The Sunlit Zone

By Dana Mrkich
To help us understand the current collective energies, I was shown an image in my mind’s eye. Pictures tell a thousand words as they say so I searched online until I found the closest match:

Source: Kiran’s Science Fair 

I found the above pic and thought bingo! Not only is it a visual match, but the words and meaning are perfect. This image shows the five zones of ocean water, depicting the different layers according to how much sunlight each layer receives. The top layer is the Sunlit Zone which gets the most sunlight. The Twilight Zone gets very little sunlight, while the Dark Zone at the bottom of the ocean receives no sunlight although there is some light from the creatures that swim there – and many surprisingly do!. The Abyss is the very bottom – no light, and a lot of water pressure. The Trenches refer to the cracks in the Earth’s crust – trenches and canyons. Despite the total lack of light, life including starfish can be found there.

This very basic description of the different layers of the ocean, feels to most adequately describe the strong, contrasting energetic layers playing out globally and personally right now. Just as all of these layers exist in the ocean, so too they exist on the world stage, and within us. They exist as non-visible, non-physical vibrational waves around us. They exist on the levels of our thoughts and emotions.

In each moment, we choose which layer of the waves to swim in. We make our choice via every thought we think. We make our choice via the daily decisions we make: the relationships we engage in, the news sources we reach and watch, the activities we participate in, the foods we eat, the work we do, the environment we spend our time in and so on.

Just as we choose which layer of the waves to spend most of our time in, that wave layer influences us the more time we spend there. This is common logic: Spend time with happy people, you’re going to feel happy. Spend time with fearful people you’re going to feel more fearful. If your current overall vibration is a match to that frequency layer, then that layer will heighten, intensify and expand whatever emotional story/belief/vibration you are holding. If your overall vibration isn’t in alignment with a particular frequency layer, you will find it very hard to be in that particular layer and will swim like a fish up or down to some other layer where you feel more comfortable.

Right now, all these layers within us, and on the collective stage, are being lit up like a Christmas tree. Every layer is wanting our attention, and has an almost magnetic pull, drawing ‘like’ energies toward it. Down in the Dark Zone and the Abyss, fear is triggering fear, violence is triggering violence, and ancient wounds are triggering ancient wounds. In those zones it feels like the end of the world is here swirling around in a whirlpool of chaos, control and madness.

On the other end of the spectrum, up in the Sunlit zone, there is a feeling of something new emerging. There is a deeper richness and more emotional connection in relationships – be they family, friends, partners, colleagues or people you barely know or don’t even know. There is a deeper sense of connection with your own self. At the same time that there is a lot of density playing out on the world stage, there is simultaneously an increased feeling of lightness and consciousness being experienced all over the world that is undeniable.

The majority of people feel to be in the Twilight Zone most of the time. We divide our time between feeling good and feeling bad. We have hope then we sink into fear. We strive for the light, then get pulled down into the murky depths by some inner doubt or external event.

It seems that the darker and denser the layer, the more power it seemingly has to determine the collective focus and conversation. Yet, we can’t possibly have come here to get sucked into that vortex. Nor have we come here to live in the yo-yo roller-coaster of the Twilight Zone. For life to continue and not just continue but to evolve and thrive, we need to lift our game and swim on up to the Sunlit Zone. This isn’t an indulgence to feel guilty about when so many are suffering. It is our sacred duty and responsibility to live in the Sunlit Zone whenever possible.

Now, I am the first to say that I love scuba-diving into the Abyss to collect energetic information. Just like the Ocean, there is value to be found there. Our shadow, and all that we have swept under the carpets, is in these bottom layers. There is so much strength and healing gained from exploring these layers, yet it naturally brings up our fears. The chaos we are seeing globally is in part our collective shadow being revealed.

A scuba diver gets their deep water gear on, explores a canyon, then heads up to the surface. The archeological excavations you encounter on deep sea dives are profound, but – for humanity anyway – it is not a place to live or swim in for too long. It is unsustainable. Just as plants grow toward the light, so too humanity’s growth is geared to heading toward the light. As much as many fear we are heading into a dark future, it is not possible at this stage of our evolution. We are seeing the darkness and violence clearer because of our light. We are experiencing our feelings more intensely, because of the light. We are experiencing uncomfortable emotional responses to the discord because of our light. The ‘darkness’ is thick like tar, and loud, and so it feels like it is the majority energy on the planet. However, it is not. The light that exists on this planet, and within us all, is now the predominant energy and it will prevail. In the meantime it will also continue to expose and reveal all that lies in the bottom shadow layers, and thus continue to challenge us with how confronting that looks and feels.

If we have one fault, it is our tendency to so easily get sucked down into the bottom layers and live from those spaces as if they are our ‘real’ and ruling reality. This not only does not serve us, but we do not serve those layers by living down there. I am not advocating to stick our heads in the sand. If anything, being in the Twilight Zone and Dark Zone of focusing so much on the ‘darkness’ and the ‘fear’ (consciously speaking, not referring to our beautiful ocean), is akin to sticking our heads in the sand. We cannot see clearly from those layers where fear, doubt, worry, violence, chaos and control rule the roost. From the Sunlit Zone we can see and listen clearly, we can act ethically and powerfully.

From this space, we can smile at someone who looks different, or dresses differently, or has different lifestyle choices, instead of hurling abuse. We can switch off from news that ‘feels’ like blatant disinformation or fear-mongering. We can do as much good as we can, in any way we can, when we can.

Think from the Sunlit Zone. Act from the Sunlit Zone. Visualise from the Sunlit Zone.


Love Dana

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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Has our existence been hijacked eons ago by higher dimensional entities?

If so, then this prison of minds has the door wide open and we can choose to exit it, whenever we desire. All that is required is for us to wake up from the dream, so that we can see the door… and to actually want to go out and “disconnect.” The unbreakable Free Will Free Will is, allegedly, one of the unbreakable laws of our multiverse. Those who know the rules of the game can bend them in their favor by using various tricks and smoke screens, but they can never brake them.

This means that our consent was required and we are dreaming this collective dream because we – somehow - agreed to partake.

Remember what Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix film?

Morpheus: “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

Unfortunately, most of the people love it here! This reality of pain and sufferance suits them perfectly and they would never brake the spell, if given the opportunity. This reality is a drug and too many people are addicted to it.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, and carpenters; the very minds of the people we are trying to save. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent upon the system, they will fight to protect it.” – Morpheus

You’ve felt it your entire life…

Dreams should make us question reality When we dream at night, we don’t realize that it is all happening in our minds. No matter how absurd and impossible a dream is, we never question it while asleep. In fact, the dream is so real to us, that when we wake up to this existence, we are emotionally affected by it. To us, it was real. The movie Inception will help you process everything better (Inception – Explaining the dream world):

So what makes that a dream, and this a reality?

Dreams within the dream

After studying the life work of so many scientists (e.g. Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Helen Wambach, Dr. Michael Newton) who were able to bring such conclusive evidence proving reincarnation, I am now a strong believer myself.

Holding this knowledge makes one decode this experience that we call “life on Earth,” as being similar to “going to college” and partially explains the reason why we are here: to learn and evolve, one lesson at a time.

And as soon as we master all of the given lessons, we conclude the incarnation cycle and we proceed with new challenges, in a vastly superior dimension.

But this also means that we are now, in fact, still dreaming and everything around us is virtual, non-existing. The software that we are now part of, is designed to trick us into believing that all of this is real, when in fact, it is not.

According to the thousands of people who have been regressed into the life between lives by the Newton Institute professionals, everything that we experience here is designed to teach us important lessons. As soon as we die in this “reality,” we instantly wake up as non-physical entities, with vastly superior capabilities as compared to those of a human vehicle.

This is also confirmed by those who have had a near-death experience or those who are able to consciously move out of the human vehicle through what is known as “astral projection.”

This means that when we die, we are basically waking up from a collective dream. A very profound and intense one, but still a dream.

Let’s do a quick recap:

When we dream, we don’t question that “reality,” no matter how absurd it becomes. For us, those things are real and we do our best to cope with everything. We only decode the experience as a dream, after we wake up. More or less, the same goes for life and death: after we die, we wake up in another “reality” and decode the previous one as yet another dream.

It’s very similar to Inception‘s concept of dreams within the dream…

Yup, and it may very well be just the tip of the iceberg!

The Holographic Illusion of Reality

Pondering about dreams for a while will inevitably lead you to the conclusion that dreams are various states of holographic realities.

When we wake up from a dream, we can no longer interact with the dream world, because we have already moved out of it. Dreams are holographic realities created by our minds, and there are people who trained themselves to become aware while dreaming and consciously interact with the dream world around them.

(This technique is called lucid dreaming and there are various ways for everyone to learn it).

A similar thing happens to us when we die. Our consciousness moves not only out of the human vehicle, but also out of this holographic reality, thus making interaction with this realm almost impossible.

David Icke does a wonderful job at explaining the concept of the holographic illusion of reality:

David Icke about broadcasting the Matrix of control from within this reality

The ensalvers are basically broadcasting a web of negativity within this reality (and who knows within how many other), a low vibrational matrix of pain and sufferance, with the intent of torturing our minds and making us generate negative energies. If “they” are broadcasting this perverted version of reality from within this dimension, as all evidence suggests, then all we have to do in order to break free is to become aware and evolve beyond their vibration of control.


Magical Reality Creation

We may have a feeling about something, or someone, or a situation…  And then… we can feel things change…

Something has been happening. Some of us are sensing it—a softer reality emerging—gentle, loving, expansive…

We find it easier to see one another as a higher version of ourselves.

And it’s not so difficult to continue to invite one another into this space rather than judging each other.

It’s easier to give one another the time and space (since we’re still, to some extent, believing in linearity) to move into a more expanded version of self. This of course cannot be forced.

There might be moments we’re not certain how to navigate…we might be thinking or feeling something and we feel it’s time to speak. Or maybe not.

The heart knows how to evaluate the situation. We might find that what we were thinking an hour or even a moment ago no longer applies. And we might even discover that it’s not about what we were thinking at all…

Our reality can change in a heartbeat when we’re able to see a higher potential—that can at times feel magical—and then continue to call this reality forth.

We are an integral part of this creation.

Elephant Smile

We are the ones creating our reality…

with our imagination, with a vision of beauty that we hold in our hearts, as we discard limiting beliefs of one another and ourselves;

seeing one another in a new way;

holding our highest version of what we create;

residing in a space we call lightness of being, a space filled with the passion for ascension, a space of wonder, with open hearts, a space of relaxation and joy.

This is magical reality creation—where everything is possible, where we see beauty unfold naturally.

We can either continue to expand this magical reality or limit it.

We’re learning discernment. We’re learning to navigate this path, our serious study of reality creation. Once we understand these basic principles, things are never quite the same.

And it’s not just about an AHA moment—those are beautiful, yes, yet a more precise indicator of our progress is how we can consistently apply these principles, keeping them in our awareness.

Somehow it feels that it’s about trusting one another;
not to place limiting beliefs upon ourselves.

The truth is that reality is fluid,
and becoming more fluid by the moment.

We are creating our reality in what we call the Now moment.

It’s not about ‘the past’ or ‘the future’ for they are only mental constructs. They exist only in our heads.

The entire construct of time is an illusion.

What is being described here is fertile ground for magic, depending upon what we choose.

01 Multidimensional being - energetic body - spirit and soul - meditation flower of life

Energy raises itself naturally—individually as well as collectively.

We find ourselves, naturally, more and more, emitting kindness, gentleness, and compassion for they’re also part of our reality creation.

As has been said before: it’s one thing to understand this as theory and quite another to experience it practically as part of the personal ascension process.

Let us see each other differently.

Let us see one another as the infinite being that we are all capable of becoming:

The highest version of ourselves.

And then, let us interact from this space.

Let’s just get over the personality thing—accepting the mind’s construct that is always an inverted version of the truth.

How? By simply applying these principles is how we will create real change—together.

As we at least begin to understand the way reality creation actually works, if we continue to choose consciousness, if we choose to consistently focus upon what we want to create and be vigilant in observing the mind’s attempts to convince us that none of this is true—which it will—we will see results.

This provides us a platform for our continued expansion on our path photo-12of personal ascension.

Our ‘new normal’…

And its WAY more fun!

We have much to share on this topic.

There just might be podcasts on our Subscriber section of The Rising Way where a group of us will speak about this in the hope that sharing our experiences will be helpful to you.

Thrilling! And we’re just getting started…

Can’t wait! We’re gonna rock!

Orchid Rising

Moving Through Dimensions – Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin’s MER-KA-BA Travel Tips — II

Can you imagine, and perhaps would you be so kind as to dream of, how, if dimension is all about size, and dimensional movement is all about contraction (inward) or expansion (outward), the amount of “empty space” between the particles of consciousness that you are “made” of, actually determines the dimension(s) you are in?

You may need a moment to ponder that, but when you do, you’ll see  it absolutely makes sense. In fact, how could it be any different?

Now, for the dreaming part: just imagine that you are in absolute control over this, and that the “consciousness particles” I am talking about are not just your physical atoms, electrons, etc. but also the very akeneic particles themselves of which your kakra system and ultimately even your Mer-Ka-Ba itself is made of?

Using your thoughts and imaginations, you can travel anywhere.

The only limit is your own ability to imagine the bounty of endless infinityscapes you seek to visit.

Enjoy the roller coaster, when you decide to try this in bed tonight, you might not find yourself where you started, but boy oh boy will you have fun!

Next time we get into this, I’ll discuss the actual practical usages that come with understanding the full implications of working with defined, un-defined and non-defined kakra systems at the heart of your Mer-Ka-Ba, as touched upon in my previous Travel Tip. It’s your akeneic engine core, basically, but more about that another time.

As for now, kind lady, kind sir:
Your Transverse awaits…

Image Credit: Dave Morrow
Image Credit: Dave Morrow

(It was a ‘shortie’ this time, but I’ll make up for it by buying you a cocktail in my favourite Honomeia beach bar, once you make it there, and you will make it there, not kidding — not about the cocktail either!) :D

Kwan Yin

False Prophets – Teal Swan

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A false prophet is one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration or who uses that gift for evil ends. Here in we run into our first problem, often someone who is considered a “true prophet ” by some people is simultaneously considered a “false prophet” by others. I am no exception to this rule. In fact there are people who think that my stance on this particular subject is just more proof that I, myself am a false prophet. So what exactly is my stance on false prophets? There is no such thing as a false prophet.
In this episode, Teal explains her view on false prophets and offers the highest perspective about people who “lead others astray”. She also teaches us how to get in touch with our own power of discernment.
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

Who can you trust? Take two.

Note: I concur with Ann, I’m seeing too much evidence that something MAGNIFICENT is on the horizon. Too many indications that transmutation is taking place at most every level, the chaos we see unfolding in the “outer” world is the result of a massive purging of density. There’s too much at stake, this planet and our human skin-suits are considered a highly valued “universal resource” for DNA and the creation of life to let us perish. The direction of energy is changing to a much higher frequency and as the vibration continues to climb,  positive manifestations will become increasingly apparent to everyone. Focus on BE-ing and DO-ing with the highest intentions for the common good and in living life in total transparency, accountability and with no hidden agenda’s in order to manifest the Highest possible outcome. Be the change you seek and don’t give energy to to the doomsayers, only to that which you want to create. Mahalo, Annette


Note: See this, for Take One.

I’ve just spent a wasted? confusing? enlightening? disgusting? two hours with one “Joseph Chiappalone” via the internet. I had been alerted to him by  Bumpercrop, an unusually insightful commenter on this blog who referred me to an interview that he did with Jeff Rense. The interview was over 30 minutes long, so I postponed it.

Then Laura Bruno, who did listen to the interview, after seeing the comment on my site, decided to post it on hers.

“This Artificial Reality Must End” ~ Joseph Chiappalone w/ Jeff Rense 03.15.2013

Since I enjoy what Laura writes so hugely, especially her precise, sweeping “rants” that capture in detail the whole range of nefarious goings-on, I eagerly read her introduction to the audio, and then, while eating lunch (shouldn’t have done that), listened to the interview itself. It left me with an icky, gunky taste in my mouth. If Barbara Marciniak is right, that we need to listen to our bodies to discern the “truth” about the world, then I certainly did. I couldn’t help but do so. Simply, I don’t buy what Joseph Chiappalone says, not even a teensy weensy part of me. I just say NO.

And it’s not that I don’t think all of what he says might be “true,” or I should say, “true” in a certain timeline. On the other hand, recent experiences of my own — the North American Permaculture Convergence and my loving gathering with family upon the death of our mother — not to mention the wondrous two-house plus GANG garden permaculture paradise that six of us are in the midst of creating here in Bloomington with, by the way several stories that I have yet to tell about our recent successful, even pleasurable and victorious interactions with the city government — yes, these experiences, and others (what about my recent plane trips, for example, where, unfailingly, as we leave the plane, fellow passengers helped each other get their bags from the overhead, stay back so that others can leave ahead of them, smile and say hello) — all these have placed me firmly, at least for now, on the “side” of regeneration and resilience. I simply do not think that we are all going to “go up in smoke.”

Or maybe I’m already living in an alternate reality?

Maybe in the one I apparently, some time ago, jumped out of, Chiappalone is right? His predictions of increasing madness and violence leading to an ignominious end by 2019 certainly would meet with the nightmare visions I had as a child, when the idea that “the world will end in my lifetime (through nuclear conflagration)” weighed on me ever since I was two and a half years old, upon hearing the news about Hiroshima on the radio. My “knowledge” of the coming end times ruined my childhood, in the sense that, from then on, I could only pretend to play.

But would I rather my visions be proved correct, or that my intuition and forward reaching now be viable? Obviously the latter. (Or, as above, we are dealing with parallel realities, alternate timelines). On the other hand, I do think Chiappalone is correct, in that whatever we lose in the coming time, is not of value, since we are not our bodies, and, as he says, the most important fear to get over is the fear of “death.”

One of my housemates came back from two weeks away last night and this morning discovered that I had been in Seattle during that same time upon the death of my mother. “Oh,” she murmured, her face falling into sadness, thinking to commiserate with me. “It was good!” I told her, “Mom was 96 years old, time to go.” She still couldn’t seem to get over her initial reaction (was it fear of her own death that gripped her? I think it usually is), so I just said, or rather, I fear, I might have even snapped, “I’m comfortable with death. Don’t you realize that by now?”

I’m afraid I embarrassed her, or at least shocked her. Which is worse?

In any case, I do think Chiappolone is correct, that the fear of death keeps us in check, and able to be controlled by outside forces.

After listening to the Jeff Rense audio, I did some further research on the internet and, on an old “godlikeproductions” site, discovered a set of predictions that Chiappolino made that did not, by any stretch of the imagination, come true.

And I found some shady stuff supposedly associated with him, though who knows whether any of that is real or whether it matters.

And I did read through one of his long posts on, which I recommend instead of the audio above, since it doesn’t take as long to absorb and you won’t be dealing with his Australian accent.

Terminal Madness of the End Time

I have not read anything else. While I appreciate that he, who apparently claims to be a gnostic, and like John Lash Lamb (one of my heroes), views what is happening here as a result of a cosmic mistake, there’s just something about this man’s language and terminal worldview that my body itself does not accept. And I, like Barbara Marciniak suggests, have indeed “made friends with my body.”

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies 09/15/2014


As we move into the fall equinox, now is the time to pull any remaining weeds from tour garden we planted last spring. We’ve worked hard for the coming bounty, now’s the time to prepare for a bountiful harvest…Much love and gratitude, Annette

By Aisha North, 09/15/2014



As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

In other words, make sure to prepare yourselves for this incoming light by consciously going through your entire list of fixations, and we do mean that in a very broad way. For what needs to be fixed should be looked at in this upcoming period, and when we say fix, it is intended to cover the entire gamut from severance of old ties, finalization and closure, and all the way to fixing up solid anchorage to the new. And so, what may seem to be a long list of contradictions will eventually clarify your situation more and more as you begin to survey the scene that lies before you. Are you entirely free from any old inhibitors, or have some of them started to resurface again? And if they have, have you realized the reason for it, or has your mind started to play out the same old tales of disbelief and diminishment?

You see, as these incoming energies continue to squeeze and pull at you, it will also continue to extract the old and outdated juices if you will, and so, you may all at some time get that lingering sour taste of yesteryear in your mouth. But again it is essential to understand that this is all about extraction, and so, whatever may surface is doing so in order to make it disappear from your foundation, but in doing so, it may serve to confuse you even further. For this time, it serves you all to keep in mind that this is not for you to hold on to and scrutinize, no matter how foul a taste it will leave as it exist you being. No, this is simply something that you need to sever any attachment at all to in order to clarify you for that next step of final separation that looms ahead.

For now, so much will begin to leave your being it may be likened to veritable storm of confusing emotions for many of you, and so, we will once again repeat our old message of maintaining your focus on your inner being, not on your immediate surroundings where more chaos may erupt at any moment. For this period will serve to convince many of you that you might be losing the grip on yourself, but try to keep in mind that if you do, it is because you are meant to. For what you need to lose grip on, is everything that is being pushed out to the very perimeter of your existence in order for it to be able to exit your field completely, and so, if you try to catch it in the flight as it were you will simply delay the departure. And doing that will also serve to increase your bewilderment as soon as the ship you have bordered begins to drift ever further out into those clear blue waters of tomorrow.

For what is leaving you now is something you will need to let go of in order to make that journey outwards ever more speedy and indeed less intense, and so we will once again leave you with this short advice: learn to let go of anything that arises within you that leaves you feeling uneasy, unsure or even unworthy, for it is all part of your old setup, all packed up and made ready to leave you. For if you start to cling to these old remnants in an attempt to unravel the mystery they still hold for you, you will only serve to make yourself more entangled in this old web of insecurity and inability to soar as high as you are more than capable of at this moment in time. And now, as the incoming light will once again start to push the buttons in so many of you, learn to distinguish between those buttons that will serve to increase your abilities to soar ever higher and those that will only serve to slow you down. And now, that will be more imperative than ever, as the proverbial train has indeed left the station and the speed is picking up. And if you continue to try to sort through all of the unclaimed baggage still cluttering up the station, you will make it exceedingly difficult for yourself to literally catch those waves of incoming light that will soon arrive, ready to lift you all ever further and ever faster onwards and upwards, away from the old and into new layers of interesting formations of energetic compatibilities that again will serve to increase your momentum.

You see, this process is like an ever unfolding origami-like structure of interconnected energetic strata, one leading to another in a very detailed sequence. So if you in any way try to hold back the force of this momentum, you will only make it that much harder for yourself. For then, what can only be likened to a powerful but smooth river of light will for you seem to be nothing more than a churning morass of pulsating light, all doing what it can to bring you out of that stale backwater you so tenaciously try to cling on to. In other words, the light will do what it can to give you another mighty push in the back to speed your progress, but if you try to push your way backwards you will find yourself having a really hard time catching your breath or even keeping your head above the water.

So again we say prepare yourself by making that list of what to focus on and what to simply let go of one that truly favors the last category, and then, you will realize that all you need to bring along is you, the very essence of you. That is all it takes, and everything else is indeed optional. That is, the more you think you need to carry with you, the less comfortable this next part of the journey will be, and the more you will be apt to be dragged under by that extra burden you place on yourself. So let go and let be, and give yourself the opportunity to simply allow yourself to float as freely as you can in this ever moving, ever increasing flood of light. And do not think you have failed to do your lesson if nothing untoward at all will surface for you in the next few days. For if you already feel as free as a bird, that is actually what you are. And remember, do not make yourself the disservice of comparing your process to that of others in a way that will make you feel at fault. For that is indeed the surest way to exceed the limits of any “carry on luggage” you might be tempted to try to take along with you on this next stage.

So again we say know that all is well, and again, remember to let bygones be bygones, and continue to keep that uppermost in your mind as these days and nights come and go. For that way, you will learn the lesson as quickly as possible, and the lesson in once again the same it has been countless times before: whatever emerges is not for you to take care of. It is simply letting you know that it is exiting your immediate surroundings, and if you remember to not hold on to it, it will soon dissipate forever.


Individuality and Spirituality in the Age of Institutional Rule

16th September 2014

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Humanity has lost its way, but we were led astray. The very institutions we invented to secure us, failed. They have achieved the opposite, and we, the collective of humanity are forced to live in the tribal, vengeance-ruled war world from which institutions invariably profit. And even if you are not completely indoctrinated by this institutionalization, generations of the collective have been indoctrinated, and by reinforcing social “norms”, the steered diligently steer their peers further toward the cliff edge.

Throughout our society is a misguided, socially polarized perspective. Everywhere we look, the truth is deliberately conjured and obscured, leading to divergent oppositions; from the simplest to the most complex, from garden plants to nuclear power “plants”. No matter the subject, no matter the related tangential beliefs, the divergence can be summarized via one simple divider – institutionalization or individuation.

We have been collectively steered by oligarchical institutions toward institutional thinking, allowing unnatural mechanizations to be granted the rights of individuals, and enabling a culture of war, competition and separation. So where does this leave we natural, spiritual beings, who are inherently wired for peace, co-operation and oneness?

This article is a discussion of various of modes of thinking, which compare and contrast institutionalization with individuation. Confusing the two, as in the latest trend of awarding the rights of men to machines, is the new shell humanity has wrapped itself in. And the divine right of institutions is now, dare we say, the essence of what the individuated around the world are rallying against, and what the institutionalized are fighting to protect.

Corruption of Our Food Supply

With this mindset embedded in the collective psyche, those institutionalized individuals figuratively or literally tout exposure to industrial excrement as nutrient, while the individuated among us warn that the industrial poison will kill and demand integrative conditions instead of those suitable only to oligarchical institutions. Some “scientists” have claimed that their “research” (read obfuscation) has found “conventional” food is the same as organic, with no negligible differences in nutrition content. But the facts tell a different story.

And therein is evidence of such social steering, through which pseudo-scientific “facts” are considered. Throughout recorded time, organic farming has been the convention, only recently have pesticides and fertilizers and herbicides been introduced into the food chain, along with factory farming and the genetic modification of plants to survive lethal doses of Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) that kills everything it comes in contact with – including the global honey bee population. Never mind the epidemic levels of disease glyphosate exposure causes in humans. Yet it is organic (read unpoisoned) food that bears the burden of a prefix in our language.

Indoctrinated by misinformation, many people suggest that genetic modification is equivalent to traditional seed hybridization. But they are not equivalent. In the same way that a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square, seed hybridization is modification, but it is a modification that an individual can facilitate – with the aid of nature – and is not comparable, in either method or result, to the dangerous laboratory modifications touted by institutional leaders as the way to “feed the world”.

Undoubtedly, there are other ways.

The Nuclear Era

Just like the infiltration of GMOs into our food supply, when it comes to nuclear experimentation, our logic is flawed – but even more so, it is steered.

The complexity of nuclear experimentation is illustrative of the divergence away from manifest truth to total spiritual oligarchical collectivism.

One of the things that grew out the early days of the nuclear experiment was the idea of hormesis, convincing (emphasize con) many that external exposure to radiation is in fact beneficial! This con was originally touted in uranium mines, and now along the North Pacific Coast, etc. The concept of hormesis coincided with the flabbergasting idea, put forth by “scientists” who obviously failed chemistry, that all radiation is the same. Yet this is so far from the truth. In fact not all bequerels are created equal.

For example, the argument for hormesis is somewhat a corrupt conjuration that begins in some truth. The truth is that exposure to some radiation stimulates an immune response, because everything in your body is so heavily affected by radiation exposure that a physiological self-preservation response kicks in. But the “beneficial” result of that immune response is short lived. In the long/mid term, the human body does not benefit from radiation exposure and cannot maintain the full-tilt immune response required to deal with prolonged exposure. And the nuclear industry’s catastrophic history proves it.

The problem with hormesis related to industrial nuclear waste is that there are all kinds of accompanying elements, particulates and gasses that are certain to kill you – despite what the pro nuke kooks suggest; the same kooks, incidentally, who said everything at Fukushima 1 was fine after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and who still say all is well, even after the triple meltdown and ongoing radioactive pollution spilling from the damaged reactor. [For more on the nuclear industry's ongoing denial, please see: GE Spokesperson Discusses Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster - Interview and Analysis)]

Hormesis is a load of nuclear industry jive. And while the nuclear experimentation industry is the most complex mechanization, it has a whole crew representing an equally complex system of manipulation to maneuvre it into social acceptance. Following the 2011 Fukushima meltdown, Dr. Peter Karamoskos, a nuclear radiologist and a public representative on the radiation health committee of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency said in an article for the Sydney Morning Herald:

You have to hand it to the nuclear industry and its acolytes. In the middle of the second-worst nuclear power disaster in history at Fukushima, and with still no end in sight, you would think they would respond with contrition, humility and profuse mea culpas. Not on your life. The industry representatives and its acolytes came out swinging in full denial attire…

But more insidious and objectionable is the creeping misinformation that the nuclear industry has fed into the public sphere over the years. There seems to be a never-ending cabal of paid industry scientific ”consultants” who are more than willing to state the fringe view that low doses of ionising radiation do not cause cancer and, indeed, that low doses are actually good for you and lessen the incidence of cancer.

Despite the obvious risks, many people still see nuclear energy experimentation as an alternative to the ignition of petroleum fuels. However the petroleum and nuclear industries are basically the same institutional formation; they benefit those at the top of the oligarchy, and endanger the rest of us in the process.

Advocates of the nuclear position argue that nuclear energy is a ‘green’ energy with a zero or low carbon footprint. But nuclear energy is not green by any stretch of the imagination. To say nuclear power has a zero footprint is absurd, when this most lethal, toxic waste is virtually indestructible for millions of years. It is dangerous and destructive to all biological beings on this planet. There is no diluting radiation there is only dispersal. Scientifically speaking, the risk cycle of nuclear power generation cannot be validated as “safe” until waste can be permanently removed, stored or degraded, and the effects on human and environmental health entirely mitigated. And today, that is simply not the case.

Moreover, the nuclear energy and the nuclear arms industries are inextricably linked.

Nuclear Armament as a Means of Defense

The nuclear era began with a boom, and secrets, with the first atomic bombing of New Mexico and then Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc. Soon after the industry’s first detonations, the atomic energy industry began. And it’s all just another day in the experiment that is the atomic precipice – one that has thousand millennia long implications.

The scholars of the status quo insist that the nuclear armament of the opposing forces in the cold war, pitted against each other, prevented those nuclear nations from going to war. The theory was that our mutually assured destruction viaweaponry of total annihilation would prevent us from using such weapons. And yet today we are faced with widening dispersal of weapons among many nations, with increasing numbers of nations as foes.

More importantly, the threat of radioactive pollution from nuclear detonations threatens the interconnected web of life, as no living being with cells can defend themselves from its toxicity. Thus, considering nuclear armament as a means of “defense”, not a threat, is an oxymoron, touted by morons.

Rise of the Police State

It is the same institutional thinking that has led our society to develop and deploy non-lethal weapons (ie. stun guns), and to accept increasingly militant police, who force individual compliance to institutional rule, while still using lethal weapons against those people considered to have “crossed a line” somehow.

Why is there now overwhelming and unnecessary aggression used by many police? Why are police forces deployed to control populations who protest against the actions of their institutions instead of defending their rights? Why, if there has been an increase in the development of “non-lethal weaponry” is there also an increase in deployment of lethal weaponry such as automatic rifles, alongside armored vehicles? Why, with an increase in the development of “non-lethal weaponry”, are police not trained to manage extreme situations accordingly, instead of routinely shooting dangerous armed offenders in the abdomen?

Why is it that we have surveillance technology used on all of us before the fact, instead of being used to track criminals after a crime has been committed? Does the emerging surveillance culture imply that we are all criminals-in-waiting? Couldn’t we eliminate most need for confrontational force and dangerous police car chases by using such advanced surveillance technology instead of resorting to violent forceful knee-jerk capture tactics in the first instance, which – as another example of dangerous institutional thinking – often end in the death or injury of the innocent and guilty alike?

Individual or Institutional Empowerment?

Today people look for religious, corporate and state institutions to tell us their answers to our questions instead of becoming and realizing our own selves. It seems people today would rather die for an institution than go through the process of individuation. As an institutionalize being, instead of saying “I am Ethan Indigo Smith” or “I am Andy”, one would identify themselves as a cog of some religious machine or so on. “I am catholic”, or “I am American”.

In contrast, there are so many different forms of, and names for, tai chi chuan or shadow-boxing because individuals learned forms of these practices and then made them their own, to suit their own character and intent. Tai chi is a martial art and specifically a form of kung fu. The meaning of kung fu is “stop war”, from what we understand as westerners interpreting summations of an ancient language. There are two symbols involved in kung fu: “stop” or “halt”, as in the gesture with open hand, and “power/war”. So one way, essentially the basic way, to interpret the symbols is as hand power, or “might makes right”. The correct or higher way to interpret kung fu is “stop war”; that being strong makes it such that one does not have to fight, and then secondarily pursues anything but fighting.

Yoga has been steered the same. It is now, for the majority of practitioners, just a workout and not a work-in; a way to coordinate the body with mind. But the ultimate fight is within, with your ego, your shadow.

Why do so many people attend college to earn and so few to learn? Why is it that so few individuals and institutions consider helping others, but are ever quick to hinder others? Why are we steered to be selfish in our obtaining and experiencing, instead of being unselfish? Why are we trained to be passionate instead of being compassionate? For as many gyms as there are, for as many people who do train in some manner, there are fewer people who meditate and even fewer outlets for meditation.

How often do you meditate? When did you last take pause to genuinely reflect? Do you afford your spiritual being the same time and energy as your institutional obligations?

Holy Wars are a War Within

Everything is spiritual, ethereal in the first primal order. Spirit does need physical assistance, rather the physical realm acts in accordance to, and reflects, the spiritual being.

The manifestation of a war, in particular wars those of religious foundation, is a reflection of the collective war within. Disconnected from our true spiritual essence, humanity is engaged in a war with itself, where institutions rally individuals to fight over the “one true faith”, against those who we are taught do not share our spirituality, or our humanity. It is such institutional thinking that has led nationalistic and religious individuals to believe they can fight their way to redemption, heaven, or nirvana.

Considering your physical being as a tool, and becoming anything but a compassionate meditative conduit to Spirit, makes you a tool for such institutions – not a vessel for spirit or god. To survive, we must let go of institutional attachments, and go within. Deep within. And to do that, we must focus on the meaning, and not just the mantra.

The repetition of mantra is a mechanical operation that leads to magical experience. But the repetition of mantra is meaningless if the mind is focused on the method, not the meaning. Institutionalized religion is a form of external worship, which draws our attention to the method – the structure – and not the meaning. Yet true spirituality and spiritual awareness necessitates a responsibility to self and to others, not to religious structure or expectation, and it is there for all of us, without the need for religious and institutional alignment.

[To those who have not experienced the magic of mantra or connection to source, and who seek proof, simply ask them if they ever had a dream and then, ask them to prove it.]

Life and Death

Life itself is sustainable, but each individual expression of life is not; that is, no one gets out of here alive. There is no reason that we should create an environment, or necessary social structures, that are not sustainable beyond our own life span. To do so reflects dedication to the short term aspirations of corporate and government institutions, not the long term aspirations of humanity itself. Such aspirations reflect our conditioned belief that our life span, of say 80 years, is a long time – when it is in fact a blink of a Universal eye.

The “bucket list” mentality, which essentially tells us, “I’m only here once, so I’m going to get mine and go big”, is an expression of that short term thinking. So too is the rise of the industrial era, which was built on the false premise that perpetual economic growth is possible on a finite planet, and which ultimately served the interests of the “baby boom” generation to the detriment of all else. It has resulted in a polluted and bereft environment, and a twisted unsustainable concept of consumption and commerce – a legacy that is now left to younger generations to reverse.

If humanity is to survive, instead of living for now, the Rule of The Seven Generations must apply. Instead of adhering to the methods of self-preserving institutions, and focussing on what we ourselves can gain from such compliance, we need to consider entirety in equanimity. We must recognize our Oneness, our true nature, and act as Universal and Spiritual beings.

The Power of Love

True love has the power to change the world. What is worse is that when too few people find love, the world is also changed. Many find themselves in disarray and are tricked into lending their energy to other ideas – to institutionalized operations rather than individuals. This can take the form of anything from religious fanaticism to professions of war. True love can empower, but truly misdirected passion perceived as love can cause destruction and abuse of all sorts.

Typically, people who meditate more do less harm, by increasing their universal understating and allowing this perspective to influence their surroundings. Yet most people would rather dig a mine then dig into their own mind, where the rewards are truly greater. Instead of digging into the ground to look for minerals we need to practice grounding and meditation, to activate our compassion and find pure consciousness. Instead of practicing meditation (akin to The Secret) where we proactively work to activate our passions into being, we must mediate on the four aspects of love as posited by Buddha; love of self, love off others, love of the happiness of others, love for all in equanimity.

While institutional thinking reigns, individual ascension – the precursor to that of the collective – cannot exist. Only by rejecting the authority of institutions and embracing the sovereign authority to which we as Spiritual beings are entitled, will each of us find what we are yearning for. Peace.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”  ~ Jimi Hendrix

David Sereda | The Matrix, NASA UFO’s, Reptilians and Vortex Math

Michael and Daniel begin the show by discussing recent conflicts in the middle east between Israeli and Hamas forces.

Then David Sereda joins us as our guest this episode. We discuss beings of light that visited David, advanced technology based on vortex math, the pyramids not being tombs, seeing spirits, Jesus’s true story, the dark matrix we are trapped in and even touch on reptilians/underground bases.

Native American Prayer for a Greater Awakening

Great Spirit, Almighty Healer and Creator of all things, it is with a humbled heart that we gather together to offer up many thanks. We thank you for Grandfather Sun who rises early to bring us the warmth and the lighting of our path each day. We thank you for the morning mist as it caresses the ground of the valleys near the running waters. We thank you for the cycle of the seasons that show us life, rejuvenation, growth, rest and ultimately slumber. We thank you for the complexity of your creation through each atom and molecule of every living thing. We thank you for the uniqueness of each individual, snowflake and grain of sand. For the many trials we endure in our lifetimes in order to strengthen and prepare us for what lies ahead.

We ask for a greater awakening of spirits during these days. We ask for closed eyes to see, hardened hearts to loosen the chains of misinformation and mistrust as we begin the long arduous task of bringing back balance. We ask for an end to bigotry, hatred, greed and lust of both power and money. We ask for your healing hands to be placed upon those that are suffering from diverse diseases and disorders. We ask for guidance as we continue along our path. We ask for guidance, strength and courage for those that continue to stand against injustice and the destruction of your creation. We ask for an era of peace where all people are truly equal and generosity abounds. We ask for an end to homelessness and hunger. We ask for a stronger rising of spirit as we begin to replant, defend the defenseless and bring back honor and courage to your people. We ask for an end to the stereotypes and hatred used to cause division among those that need to unite. We ask for freedom for those that have been incarcerated for crimes that they did not do. We ask for freedom and an end to modern day slavery that can be found throughout the four corners. We ask for the opening of doors where present ones begin to close. We ask for greater compassion be given to those that are aware of those in need. We ask for a bountiful harvest for those that till the soil, so they are able to feed the multitudes. We ask for rains to come to areas of drought. We ask for guidance each day as we continue along our path. We ask for greater understanding of the messages and signs that may be sent to us. We ask for guidance and blessings be granted to those that are in need this day.

We thank you for our Elders and the wisdom they provide us during our journey. We thank you for our children that will continue to build upon the foundation this generation has erected. We thank you for our Earth Mother that gives us the waters to hydrate us, foods to nourish us, and cures for our ailments. We thank you for Father Sky that continues to protect us. We thank you for the nature that surrounds us and gives us peace in a troubled world. We thank you for the answered prayers of the past, present and future. We thank you for the many blessings you have granted to your people. We thank you for our daily food and ask for its blessing. Emenv

Revolutions Can Be Funny. “I think of the world as an illusion, and we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously.” — Andy Kaufman

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only One…

I hope some day you’ll join us, so the world will be as One”

John Lennon ~ ‘Imagine’

This is one of the most inspiring articles I’ve encountered yet about humanity’s journey

into freedom,  sovereignty and enlightenment…enjoy!


Living Authentically in the Illusion of Life … Silly God, Tricksters, the Necessary Hero, and The Tao of Funny God: What Andy Kaufman and the Turkish and Occupy Protesters Teach Us


“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you: pull your beard, flick your face to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.” – John Lennon


“Revolutions Can Be … Funny”

If you want to get an idea of the funny-god/silly-god concept I am presenting, it is good to see the way it has been exemplified among progressives and in activism. Look to the Turkish resistance of 2013, the worldwide Occupy movements beginning in 2011, and to the activist resistance in America in the Sixties. Protesters confronted policemen and military with bayonets by placing flowers in their guns in the Sixties. In Turkey, one man read from a book of philosophy to the line of police. The resistances in Turkey, Brazil, Hungary, the United States, the Ukraine, and many more Occupy events worldwide took to activities such as dressing as clowns and grinning at police lines; they hugged and kissed the police at times. One man took a giant pencil and aped that he was attempting to rub off a paint splatter on the shield of a policeman.

In Brazil, during their Occupy protests, also in 2013, one man, confronted with attacking police and a gun, aped a karate stance of a swooping bird.

Back at Gezi Park in Turkey, in between confrontations, these activists partnered up and waltzed in the streets wearing gas masks; they gave performances where ballet and other dancers, despite wearing gas masks, showed off their skills and brought happiness to their audiences. Mimes, musicians, actors, and dancers frolicked and put on skits. They painted, danced, performed, practiced yoga, painted faces, drummed,strummed, and plinked. They played. Freed, temporarily, from the confines of the societal straitjacket of normality, their imaginations exploded and they were euphoric.

They confronted the police while playing guitars. Threatened with being attacked and ousted from nearby Taksim Square, the Turkish resisters brought in pianos and filled the night with music. Mothers and sisters linked hands and arms and formed a circle around the targeted protesters to keep the police away. As journalists Jody Sabral and Zynep Erdim phrased it for the BBC, “Revolutions take commitment and determination … are often messy and confusing…. Revolutions can also be funny.” I would add, and playful.

A Silly God

If you want to gain a greater understanding of the funny-god/silly-god concept in general, a great way is to see the movie of Andy Kaufman’s life, Man on the Moon. The comedian Andy Kaufman lived the idea; he embodied it. He was an enlightened spiritual master in this regard, along with being a comic genius. He left a grand legacy of how to live authentically in this illusion of life and transcend it. According to the film, Kaufman was a student of Transcendental Meditation and it was an important part of his life. One line in particular, from the film, expresses the spiritual attitude toward his life he sought to embody: “I think of the world as an illusion, and we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously.”

Andy Kaufman, like the pro wrestler act that became one of his shticks, created a drama in life of his own making and goofed on us all. Not a little goof; in his life and career he had fun with everyone; there were few people who saw a serious side. He held life lightly, experimented, and played. If, as Sathya Sai Baba says, life is God’s leela, or play, then Andy Kaufman lived his life in a Creator’s mind; he was a silly god … a funny god.

Trickster and the Necessary Hero

What is the meaning of these development and events? A good deal of what follows looks into these unique, creative actions and the unusual Trickster approach they are bringing to bear upon the most intractable problems the world is facing right now. It shows how this approach, this Tao of Funny God, is not only important but is necessary right now. It looks into another facet of the Necessary Hero as detailed in a parallel work of mine, Wounded Deer and Centaurs (2014). What is this Necessary Hero, what is this facet, and why is all of this imperative right now?

These acts are indicative of a transcendent stance toward life. They are the attempt to go beyond the clashing of forces to a larger and happier perspective within which all people can find a home. These people know that the cycles of violence, of attack and then resistance, can only be ended by taking a stance outside them. By demonstrating an elevated response they attempt to shift the dynamic to a higher plane of events. And sometimes they succeed. Police have been known to tear up, to utter words of support and consolation, to drop their shields and join the protesters, to smile and hug back, however tentatively.

This response seeks to win over the opposition through example, thus eliminating it, rather than out and out confronting it and seeking to destroy it using the same violent methods being used on them.

These folks have an astute understanding of history, which has seen, time after time, that struggle begets more struggle, that the “new boss” risen up becomes much like the “old boss,” needing then, at a later time, another uprising to install another “new boss.” Many of them, aware of the intransigence of their own unwanted patterns or cycles of emotion and feeling, have gained wisdom in how to go beyond them. They see these cycles of history likewise — as endless reenactments, requiring a stance outside of them for real change to occur. They are impelled into a creative alternative as a reaction to the futility that is inherent in the continuation of these cycles….

[This is Part 1 of Chapter 1 of Funny God … “Revolutions Can Be Funny.”  More coming….

Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation  is scheduled for print and e-book publication in the very near future.

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Elimeya: Entering the Sacred Body State

Kwan Yin’s MER-KA-BA Travel Tips — III

What is an Elimeya?

Elimeya is the Lemurian word for “sacred body/soul connection” and, at the same time, it is also the name of a Sacred Art practice, dating back to ancient Lemurian times.

An “Elimeya” meditation would consist of using the Sacred Body to create geometric vectors of focused creation and manifestation.

The “Sacred Body” as compared to your daily body, if you will, is a physical/energetic state that is entered into easily.

It occurs as such:

Remove yourself for a minute from daily activity.

This could happen anywhere, even in the bathroom or, in a public place, one can train one’s mind to enter a state of privacy by merely closing one’s eyes, or, if that is not possible, by simply activating a type of breathing pattern that could be selected by you at random, signalling the body/mind connection you are choosing to enter a Sacred Body State until you end the breathing pattern of your choice.

Now that you have accessed your Sacred Body by your intent, you can acknowledge the core truth of your physical and energetic selves as a holographic unity, meaning that your Sacred Body—containing not only the layer of your physical body but all your energetic, vibratory, tonal and akeneic bodies as well—is now operational as a sort of holographic antenna, meaning that it is now open to transmit to and receive from the entirety of the holographic universe in a type of synchronistic relationship called a holographic induction: this is your one-on-one direct connection between yourself and All-That-Is, where both ‘parts’ macro and micro override the illusion of physical separation and merge as one. When one breathes in or out, contracts* or expands, so does the other, and vice versa.

In this Sacred Body State of holographic induction, all of your bodies, physical or non-physical, now transmitting to and receiving from a one-on-one relationship to all of holographic creation, you have a massive impact on the expansion or contraction of your Akeneic Moment.

An Akeneic Moment is similar to what most label the “Now Moment” but differs from it slightly albeit significantly in that an Akeneic Moment takes the Now Moment and overlays it onto the linear moment, stretching the Sacred Now backwards and forwards in time, ‘energising’ the recent past, the now and the near future of your linear timeline with the Akeneic Moment that exists as long as you sit in your Sacred Body State as described above.

Using the Akeneic Moment to ‘change’ the recent past or near future of your linear timeline is a very powerful tool and should only be used when needed, and not as a play tool. Note, however, that when working with the Akeneic Moment as described here, one can only use it to create Upward Spirals of Energy, which is the natural movement of energy as it has the tendency to raise itself by default.

Additionally, one can only use the Akeneic Moment to uplift and upspiral one’s own timeline, with the effect that the resulting moments that are the outcome of activating the Akeneic Moment might cause a slight frequency inconsistency between your own Mer-Ka-Ba field and that of others around you who, by choice, might still be moving on a downward spiralling vector.

This is where the Sacred Body State now enters into the phase of working with Elimeyas. They are a near-limitless amount of positions, which one can move one single part or multiple parts of the body into, so as to transmit or receive certain pieces of information to or from the holographic universe.

Elimeyas work best, and are intended to be used, in the Sacred Body State but are also known to assist with generating focus when one is in daily body state, in emergency situations where there simply is no time to reach the Sacred Body State.

Ultimately, when one becomes comfortable working with the effects and energies of Elimeyas, it is possible of course to enter the Sacred Body State and achieve the same effect without any physical movement or even without anyone in your ‘outside world’ noticing that it is happening inside of your Mer-Ka-Ba.

For future reference, the Sacred Art of working with Elimeya energies while in the Sacred Body State, in ancient Lemurian times, was taught as part of the Lemurian Eja’i Chi Pah tradition, which I touch upon in other publications and is also discussed, and even taught, in the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way.

A First Example of a “Hand-based” Elimeya

The Eja’ Kalejana’i — Crown Activation & Opening


Although I will probably share many of these Elimeyas in times to come, let me start off by making sure that you truly and fully understand that Elimeyas, the Sacred Body State, and other ideas and concepts that are being introduced and offered to you here, are your creation in the end.

It’s not up to me or anyone else to “tell you” or “show you” what to do, and definitely it would not be very cool of me to “program you” with information that would pull you into a closed and entropic system.

Instead, I am presenting you with what I would label “Open Source Spirit Technology”, which is akeneic in nature, meaning that as you work with it, you will find it “stretching back and forth” on your timeline — and that’s ultimately what makes it Open Source: as it stretches into your past and your future, the Technology merges with your Sacred Body State and becomes “programmable” by you.

In a way, it’s a type of programming language, yes, but not a finite one; rather it is as infinite, adaptable, malleable and changeable as you can imagine it to be! Yes, that’s how cool the Lemurian race (and consciousness in general) truly is and how expansive their thinking truly is, which is of course what you can expect of a race that has to but close its eyes and by the very nature and simplicity of that act see the entirety of the cosmic whole and beyond.

Having said that, let us take a look at the first of the Elimeyas that I’d like to introduce: the Eja’ Kalejana’i.

Of course, it’s not important for you to know the name of these things—let alone how to pronounce them in fluent and original Lemurian—just kidding—but I thought it might be nice for those galactic historians and cosmic linguists out there who appreciate such things.

The Eja’ Kalejana’i Elimeya applies to the First Kakra, at the centre of which rests the pineal gland, in the heart of the brain.

You will most likely intuitively be able to feel that the First Kakra, due to its position in the body alone, is strongly connected to the Human Mind, and while that is true, it must also be stated that it is as strongly entangled with the Cosmic Mind (Divine Mind, as some would call it) as it is with the Human Mind, the latter of which works in a linear fashion while the former works spira-cyclical.

There is a lot to be said about the Kakras, if you decide to study them deeply, and some of it is shared on the Public Area of The Rising Way, with more in depth information in the Subscriber Area as alluded to before. For now, I will leave it at three short mentions.

  • First of all, the Kakra system is inter-dimensional because it works with a node that is defined, another one that is un-defined and a third one that is non-defined. Together, this Kakra system makes up the engine core of your personal Mer-Ka-Ba and allows it to travel to where you decide to take it.
  • Secondly, each Kakra is surrounded by a sphere, which can be segmented in four “quadrants”. Depending on the Kakra, there is a movement of energy that forms the orbits of the system, which is clockwise for the First Kakra in the head (the Akonai), counter clockwise for the Third Kakra in the belly, (the Adonai) and both clockwise and counter clockwise for the Second Kakra in the heart (the Akene). While the motion of energy is “left handed” or “right handed” depending on the Kakra, there is both an upward spiralling and downward spiralling movement of energy going on in each Kakra, effectively forming a double torus field for each.
  • Thirdly, the Head Kakra is used for Creation, the Heart Kakra is used for Connection, and the Belly Kakra is used for Manifestation. It goes much further than that, but hopefully this will give you somewhat of an idea of the importance of this system as part of your energy & physical bodies and, ultimately, your Mer-Ka-Ba.

By entering the Sacred Body State as this article explains and, once there, by using your body as a sort of holographic antenna (to simplify things for a moment) in the way that I have described, you can have direct effects on your past, present and future.

When in the Sacred Body State, try to achieve the Eja’ Kalejana’i Elimeya by placing your hands on your lap, initially, and by moulding your fingers in the position you can see in the illustration above.

This particular Elimeya has been designed as a First (Head) Kakra App, if you will, which you can install to specifically work with your Crown. Initially, it opens up your Crown at the top of your head and immediately connects and unifies (i.e. levels out) your thoughts with the collective Infinite Consciousness that makes up all of this holographic universe.

It gives you a chance to scan your thoughts and distinguish between those that you are generating yourself and those that are being generated for you or pushed into you or even those that might unknowingly be forced upon you.

It allows you to remove any limitations in this way and will assist in manifesting things the way you choose them to be as the creator that you are meant to be.

It does not only change your thoughts—it changes the thoughts of the universe and that is important to know, as you will realise.

Stay in that position for as long as is comfortable for you. Between different people, times can vary from five minutes to two hours, depending on the person, the intent and the speed of the result, which might just come boomeranging in before you even sit down and start, once you get good at this (remember the Akeneic Moment, if you don’t understand why that is!).

Don’t worry, it does not have to be one hundred percent perfect, as you won’t delete half of the galaxy accidentally by holding your left pinkie one and a half degrees out of whack! All that might happen, however, is that you might have slightly less strong immediate effects. It all comes in only to such an extent that you can handle it.

Also, please do not forget that this is Open Source Spirit Technology and that it has been around, on and off, since Lemurian times. It has been “Open Source” since the start and we—my friends and I, all the timeless, ascending and ascended beings in your universe and beyond—cannot wait and see what you will do with it yourself, where you will take it, how far you will stretch it, and what you will do to amaze some original users like ourselves.

Make it your own, but don’t keep it for your own. Share it far and wide, invite others to continue the Art of the Heart Of All Things.

To close, just remember: working with the Elimeya will powerfully remove Maya (illusion) from your timeline.

While that sounds like a wonderful idea, you might want to prepare yourself for it happening, because when it does, you might have your hands full for a while as your life literally accelerates to speeds beyond those of light, energy, sound and frequency, into the emergence of the Magnificent You!

Next time, you will see how we will tie the Elimeyas deeper into the Kakra system, as I will show you some different ones for each Kakra, and we will together learn to understand the power of this Open Source Spirit Technology when tied into the Divine Acts of Defining, Un-Defining, and Non-Defining (and only then you’ll have to watch not to delete half the galaxy! LOL no, still kidding!). :)

Try it out, build upon it, improve upon it, and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

Until next time,
Kwan Yin

* On a side note: have you noticed that word “contract”, a word oh-so-loved by business, governments, religions and other illusion-generating institutions, carries the double meaning of “to contract”, i.e. to shrink, make smaller, or to reverse the expansion thereof… Interesting huh?

The Consciousness of Trees

Trees are Earths living Library, her consciousness weaves through the eco-systems web-of-life <3

The Consciousness of Trees
In this real-life model of forest resilience and regeneration, Professor Suzanne Simard shows that all trees in a forest ecosystem are interconnected, with the largest, oldest, “mother trees” serving as hubs. The underground exchange of nutrients increases the survival of younger trees linked into the network of old trees. Amazingly, we find that in a forest, 1+1 equals more than 2.

Andrew Bartzis on “Brattleboro Community Radio” Aug 26, 2014 ~ Galactic Historian

Audio recorded on Aug-26-2014
On this episode, Andrew shares his childhood, information on the reincarnation process, How we meet our Soul Families, Who was William Shakespeare?, How can we access more of our brain?, Hollow Earth, open calls and a lot more!

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RETURN OF THE DRAGON: “Stray Earth Currents” Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism, Parts 3 & 4

Part Three of four:

 By David Yarrow 

“Too bad you couldn’t stay in New York City with me.
I finally met an Aztec elder I’d been looking for.
He’d made a painting of the Western Hemisphere
as if seen from a satellite from far off in outer space.
He portrayed North and South American continents
as if they were a single dragon.
You would’ve loved it!
The tip of its tail was Tierra del Fuego of South America,
and its tail was the Andes.
Its body was Central America and the Rocky Mountains,
which curled up around Alaska
and down under the middle of North America.
Then it turned north and its neck was the Appalachians.
Its head was all those places white men call “new”:
— New York, New Jersey, New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.
And one eye of this great creature
was New York City.”
– Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho (or Chief of Chiefs)
of the Grand Council of the Haudenosaunee
(or Six Nations Confederacy; the Iroquois League)
The Electric Age was born only 164 years ago in Albany, New York, in a red sandstone edifice beside the Capitol of the Empire State. There, in 1829, Joseph Henry harnessed the Principle of Magnetic Induction to build the first electric motor.

At the turn of the century, at the Empire State’s other end, the power of Niagara Falls was harnessed. Spinning magnetic turbines transformed water power into electric fire. A great rush was on to spin complex webs of wires across North America. Soon electric lines led to every factory, office, home, and farm. The Electric Age dramatically and totally transformed America’s lifestyles and consciousness — and the world.

Few questioned the electric genie’s marvelous gifts. Fewer still realized the Dragon is being awakened.

Three quarters of a century later, in 1974, Dr. Nancy Wertheimer began a study in Denver that linked powerline magnetism to childhood leukemia. Now, after two decades, a vast body of research has revealed man-made electromagnetism (EM) adversely affects many delicate biological processes: bone growth, cell communication, biocycles, blood cells, neurochemistry, genetic replication, immune system, and more. Today, the weight of evidence now reveals our EM genie is assaulting us on all fronts.

Yet, our technological society runs so completely on EM, there’s no escape from its all-penetrating influence. EM pollution is among the most alarming issues of the 1990s. Our addiction to the EM wizard’s entrancing wonders is so total, even the most insightful, penetrating articles on EM hazards fail to mention the one true cure: use less electricity However, much more than the slow rise of human cancer results from our sudden increased EM use in the last 100 years. Field investigations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states have shown how improper design, construction and grounding of electric distribution systems threaten the health of dairy herds and humans — even the entire ecosystem.

While Dr. Wertheimer conducted her survey in urban Denver, electrical engineer Spark Burmaster installed wind turbines, solar electric panels and other alternate energy systems on farms in rural Wisconsin. Soon, like Nancy, Spark found himself following a trail of evidence that EM technology is hazardous to health. But while Nancy revealed dangers of invisible, mysterious magnetism, Spark studied undesirable electric effects. Both led us — plodding, blindfolded, reluctant — face-to-phase with the Dragon.


Dairy Herd Health

In his work on often isolated farms, Spark learned many suffered serious herd health problems that reduced productivity and undermined farm profitability. Over the years Spark’s and other’s lists of these health problems grew to over 60 items. No farmer reported all conditions, but all farms suffered many. Almost always problems were persistent and resisted medical or other treatment. Indeed, medical analysis failed to identify a cause. Farmers complained of high vet bills from numerous treatments, with vet comments like: “I really don’t know what’s wrong.”

Common, significant items included:

  • HEALTH: High and/or erratic somatic cell counts; Erratic mastitis flare-ups; Poor, dull hair coat; Lice infestations; Rashes or symptoms of mange; Symptoms of milk fever at unlikely times; Inflamed sphincter valve, even on unmilked heifers; Digestive system problems, such as losing cud, eating stones or dirt; Tarnish discharge from eyes, nostrils, ears; Yellow skin; Blood specks on hair; Legs buckling, staggering, gait labored; Swelling in hocks and knees, lumps at joints; Foot problems, especially tenderness, stress ring, foot curl; Skin sores that won’t heal on joints, pinbones, or places cows bump against stalls; Average herd age falling, very few old cows; Unusual, unexplained sudden deaths; Cows dehydrate, go downhill and die; Groups of one inch range lumps on body sides; Slow growth in calves and heifers; High calf death rate; Calves with burnt knees, pus, abscesses, inability to suck, rolled tongue, sore gums, diarrhea, loose hair. 
  • PRODUCTION: Milkout slow, erratic, uneven; Drastic daily changes in milk poundage and cell count; Milk production and feed consumption low, no appreciable increase regardless of feed; Drying up time erratic; Production peaks early and not holding. 
  • BREEDING: Low and erratic conception rates; Increased fetal resorption and abortion rates, even at eight months; False, erratic, unusual, silent heats, often several at once; Abnormally high birth defect rates.


Mystery Diseases

This welter of extensive symptoms and diverse sickness confused and mystified farmers and vets. Many vets referred to “Mystery Cow Disease.” Such euphemisms shed no light on causes and cures of very real economic threats to farmers. Conventional medical attempts at remedies failed, and these farms’ financial survival were in doubt. Cows weren’t the only animals with abnormal symptoms. Pigs, too, were plagued by reproductive problems and mass die offs of litters. Farmers reported sudden, simultaneous squealing of confined pigs. Vets muttered about “Mystery Pig Disease.”

Cats, also, were sickly, with matted hair, bloody or other discharges from eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. These cats subsequently died. Keeping cats out of the barn often helped. A few cats seem to do OK on these farms. Litters born up in hay mows are alright until they come down to ground, then develop symptoms. Farmers also noted small wildlife — gophers, mice, groundhogs, worms, etc. — vanished from their farms.However, non-medical researchers like electrical engineer Spark saw cow behavior as real clues to causes of this bovine distress, as if cattle, by their actions, tried to convey a message they couldn’t put in words. Obviously something was making cows — not merely uneasy — but anxious and depressed.

  • BEHAVIOR: Reluctance (sometimes frantic) to enter milk parlor, barn or stall, then quick to leave; Reluctance to lay down in stalls; Cows, at erratic times, show nervousness and stress: flared nostrils, bugged eyes, ears pointed, arched backs, tense muscles, pulling on neck straps, pushing against stanchion, kicking at underside, bellowing; Cows lap water from trough or bowls, refuse to drink from drinking cups; Water consumption poor or erratic; Cows refuse or jittery to drink from barnyard waterer; Cows kick milkers off; Frequent urination problems, some avoid urinating in gutters; On some farms, wet weather is worse, on others, dry weather is worse; Suddenly, simultaneously, during milking, cows begin frantic dancing, vigorous tail twitching (even if no flies are present), bellowing, which lasts a few minutes, followed by milk letdown interruption, uneven milkout and general nervousness.




Electric Clues

The cause of these troubles definitely wasn’t the cows, because moving problem cattle to another farm brought immediate, dramatic relief Spark noted with interest calf symptoms were relieved by putting them in hutches away from a barn, or on wood surfaces elevated off the ground or floor.

Even more revealing were odd electric troubles. These gave Spark solid evidence to substantiate a hunch hinted by cow behavior.

  • Lots of incandescent bulb failures, often in groups; occasionally one explodes.
  • Computers must be surge protected against periodic failure.
  • Radio and TV interference often affects houses for miles around.
  • Radio and TV failures; repairmen say the set was hit by lightning, though it wasn’t.
  • Many electric motor burn-outs, often in batches; on study, protective devices are OK but coils are burnt.
  • Shocks received from water lines or faucets.
  • Noisy phones; many service calls; chronic false rings.
  • Accelerated corrosion of well casings.
  • Frequent burn-out of submersible well pumps, especially for “end-of-line” farms.
  • Standby generators fail if left plugged in with live wires disconnected, neutral connected and power on.
  • Frequent vehicle alternator failures; systems go haywire; no definite cause.
  • Dead batteries won’t recharge; premature battery failures; simultaneous failure of vehicles parked in one place.
  • Circuit breakers overheat yet measures don’t show over- current.
  • Watthour meters continue to run, even if all loads disconnected.
  • Frequent pole fires and transformer failures.
  • Grounding changes, on and off farm, have unexpected effects.

It was clear to Spark these farms had electric wiring problems. But what generated these electric disorders? How do they cause such diverse medical, mechanical and behavior problems? Most important: what is their cure? Modern farms incorporate a complexity of electric hardware: lights, pumps, refrigeration, purifiers, electric fences, motors, generators, intercoms, CB radios, and more. Usually they’re slowly added on, upgraded, replaced, repaired, serviced one by one over years — even decades — often by several owners. Where does an EM sleuth like Spark begin?

Shocking Discovery

Most things in life, like entering — or building — a building, begin at the ground. So too, electric (fire) wire is usually clamped to water pipes which — buried in earth — are “grounded.” Spark buried a metal stake outside in an area free of electric equipment, then ran shielded wire inside to waterpipes. He then hooked pipe to wire with a voltmeter — and wasn’t surprised his meter read significant unwanted volts.

Voltages on waterpipes (often milk lines, too) were usually AC; usually 60 Hz and its harmonics, but sometimes other frequencies. Problem farms had more voltage than non-problem farms; the best non-problem farms had minimal or no voltage. Also, voltages were usually continuous, but often intermitent.

Clearly electricity from barn wires was leakimg to waterpipes. Water consumption and milk production went up and down inversely to voltage on waterpipes. This explained a few — but not all — symptoms. For one, if a cow drank from a water cup, its tongue and lips got a shock. If waterlines contact stanchions, cows get a jolt when they touch a stanchion. If waterlines cross milk lines, teats get a jolt when a milker is attached, so cows try to kick them off. Such shocks will make us at least nervous and jumpy, anxious and depressed in extreme. Milking parlors became bovine horror chambers.

Stray Voltage

This simple scenario is deceptive: it offers no cure, and reality is far more complex. Simple cures involve two steps: 1) isolate electric ground from pipes; 2) find and fix stray voltage sources.

Isolation is done two ways: 1) detach the electric ground from waterpipes and reconnect it to a stake outside; or 2) replace a short section of metal waterpipe at the service entrance with nonconducting PVC plastic; then reattach the ground to the outside metal pipe. This isolates inside pipes from ground wire voltages.

This may fail for two simple reasons: 1) more than one ground attaches to water lines, 2) the problem is more complex than voltage on waterlines. Both are usually the case. For one, most barns have several grounds strapped to pipes several places. Multiple grounds need be collected into a single cable strapped to waterpipes at their entry to a building.

Finding stray voltage sources — tedious, time consuming — begins at the fusebox. First, all circuits are disconnected at the fusebox. At this point a voltmeter should read “0” and the utility meter should be motionless. If the meter continues to spin, there’s a short to ground and you pay for electricity you never even use.

Then, one by one, power is restored to each circuit and voltmeter watched. If a reconnected circuit causes a meter rise, an offending circuit is found. Seldom is a problem in one circuit.Often stray voltages aren’t continuous. For example, refrigerator compressors operate intermittently, and their first moments of operation draw heavy current. Investigators must pay attention to such “non-linear” loads, which show no voltage when not operating, a brief high spike in initial operation, and low voltage the rest of their operation. One clue to this are erratic outbursts of frantic cow behavior.

In offending circuits, devices are disconnected until an offender is found; often more than one generates stray voltage. Each must be studied to learn how it generates stray volts. Sometimes a device is improperly wired or installed, or has shorts to ground. Sometimes a problem is simple. A fusebox may be poorly wired. Utility service is 3-wire: two “hot” wires and “neutral.” Volts across two hot wires is 240; one hot wire and neutral is 120. It’s like a teeter-totter: hot wires are seats at the ends; neutral the pivot between. If “loads” at both hot seats are equal, our board balances.

Some fuseboxes had most 120 circuits wired to one hot wire; the other had few, creating “unbalanced loads” between the two sides of the 240 supply. Neutral compensates for this with volts that show up on ground wires.

Electric Floors

Tracing stray volts is difficult. On one farm, cows were reluctant to enter a barn. Tests eventually found voltage on rebar and wire in concrete floors. Result: a floor electrified. Voltage may be limited to one floor section, but often a whole floor is electrified. Another sign is reluctance to pee in a barn; urine — an electrolyte — transmits shock from charged floor to bovine ureter.

Dr. Bob Scott, Shoreview, MN veterinarian, explains why cows are vulnerable to stray voltage. “Cows live in crowded environments. Barns, corrals and housing are thoroughly invaded by wires, pipes, electric circuits, machines. Cows walk barefoot on wet concrete, a fair electric conductor, while farmers wear rubber boots. Cows weigh up to 1000 pounds carried on narrow hooves, so electric contact between cow and concrete is good.”

Rebar and wire, along with plumbing, can form a unified electric grid. Some farmers had to jackhammer concrete to isolate this grid in sections. A few had to put in whole new floors. Electric floors are compounded in buildimgs with foil-backed insulation — an excellent conductor to spread stray volts around. With sheet metal roof, buildings are giant electric capacitors able to accumulate large charges of electrons. Sudden release of this electric energy can form surge currents; voltage is seldom high, but current can be great.

Biological effects of stray volts on animals is unknown and open to speculation. One obvious symptom is sudden heart attacks. Careful research is needed to examine these effects. Minnesota vet Dr. Bob Scott offers insights, “All important body processes are magnificent unconscious, automatic systems governed by very small electric impulses. The heart, for one, is monitored and directed by electric current; all body processes depend on these tiny currents; nerve impulse transmission is impossible without electricity. The vagus nerve is involved in all these wonderful automatic systems. Large current introduced through bare feet can have adverse results.”



Sparking Controversy

In 1991 Spark drove me across rural Wisconsin pointing out empty farmhouses and barns. Farmers, facing failing production and deepening financial debt, had quit. The tally of hollow buildings was disturbing. Spark pointed out the telltale streaks on barn, silo and house roofs. Often failed farms were in clusters, suggesting geographic factors.

Utilities, first confronted with field data from affected farms, denied any problem. The idea volts leak out via ground wires doesn’t seem alarming. An immediate assumption is it’s local, affecting individual buildings. Utilities also denied the troubles are a liability to them.

Farmers were forced to sue to get attention and relief. Lawsuits are expensive, especially for a financially pressed farmer. A positive judgement was uncertain, since there was no scientific proof. Nonetheless, a few pursued legal redress and scientific understanding. Utilities dereided advocates as “stray voltage nuts.”

In court, power company strategy was to deny problems to limit their liability. One tactic was to call an “expert witness” — usually a PhD in Electrical Engineering. These hired brainboys testified if electric users followed “the code,” there wouldn’t be these problems — in theory. But slowly the weight of evidence grew. Persistent presentations of case histories and field data by farmers and qualified researchers, Utilities reluctantly confessed stray volts exist, and are a public concern.

State governments agreed, and “Stray Voltage Advisory Committees” appeared in several Midwest states. Spark was appointed to a State of Wisconsin version. Stray Voltage Response teams were assembled by university, Extension and utilities to study stray volt cases; in ’93 they held a first-ever Stray Voltage Conference.

But utilities insisted troubles are improper end use, or due to building and wiring codes — not the power supply — and are local problems on individual farms. They continue to underplay the situation and deny disturbing realities in accumulating field data.

In 1993, a turning point came. In a farmer’s lawsuit for damages against utilities from stray volts, the utility’s primary expert testified, “there are definite stray voltage problems on farms, in part due to power grid design.” Their expert said utilities stonewall truth obvious in field data, and must face facts and address problems. Now it was time for the other shoe to drop.


Grounded Utility WiresYears of field investigations taught Spark the many faces of stray voltage and their remedies. But still, stubborn cases would improve, but never clear up completely. Often a farm showed drops in stray volts, but still had symptoms. On a visit to such a farm, Spark stood by the barn pondering its persistent plague. His eyes wandered over pastures and cornfields to utility poles on the highway strung with two cables.

This rattled Spark’s notion of proper electric engineering, so he went to inspect closely. To his surprise, the utility had a wire on each pole from the neutral into the ground — likely done for lightning protection. But neutral isn’t ground. Any imbalance between loads on the two hots of our electric teeter-totter will appear as voltage on neutral. This will generate a flow of electrons down a ground wire into the earth.

Spark did his quick test to check for electric current. Sure enough, his “buzzbox” emitted loud snarls when held next to each ground wire. Significant current was draining from power grid neutral into the earth — on every ground wire on every pole at the farm’s edge.

Questions flooded Spark’s mind. For one: Once in earth, where do stray electrons wander? But the crucial question: Do electrons escaping utility wires affect farms? Spark did a quick, simple test: snipped ground wires on each pole by the farm, thus shutting off the ground currents. Back in the barn, tests showed no stray voltage remained. And cows, put in a field they normally avoided, grazed contentedly, with no sign of discomfort.

Spark took a slow, careful look at this new leak in the electric grid. After days of thought, professional talks and tests at other farms, the implications began to settle clearly in his mind. Spark saw fundamental flaws in the way the utility grids are wired. Definition of these electric problems as “stray voltage” underrates the situation — a misleading label.

Current, Not Voltage

“Volt” measures electric pressure, much like water pressure — the amount of force pushing electrons. Volt is potential energy; electrons necessarily don’t go anywhere; it quantifies the force ready to propel them into motion. When points of different electric pressure — that is, volts — are connected, electrons flow from high voltage to low. Potential energy becomes kinetic when static electric pressure cascades electrons into motion as current (like a stream of water).

Farm problems aren’t stray voltage, but stray current, as electrons wander outside electric wires. “Stray voltage” is a narrow, static view with restricted implications. “Stray current” broadens our view to a dynamic one with serious technical, biological and legal implications.

Vet Bob Scott is more emphatic: “Military strategists for centuries knew if you confuse your enemy by putting up smoke screens, your campaign will be more successful. Utilities have a terrific smoke screen in the very phrase ‘stray voltage.’ They want us to accept ‘stray voltage’ is separate from ‘ground currents’ — both alternating and direct. Remember: anyone powerful enough to buy a train of coal a day has enough power to control rules of what they do. If we ignore ground currents and accept the short sighted misnomer ‘stray voltage,’ we kill off these farmers financially. Every citizen will ultimately pay a terrible price.”

But, deeper, Spark saw serious flaws in design and construction of electric power grids. Not just one simple detail of grounded neutrals. Rather, the grid is like farm wiring — a patchwork of equipment and ideas wired together bit by bit over decades in response to immediate need and general theory lacking a coherent plan subject to careful design tests in field conditions. Remember: power grids are new technology — flung up in the last century.

The looking glass of accepted electric science says electrons travel in “closed loops” — or “circuits” — that is, circles. Electron currents generated at a power plant travel in hot wires to distant sites to be used by a “load.” From the load, electrons are said to return full circle to the generator by the path of least resistance — that is, by utility neutral wires.

Stray Ground Currents

That’s theory; now reality. Spark says, “Electrons don’t take ONLY the path of least resistance, but ALL available paths. So power grid electrons flow down ground wires as stray currents in pipes, soil, buildings, and more.”

Unbalanced loads between split hot wires require neutral to compensate for differences. Voltage appears on neutrals and electrons flow down ground wires to form earth currents. A structure or pasture in the path of these currents may be affected by wandering electrons.

Dr. Scott agrees, “Electrons flow in any circuit and take advantage of ALL paths to ground. This forces our system to be all connected to ground. This sounds good, but really exposes us to unnecessary electric energies.” Thus, electrons leaking from utility wires via grounds flow as stray earth currents. Instead of a single circuit via utility wires, wandering electrons form multiple loops. This puts extra loads on power grids — and loads of holes in power supply theory. What these currents do to us and ecosystems is unasked, unanswered.

Power substations are arrays of large transformers. Each transformer has a primary winding (wire coil), and one or more secondary coils. Neutrals of primary and secondaries are grounded, so stray earth currents can focus on substations. Nearby residents are affected not only by magnetism, as Dr. Wertheimer discovered, but also by stray earth currents.

Where ever stray electrons wander, they negatively affect animal and human health with tiny electric currents that irritate, accelerate metal corrosion or burn out electric equipment. They also form electric currents in fields, changing animal behavior, such as grazing.

Field researchers note stray current effects occur most frequently at end-of-the-line farms and homes. It seems stray currents are generated more intensely at distribution network endpoints. Spark speculates electrons travel between adjacent distribution lines to compensate for unbalanced loads.




Medical Support

Minnesota dairy farmer Dave Lusty had herd health troubles attributed to stray voltage. When attempts at the usual on-farm remedies failed, Lusty resorted to cutting ground wires on utility poles leading to his farm. The result was a dramatic drop in herd problems.

However, the utility contested his action, insisting ground wires be reconnected. Before the lines were regrounded, Lusty had Dr. Dan Hartsell, of one of Minnesota’s largest vet clinics, give his cows exams. Dr. Hartsell profiled the herd by standardized grading used to classify cows prior to purchase. Further, Lusty had a local hospital appraise cow blood samples.

A short time after the utility reconnected its ground wires, herd distress symptoms returned. After a month, Dr. Hartsell redid his appraisal, and the hospital evaluated more blood for before-&-after comparisons. Results were dramatic, revealing animals suffering severe stress and declining milk production. Blood samples showed clearly cows had lower resistance to infection and indications of disturbed immune systems.

The typical pattern followed: cows went to ruin or the butcher and the farm fell into failure, again invaded by stray currents.Lusty, frustated in every attempt to reason personally and legally with the utility, started The Electrical Research Foundation (TERF) to sponsor scientific and legal research of electric pollution — and educate farmers and public of dangers of poorly designed electric grids.

Then, in summer 1992, the NY Times quoted Wisconsin Power & Light that perhaps 20 percent of its electrons escape down ground wires. I told Spark the 20 percent. He was country classic emphatic: “Bullshit! Field measures by competent researchers show 50-70 percent of grid electrons leak to earth! They still don’t want to face facts and admit they got serious problems due to how they built their grid!”

These figures are immense, with essentially unknown implications! Utilities assert 50-70% is exaggerated, and stray ground currents are “problems only in isolated, local areas.” They dispute the impact on animals and humans.


Sick Home Syndrome

Discovery of stray voltage and currents took place in rural areas where homes and farms are scattered — often isolated. Levels of EM invasion and pollution are relatively low.

Cities, however, are a different reality. Urban areas are penetrated by power, phone & TV lines, water, gas & sewer pipes, concrete, steel girders, plus EM pollution from cellular phones to TV antennas and other microwave emitters… In the ’90s Spark gave more attention to urban homes. His first investigations were startling.

Several of Spark’s first house clients had a new medical diagnosis: Environmental Illness (EI) — multiple sensitivity to molds, pesticides, foods, odors, and other chemicals. This illness isn’t well understood, but incidence of cases is mushrooming. Most victims have overloaded, hyper-reactive detoxication systems.

Spark observed a relationship between homes with stray electrons and mold infestations. Many EI patients are allergic to molds. To evaluate stray voltage/current in houses begins just like a farm. First establish an effective ground as electric zero reference by driving copper stakes deep in soil outside the house.

Next measure voltages inside the house. First test often is to measure the house water pipes, but also on beds, especially the headboard. Spark built a 2-D model of urban houses to illustrate how stray current from one house causes electric surges on wires and pipes in other houses. Cities, like barn floors, are wired in one vast equipotential electric grid.

Spark built special panels to attach to fuseboxes. At night homeowners flip a switch by their bed to trip relays that open all circuits at the box. All voltage and currents — stray and otherwise — in the home are killed. Most homeowners report a sound sleep the first night the device is installed.


Roof Streaks

A curious, consistent sign of invasion by stray electrons are gray, sometimes blackish, streaks on roofs — usually asphalt shingles, but also metal, tile or others. Streaks run vertically from eaves up to ridgetops. Similar streaks appear on silos, especially metal ones; wood silo tops darken, like weather stain. North-facing roofs streak strongest, suggesting electric phenomenon oriented to geomagnetism.

Roof streaks often accompany excess, premature blistering and peeling paint. Dry rot in wood under streaked roof eaves is also common. Roof age has no relation to streaks; often new roofs become streaked.

Streaks are frequent on city buildings. One house can be heavily streaked, yet the next has none. More often streaked houses are in batches — several on one street. Spark’s urban research included a neighborhood where every home had roof streaks. Data revealed every house had residents with serious afflictions: arthritis, diabetes, strokes, cancer… Further, each had a history of previous residents with similar diseases.

Currently no theory explains streaks. They must be a chemical reaction caused by electrons streaming over the roof. Lightning rod design says electrons gather on points and edges; perhaps stray current electrons mass on roof ridges. Spark comments, “Free electrons from faulty wiring or stray currents accumulate in a building like it’s a giant electric capacitor. Once a structure is charged up, humans, animals — maybe plants — in it are affected by micro-shocks. We know streaks are due to electricity, because once electric problems are fixed, streaks fade and disappear — in as few as 30 days.”

Common Ground

Farmers with stray voltage trouble commonly observe small wildlife — rodents to earthworms — decline or disappear. Lowly earthworm is Nature’s great plowman, foundation of healthy soil. In Chinese herb medicine, a nightcrawler is an earth dragon.

Worm departures warn of severely disturbed living communities that sustain soil fertility. That worms are driven out by electrified soil is undeniable, but what other effects stray currents have on soil ecosystems is unknown and unexamined. Soils are already stressed by chemicals; adding electric pollution may be too much for soil and its living communities.

However, increasingly confused animals wander outside their normal range, or fail to follow traditional migration paths. And spreading plagues among animals, such rabies among deer and raccoon. Most disturbing ecologically are unexplained disappearance of entire populations of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.

Again, the looking glass of accepted electric distribution theory says electrons that leak out of utility wires into soil return to their place of origin: generator, substation, or transformer.


Through the Looking Glass

However, awareness of the Dragon begs us to peek from behind science’s looking glass. To step through science’s looking glass beyond formulas of Analytical Mind, we must focus — not on single ecosystem elements — but instead see Earth-as-organism — as wholistic, holographic, dynamic unity.

Lightning rod design knows electrons accumulate on points. On Earth’s surface, mountains are equivalents to roof ridges. So electrons wandering from utility wires may accumulate on peaks and ridges. Perhaps these stray electrons — with acid rain, ozone and soil depletion — cause trees to die on high peaks.

A natural expression of EM in the ecosystem is weather, seen in collosal lightning releases of thunderstorms. Does pumping stray currents into Earth affect weather? Can it intensify storms, especially cold fronts which release loads of electric energy? Questions with no answers — and little relevant data.

Earth is alive. Deep bedrock, like animal bone, is piezoelectric crystal, much of it quartz. Piezoelectric crystals, squeezed mechanically, relieve that stress by physical vibration and emit radio-frequencies. At its heart, constantly bombarded by solar impulses, Earth’s magnetic field rings with complex EM energy waves.

This works in reverse: crystals — stimulated by electric current — will vibrate. EM pulses are very active in fracture zones at tectonic plate edges — those great sliding sheets Earth’s continents slowly ride on. Injecting massive megawatts of man-made electric currents into bedrock, especially at earthquake-prone zones, may affect this geotectonic system.

Gaia’s Magnetic Bubble

Scandanavian legend tells of Orouboros: In an age before time, a great dragon flew through the Heavens. Becoming tired, this dragon coiled in a ball, folded its wings and fell asleep. In time Earth grew around this sleeping dragon. The legend warns someday the dragon will awaken to continue its journey.

Legend is no fancy or fantasy, but archetypal image of forces that shape Reality. The Orouboros legend describes an early step needed to make a planet: form a magnetic bubble to capture starlight and matter. The coiled serpent depicts how ever-flowing flux of universal spacetime folds in on itself to create a free standing wave — a hollow space — a magnetic bubble. In this empty space, matter and energy are organized.

Like a fragile soap bubble blown by breezes, a magnetic bubble spins. But due EM’s odd multidimensional quirks, Gaia’a magnetic bubble is no simple sphere, but takes the shape of a torus, or donut, with a dimple at each end. This smoke ring is a spinning vortex which ever curls back on itself.

This spinning donut is a 3-D mobius matrix — electrons caught in it will revolve endlessly around this torus. Energies captured by this rotating donut membrane cause it to shimmer in rainbow colors like a soap bubble in sunlight. Earth’s polar aurora are only one evidence of this geomagnetic geometry.


Earth’s Natural Grid

This shimmering, spinning, hollow space is very fragile. To stabilize this frail smoke ring, Gaia forms a rigid grid to anchor key points into a fixed frame geometry. Specific frequencies spinning on the donut are locked into phase.

This standing wave creates a definite form with specific faces and nodal places fixed by Gaia’s grid geometry. This whirling, world-forming mass has a complex geometry, since magnetism, like other primary astronomical and nuclear forces, is more than 3-dimensional.

Thus, a spinning vortex aligns its frail structure into rigid-yet-fluid relation to 3-D physical space. The basic geometry of Earth’s Natural Grid is specific; it consists of three & five-sided elements: triangles & pentagons whose edges meet at fixed nodal points, or vertexes. In 3-D solid geometry, these forms are dodecahedron and icosahedron.

This icosa-dodedca geometry forms a fixed grid all across Earth’s surface. These geometries are a lock & key template to fix Gaia’s spinning magnetic bubble in stable orientation. So Earth has polarity to Sun, Moon, larger solar system, galactic energy flows. It also allows Earth to capture and hold an atmosphere.

Like magnetism, this Grid is extremely subtle, yet penetrates all physical substances. Like magnetism, Earth’s Natural Grid is invisible, yet organizes and directs the eddies and flows of subtle energies and physical matter. It even influences animal and human behavior. This icosa-dodeca geometry is Gaia’s crystal cat(hedral).


Dragon Paths

So Orouboros — ever flowing universal flux — becomes coiled magnetic bubble. Like a woman knitting a sweater, a skein of threads spin a rigid gossamer donut of magnetic flux. This hollow magnetic cavity captures molecules to condense a planet, hold an atmosphere and sustain life. An early step to weave this tapestry is a planet’s fundamental membrane: an ionosphere.

Gaia spins a crystal nest to capture air and oceans. Life gently gestates in “chemical soup” of early seas into complex lifeforms, up to self-conscious humans. Without the Grid’s stable geometry, conditions remain too chaotic to engender life’s delicate evolution.

Evidence abounds ancient cultures were aware of this global grid. Even evidence they manipulated this grid. Many associate the forces of the Earth Grid with dragons. In China, even today, there are lines across the land called dragon paths — marked for centuries by roads, temples, shrines, cemeteries, and distinct constructions.

In Britain, thanks to Alfred Watkins, grid lines are termed ley lines, though lately dragon path is heard often. Remember: King Arthur’s father was Uther Pendragon (the great dragon) Ancient Welsh legends refer to dragonslayers. Two are ennobled Christians: St. George & St. Michael. One of Britain’s strongest leys — St. Michael’s — runs southwest to Cornwall and Land’s End.

At Earth’s opposite end, Rainbow Serpent — unruly, enraged monster — was etched on cliffs by Australia’s Njamal aborigines in Upper Yule River long before whites set foot there. Legend says the Serpent sleeps in the Earth, guarding elemental forces outside human control. Disturbed, the Serpent will rise in a deluge of destruction and death. Hearing the aborigine’s litany of heartbreaking testimony of European contact, it seems the Serpent has begun to stir.




Awaken the Dragon

Traditional Chinese acupuncture has a needle technique called Seven Dragons. It says the body’s seven openings are each guarded by a dragon. If one is distracted or falls asleep in its protective watch, the body can be invaded by unbalanced forces or spirits. Stimulation with needles can awaken a slumbering silmarillion to drive out the evil spirit.

As this century began, Norwegian explorer Fridhof Nansen wrote of dancing dragons in polar heavens — luminous, writhing, flickering lights in frigid north skies (see Part One). These Aurora release multiple megawatts of power as charged particle streams from Sun pour into Earth through the dimples in Gaia’s magnetic bubble. Solar streams are visible as ionized oxygen and nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.

Man’s EM grid is a pale flashlight compared to this bonfire of geomagnetic emission. It seems unlikely man-made EM has much effect on Gaia’s EM power and structure. Yet, today, Earth is invaded and overrun with electric grids. Land is woven together by wire webs pulsing with power supply for industrial civilization. Cities — interlocked networks of water, sewer, power, communication, and other grids — are unified EM fields humming 60hz harmonics. (Gives new meaning to the D.C. phrase “gridlock.”)

These pulsing grids induce massive electron currents in Earth — underground currents whose existence, destination and effects are unknown. Nonetheless, we must now consider how our 60hz power grids affect Earth’s EM field. Geomancers realize man’s pulsing EM grid does indeed disturb the stability and form of Earth’s Grid.

Ecologists recognize power projects have immense ecological impacts — from physical construction, fuel mining & transport, disposal of combustion wastes (fly ash, heat & acid gases). Even before we confront EM pollution and stray currents leaking out of grids, electric power supply effects massive Earth devastation.

Science can only conjecture on effects stray currents have on Gaia’s. Undoutedly man-made currents are shaped and directed by geomagnetism. And disturbing the Grid loosens constraints on Gaia’s magnetic field, with dramatic effects on water and atmosphere.

Quite reasonably, electrons straying from utility grids leave Earth’s surface, attracted to EM centers in Gaia’s deep crystal clusters, since much of Earth is quartz and other piezoelectric crystal. Whatever effect man-made 60 hz pulsing earth currents have, it’s more via harmonic resonance than direct contact. It’s all music.


Eyes of the Dragon

Leon Shenandoah and I sat quietly for a time. In my mind’s eye I reflected on the Aztec elder’s dragon. His image fit the data of my own research into New World geomancy. After a long pause, I asked Leon, “Tell me, where’s the heart of darkness in the Aztec dragon’s eye?”

Leon was silent for moments, considering what I really asked — what the answer might be. The Legend of the Peacemaker is a Haudenosaunee tradition that describes the founding of the Five Nations Confederacy. In it,Tadodaho — a powerful, evil wizard who lived by Onondaga Lake, whose mind was so twisted and malevolent snakes lived in his hair — was the last man to oppose the Path of Peace.

Today, Leon — humble expression of grandfatherly gentleness, strength and wisdom — is Tadodaho, Firekeeper of the Confederacy’s Grand Council. After a few slow puffs on his pipe, Leon shook his head, awaiting my reply.

“Times Square,” I said. “Square is the material world — in this case, rectilinear grid on an island called Manhattan.’

“Time — a circle going round in cycles — symbolizes endless moving Spirit. Empire State’s neon sleaze scene, where they celebrate New Year, is the dragon’s eyeheart of darkness, where square & circle — matter & spirit — unite.

“An old mystic puzzle: how to join spirit with matter. This troubled Europe’s philosophy and theology since the Greeks.”

Within his cloud of gray smoke, Leon’s head nodded in understanding. “I wish I’d remember where the Aztec put the dragon’s other eye,” he said, shaking his head. My mind’s eye searched my own image of the beast’s anatomy, looking for the other eye. My inner vision saw the Aztec dragon with eyes closed in sleep — dreaming.

I wonder what happens when those eyes open.