French report on Gulf ‘Beyond Pollution’ with Kindra Arnesen (video)

Gulf of Mexico region poisoning and associated fear, suppression and
violence including stalking are highlighted in the new French TV report
featuring Louisiana’s citizen scientist, Kindra Arnesen entitled, France24 – Beyond Pollution with Kindra Arnesen, Although such information is censored in the United States, the French have added to the recent Australian SBS prime-time TV report on Gulf truth that relatively few Americans are provided.

France 24 news reporters accompany Arnesen collecting water and other
samples for independent testing where she became under helicopter
surveillance, assumed to be operated by BP.

"She wants evidence she and others can rely on."

The new French report embedded below includes a Louisiana State
University, Baton Rouge graduate student "stalked" after undertaking
comparative research involving polluted water since the spill. Such
stalking, kept under surveillance, is a government sanctioned tactic
painfully familiar to thousands of American Targeted Individuals.

The French report highlights a Louisiana festival with people eating
Gulf seafood with no hesitation, despite scientific reports proving it
is tainted with poisons and reports of internal bleeding after eating

A New Orleans area Hospice group has disclosed information about
"patients dying of internal bleeding and getting pneumonia after having
rashes and respiratory illness," plus "getting sick and bleeding
internally after eating Gulf seafood." Due to fear for personal safety,
this report was provided under anonymity.

Most locals were too afraid to speak to the French TV reporters
according to their account, but one local said he’s "seen so much" in
the bayous. "I’ve seen dead fish…"

Arnesen with her children recently returned to her home town, Venice in
south Louisiana after removing the children for health and safety
reasons. She continues the "daily struggle" of worrying about her
children’s exposure to poisons that she explains, with both hands
rubbing her watery eyes.

Copyright ©Deborah Dupre’ 2010 All Rights Reserved


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