The Secret of Light – Walter Russell

Chapter 12 “The Secret of Light” Walter Russell

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Major Planetary Discoveries in Our Solar System ~ Brazilian researchers discover asteroid with rings

Here’s an interesting analysis from Suspicious Observers on two new planets discovered in our solar system, and it sounds like this is just a beginning for more revelations to come. Last year, Andrew Bartzis said there were 66 planets in our solar system and it looks like it may not be long before that’s confirmed.

Brazilian researchers discover asteroid with rings

Posted 3:26 p.m. today
Updated 58 minutes ago

The European Southern Observatory announced this week the discovery of rings around an asteroid 1.4 billion miles from Earth. Chariklo is the largest of the class of asteroids orbiting the sun between Saturn and Uranus known as Centaurs. Results were published online today in the journal Nature.

Rings are not an unusual feature in the solar system. Each of the outer planets: Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and of course Saturn have rings. However Chariklo is the smallest ringed body found to date.

Just 160 miles wide, Chariklo’s ring system spans 12 miles with a five-mile gap between two dense rings.

“We weren’t looking for a ring and didn’t think small bodies like Chariklo had them at all, so the discovery – and the amazing amount of detail we saw in the system – came as a complete surprise!” says Felipe Braga-Ribas (Observatório Nacional/MCTI) author of the paper.

Researchers observed Chariklo during a June 2013 occultation visible only from South America. As the asteroid passed in front of star UCAC4 248-108672, the star’s brightness dimmed as expected. However it also dimmed seconds before and after. Comparisons of observations made from seven telescopes allowed researchers to construct a detailed view of the asteroid as well as the shape, width and orientation of the rings.

The discovery was made through observations using telescopes across South America. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Panchromatic Robotic Optical Monitoring and Polarimetry Telescopes (PROMPT) in Chile contributed to the effort.

PROMPT telescopes normally operate automatically, gathering images of Near Earth Asteroids (NEOs) and Trans-Neptunian Object (TNOs) for study at UNC and beyond.   For this event, UNC postdoctoral researcher Dr. Aaron LaCluyze took over manual control of the telescopes during the brief window when the asteroid passed in front of the star.

“When you download an image from an astronomical camera, there is a break in time when the camera is not exposing. If the occultation is going on during that ‘gap,’ you can miss it,” explained LaCluyze. “Since we have several telescopes, we can have them all looking at the same spot, and stagger the exposures so that at any given moment, at least one telescope is observing.”

The process was further sped up by downloading only the most important portions of the image to eliminate gaps in observations. This unique approach, along with a little luck, allowed PROMPT to be one of the few telescopes to image both the asteroid and its rings.

The rings, provisionally named Oiapoque and Chuí for rivers in Brazil, may be debris created by a past collision.

“So, as well as the rings, it’s likely that Chariklo has at least one small moon still waiting to be discovered,” added Ribas.

Major X4.9 Solar Flare February 25, 2014 ~ SolarWatcher

A major X4.9 Solar Flare was registered by newly numbered active region 11990 at 00:49 UTC this morning. Associated with this event was a 10cm radio bust reaching 3700 solar flux units with a duration of 85 minutes, an R3 (Strong) Solar Flare Radio Blackout and a very strong Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was observed leaving the blast site but will not have an earth bound component as the active region had just rotated the eastern limb.

M3-Class Solar Flare & Geomagnetic Storm Feb 20, 2014 ~ SolarWatcher

At 7:56 UTC this morning Active Region 11976 unleashed a strong M3-Class Solar Flare, a strong Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was also observed leaving the blast site but will not have an earth-bound component due to the proximity of the active region which is about to rotate off the western limb in the next 24 hours.

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4MIN News December 16, 2013: (15%), Arctic Heat, Sonar, Spaceweather

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Julien Wells Update: Battle between Reptilian Fleet and Silver Legion, with Chris Hales on The Long Conversation 13/14th Nov 2013

In the first hour Julien Wells will be reporting on information from his Pleadian and Silver Legion contacts regarding a space battle in our solar system that occurred in the last week between the Silver Legion, Andromeda Council forces,  other star races and a reptilian force that had entered the solar system.

In the second hour Ken and Scott Bartle will be on to discuss Intrinsic Sovereignty, the birthright of every human on this planet. Understanding this concept is the key to reclaim what has been hidden from us – our sovereignty and freedom.

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Sun sent 28 solar flares erupting through space in a week… and there may be more on the way



Violent: The fourth of the Sun’s massive X-class flares in a fortnight, which peaked on October 29 is pictured. The image by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows light in wavelengths of both 304 and 193 Angstroms

More than two dozen solar flares have erupted from the Sun in the past seven days, catapulting radiation towards the Earth that could potentially play havoc with global communications.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued four radio blackout warnings in the past two days after solar weather suddenly turned turbulent.

Radiation from flares cannot penetrate Earth’s atmosphere to harm life on the ground, but when intense enough it can disturb the atmosphere in the ionosphere, where GPS and radio signals travel.

Since October 23 the Sun has let loose with 24 medium-strength M-class solar flares, and four X-class flares – the most powerful kind.

In fact, with our local star heading towards the peak of its 11-year cycle, a period known as the solar maximum, this shouldn’t be unusual. But lead up to the solar max has been unusually subdued this year.

Humans have tracked the solar cycle continuously since it was discovered in 1843, and it is normal for there to be many flares a day during the sun’s peak activity.

Holly Gilbert, a solar physicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, told the Los Angeles Times: ‘It hadn’t been active in months, so it’s like it finally woke up.

‘For those of us who study the dynamics of the sun, it is exciting because it gives us more events to study.’

Solar flares happen when energy stored in magnetic fields twisted across the surface of the Sun is suddenly released.

‘You get a tangled bunch of magnetic fields, and they get too tangled and too stressed, they end up erupting,’ added Dr Gilbert.

The recent solar flare activity has also been accompanied by several coronal mass ejections (CMEs), say Nasa officials.

There are another kind of solar phenomenon that send billions of tons of particles into space that can reach Earth one to three days later.

Like the radiation from solar flares, these particles cannot travel through the atmosphere to harm humans on Earth; but they can affect electronic systems in satellites and on the ground.

Turbulent: Another X-class flare exploding off the right side of the sun, peaking on October 27. This image is in the 131 Angstrom wavelength, which is particularly good for showing solar flares and is often coloured in teal

CMEs can cause a space weather phenomenon called a geomagnetic storm, which occurs when they funnel energy into Earth’s magnetic envelope, the magnetosphere, for an extended period of time.

The CME’s magnetic fields peel back the outermost layers of Earth’s fields changing their very shape, distortions which can can degrade communication signals and cause unexpected surges in power grids.

They also can cause aurora. Storms are rare during solar minimum, but as the sun nears solar maximum, large storms occur several times per year.

See video here:


Major X-Class Solar Flare October 28, 2013

Another X-Class Solar Flare !
A Major X1.0 Solar flare has been recorded from active region 11875 at 02:03 UTC this morning. A very strong coronal mass ejection (CME) has followed today’s eruption and could deliver a glancing blow to Earths magnetic field sometime during October 30, latest WSA-Enlil spirals indicate todays coronal mass ejection may just miss the earth.


Twin X Class Solar Flares October 25, 2013

Two major X-Class solar flares peaking to X1.7 and X2.3 were both registered from newly numbered Sunspot 1882 at 08:01 UTC this morning and15:03 UTC this afternoon . Associated with this major event was a 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) lasting 24 minutes and measuring 610 solar flux units and 44 minutes measuring 370 solar flux units. Two large coronal mass ejections (CME) are now visible in the latest LASCO imagery and looks to have a possible Earth directed components and we should begin to see a series of strong geomagnetic disturbances over the next 2-3 days.


4MIN News October 20, 2013: Fukushima, “Sea Serpent”, Spaceweather

Appearance of second Oarfish, “Sea Serpent” of the coast of California may be a precursor to an earthquake……
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Massive Solar Eruption – September 29, 2013 – Courtesy NASA, SDO/AIA, Helioviewer ~ Suspicious 0bservers

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Tolec speaks about Comet Ison, Xanterexx biosphere ~ Tolec Dakote

Interesting msg…at this point I’m just sitting back in a sacred, neutral space with a metaphoric bag of popcorn watching the smorgasbord of data come in with an objective eye to see how it all unfolds. Sure is becoming an interesting journey as we begin to turn the world Light-side up from aeons in the dark…Mahalo! {~A~}

From Ginger Volgers FB page:

Tolec speaks about “Comet Ison”, being actually “Xanterexx”, a biosphere headed our way with 2 escort ships . . . as a harbinger of “First Contact” and Peace –

For those who have not heard and seen Tolec’s latest info (13min video posted Sept 7th) from the Andromedian Council regarding this so called comet headed our way, I highly recommend it. I have always loved his info, even if I did not like the much longer estimated timing of when things are going to completely change, than of others. (yeah, I was not feeling as flexible and open minded last year as I am this year around this issue, lol, as patience has never been my strength)

And I find it interesting after just having listened to Cobra’s interview this week (my last post from yesterday on our website), as he states that it is just a comet. But upon further reflecting on this, Cobra’s info is supposedly coming from the Pleiadians, while Tolec’s is coming from the Andromedians . . . and it has finally occurred to me why so much channeled info can be so different or contrasting (apart from Archonians messing with and spinning it) . . . maybe it’s because each of these civilizations are somewhat like the difference between ours on Earth, and do not always communicate with each other about everything, and some not at all.

What I also liked about Tolec’s info here is about the triangular and or pyramid shape of this biosphere with escort ships, as being symbolic of Peace, I had never heard of before. But since the Illuminati/Cabal have used everywhere and in particular, on their US Federal Reserve fiat enslavement monies . . . this makes sense since they have perverted and distorted ALL sacred symbols to use energetically for their domination and control.

I really liked about what Cobra said around how the Jesuits and Vatican are now playing like they they now want to be the “good guys” (so why the new Pope declared that corporation no longer has any legal immunity as of Sept 1st . . . as a good-will negotiation with the Earth Allies, lol!). So some of the questions I had are being answered and coming to light for everyone to decide how they wish to connect the truthiness dots for themselves! – gv



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