Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadeans

 Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by
Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the
Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to
help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Startling,
intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer
essential reading for anyone questioning his or her existence on this
planet and the direction of our collective conscious–and


Population Control is Not a New Concept

Many people live under a myth that we live in the kind of civilized
society where genocide, especially biological weapons as a means of
population control is something left to the realms of science fiction.
Not so, humans have a horrible history of treating in very inhumane
ways. The following link is an eye opening lists of how humans have
consistently murdered unimaginable numbers of people from all walks of
life in the name of science and progress, and in the last century with
the advent of medicine the game of genocide has been taken to new
heights. We have only just begun our fight against this dark
agenda, now that it’s been exposed we must continue to educate each
other what we’re up against.

Long list going back to 1700’s of the sometimes clever manner in
which humans have found to murder entire populations in acts of

Pop Control

VIDEO: Martial Law Warning? What Do They Know That We Don’t?

Lately I’ve been noticing and unusually high number of politicians and Police Chiefs resigning from their posts, read these lists all the way to the bottom….

Unusually High Number of CEO, Political Resignations and much more…

Another thing that is quite alarming is the over 400% rise in militia and hate groups, right along with the proliferation of corporate defense contractors who are nothing more than paid assassins about to be unleashed on the citizens of the US with lethal high tech weaponry and a jughead ‘Shock and Awe" attitude about violence. Corporate hate mongers like Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Hannity and the corporate media have spun their reactionary sheeple into a fear frenzy, and we all know that anger and fear usually leads to violence. Do these cops know something that we don’t?  


At this point in time, 32 U.S. Representatives are retiring.

[edit] Democratic incumbents (14 incumbents)

Alabama’s 7th congressional district: Artur Davis: To run for Governor of Alabama.[10]

Arkansas’s 1st congressional district: Marion Berry: Retiring due to health concerns. [11]

Arkansas’s 2nd congressional district: Vic Snyder: Retiring to spend more time with family.[10]

California’s 33rd congressional district: Diane Watson: Retiring [6]

Florida’s 17th congressional district: Kendrick Meek: To run for the U.S. Senate.[12]

Hawaii’s 1st congressional district: Neil Abercrombie: To run for Governor of Hawaii.[13]

Kansas’s 3rd congressional district: Dennis Moore: Retiring; "Time for a new generation of leadership."[14]

Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district: Charlie Melancon: To run for the U.S. Senate.[15]

New Hampshire’s 2nd congressional district: Paul Hodes: To run for the U.S. Senate.[16]

Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district: Joe Sestak: To run for the U.S. Senate.[17]

Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district: Patrick J. Kennedy: Retiring to "[take] a new direction."[18]

Tennessee’s 6th congressional district: Bart Gordon: Retiring; "…it’s time for a new chapter"[19]

Tennessee’s 8th congressional district: John S. Tanner: Retiring, reasons not known.[20]

Washington’s 3rd congressional district: Brian Baird: Retiring, to pursue other options.[21]

[edit] Republican incumbents (18 incumbents)

Arkansas’s 3rd congressional district: John Boozman: To run for U.S. Senate.

Arizona’s 3rd congressional district: John Shadegg: Retiring to pursue other interests.[22]

California’s 19th congressional district: George Radanovich: Retiring to put family obligations first.[23]

Delaware’s At-large congressional district: Michael Castle: To run for U.S. Senate.[24]

Florida’s 12th congressional district: Adam Putnam: To run for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.[25]

Florida’s 21st congressional district: Lincoln Diaz-Balart: Retiring to do law practice.

Georgia’s 9th congressional district: Nathan Deal: To run for Governor of Georgia.[26]

Indiana’s 4th congressional district: Steve Buyer: Retiring due to wife’s illness

Illinois’s 10th congressional district: Mark Kirk: To run for U.S. Senate.[27]

Kansas’s 1st congressional district: Jerry Moran: To run for the U.S. Senate.[28]

Kansas’s 4th congressional district: Todd Tiahrt: To run for the U.S. Senate.[29]

Michigan’s 2nd congressional district: Peter Hoekstra: To run for Governor of Michigan.[30]

Michigan’s 3rd congressional district: Vern Ehlers: Retiring [7]

Missouri’s 7th congressional district: Roy Blunt: To run for the U.S. Senate.[31]

Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district: Mary Fallin: To run for Governor of Oklahoma.[32]

South Carolina’s 1st congressional district: Henry E. Brown, Jr.: Retiring to spend more time with his family. [33]

South Carolina’s 3rd congressional district: J. Gresham Barrett: To run for Governor of South Carolina.[34]

Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district: Zach Wamp: To run for Governor of Tennessee.[35]

Retiring Democratic Senators (5 seats)

Christopher Dodd of Connecticut

Ted Kaufman of Delaware

Roland Burris of Illinois

Evan Bayh of Indiana

Byron Dorgan of North Dakota

Retiring Republican Senators (6 seats)

George LeMieux of Florida

Sam Brownback of Kansas

Jim Bunning of Kentucky

Kit Bond of Missouri

Judd Gregg of New Hampshire

George Voinovich of Ohio…sage990465/pg1

Ancient Mystereis and Current Anomalies

A couple of weeks ago I posted a website Rabbit Hole Index and promised
that a video would follow, this video walks you thru the categories and
topics listed explaining their impact on humanity. Lucas compiled these
facts because he got tired of everyone treating him like he was crazy
for thinking something’s happening that’s way beyond ordinary that
seriously deserves our attention.

He takes scientific facts and observations, along with news from the
History Channel, National Geographic and other well known, highly
credible sources that connects the dots on the bigger picture. We live
in a very big world and real most newsworthy events aren’t even making
the news anymore so it’s our responsibility to seek out the information
that impacts our lives.

There are some fascinating discoveries being made in archaeology,
astronomy and changes taking place with the planet as we barrel through
an ever changing galactic arena. We don’t just live on a planet, we
exist in a fascinating galaxy that also impacts life on Earth in
cycles….there’s so much new knowledge coming out that is changing the
way we see the universe we live in and we’re just now beginning to
understand how these cycles impact humanity and the planet. 

This is information everyone needs to be aware of and it’s time people
start paying attention to whats happening because things are way beyond
ordinary and getting stranger by the day. This is some of the most
important info I’ve seen yet that makes sense out things that are going
on and sheds light on ancient mysteries. Please pass this knowledge on.
Love, ~A~}

Here’s the website:

Here’s the video:

Approaching Critical Mass

Are we simply
living in "Ordinary" times?

Are we truly powerless

Could we truly
be evolving into a new form of consciousness?

Where did we come

Is there a solution
to end all illnesses and diseases?

Are we alone in
the universe?

What lies ahead
for us in the years to come?

All of these questions
are addressed in the free video presentation: "Approaching Critical
Mass." Join Brad Johnson, Metaphysical lecturer and in-depth
researcher as he presents evidence to many of these questions addressed.
What can be said is that we are not at all what we have been told
we are.

Human beings are
far more greater than even we could possibly imagine. No more cover-ups,
no more lies, no more withheld information. The truth on the potential
of humanity, our origins and what we are destined to become will all
be revealed as we are Approaching Critical Mass.

If you do one thing, even if it takes 2-3 sittings, you need to watch Module 1-6 to clearly understand why we are facing the most critical moment in human history, FACTS which are supported with scientific research. This video brings everything together in an easy to understand, fun presentation that will make you realize just how far along human beings have come and will make you ask why haven’t we been told these things before?

For anyone that questions why people are saying that the world we know is about to come to an end, this will help you understand that change doesn’t mean "bad". The world we are living in needs to end, so a much better way of life may begin….most people have no idea how much better life SHOULD be for ALL of us. There’s an abundance in the universe that every human should be sharing in – not just the top 5%. Humans are about to take a huge evolutionary leap into a much better reality and "Approaching Critical Mass" is one of the best videos on the internet in helping people understand why…enjoy!

Approaching Critical Mass