Illuminati Plans for Global Population Reduction

After five years of coming to an understanding of the Draconian style motives behind plans the Illuminati have been laying out for globalization and a New World Order it’s been difficult to comprehend the mindset that it would take to plan the elimination of billions of lives. Because it appears that a handful of people have been steering humanity towards that direction for some time now, and for most of us it’s really hard to wrap your mind around the whole concept so most people chose to stay in a state of denial that humanity would face any such threat.

Stephen Wunttunee attempts to make sense of the insanity and rationale behind the plot to reduce the world population to 500 million, he paints a sensible picture of how it can happen…

Have you seen the Georgia Guidestones? Interesting little tourist site that’s apparently left out of all but one Georgia tour guides….

georgia guidestones, stephane wuttunee, population reduction, illuminati, new world order, nwo, 2012, globalization, vaccine, h1n1 swine flu, jab, sociopaths 


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