DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster.

The massive cover-up on the Gulf of Mexico disaster is continues…

In an explosive first-hand account,
ecosystem biologist Linda Hooper-Bui describes how Obama administration
and BP lawyers are making independent scientific analysis of the Gulf
region an impossibility. Hooper-Bui has found that only scientists who
are part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process to
determine BP’s civil liability get full access to contaminated sites
and research data. Pete Tuttle, USFWS environmental contaminant
specialist and Department of Interior NRDA coordinator, admitted to The Scientist
that “researchers wishing to formally participate in NRDA must sign a
contract that includes a confidentiality agreement” that “prevents signees from releasing information from studies and findings until authorized by the Department of Justice at some later and unspecified date.” Hooper-Bui writes:

It’s not hazardous conditions associated with oil and dispersants that are hampering our scientific efforts. Rather, it’s the confidentiality agreements that come with signing up to work on large research projects shepherded by government entities and BP and the limited access to coastal areas
if you’re not part of those projects that are stifling the public
dissemination of data detailing the environmental impact of the

Hooper-Bui’s depictions of samples confiscated by US Fish and
Wildlife officials and expeditions blocked by local law enforcement is
consistent with the steady stream of reports about obstruction, censorship, and confusion under BP’s private army of contractors. A full and open scientific assessment of the effects of the BP disaster is crucial for the health of the ecosystem and the residents of this American jewel.

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The Creature on Benjamin Fulford’s Spine

This is truly bizarre…

On January 22nd I had a major operation.
They opened a 13 centimeters section of my spinal cord and removed a
tumor. The doctors say they have never, in thousands of operations, ever
seen a tumor like it.

It looks like a salamander and has clearly defined eyes and a
tail. I took a picture of it with my cell phone camera.

It may be what was responsible for the weird visions I had of the
nature of the universe
. Since it was on my spinal cord it was
directly attached to my brain.

As I said before, it has what appears to be eyes and a mouth and the
doctors reported some hard matter (spine?) in the tail of the creature.
It was 8.3 cm long.

I have asked the doctors for hi resolution pictures. It has been sent to
a lab for testing but results are not expected for 10 days. However, one
of the doctors told me the tail seemed to have a bony structure in it.
That is not something you would expect to find in a tumor made of nerve
cells. Also, you can see what look like eyes. This really is bizarre.

By the way, I feel just fine except for the fact they sawed open my

(Excerpted from email)

Benjamin Fulford


Ben sent me the photo…and here it is. Let us
know your thoughts… please email to: webmaster


Benjamin Fulford’s ‘Creature’ (?)

by Brad Steiger


Absolutely Bizarre
‘Creature’ In Benjamin Fulford’s Spine

On Friday, January 23rd, Benjamin Fulford
shocked the audience of the Jeff Rense Program by emailing the claim,
accompanied by a photograph, that surgeons had removed a bizarre life form,
very much resembling a salamander, from his spine. Those who could view the
strange creature were shocked and horrified.


Immediately, everyone who saw
the "thing" wondered what it was-and if it were real.

Whether the creature was real or whether it was an ill-advised hoax, I
wanted to find out if it was possible to place or to inject such a life form
into an unsuspecting victim.


One of the experts that I queried was a
top-research scientist and inventor, who quickly responded that not only was
it possible to inject the embryo of a parasite into a targeted victim
without his or her knowledge, but that in the world of deep black
operations, Russian scientists had already perfected such grotesque

I asked the scientist to come on the Rense Program and discuss the
science of bioenergetics being developed for Black Ops projects, but
he informed me that he had been placed under "very strict warnings" not to
make any appearances on any radio or television program.


What he did do was to write a very informative
email on the incredible world of bioenergetics and
which I reproduce below with his special permission.


At the present time, he prefers to remain

Yes, Brad, the "embryo" for such a "new
living parasite critter" could indeed be developed and inserted into a
targeted victim, including at a great distance, but only by the highly
"clandestine" world of the off-budget deep black operations –
particularly those in Russia, which are still far ahead of anything in
the West.

Russian science of "energetics
– developed shortly after WW II by a tremendously massive Soviet effort
of some of the best nonlinear scientists on earth – did solve some of
the perplexities of our modern physics, of psychology and biology, etc.
And under Stalin’s iron boot, the new and spectacular Russian scientific
developments were immediately placed into extended weapons development.

To this day, our own more-materialistic scientists still do not really
comprehend Soviet energetics. (And they also still do not even know what
a mind actually is, what a "dead" (separated) mind is, or what a "mind
and body linked living system" really is).

Soviet energetics had three branches:

  1. the science of inert matter, called
    by the same name "energetics".

  2. the science of living biological
    systems, where a mind is linked to a living body. This branch is
    called "bioenergetics".

  3. the science of the mind and mental
    phenomena, which is called "psychoenergetics".

Western science, being so materialistic, has
not yet comprehended the most important thing about "mind": that is,
that the mind and mental things exist in time, but not in 3-space.

If one turns to modern quantum field theory, then there are now FOUR
photons available, not the two transverse photons so well known to
classical electrodynamicists etc.


In the following discussion, the travel
direction of the photon in 3-space is assumed along the Z axis. The
"regions of vibration" of the photon – i.e., the type and direction of
its oscillation – may occur in four ways.


These are (1, 2) the two "orthogonal"
oscillation polarizations, one along the X-axis and the other along the


Then there is (3) the longitudinal (i.e.,
longitudinally-polarized) photon, which oscillates along the Z-direction
of travel itself. And finally there is (4) the time-polarized or
"scalar" photon, which oscillates along the time axis. These four
photons are all in standard

quantum field
theory, even in the West.

Now note that only the two transverse-polarized photons (1) and (2) are
observable by our instruments. The longitudinal (3) photon is
non-observable, as is the time-polarized (4) photon.

Creature cont’d here

Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil

by Dahr Jamail

August 12th, 2010 | Inter Press Service

ISLAND, Alabama – BP says it is no longer using toxic dispersants to
break up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Gulf Coast residents claim
otherwise, and say they have the sicknesses to prove it.

On Aug. 5, Donny Mastler, a commercial fisherman who also works on boats, was at the Dauphin Island Marina.

“I was with my friend Albert, and we were both slammed with
exposure,” Mastler, told IPS, referring to toxic chemicals he inhaled
that he believes are associated with BP’s Corexit dispersants. “We both
saw the clumps of white bubbles on the surface that we know come from
the dispersed oil.”

Both of their eyes were watering and their throats were burning, so
Albert went to sit in his air-conditioned truck, while Mastler headed

“I started to vomit brown, and my pee was brown also,” Mastler said.
“I kept that up all day. Then I had a night of sweating and non-stop
diarrhea unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

BP has been using two oil dispersants, Corexit 9500 and Corexit
9527, both of which are banned in Britain. More than 1.9 million
gallons of dispersant has been used to date on the Gulf of Mexico oil

Pathways of exposure are inhalation, ingestion, skin, and eye
contact. Health impacts include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
abdominal pains, dizziness, chest pains and tightness, irritation of
eyes, nose, throat and lungs, difficulty breathing, respiratory system
damage, skin irrigation and sensitisation, hypertension, central
nervous system depression, neurotoxic effects, genetic damage and
mutations, cardiac arrhythmia, and cardiovascular damage, among several

Not along ago, at the same marina, WKRG News 5 took a water sample
to test for dispersants. The sample literally exploded when it was
mixed with an organic solvent separating the oil from the water.

Bob Naman, the chemist who analysed the sample, told the station,
“We think that it most likely happened due to the presence of either
methanol or methane gas or the presence of the dispersant Corexit.”

As for Mastler’s physical reaction to his exposure, Hugh Kaufman, an
EPA whistleblower and analyst, has reported this of the effects of the
toxic dispersants:

“We have dolphins that are hemorrhaging. People who work near it are
hemorrhaging internally. And that’s what dispersants are supposed to
do…And, for example, in the Exxon Valdez case, people who worked with
dispersants, most of them are dead now. The average death age is around
50. It’s very dangerous, and it’s an… economic protector of BP, not an
environmental protector of the public.”

By early July, the Alabama Department of Public Health said that 56
people in Mobile and Baldwin Counties had sought treatment for what
they believed were oil disaster-related illnesses.

Mastler had a previous exposure when he was working on a boat for a
BP contractor and brought aboard an oil-covered absorbent pad he found
in the water. That exposure, too, found Mastler with rashes on his
arms, a soar throat, and nausea. He told IPS he knows many island
residents who stay inside to avoid toxic fumes that blow in from the

BP claims to have conducted air monitoring of oil-effected areas. A
written statement by the company says, “The monitoring data shows that
few people, if any, are exposed to levels of oil or dispersants that
have even the potential to cause any significant adverse health

Many scientists and doctors disagree.

“The dispersants used in BP’s draconian experiment contain solvents
such as petroleum distillates and 2-butoxyethanol,” Dr. Riki Ott,
toxicologist and marine biologist, told IPS.

“Solvents dissolve oil, grease, and rubber. Spill responders have
told me that the hard rubber impellors in their engines and the soft
rubber bushings on their outboard motor pumps are falling apart and
need frequent replacement…Divers have told me that they have had to
replace the soft rubber o- rings on their gear after dives in the Gulf
and that the oil-chemical stew eats its way into even the Hazmat dive
suits,” Ott said.

“Given this evidence, it should be no surprise that solvents are
also notoriously toxic to people, something the medical community has
long known,” Dr. Ott added. “In ‘Generations at Risk’, medical doctor
Ted Schettler and others warn that solvents can rapidly enter the human
body: They evaporate in air and are easily inhaled, they penetrate skin
easily, and they cross the placenta into fetuses. For example, 2-
butoxyethanol is a human health hazard substance: It is a fetal toxin
and it breaks down blood cells, causing blood and kidney disorders.”

Even the federal government has taken precautions for its employees.
U.S. military officials decided to reroute training flights in the Gulf
region in order to avoid oil and dispersant tainted-areas.

Public health agencies operating in the region have told their
researchers who test the air quality to wear respirators when they are
offshore, and in preparation for a long-term study of health effects
from the BP disaster, the U.S. Labour Department has started gathering
data from thousands of workers.

Meanwhile, physical evidence around the Gulf continues to mount
daily. Ongoing reports of fish kills and wildlife deaths are a daily
occurrence now.

On Aug. 5, in Port St. Joe, Florida, city officials closed a public
boat ramp following an unexplained fish kill in St. Joseph’s Bay that
caused hundreds of dead fish and crabs to wash ashore. Witnesses
sighted a brown, sludgy material roughly six miles offshore.

“My voice is gone,” Mastler, speaking to IPS with a gravelly voice.
“Another time I was at the marina and got exposed again, I could smell
the oil. I’ve got a lot of burning in my mouth right now.”

On Aug. 8 he said that his urine was still “brown”, but said he was
starting to feel “a little better”. Given that Mastler already had a
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he believes he is “like the
canary in the coal mine” with dispersant exposure.

Over the last six weeks, IPS has spoken with several people along
the Gulf Coast who have complained of skin rashes, respiratory
problems, nausea, headaches, burning eyes, and other problems they
believe to be associated with BP’s toxic dispersants.

Mastler told IPS he chose not to work for BP because he never trusted them.

“That’s why I never went to BP, and I’m not going to, and I don’t
appreciate the people they let die over this, and how they’re making us
sick, and we’ve already had some deaths around this island,” he added,
“They put untrained people out on the water, with faulty equipment, and
with faulty respirators.”

On Wednesday, Mastler was still suffering.

“I’m still feeling terrible. I’m about to go to the doctor again
right now. I might end up in the hospital. I’m short of breath, the
diarrhea has been real bad, I still have discolouration in my urine,
and the day before yesterday I was coughing up white foam with brown
spots in it.”

Mastler plans to file a claim against BP for his medical expenses.

Radiation, plague, and fires: foreign embassies urgently evacuate staff from Russia

Publication time:

7 August 2010, 13:52

A hasty evacuation of diplomatic staff from foreign embassies, like a
stampede, began in Moscow. Many embassies are trying to hide the
evacuation for political reasons. Mass evacuation of the embassies of
Canada and Poland was officially reported at night on August 7.


Western media
meanwhile reported that the Canadian embassy in Moscow was closed.
Dutch embassy is urgently evacuating its diplomatic staff from Russia.

High level of air pollution (see photo),
as one of the consequences of forest fires, has become an official
ground for evacuating embassy staff and their family members.

Unofficially, they speak about plague in Russia, but first of all,
about sharply elevated radioactive background in the city, caused by
destruction of atomic bombs in fires at nuclear weapons arsenals
outside Moscow. According to unofficial information, warehouses of
chemical and bacteriological weapons were also burnt down. 

The final decision on immediate evacuation of foreign diplomats from
Russia was made after the ringleader of the Russian terrorist gang
Disaster Ministry, Shoigu, said that "the level of radiation may
increase in Bryansk region because of fires" (the soil there is still
very strongly contaminated by Chernobyl).

Sophisticated diplomats immediately understood the diplomatic slang,
familiar to them, and rushed to pack baggage, Russian media reported. 

Early in the morning of 7 August, the escape of foreign diplomats from
Russia took epidemic proportions. It is possible that the diplomats,
through the intelligence services of their countries, know something
that is not yet known to the general public. 

Germany officially closed its embassy and evacuated the entire staff
from the doomed Russian Empire, media outlets reported. Austria, along
with Poland and Canada, is evacuating almost all its staff from Russia.
Foreign embassies addressed to their citizens got stuck in the country
to leave Russia as soon as possible. 

A Hamburg newspaper, Die Welt,
reported in a clear text format that the urgent flee of German
diplomats from Russia was caused by radiation approaching Moscow. 

The radiation, according to the newspaper, comes from facilities for
the production of atomic bombs (400 km east of Moscow) burning in
Sarov. Emission of radiation in the environment continues.

On the territory "of the atomic research center," as this plant is
officially called, two fires are still raging, the newspaper writes.
Russians cannot conceal facts, since fires are perfectly visible from

Naturally, the evacuation affected all, without exception, embassies in
Moscow, but most of them reported nothing for political reasons. The
case is very serious, and certainly it is not related to the smog and

Meanwhile, governments of civilized countries warned their citizens not
to go in any case to Russia gripped by a full set of traditional
natural and unnatural calamities. 

The Austrian Embassy in Moscow appealed to all Austrian citizens in Russia to leave the country immediately. All Austrian diplomats are urgently leaving
Russia. Only minor staff without diplomatic status will remain at the
embassy. Naturally, there will be no one issuing visas to Russians.

The US State Department warned Americans that a trip and staying in
Russia is a mortal threat to their life. The corresponding notification
was circulated on Friday by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US
State Department. The statement reads:

"The US State Department warns American citizens about the risks
involved in traveling to Russia due to wildfires there and their impact
on safety, air quality, and transportation". 

The statement noted that fires and "high temperatures" in the central
part of Russia produced "hazardous levels of air pollution and numerous
flight delays and cancellations in Moscow". 

Americans traveling to these areas of Russia are advised to cancel the
trip. US citizens with heart or lung disease who are already inside the
giant area of natural disasters, which now represents the whole
Russia, are advised to avoid unnecessary outdoor staying and strenuous
physical loads.

The current alert warning will remain in force until September 5, when
the situation in Russia, as the US stipulates, relaxes as far as fires
are concerned, because there’ll be left nothing to burn. The situation
would remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation. 

Foreign Ministries of Germany, Bulgaria: France, Italy and other
countries also appealed to their citizens not to travel to Russia.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

NWO Deadly Diets and the Supermarket Conspiracy

Two short videos on the serious health hazards hidden in supermarket
foods, this subject is one I have personal experience with and feel
very strongly about after developing chronic illness’s in the 1990’s to
the point of being informed I needed a hysterectomy. Fortunately I met
an herbalist who made me aware that all of the preservatives and
chemicals in the "dead" grocery store foods I had been eating were
making me sick. All the Weight Watcher, Lean Cuisine and other packaged
or frozen foods that were fast and easy to make were slowly killing me
and pre-preserving my body for the grave :-/ She told me to ALWAYS look
at the labels and NEVER to buy anything that I couldn’t find in my own
kitchen cabinet, since then I have been a much healthier person and the
chronic illness’s went away after specified herbal treatments.

Alex talks about is right on the money and are facts I’ve personally
known for nearly 15 years now, even back then I was saying there was
some sort of conspiracy to make us sick and now all kinds of prominent
people are beginning to say the very same thing. Bill Maher is just
one… Then you couldn’t buy anything in the supermarkets that weren’t
full of poison. Totally dead food. The US is the only country that
allows many of these toxins in the foods we eat…People are beginning
to speak out and that’s what it’s going to take to make these filthy
multinational corporations, the FDA and bigpharma to stop making us
sick. This is criminal and they need to be stopped…please pass this
on, people need to know whats in the food they eat.

if you think you’re getting good information from your favorite news
stations, think again. The following short video is about two national
news reporters who were fired for actually having the integrity to risk
losing their jobs rather than lie for station management. They were
fired for refusing to lie, this is exactly the problem that’s so
pervasive in mass media  and what I am constantly harping
about…please watch this very important story that needs to be told
and this is why these companies are getting away with poisoning
America. If we can’t trust the people we bring in to our living rooms
to be honest with life saving information, then who can we trust. The
news, what we trust to be the very moral fabric of our society has been
completely corrupted by a handful of corporations and their lawyers…

Bigpharma Bully Tacitcs in Suppressing Evidence That Vaccines are Toxic

Jane Burgermeister is a brave, courageous woman who spoke out against bigpharma last year on vaccines and also has done much to educate the public on the amazing healing properties in Vitamin D3. Pointing out that their appears to be suppression of information relating to the superior effacacy in D3’s immune boosting capabilities, which is all the more reason to have her silenced. It also influences others who might have the same idea of speaking out to be quiet by making an example of her.

FOX News Whistleblowers

This is a typical example how news stations are run, and most reporters don’t have the integrity these two did to stand their moral ground. People don’t want to lose their paycheck so they report half truths, lies and generally mislead the public. It should be illegal because people have the right to know that the news they are hearing is truth, unbiased and completely objective, free from opinions, feelings or partisan views.

Psychic Self-Defense

This is some of the most comprehensive information I’ve ever seen compiled in one chapter on protecting yourself from negative energy we’re constantly bombarded with in our homes, our beds, our minds and even in our jewelry. The foods we eat are from depleted soil, sprayed with lethal pesticides and then given a dose of irradiation, and to make matters worse apparently the FDA has approved for the use of nuclear waste from power plants to irradiate our food! So the importance of clearing harmful negative energy can’t be emphasized enough.

In the following article there’s something for people of all faiths and it’s also a long but very worthy read, follow the link below for the full article and to learn the many different ways of protecting yourself…

Psychic Self-Defense By Dr Joshua David Stone…-Defense

This chapter may be one of the most important in this entire book.
Instead of calling this chapter psychic self defense, I could also have
called it, "How to build a strong physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual immune system."

Most people just think of immune systems as a part of our physical
body. This is not the case, however. It is just as important, if not
more so, to develop a psychological, and spiritual one. The
effectiveness of your physical immune system will, in actuality, depend
to a great extent on your psychological and spiritual one. This chapter
will be an intense course in physical, psychological, and spiritual
self immune system building.

Whether spiritual people like to admit this or not, life is a
battle. The great Paramahansa Yogananda said, "Life is a battlefield".
In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna implored Arjuna to "give up his
unmanliness and get up and fight." We all have to learn to be spiritual
warriors in life. The "Course in Miracles" emphasizes the importance of
being "vigilant for God and His kingdom."

The fight we are all in is on a number of levels. First, we are
fighting to remain conscious and alert and not fall into what I call
"automatic pilot". Second we are fighting to keep our minds clear of
negative thoughts. We are fighting to keep glamour, maya, illusion and
negative ego from taking over our consciousness. We are fighting to
stay centered and balanced. We are fighting to stay in unconditional
love, joy, even-mindedness and inner peace.

Sometimes we are battling to heal ourselves from physical disease,
or dis-ease on emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels. Sometimes we
are battling fatigue. We are battling to control our subconscious mind
and master our three lower vehicles or bodies. We are battling to
remain in the consciousness that we are the God, Christ, the Buddha,
that Atma, the Eternal Self.

One of the biggest things we are battling is not only the energies
within ourselves that do not come from soul, but also we are battling
the negative energy from other people and our environment. The
spiritual path is like climbing an uphill mountain. It is up three
steps, fall back two, up six steps fall down four, up seven steps fall
back five. This is how everyone grows.

We have all learned in this planetary mystery school called earth
life, we must remain strong. Now, I do want to say, that this battle
does get easier, the higher one goes in the initiation process. The
higher one goes in the initiation process the greater the self mastery.

In the early stages there is a great battle going on with "the
dweller on the threshold" (negative ego, glamour, maya, and illusion).
As one gains mastery, these energies are subjugated and new positive
spiritual habits are formed.

In essence, over a long period of great battling and suffering we
have finally reached a point of learning how to stay strong physically,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and not get knocked off center
by the onslaught of negative energies of the inner or material world
that often takes place.

In this chapter I am going to give you the understanding and the
tools to easily win this battle, and gain self mastery, so life becomes
much easier and more enjoyable. I am going to teach you how to protect
yourself, just as a marshal arts instructor would, except on subtler,
spiritual and psychic levels.

Before I can do this, however, I first must give you a "wakeup
call". Most people live their lives on automatic pilot, and live like
automatons. They are totally unaware of all the negative forces that
are at work. They are unaware of negative ego, glamour, maya, and
illusion until they step on the probationary path. Even more than that
they are totally unaware of the physical, environmental, psychological,
and spiritual onslaught of negative energies that confront the average
person on a daily basis.

You cannot win this battle and gain self mastery until you know
what you are fighting. This chapter will deal with helping you to
develop an arsenal of psychological and spiritual tools to win this
war. It will also point out the enormous barrage of negative energy
that is coming from the environment, other people, the astral plane,
the mental plane, and the etheric plane.

To begin this discussion we first must understand what it is we are
fighting. Let us begin with the physical body and the physical immune
system and what it has to contend with. Some of the things I am about
to mention, you are already aware of, and some of them you are not, or
tend to forget about in terms of protecting yourself.

In beginning our practice of "psychic self defense" I ask you to
read this list with detachment so as not to get overwhelmed. After
listing what we are battling, then I will teach you how to become
"invulnerable and invincible" to their effects. For, never forget that
in truth, we each are God, and as we realize this potential we are no
longer victims of effects of anything. We are total masters and causes
of our reality.

The Physical Things Our Physical Immune Systems are Fighting on a Daily Basis

The first thing, of course, our physical bodies have to deal with
is pollution, especially if you live in a big city, although in truth
there is pollution almost everywhere on this planet at this time. In a
city such as Los Angeles, we have air pollution and the drinking water
is totally toxic. There is enormous amount of sound pollution with car
alarms constantly going off and the sounds of a big city. This affects
us much more than we realize.

Meditations, Prayers, Exercises for Psychic Self Defense ….