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Nov 18, 2017 Grand Solar Minimum news and analysis.



* Cold winter, and no spring for Southern Hemisphere:………

* Crop losses……

* Flooding in Penang…

* and Greece:…

** US House passes bill to reform Flood Insurance program…

Are they preparing? not really. but China is:…

* Earthquakes at the conjunction – iran/iraq – costa rica both on the day of the alignment with the sun/jupiter/venus opposing, did a video

* Tornados in Italy destroying crops:… * Zimbabwe, as if a coup overthrowing Mugabe wasn’t enough, also insane hailstorm:…

* 15,000 scientists write a letter about killing the planet Can you believe this shit At least we know when thousands of rigorously trained professionals agree, we hear OH WAIT: 3,000 a/e 9/11 official story false – don’t hear about that!

* Sinaburg erupted in Indonesia, AND massive flooding……

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Max Igan ~ What’s About to Happen



A famous waterfall mysteriously disappears OVERNIGHT in Chiapas, Mexico


One of the most famous tourist attractions of Chiapas has almost completely disappeared as the flow of the river has decreased unexpectedly. Residents living around Cascadas de Agua Azul and from tourists visiting the area, woke up in distress as they noted that the waterfall had almost completely disappeared on November 10, 2017. The baffled inhabitants directly alerted authorities about the unusual phenomenon. Officials are investigating but have found nothing yet. Baffling is the fact that Chiapas is coming out from an intense wet season and that it has rained last week as well. So no drought, no needs of irrigation of agriculture. So what’s the heck?

The Cascadas de Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico has completely disappeared overnight
Before and after pictures: The Cascadas de Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico has completely disappeared overnight. via Radio Formula

Here a before after video of the waterfalls. Pretty impressive change:

The origin of this water phenomenon remains a mystery, but is under investigation.

The Cascadas de Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico has completely disappeared overnight
People walk on the waterfall in Chiapas, which is normally flowing in a thundering noise. via Animal Politico
The Cascadas de Agua Azul waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico has completely disappeared overnight
The area is visited by 600,000 tourists each year with highlights being San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque and Las Cascadas de Agua Azul.

Did a crack or a sinkhole empty the river AGAIN in Mexico?

Slaughterbots: When unstoppable small drones kill

Robots are terrifying. Nobody will say the contrary except robot scientists or somebody who has been replaced by a terrifying robot. Slaughterbots are totally crazy. Think we’re overreacting? But then, if robots are so harmless, explain why many of the world’s leading AI researchers and humanitarian organizations are concerned about the potentially catastrophic consequences of allowing lethal autonomous weapons to be developed:

Slaughterbots is a disturbing short film by the group behind the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots“. But sorry guys, it’s too late, you can’t actually stop autonomous weapons anymore.

Slaughterbots, autonomous weapon, killer drones,  These unstoppable drones will kill you
Slaughterbots: These unstoppable drones will kill you

And for anyone who thinks little drones like these are not possible… machine learning has already helped small drones teach themselves to perform aerial maneuvers that human controllers cannot possibly perform. SO it’s clearly on its way… And it’s terrifying.

Could JACOB ROTHSCHILD Be Among the Dead in Plane-Helicopter Collision Near Waddesdon Manor?

Ed. Note: This story is still breaking, but after a thorough search of the headlines from major news articles, as well as alternative media I couldn’t find any evidence that Jacob Rothschild was involved in this tragic mid-air accident.  The Cessna was a two-seater instructor training plane and the helicopter was a two-seater as well. Neither air vehicle is appropriate for flying an individual of Jacob Rothschild’s stature and wealth.

That is, unless he was flying undercover in an effort to escape the country un-detected – which is also REMOTE possibility – under normal circumstances he would fly in a larger helicopter of at least four seats, and the airplane would be an upscale Cessna jet – not a two seater instructor plane.  I suspect this story is a false alarm. Blessings {~A~}

from Your News Wire:
Lord Jacob Rothschild and four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday afternoon.

Wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky after local residents reported hearing a loud bang shortly after midday. According to authorities, the pilot of the helicopter and its single passenger, as well as the pilot and a passenger of the plane all died in the crash.

A local resident, speaking to reporters, said: “My father heard a loud bang. My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, then went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash.”

“It didn’t happen directly over the grounds, but in woodland nearby. My father ran up to the scene. Everyone is helping the emergency services.”


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.28.21 PM.png

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, is a member of the powerful elite Rothschild banking family.

The Rothschild’s are commonly believed to have engineered WWI in order to force the British government into creating Israel by getting them to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Lord Rothschild also boasted that the New World Order, which is family heads, would be in place by 2018.

Daily Mail reports: At least seven fire engines and three search and rescue vehicles rushed to the scene after the first 999 call came in at 12.06pm.


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.29.40 PM.png


Police vehicles arrived at the crash site and officers have put up evidence tents in the woodland. Crash experts are attempting to piece together what happened.

Rescue workers had launched the fire brigade’s drone over the fallen wreckage in a bid to locate any survivors, but it is understood no one was taken to hospital.

Flight data shows a two-seater helicopter was flying at 1,025ft in the area at the time, but suddenly went of radar shortly after 12 noon. It had only been in the air for 15 minutes.

Aerial image of crash scene
Aerial image of crash scene


The plane that crashed is believed to be a Cessna 152, a popular training aircraft which has space for only one pilot and one passenger.

A Cessna 152 took off from Wycombe Air Park around the same time as the helicopter. It disappeared from radar at the same time as the helicopter.

The plane thought to have been involved was made in 1982. The helicopter feared to have crashed was built earlier this year.

Staff from the Waddesdon Estate, which is managed by a foundation set up by the eminent Rothschild family, helped direct emergency vehicles to the scene of the tragedy as police threw up a massive cordon around the area to preserve the scene.

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Freak hailstorm destroys 50 homes and injures dozens in Zimbabwe


Sometimes mother nature is passive aggressive, throwing a horrifying curve ball out of the clear blue sky. Something that you could never see coming. Something that you probably didn’t even know was possible. On Nov. 15th, more than 10 people were injured and rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital after their homes collapsed following an apocalyptic night hailstorm that left 50 families homeless in Emthunzini suburb on the outskirts of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. The 1-hour-long hailstorm also destroyed properties in Pumula South and Nkulumane suburbs, with the roofs of some houses being blown away. A real disaster!

hailstorm zimbabwe, apocalyptic hailstorm zimbabwe, Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15 2017
Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15, 2017. via Chronicle

The hailstorm started just after 9PM and lasted approximately one hour. First came the strong winds, then loud noises from the outside. Before residents started to understand what was going on, the doors and roofs were blown away and the walls started shaking and bricks started falling. 50 houses were completely annilihated, had crumbled down, leaving 50 families homeless. The apocalyptic situation was worsened by power outages.

hailstorm zimbabwe, apocalyptic hailstorm zimbabwe, Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15 2017
Desolation after an freak hailstorm hits and destroys a city in Zimbabdwe. via Chronicle

A resident said he received an urgent phone call, that his house had collapsed and buried his wife and child. He found them alive at the hospital… Luckily.

hailstorm zimbabwe, apocalyptic hailstorm zimbabwe, Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15 2017
A man in front of his destroyed house in Pumula in Zimbabwe. Photo by Dennis Mudzamiri. via Chronicle

Mpilo Central Hospital public relations officer Mr Ozias Ndlovu said 10 adults and an unspecified number of children were rushed to the hospital after being injured in the hailstorm. The injured suffered small tissue injuries and were treated before being discharged. The hospital also dismissed rumours that two people died at the hospital due to hailstorm-related injuries.

hailstorm zimbabwe, apocalyptic hailstorm zimbabwe, Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15 2017
This home lost his roof in Zimbabwe. Photo: Dennis Mudzamiri. via Chronicle

Mr Zvivovoyi said the District’s Civil Protection Unit is carrying out an assessment in the area: “We have a disaster in the district. More than 50 households were left homeless after their houses collapsed in Emthunzini suburb leaving several injured. I have already dispatched a team to investigate the situation on the ground. We have also sent an ambulance to ferry some of the injured residents to hospital as we observed that not everyone had gone for treatment.”

hailstorm zimbabwe, apocalyptic hailstorm zimbabwe, Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15 2017
Severe hail and strong winds destroyed homes and cut power in Zimbabwe. via Chronicle

Although houses may have been badly built, that must have been a terrifying hailstorm in Zimbabwe.

GSM Update 11/17/17 – Record Snow – 500% Typical Snowpack – Finland Fireball – Rocky Ross 128b




Jackson Hole is reporting 100″ of “record” snow and nearby Grand Targhee is already up to 105″ for the season.…

Near-record early season snowfall hits mountains; Olympics at 500% typical snowpack. SEATTLE — The snow is falling and ski resorts are opening. That’s par for the course in a Pacific Northwest November. But the amount of snow we’re seeing this early in the year is almost unprecedented. According to a snow-depth information report released Wednesday by the Northwest Avalanche Center, most area passes are seeing well-above average snowfall for this time of the year.…………………………

Solar minimum is coming: Earth faces a deep freeze future, say Russian scientists…

Rocky Ross 128 b might harbour ALIENS – and it’s headed right for us.…

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Atmospheric Compression Snows and Floods Europe & N Hemisphere Cools ~ Adapt2030



Note: Does the global warming cult have an explanation for the record cold temps and record breaking snowfalls in the Northern Hemisphere? Not likely, they’re praying for a massive volcanic eruption so they can say the ash cooled things down…

A rare Medicane roared over the southern Mediterranean countries with an atmospheric compression event, biblical folds in Greece and three feet of snow with nine foot snow drifts. Ferocious electrical storms pummeled the region as well. The Northern Hemisphere cold with record cold on tap for next week across Asia.…… Wind Video…… Floods Greece……… Snow Greece……………………… Lightning…

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Wendy Williams only joined FAINT CLUB-Here’s 100 more FAINTING PEOPLE on Live TV PT1


Note: Synthetic humans, is there evidence this technology is real? Good question. From my unique room with a view, this is outstanding sleuthing on behalf of AC, eye opening indeed. I first heard of synthetic humans from a Project Camelot whistleblower back in 2010-11’ish. It appears Hollywood and Washington DC have been utilizing this technology extensively for some time now. Very interesting clips showing a pattern of fainting at presidential political rally’s and the reaction from the podium is virtually identical with almost every incident.

I’ve fainted a couple of times at the sight of blood and it looked nothing like that, it was always a ‘somewhat’ smooth, quick collapse to the ground. Nothing jerky, no stumbling and the ability to grasp objects slipped out of my hands. Afterward it took at least a few minutes to come back to full consciousness and functionality. Injoy!


Wendy Williams only JOINED “FAINT CLUB” (she didn’t START it). I’ve compiled over 200 examples of PEOPLE FAINTING for REAL, and this is Part 1 Of at least a 2-part series on this bizarre subject…. It gets weird, though. It’s okay if you don’t feel compelled to look too deeply into this one, as it is the darkest part of what has been done to the most influential people throughout time by the evil faction I like to call the “Quantum Infiltration.”

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Andrew Bartzis – Shaman Rebirth Callers, Holland, Greece


Note: Audio from 0:00:001:13:50 is info. Enjoy!

Welcome to my Living The Mystical Life Webcast! To be a part of our LIVE CHAT and have your questions answered by Andrew go to:…

This show is going to be very eye opening and an in depth look into the deeper realms of shamanism and the energy of utilizing your spiritual shamanism. Once we understand the dynamics of working with this energy we adjust our perception of the energy which loosens and dissolves old beliefs and filters and brings a fresh insight that draws us closer to oneness or wholeness. When you combine this learning with your daily discipline of Living The Mystical Life Daily you begin to see the culmination of wisdom, like pieces of a puzzle coming together to make a completed picture.

The show includes:

Classic Caller 31 – Soft Shell Spiritual Re-Armouring Phase, Silver, Salt and Sage Employment.

Classic Callers 4 – DNA Karma Resolution, Heal Thy Self, Shaman Rebirth. Classic Callers 23 – Shamans Life Death Rebirth, Hour of Power, Aztlan Star Watching Ancient Shaman.

Classic Callers 26 – Fire Shaman with Full Soul Family and Past Selves, Gut Health.

Take each moment in consciously and use each as a focal point for engaging the information and making it personal and an authentic exchange of energy. It is good to take spiritual inventory and understand where you are at energetically and commit to your spiritual unfoldment. To walk as a shaman is to invite the mystical into your life and open doors to new realities.

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Rare Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone forms, heading toward Greece

Note: Click here for tweets that didn’t copy and paste

Rare Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone forms, heading toward Greece

A rare tropical cyclone-like storm dubbed ‘medicane’ formed in the Ionian sea on November 17, 2017, and is affecting the region with heavy rain and strong winds. This strengthening storm is expected to hit the western coast of Greece on Saturday, November 18 or early November 19. This is the second medicane to form this year and the second within the past 20 days.

Named Numa by the Free University of Berlin, and known as Zenon in Greece (derived from theonym Zeus), the center of this system is currently located southeast of Italy. Heavy rain it produced over the past couple of days has already caused severe flash flooding near Athens, Greece, on November 15, killing at least 16 people and leaving 2 others missing.

Heavy rain is still affecting the country, causing serious flooding:

The system is strengthening and is expected to start moving east towards the western coast of Greece on November 18.

Numa will dump more heavy rain on already saturated ground and most like result in another wave of serious flash flooding across the country.

Medicanes, short for Mediterranean hurricanes, are relatively rare in Europe, typically forming once or twice each year. They can be very destructive and deadly, even when they don’t reach their full potential.

This is Europe’s second medicane this year and the second within 20 days. The last one started forming on October 28 and dissipated before October 30, after striking Malta with strong winds and large waves. The previous one formed October 31, 2016, also in the Ionian Sea, between the west coast of Greece and southern Italy.

Although the first official medicane was named by NOAA in 2011 (Medicane Rolf), such storms have been observed way before that. In 1969, for example, a very strong medicane hit the coast of north Africa, killing nearly 600 people in Tunisia and Algeria.

​Medicane Numa, also known as Zenon, on November 17, 2017

Medicane Numa, also known as Zenon, on November 17, 2017. Credit: NASA Aqua/MODIS

There is still no official forecasting center dedicated to medicanes, but since some studies predict there will be more of them in the future, it might be a good time to form one.

It is interesting to note that the name Numa when written backward says Amun. Amun was a major ancient Egyptian deity who appears as a member of the Hermopolitan Ogdoad. It was associated with wind and known in Greece as Zeus, god of sky and thunder. Greek name Zenon is derived from the theonym Zeus.


November 18 @ 02:20 UTC

The system has developed a well-defined eye. Its center is just southeast of Puglia, southeast Italy. The system is still expected to gain more strength and make landfall over the coast of western Greece late Saturday/early Sunday, November 19.

Medicane Numa (Alex) EMMC forecast track November 18, 2017

Medicane Numa (Alex, Zenon) EMMC forecast track November 18, 2017

According to the European Mediterranean Medicane Center, a newly formed organization providing unofficial information on tropical storms and cyclones/Medicanes in the Mediterranean Sea, Numa (or Alex as they named it) will soon become a Category 1 Medicane (MTCIS scale) with sustained winds of 120 km/h (74 mph) and could gain more power, reaching up to 160 km/h (99 mph).

Featured image: Medicane Numa, also known as Zenon, on November 17, 2017. Credit: NASA Terra/MODIS

The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis ~ James Corbett



The House of Saud is in crisis as MBS consolidates his hold on the kingdom and prepares to transform Saudi Arabia in his image. But what is behind the purge, and how does it relate to the future of the world monetary system. Join James for a classic Corbett Report debriefing on the Saudi purge and the rise of the petroyuan.


Astrology for the Soul November 15, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher



Weekly Mantra: Having blown off some steam so I could relax, I see my spiritual path, Is to stay centered in Source so I no longer need, To shutdown or overreact.

Ha ha! Let’s see who the winner is this week, Mars square Pluto or Venus trine Neptune! As mentioned in the report, put into context with the other planetary combinations I’m afraid I have to put my bet on the Mars/Pluto. So let’s look at the upside of that shall we? Do you know some things that need to change??? This is actually a 3/4 square that deals more with a change in consciousness (due to the actions taken at the first quarter square last February) than “new” impulses. It can be a time of inner transformation due to “forces” like people, law enforcement, external authorities or partners calling us on our stuff. Hence the mantra, as it can be tempting to dig in our heals, simply shutdown down, or come out fighting rather than objectively looking at the situation and really evolving. May you choose the center path and live your life with beauty, grace, and of course, style! more astrology? more music?

Andrew Bartzis – Regions of Our World Pt 3 – Ibiza, Algeria, Friend of Dalai Lama



Welcome to Adventures into Reality with Andrew Bartzis! Tune into the show today to continue to get insights into your journey and how the world around you works and how it all affects you and your reality. As humans, we often ask ourselves what is the meaning of life? What is our purpose? These questions, contemplations are what drive us to learn and explore and want to know more. If we apply these queries to the meaning of objects, environments, circumstances, associations to people, places, family and attachments, then we realize that we are in an ebb and flow of information that is constantly changing the way we view our reality.

The reason why it is becoming so prevalent now in our time, is that we as a collective whole want to change, we want to shift into another layer of understanding with new vision. The past and old no longer applies to the new goals and visions we have set for ourselves. We must learn to release and let go. Lest we limit our quest toward our spiritual evolution. That is why it is important to continue to create your sacred discipline and expand on the knowledge and foundation which you have invested time and energy and so much more to know.

Tonight’s broadcast highlights the following two video segments:

Andrew Bartzis – Classic Callers 8 – Thomas Dalai Lama Friend – Incan Runner, Music Planet, Soul Weary from War Andrew Bartzis – Regions of Our World Pt3 – Ibiza

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Andrew Bartzis – Ghosts: Ancestral Haunting and the Infrastructure that Supports It w/Andre Hodge



Adventures Into Reality November 04, 2017 Welcome to today’s show. Ghosts……ever wondered about them and that world? Listen in on Andrew discussing this and more. The independent YouTube titles that you will be listening to are:


Ghosts, Ancestral Haunting

Energy Hygiene

Classic Caller 24

Regions of Our World Pt9

For more information like this, and to learn more about Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian, go to Thanks for Watching and leave your comments below. 🙂

Acknowledgements: Andre Hodge:

Andrew Bartzis – Regions of Our World Pt2 – The Korea Region, Nt Korea Today, Airports w/Andre Hodge



I am excited to bring you another LMLD show that teaches you about the world around you and how it affects you. I hope you get some deeper insights into sacred geometry and the sacred feminine.

The show includes: – Regions of Our World Pt2 – The Korea Region, North Korea Today, Airports, Andromedian Refugee. – Classic Callers 7 – Sacred Feminine, Ancient Andromedian Refugee. – Airports – Seen and Unseen – Sacred Geometry Infrastructure. – Regions of Our World Pt7 – The Korea Region and North Korea Today.

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They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains ~ Truthstream Media



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Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer – Antarctica



Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian “S” Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica – his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to 1987. Several times he and the crew all watched silver discs darting around the sky. He said he saw an entrance to a human/ET collaboration base. Brian was told by his superiors that, “you did not see…”. Phenomenon Radio is a show concept blending one of the most high-profile experiencers with an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist to bring the most up to date and late-breaking news and interviews to create a unique live weekly broadcast that delves into the UAP/UFO phenomenon like never before. With over 60 years of experience between them, John and Linda will combine their efforts in a monthly series format that focuses on specific levels of the Phenomenon that cannot be properly covered in a single 2-hour program.

This show researches thought-provoking breakthroughs in the field of UAP/UFOs, to discover fascinating truths through first-hand accounts with investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon.

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E.T. Contact Goes MAINSTREAM! Mary Rodwell Explains (November 2017)



Alexis sits down with internationally recognized ET contact researcher and author of the book THE NEW HUMAN, Mary Rodwell to discuss some of the major breakthroughs that are happening within the field of UFOlogy. Find out how and why the reality of contact with non-human intelligence is about to blow the lid off of a subject that for far too long has been denied and dismissed.

PLUS – You’ll have an exclusive look at a photograph that was taken of Mary during a recent talk she gave in Cottonwood, AZ. Wait until you see this!!

This interview was filmed on-location during Mary Rodwell’s multi-state U.S. tour in November of 2017.

To see the “strange” image highlighted in this episode visit:…

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750,000 Protesters Clog Barcelona Streets, Demands Release Of “Political Prisoners” ~ ZeroHedge


Note: GO SPAIN!!! This is an amazing show of unity in Barcelona.  There were a few tweets that didn’t copy and paste into the text, please follow the source link at the bottom to see the tweets and witness how protests in America would look without paid thugs by opposing forces and those attempting to foment a civil war.

Tyler Durden's picture

Hundreds of thousands of people – 750,000 according to Barcelona police – backing Catalonia’s bid to secede from Spain clogged the streets in downtown Barcelona Saturday to demand the release of jailed separatist leaders.


Close to a million people filled the length of the Avenue Marina that runs from the beach to Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia church, while the jailed leaders’ families made speeches.

As AP reports, the rally’s grassroots organizers called for 10 prominent members of the secessionist movement in the northeastern Spanish region to be freed from prison.

Eight former members of Catalonia’s dissolved Cabinet and two activists are in jail while Spanish authorities investigate their alleged roles in promoting an illegal declaration of independence last month in violation of Spain’s Constitution.

A separate court in Madrid granted bail on Thursday to another six Catalan lawmakers – including Catalan parliament’s speaker Carme Forcadell – also being investigated over the secession push. Forcadell was released after agreeing to renounce any political activity that went against the Spanish constitution, according to the court’s ruling, in effect banning her from campaigning for independence in the December election. Those terms threaten to undermine the independence movement just as cracks are starting to appear and tensions rise between the grassroots and their leaders.

Still, there were few cracks on display Saturday: “We want to tell the world that we want freedom for our prisoners and freedom for Catalonia,” Agusti Alcoberro, the vice president of grassroots group National Catalan Assembly, told the crowd in Barcelona, the region’s capital.

Many of the protesters carried pro-independence “estelada” flags, with its white star and blue triangle superimposed over the traditional red-and-yellow Catalan colors.

“Look at all the people here,” said 63-year-old Pep Morales, who was confident separatist parties would win in the 21 December election. “The independence movement is still going strong.”

Many also held signs saying in Catalan “Freedom Political Prisoners” and wore yellow ribbons as a symbol of their demands.

Family members of the jailed separatists read messages from their loved ones to the crowd at the conclusion of the march.

While those separatist leaders now in jail obeyed a summons to appear in court in Madrid, deposed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and four of his former ministers fled to Belgium, where they now await an extradition hearing to return them to Spain.

Addressing the rally in Barcelona via a video message shown on a large screen, Puigdemont said: “We need you all to be very active. We want to hear your voice, both those of us in Brussels and those in prison.”

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