawaiʻi for consultations. This further indicates the work being done behind closed doors to push through federal recognition.

Inherent Sovereignty

  • Inherent sovereignty is directly related to indian law and operates within the U.S. framework.

  • Inherent sovereignty means the authority to govern is not granted by another government, but by the consent of the people who are governed. Indian tribal governments have inherent sovereignty.

  • Seeking inherent sovereignty comes with pre-determined outcomes.


  • Self-determination is a core principle in international law that accords all nations and peoples the right to freely-determine their political status. It specifically includes independence.

  • Self-determination cannot be initiated, controlled or monitored by the occupying state.

  • All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 15 states that everyone has the right to a nationality and that no one should be arbitrarily deprived of a nationality or denied the right to change nationality.

Position and Recommendations

  • OHA should not utilize the Kanaʻiolowalu roll and instead use a voter registration process
  • Disassociate the process of organizing our people from State and Federal government
  • Ensure that proper education and outreach is provided equally across the pae ‘āina to ensure informed decision making.
  • Include lāhui representation on all planning committees and at all stages of self-determination efforts followed by consultation and approval.
  • Support ground level people’s organizing efforts toward independence
  • Continue to urge the US Department of State for a clear and thorough response to the four questions put forward in Dr.Kamanaʻopono Crabbe’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry.
  • Provide equal funding and work into pursuing all pathways to independence, including UN decolonization and de-occupation through international courts.
Link to more information on the Kanaka Maoli’s battle for international sovereign status and independence from U.S. occupation: http://www.manainfo.com/

Law & Getting Back Our Sovereignty, Part 3 with Andrew Bartzis, Rebecca Cope, Jennifer Pippin and Christina Winsey

Streamed live on Jul 18, 2014

If you want to understand more about the corruption of our financial system and how to protect yourself come hear Andrew Bartzis, and Rebecca Cope, along with guests Jennifer Pippin and Christina Winsey telling their own stories interacting with the corruption of the courts and banks. Get other vital information you will want to know. To be forewarned is forearmed!
Google Hangout at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Adventures into Sovereignty on BBS radio will join the show tonight at 11pm Eastern / 8 pm Pacific. http://www.bbsradio.com/adventuresint…


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32. Christina Winsey — TheICanDoctor@gmail.com Guest speaker on http://www.bbsradio.com/adventuresint… July 18, 2014

Not Free But Important and Affordable

Two absolute musts: Not free but vital for foundational learning basics of the law when it comes to law suits and how to handle them (Jurisdictionary); and foreclosure law (Robert Janes)

1. Jurisdictionary Basic Course in the Law: http://www.jurisdictionary.com?refercode=WC0020
2. Robert Janes (expert, retired attorney): http://www.fightingtheforeclosuremach… MUST have the book Fighting the Foreclosure Machine.

Important — extremely helpful Experts, Networks:
1. Fighter and Advocate of the Movement – Case analyst, strategy witness for the homeowner: Anthony Martinez at Who Stole Your Loan radio and
a. http://www.DiscoveryTactics.com
b. http://www.amaexperts.com
2. http://www.WhatLiesInYourDebt.com – videos, webinars, weekly Q & A calls, resources, explanations, sample documents, Black’s law dictionary and more.
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Veronica Keen and Andrew Bartzis ~ Part 4 ~ Galactic Historian

VERY inspiring show! Emphasizing that NOW is the time to unite, take action and make your personal contribution to the New Earth paradigm..WE, the One People, ARE the CHANGE! BE the change you seek in every now moment…Creative change centers are manifesting around the world, community’s where WE learn to reclaim our sovereignty and create a sacred space for Divine Humans to co-exist.

Adventures in Reality ~ Andrew Bartzis, Danielle Lynn and Santi Azpilicueta, BBS Radio, July 12, 2014

Outstanding listener call-in show,  Andrew is joined by co-hosts Danielle and Santi to answer a variety of thought provoking questions on:

Timelines; different types of stargates; soul contracts with pets; the history and purpose behind Ohio’s Serpent Mound complex; the importance of preparing for the journey when pilgrimaging to pyramids and other sacred sites; unity conscious sentience within QEG and other quantum based technology; the archonic grid and pedophilia rings and more…


Never Call Them Archons – How You Can Help Bust Up the Matrix

The man commonly known as Jesus was a Gnostic

“The ancient Gnostics first gave the Archon’s their title in writings based on direct psychic experiences with these beings.” 

As a result, Gnostics were virtually genocided into non-existence when they attempted to inform masses about the Archons which had devised religion and politics as a form of mind control to enslave human’s to a dark matrix of indentured servitude to debt slavery, excerpts:

“I prefer to call them Ankle Biters. This lets them know exactly what I think of them, which is that they are lowly parasites, an infection of consciousness that will be purged from my system through proper use of my will via energetic clearing and transmutation.  This also serves to really make them angry which exposes them and makes them easier to deal with.  In spite of their self-proclaimed status as “Rulers” of humanity, they hide like little worms in the shadows of our minds, sending impulses of low-frequency emotion and thought to our ego and emotional bodies in order to elicit a low-frequency emotional energy that they can consume.  Because they love to hide, they need to be “flushed out” into the open in order to be dealt with, so a healthy dose of disrespect and a little arrogance are necessary ingredients when confronting these parasites.”

These beings only have power over others who they have manipulated and put into fear. A fully aware human who knows their Inner Divine Self cannot be dominated by these parasitic beings in any way.  The ankle biters will simply be metaphorically spanked for misbehaving and sent away.”

Aside from the clearing exercises below, I also recommend reading aloud Andrew Bartzis’s “Soul Contract Revocations” for a thorough cleansing of all tacit consent given to the system of domination and control over all lifetimes, on all worlds, in all dimensions and timelines, and all aspects of the self. Never underestimate the power of the spoken word, these powerful revocations are a template, meant to be customized to your particular life circumstances. Read them daily, or weekly until you feel a shift. And don’t be afraid to get angry, a little righteous indignation may what’s needed to clear the archons and karmic energy from your unified field, or energy body.  Just don’t hang on to any anger that may arise, move through it and let it go to bring in Divine Light that will ground and center yourself after the clearing exercise or soul contract revocation.


This article has been 15 years in the making, as it took that long for me to be able to distill this information into an accessible format.  This is going to represent a few very important pieces of the overall puzzle of how we are going to shift this planet and everyone upon it into an ascended frequency of being.  One key aspect of this shift is going to be the “cleaning up of consciousness” of all of humanity, which is no small task, to be sure.  This article will cover in detail the major obstacle to this consciousness clean-up, as well as a solution that needs your help to succeed.

I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites. These parasitic beings have chosen to experiment with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, suffering, torture, etc. to the strongest degree possible.  In doing so, they have completely cut themselves off from the nourishing Light of Being that supports life in the universe.  The result is that they must energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen mode of expression.

These beings call themselves “Archons” which means “Rulers” or “Lords” because they see themselves as the rulers and enslavers of humanity.  (The ancient Gnostics first gave them this title in their writings based on direct psychic experiences with these beings.)   While these unseen being’s clever enslavement and manipulation of humanity has been quite successful up until now, I will NEVER address them as my ruler or superior in any way, just like I wouldn’t consider physical, intestinal parasites as my superior even though they might cause me physical discomfort until I remove them from my body.

Our thoughts have power – much more than we often realize.  Words and titles have power because they frame our thoughts into a certain set of beliefs without us even realizing it. Calling a “royal” human “Your Highness” automatically places them above you in your mind.  Calling a judge “Your Honor” achieves the same thing.  Therefore it very is important that when you think about these energy parasites, that you NEVER call them “Archon” because you will be literally handing them your power and energy by doing so.

I prefer to call them Ankle Biters. This lets them know exactly what I think of them, which is that they are lowly parasites, an infection of consciousness that will be purged from my system through proper use of my will via energetic clearing and transmutation.  This also serves to really make them angry which exposes them and makes them easier to deal with.  In spite of their self-proclaimed status as “Rulers” of humanity, they hide like little worms in the shadows of our minds, sending impulses of low-frequency emotion and thought to our ego and emotional bodies in order to elicit a low-frequency emotional energy that they can consume.  Because they love to hide, they need to be “flushed out” into the open in order to be dealt with, so a healthy dose of disrespect and a little arrogance are necessary ingredients when confronting these parasites.

A Little Back Story

Once upon a time, on this very planet in the far distant past, human beings were infinitely more impressive than we are today. We were fully telepathic, multi-dimensional beings that could simultaneously perceive and navigate many dimensions at once.  We built vast cities with technology that worked in harmony with Earth’s energetic fields.  We were in full alignment with our Divine Inner Self while expressing ourselves in physicality in a wide variety of life-affirming ways. This unlimited expression of Divine Selfhood was viewed by the ankle biters as a threat to their very existence, because the 3rd density has been dominated by them for a very long time on other worlds.  To have a 3rd density world be completely free from their manipulations and feeding was something that they could not allow without a fight.  The problem for them was that Earth humans were so powerful we could literally brush them off with a thought.  These beings only have power over others who they have manipulated and put into fear. A fully aware human who knows their Inner Divine Self cannot be dominated by these parasitic beings in any way.  The ankle biters will simply be metaphorically spanked for misbehaving and sent away.

However, these ankle biters are possibly the most clever manipulators in the universe, simply because ALL they know is manipulation and deceit.  Practice makes perfect, after all.  They studied these immensely powerful humans, lusting after the power and energy that they could drain from them if only they could figure out a way to manipulate, conquer and enslave them.  They devised a plan to very carefully manipulate a few humans in positions of power into making an innocent mistake with terrible, cataclysmic repercussions. These humans were experimenting with new methods of harnessing and transmitting energy in vast quantities.  The experiments were unprecedented and very ambitious — too ambitious because the ankle biters were secretly influencing some of these humans through their ego mind to push the envelope of what was thought to be possible.

When an advanced phase of testing at the north pole of the planet went disastrously wrong, this large, extremely powerful device exploded with such force that it caused tremendous cataclysms on the planet, rapidly melting huge swaths of ice and creating a flood that destroyed nearly every coastal area on the planet within a day.  The vast amount of death and destruction was unimaginable, and only a remnant of the many billions of humans survived.  Heavily traumatized, grief stricken at the loss of their loved ones and focused only on physical survival, they fled to safe locations to try and rebuild their once great civilization.  This story sounds much like what we know of as the “Fall of Atlantis” but it actually occurred long prior to the civilization of Atlantis, even though it too perished in a similar manner many centuries later.

The incredible trauma of this experience caused a loss of perception in the survivors, making them less aware of the other dimensions that are always mingling with 3rd density. They simply couldn’t take the time to focus on any other density but this one, because their physical survival depended on being fully focused on the physical realm.  At the same time, the human’s deep emotional pain, grief and wounding gave the ankle biters a tremendous amount of low-frequency energy that they could consume, allowing them to feast on the suffering of the surviving humans and grow more powerful.

The ankle biters found that as long as they stayed carefully hidden that they could send a small thought-form into the minds of the traumatized humans reminding them of all that they had lost. This would create a cascade of painful thoughts and emotions in the person that would generate more energetic food for the ankle biters.  As each subsequent generation of humanity was born, the ankle biters became more bold and instituted a program of direct interference into human consciousness.  They subliminally programmed humans to be blind to their presence, allowing them to more directly influence a person’s thoughts.  They also programmed human consciousness to recoil away from any mention of the ankle biters or their dark influence over humans, so that when confronted with such information, a person’s immediate response will be disbelief, ridicule and mockery.

Finally, in their most brilliantly sinister move, they reprogrammed the human ego to resemble their own ego, and encouraged the ego consciousness to dominate all other levels of our being.  They essentially reprogrammed humans to be like them: fearful, jealous, petty, dishonest, brutal, enslaving, murderous, unforgiving, punishing, etc.  This insured that humans would be easy to manage as an energetic food source for thousands and thousands of years.  These layers of programming have been in place in the human thought system ever since, perpetuating the discordant misadventures that we know as human history.

The Dark Control Grid

Over time, the ankle biters built an energy-feeding structure surrounding the entire planet which allows them to automatically gather human-generated low-frequency energy and send fearful or other low-frequency messages into human consciousness to keep people generating energetic food for the ankle biters.  This structure exists in a “higher” density than this one, so it can only be perceived psychically or when out of body.  I first discovered it in 1997 during an out of body journey, but I had no idea what it was.  I was very promptly intercepted by two beings who disguised themselves as “guides” but their energy felt more like prison guards than any kind of benevolent guide.

Over the years I have gathered information about this control grid, but I still don’t know as much about it as I would like.  Here is what I do know.  This structure is like a dark web of energy surrounding the planet that is heavy and oppressive.  It serves to block energies coming to the Earth from the galactic core and other parts of the galaxy, but it cannot stop them completely.   The grid is programmed with “negative feedback” that sends subtle signals into the sub-conscious and ego mind to keep people focused on low-frequency beliefs and thought patterns.

This “dark control grid” is programmed with an artificial intelligence to self-repair and notify ankle biters when it is damaged.  The grid supports the ankle biter “collectors”, which are living amoeba-like beings that connect to nearly every person on the planet, soaking up all of the low-frequency energies that we give off in our daily lives.  Ankle biters travel through this grid to attend to problems or directly oppress a person who’s energy frequency is getting too lofty for the dark agenda.  The “bosses” in the ankle-biter hierarchy usually appear with a “reptilian” humanoid appearance, although they can disguise themselves with many different appearances.

The ankle biters have leveraged their advantages over humans to completely corrupt what we think of as “human nature.”  You may be wondering what “human nature” would be without these ankle biters and their dark control grid.  What has been thought of as “human nature” to lie, cheat, steal, rape, enslave and murder is a false program installed into the human mind, and is NOT truly human nature at all.  True human nature is compassionate, caring, sensitive, loving, forgiving, cooperative, empathic, creative, energetic, joyful, inquisitive, irrepressible, non-conformist, uplifting and DIVINE. In order to reestablish our TRUE human nature, we need to jettison the false programming of the ankle biters.

Restoring Your Divine Nature

The restoration of your awareness that you are Divine is the primary reason AscensionHelp.com exists. The energy clearing tools are designed to allow you to gently dissolve the false layers of illusions that have been placed into your consciousness over many lifetimes so that you can re-discover your “Higher Self” which is actually your Inner Divine Self. We start off each incarnation with our Divine Self fully seated within the heart center of our physical bodies, which is why children are so energetic and wonderful.  Then as authority figures, media, peers, the dark control grid, and the world at large convince a child that they are NOT divine, this inner divine energy leaves the body and sits above a person, waiting patiently to be reintegrated back into the heart center once again.  Because our divine energy is seemingly “above” us, it gets termed the Higher Self.

So from this point forward, whenever you hear “Higher Self” in any of the AscensionHelp recordings or anywhere else, please substitute “Inner Divine Self” and notice the subtle but powerful shift in your awareness that arises from this change. Instead of seeing your Divine Self’s light above you, see it emanating from your heart center.  Instead of bringing an aspect of your divine nature into you, you are going to be expanding it from deep within you.  It may seem like a small thing, but this difference is very powerful, I assure you.

Once your Divine Inner Light is expanded from your heart and surrounding your entire body, you can send a beam of loving energy to the core of the planet interact with it energetically.  All of this can be done without drawing too much ankle biter attention to yourself, so stick to this when you need a smooth, easy, uplifting energy experience with minimal “push back” from the control grid.

Dissolving the Dark Control Grid

As I mentioned before, one of the dark control grid’s functions is to block energy coming to Earth from the galactic core.  Fortunately, this grid has been weakened, and it has “holes” in it allowing the galactic energy to come through in ever increasing amounts. The ankle biters know that their time is almost up, and they are desperately doing everything that they can to keep human consciousness in a low-frequency state. One result of their increasing desperation is that they are aggressively interfering with anyone who is raising their consciousness and frequency rate.  That means you, and that means me.  This is war to them, and they will do whatever they can to keep you, me and everyone feeling sad, fearful, depressed, disempowered, etc.  One look at the news will confirm this.

So what can you do to help this situation?  A lot! The “basic training” in energy-clearing is given freely in the Self-Clearing System.  You will need to apply the minor changes in focus I wrote about above so that you are fully aware that you are tapping into your own Inner Divine Power and unleashing it.  Always remember that YOU are the Power that these ankle biters covet and feed from.  They pretend to be strong, but their strength comes from YOU.  Ankle biters have NOTHING within them that is anywhere NEAR as powerful as a single human being with full awareness of their True Divine Nature.

Once your Inner Divine Light is expanded and you are connected to the Earth’s core, imagine that you are projecting a beam of light from your Divine Inner Core straight up and into the core of the galaxy. Your light beam will pierce the Dark Control Grid and arrive at the galactic core almost instantly.  Then say to the Galactic Core, “I am ready to be a Galactic Conduit” at which point you will receive a “Cosmic Flush” of galactic energy.  This is a minor change from the way of doing the cosmic flush in the original Self-Clearing System recordings, because YOU are initiating the energetic connection to the Galactic Core, then acting as a Galactic Conduit for the Galaxy’s consciousness to transmit its energy directly through you and into the planet. This is an important distinction because it reinforces the notion that YOU are the Power that is initiating the cosmic flush.  You’re not a weak little person asking for help from the galactic core, but rather you are a powerful, incredibly important player in this cosmic game of chess that is nearing the endgame. Without YOU volunteering to be a Galactic Conduit, it would be much more difficult to dissolve the dark control grid when the time is right.

Imagine hundreds and thousands of people all over the planet piercing the dark control grid and conducting a Cosmic Flush directly into the planet’s core, and that light spreading to everyone who can receive it.  Imagine the ankle biters dashing around frantically trying to repair the holes in the control grid while the people stand strong as Galactic Conduits in spite of the ankle biter’s attempts to get them to stop and think fearful or sad thoughts instead.

Kicking the Ant Hill

I know that the idea of attracting ankle biter attention isn’t very appealing, and I would certainly prefer to relax on a beach in Hawaii, but the fact remains that they will interfere with anyone who is actively raising their frequency of consciousness, and they have done so throughout human history.  Their favorite technique is to send in a reminder about things that are “wrong” in your life, especially if they can distract you into blaming someone else for that “problem” that is suddenly on your mind.  Other dirty tricks they use are distractions to do something fun or something you “need” to do, as long it gets you to STOP embodying a high frequency energy state.  Sometimes they will launch an all out psychic attack.  Often, they will attempt to get at you while you are asleep or doing something unrelated to energy work.  All of these tricks can be countered.

When you notice ankle biters trying to interfere with your thoughts, emotions or energy, immediately start expanding your Divine Inner Light from your heart until it surrounds your body. This pure, intense light of your Divine Being is painful for these low-frequency ankle biters to be near, and they will withdraw.  (I think this may be where the myth of the “blood sucking” vampire who can’t stand sunlight comes from…)  However, even when withdrawn, the ankle biters will have a thin “energy tube” connected to you somewhere in your consciousness that they will use to send harmful energy or siphon off your emotional energy.

Command from your Divine Core that the ankle biters present be captured in “containment orbs,” which are energetic spheres of light that keep them from running away and hiding.  Then do an energy refund to send their “tubes” and any other connections they have formed in your consciousness back to them.  Now, for just a few moments, it’s ok to get a little angry as a temporary way to rise above feeling helpless.  Not blinding rage, but a little righteous indignation that these parasites have been messing with you is OK to entertain for a moment.  This is a step up from feeling like a helpless victim to these parasites, which is how they WANT you to feel.  Just don’t stay angry for long, and instead work to move your frequency higher.Staying totally calm and forgiving should be your ultimate goal, but if a little anger helps get you out of feeling like a victim to the parasites, go for it.  I tell you this so that you don’t “feel bad” if you get mad at these parasites for a moment.  However, it is important not to engage them in a constant state of anger, as that anger energy will actually FEED them, which we obviously don’t want.

Once they are contained, imagine that you are grabbing them and “squeezing” them to get them to let go of YOUR energy that they have been draining from you. See that low-frequency energy pooling in front of you, then hit it with a blast of light from your heart to purify and transmute it back to a state of pure energy, and reclaim that energy back into your being.

At this point, the ankle biters will be upset and trying to make you feel bad about yourself in any way that they can. I suggest that you laugh at them and remind them that they were NEVER given permission to take your energy or enslave humanity.  Then ask the Galaxy Being to “arrest” them and offer them the choice of returning to the light or being incarcerated somewhere that they can’t harm or drain anyone, ever again.  In the past, I used to do a “catch and release” with the ankle biters, but things have changed.  We are nearing the point where it is time to fully remove the ankle biters’ influence from Earth, and to dismantle their dark control grid. This means that it is ok to ask the Galaxy Being to incarcerate these ankle biters, and to offer them the option to begin healing and gradually coming back to the light.

Offering them the chance to heal and return to the light is an important point to focus on. Ultimately, everything in the universe comes from a single Divine Consciousness, even the darkest of the ankle biters.  This means they will eventually re-align themselves with the light and begin their journey of returning to Source, so we are simply acting as Divine Conduits to assist this process to unfold more rapidly.  Ankle biters won’t see this as a good thing due to their lack of empathy, and they may even try to make you feel like you are violating their free will.  However, humanity’s free will has been repeatedly violated by these parasitic beings, so they are no longer allowed total free will.  The only choices remaining to them are to heal and return to the light, or to remain as they are while being “incarcerated” and prevented from harming anyone else.

The Beginning of the End of the Darkness

The ankle biters are not going to give up easily, and they are already fighting back with everything they have.  Their increased frequency and intensity of attacks on lightworkers and casual meditators alike reveals their desperation. They have been weakened by the generally rising consciousness on the planet and they are very dangerous, like an animal backed into a corner.

In order for the plan to remove their influence from human consciousness to work, we need an army of lightworkers expanding their Inner Divine Light and acting as Galactic Conduits, piercing the dark control grid full of holes that allow tremendous light to stream into the earth. If we can do our part here on the ground, the non-incarnated members of the Forces of Light will be able to make the final move and strip away the dark control grid from this planet, resulting in an instant uplifting of all life on Earth.

I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important this step is in our planetary ascension. This dark control grid has been corrupting and stifling human consciousness for many, many millennia.  When it is removed along with the ankle biters, it will be like an instant consciousness expansion for every person on the planet.  Imagine everyone suddenly being free of the “dark side of human nature” so that the true glory of loving human consciousness can expand within the hearts and minds of everyone on Earth.  I wrote about this in my December message as if it was just a thought exercise.  It’s much more than that, it is part of our journey of awakening that must occur.  Most people won’t even know what happened, just that they feel MUCH better, more relaxed, happier and ready to help others.

No Obligation!

It is up to you if you want to participate at this level, and it is fine if you don’t want to or you aren’t able due to circumstances in your life. If things are energetically smooth in your life and you are not drawn to the idea of helping with the clean-up of the ankle biters, I fully respect that decision.  This path is truly NOT for everyone, so you must check with your Inner Divine Self to see if this is for you. However, if you want to “seize the moment” and use this opportunity to become more powerful, compassionate and ultimately more forgiving, this might be for you.  Also, if you find that you are experiencing psychic attacks from the ankle biters, you are already part of the final showdown.  If this is the case for you, I strongly urge you to incorporate the techniques laid out in this article to more effectively deal with the ankle biters.

If you like the idea of being part of the group that is directly working to strip the dark control grid away from planet earth, then I welcome you to the Galactic Conduit Team! To participate, at least once a day, simply do the focus/meditation described above, expanding your Inner Divine Light, connecting to the Earth’s core and the Galactic Core, state your intention to serve as a Galactic Conduit and let the energy flow, piercing a nice big hole in the dark control grid.  When the ankle biters show up, contain them, gently laugh at them, defy them, reclaim your energy from them, refund their machinations back to them, and have the Galaxy Being “arrest” them.

Your Subconscious Environment

It is important to be aware that the ankle biters use our own sub-conscious beliefs as “portals” into our psyche.  Every unhealed wound in our sub-conscious is like a “pressure point” that they can squeeze to elicit an emotional response from us.  This is one reason why self-clearing is so important.  Whenever you deal with ankle biters, after you have had them “arrested,” be sure to take some time to work on peeling the deeper layers of sub-conscious issues that they used to hook into you in the first place. See the Self-Clearing System for more details on how to do this level of energy work on yourself.

Ankle biters will very often manipulate people in their dream state to reinstall or strengthen limiting sub-conscious programming. Fear is their primary tool, so they will embed fearful scenarios in the dream state in order to make a person susceptible to their programming.  It is very much like a form of hypnotic suggestion, and it requires tremendous self-awareness to break free from this programmed mind system.  Each night before you go to sleep, invoke your Divine Inner Self from your heart and declare that you will dream safely within your Divine Inner Light.  State that you intend to remember ALL of your dreams, so that you can dissolve any limiting sub-conscious beliefs that are revealed in your dreams.

In the morning, take 10 minutes to reclaim energy from any limitations or fears that were exposed in your dreams.  Even if you can’t remember them, take those few minutes to expand your Inner Divine Light, clear your energy field and start your day from your inner divine inspiration.

The more clear you get, the less the ankle biters will be able to manipulate you into low-frequency emotional patterns.  Always remind yourself, “I am the Power they want” and then stand strong in the power of your Divine Inner Self.  Blaze your light like a million suns, for you are so much more than you realize, and soon you will know without any doubt how powerful you truly are.

***UPDATE*** 4/3/13 — There is much more to this ongoing story.  Please see this post for some recent developments: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/01/07/shifting-into-2013-the-big-squeeze-is-on/

Much Love,
Cameron Day

Forgive? Really?

Note: While the author raises some very good points, ultimately forgiveness serves peace of mind and in the case of crimes against humanity, must be balanced with accountability. The punishment should fit the crime. When people in positions of power in all sectors of society are held accountable for their actions by the masses, things will change.

Real change will manifest when everyone lives their lives in total transparency, holds themselves accountable for their own actions and harbors no hidden agenda’s towards others. Imagine that… 

Published by under Knowing Who You Are

I just heard Elissa Hawke’s interview with Sherry Peel Jackson, wherein she mentions me.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8_OzgeBm8I

Her website is: http://elissahawke.blogspot.ca


She mentions that part of my book is based upon ACIM, which is accurate, yet, as I have since become suspicious of those texts, she prompted me to write this.  Not only do I question the strange circumstances under which the texts came to be published, but also, over the years, I’ve observed the circumstances under which we either do or do not forgive.


When I realized that ALL propaganda is about 90% truth –for the purpose of gaining our confidence– and the final 10% is the scam, I began to see that same final 10% in ACIM. When I took another look at it, about 3 years ago, and its prime theory –that of forgiveness– I was forced to ask: Who benefits?  The popular thinking is that we all do, as the result is peace of mind and peace with our fellow man.  I did believe this until I began to discover otherwise.


I noticed it first within myself; then I noticed the hypocrisy of other people who claimed to have forgiven someone, yet, by their deeds, revealed that they had not.  A year ago, I heard a woman lecture about forgiving a man who had held her daughter for ransom and, in the months it took her to raise the ransom, her daughter’s health was destroyed.  The woman spoke of her rage, torment, grief, etc. but found that the only way to escape how she felt was to forgive him. I might have believed her had I not overheard what she had to say, to a select group, after the lecture.  There is no question that very few of us can come to terms with anyone who has caused us huge harm or loss. Even for cases of very little harm or loss, it seems we cannot forgive without, at least, an apology.


Again, I wondered, then, who, if not we, benefits from this concept?  For all the horrors that people have suffered at the hands of the Vatican/Crown/Bank and all their subsidiary  agencies (the list is endless), if they have convinced us to “forgive” and that “love is the answer whatever the question”, then, their intent and hope is that, when we figure out the details of this phenomenal abuse, we might just overlook the fact that, were the situation  reversed, we would be severely punished.  We have all heard the cliché, “If men ran their businesses the way the government operates, they would be out of business in a day.”  So, I wonder why we are being taught to forgive.  Forgiveness is neither instinctive nor a natural solution to having been harmed.  No animal forgives the one who abuses it.


We must “take the law into our own hands” and forget all about Statute.  I do not advocate ‘murder’ however, keep in mind that the definition of murder is the “senseless killing” of another.  What must occur is the “sensible” putting out of commission, those who are destroying us.


“Man possesses the Natural Right to defend himself, from violence, with any amount of force necessary to stop the attack, up to and including deadly force.” –Mark Passio

THAT, not “love, light, and peace”, IS Natural Law.


Gilbert & Sullivan, in The Mikado, say “… let the punishment fit the crime.” THIS, and only this, is where a “jury of one’s peers” comes into play.  Jurors must have the same qualities, experiences, and knowledge of the man who is accused; i.e.: knowing that no man can be charged, 1. by a legal fiction; or, 2.  under Statute.  That would be the end of all court cases, except claims by one man against another.  Those of us who have been harmed must assemble, and do whatever is necessary to take down the insipid, stupid people who work for and protect legal fictions, and that their job is to cause us harm and loss.  I often wonder if people truly grasp what types of low-lifes we all are having to deal with every damn day.


We can no longer simply “stay out of their way”; they are actively and deliberately intruding in our lives and attacking us.  We all admit to feeling slight anxiety when we see a cop car.  This was unheard of until 30 years ago; in part, because we don’t see cops anywhere BUT in cars.  Cops used to mozy the streets of town, chatting with vendors and townsfolk.  I have lived in a several small towns, over the past 30 years and have not once seen a cop walking his beat, looking for people whom he can assist.  Prior to that, I was stopped by cops, at least 6 times that I can recall, and all were friendly and helpful, and not just because I was cuter then than I am now.


Now see this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX0Y5jv6tlM

It warms the cockles of your hearts, doesn’t it?   So, get a megaphone and yell this at them, “Whatever you do to me, you can count on someone doing that to your children.”


Certainly, we forgive people in our lives whom we love and with whom we want to continue a friendship, but what triggers it?  An apology.  Prior to an apology, the matter is still “out there –in the ether”. Without an apology, the matter cannot be put to rest and, in those cases, as much as people like to say they have forgiven, they have not.  Most of us do have compassion, but even that is short-lived if the offender shows no remorse. We are given NO compassion by the ones who judge us.


True, in a sense, all our behaviour is forgivable, as most of it is simply due to our traumatic childhood programming. But we, the people, get punished for our behaviour, whilst we cannot even access those who deliberately damage the planet and the people on it. We must NOT forgive that, as doing so is utterly illogical. We must end this by causing them as much fear, harm, and loss as they have caused us.  It is NOT up to God to judge; it is up to us; and Jesus is NOT coming to play ‘saviour’; it is we who must save us from those who are doing the damage.  For millennia, people have been praying to God, “Thy will be done on Earth”, so, either they are being completely ignored, by “God”, or what we’re experiencing IS, indeed, God’s will, in which case, God is Evil. Jesus’ “second coming” is just more propaganda from those who want us to continue to WAIT and DO NOTHING.  Christians have been phenomenally duped by those whose intent it is to destroy not only us but also the entire planet.


I don’t know why we’re here and I’d bet no one else knows, either.  “Forgiveness” was presented to us by psychopaths, to convince us –once we caught onto their fraud– to forgive them, rather than hang them up by their balls which is what they deserve. Well, we’ve caught on, so now it’s time to round them up.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” –Mark Twain