Super-Storms span Globe, Severe Weather Updates and Piers Corbyn Report

Rivers of moisture: super-storm systems now span across the globe
February 6, 2011 – This fascinating satellite picture from the Japan Meteorological Agency of the Southern hemisphere perhaps demonstrates better than any other just how the planet’s weather patterns are rapidly morphing. On February 6, 2011, a band of moisture stretched from Australia to Antarctica. Cyclone Yasi’s length spanned the width of the continental U.S. Arkstorm systems, known as Rivers of water, similarly span across the Pacific to California. The recent Ground hog day winter storm system that struck the U.S. was 2100 miles long. Jupiter’s planetary storm has raged for centuries and in 2011, scientists were alarmed to find the super-storm on Saturn had now morphed to stretch across almost an entire hemisphere of the planet. There is no longer any doubt Earth’s climatic patterns are in the midst of major epochal change.

Tropical Cyclone Zaka heads for New Zealand
Posted on February 7, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol
February 7, 2011 – NEW ZEALAND – A Tropical Cyclone named Zaka by the Nadi Weather Office formed close to Tonga early this morning and is now tracking southwest towards the New Zealand area. Duty Forecaster at the Nadi Weather Office confirmed that the system developed rapidly overnight on the outskirts of Fiji waters at around 1 o’clock this morning. He said the system will not have any direct or indirect effect on the Fiji group due to its current location and projected path. The weather office said the system is now in New Zealand’s area of responsibility and they are closely monitoring Tropical Cyclone Zaka.
Timaru, New Zealand sees hottest day ever recorded
February 6, 2011 – NEW ZEALAND – Timaru has broken the record for their hottest day ever with the temperature hitting a scorching 40.3 degrees shortly before 4pm today. The extreme heat, which predicted yesterday, is connected to the same heat wave that saw Sydney climb to 42 degrees yesterday and then recorded their hottest night ever. says Timaru has hovered around 39 degrees for much of the day but peaked at 40.3, breaking their previous record of 39.7 degrees recorded in February 1973. Weather analyst Richard Green says it was a similar Australian/New Zealand heatwave back in 1973 too. “Sydney reached 27.6 as their overnight low last night, beating their record by a whole degree set in February 1973. That same heat wave also hit Timaru in 1973 and again today that record has been broken by point six of a degree”. The heat has been widespread too with readers reporting highs in the late 30s and around the 40 mark this afternoon across Canterbury. Other centres to melt in the heat today were Christchurch, Alexandra, Ashburton, and Oamaru who all reached 36 officially, although private weather stations within Christrchurch were closer to 40. -Voxy.NZ

North Texas Could See More Rolling Blackouts
The rolling outages only lasted a part of one day. Increasing temperatures and power conservation helped lessen the need for continued blackouts. But with North Texas seeing the coldest temperatures in 30 years on Thursday, ERCOT is warning people about the possibility of outages returning.

Officials with ERCOT have predicted record high electricity demands on Thursday morning, perhaps even higher than the demand that was seen last week. The agency has purchased extra generation capacity for the cold snap, but it may not be enough to prevent more rolling outages if demand becomes extreme.

To help prevent more rolling outages, ERCOT has urged Texans to conserve power, and offered some tips for doing so without creating dangerous conditions for yourself or your family. Keep the thermostat as low as possible and dress in layers or use blankets for warmth. Turn off and unplug any appliances that are not in use. Close shades and blinds to prevent losing heat through the windows. Do not use large appliances, like the dishwasher or washing machine, until later in the day.

Temperatures are often at their coldest around 7:00 a.m. and, likewise, the demand for electricity typically peaks between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. each morning. It is particularly crucial to conserve power during this hour in order to prevent the rolling blackouts from coming back to North Texas.
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~~~Frigid air, snow, worry ranchers in Plains, SouthFAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Icy blasts tugged temperatures to well below zero in chunks of the South early Thursday, leaving ranchers and farmers fretting about their animals after a winter storm dropped 2 feet of snow on parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma and left at least three people dead.

Forecasters predicted lows of minus 11 degrees in northwest Arkansas and minus 10 degrees in parts of Oklahoma. But by early morning, temperatures had dipped to minus 18 in Fayetteville and to minus 27 in Bartlesville, Okla., according to the National Weather Service.

In an area of the nation unaccustomed to such snow and subzero temperatures, those numbers had cattlemen such as Paul Marinoni crossing their fingers that pregnant cows won’t give birth during the coldest hours. The newborns could stick to the ground, much like tongues on a flagpole, and die, Marinoni said.
“How do you prevent it?” Marinoni, 70, said from his farm outside Fayetteville. “You can’t.”

He hoped to check on his cows at sunrise, provided he could get to them through the snow. In the meantime, some cows have sprouted fins of icicles down their backs.
“There ain’t no way to keep them warm,” he said.

The frigid temperatures followed a powerful blizzard that howled through the nation’s midsection Wednesday and made its way into the Deep South, where it brought a mix of rain and snow to some areas. The heaviest snow was concentrated in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, where the towns of Colcord and Spavinaw got 22 and 23 inches, respectively. The deepest snow was reported near the village of Jay, with 25 inches.


Freak flash-flood drowns more than 200 sheep in Wales

February 9, 2011 – WALES – A farmer says he is “devastated” after seeing more than 200 of his elite sheep drowned in a flash flood. It is the second time in just over a year that Eryl Morris has been hit by the River Dee bursting its banks. The flood, early on Sunday, has cost him many thousands of pounds and the pride of his flock. Mr. Morris was away in Buckinghamshire helping a sheep farming friend when millions of gallons of water poured on to the rich Bangor-on-Dee grazing land he has farmed for more than a decade. Almost too upset to speak from the south of England yesterday, he said: “I am totally devastated by this – I have lost a hell of a lot sheep.” His wife Glenys said: “It was 12 hours of flash flooding that did the damage and it started about 1am. “When I heard on the radio that Bala was flooded I knew we were in trouble too. “The same thing happened to us in November, 2009, but although we lost some sheep then – about 40-50 – it wasn’t anything like this. “Altogether 230 of our sheep have died and another 70 were saved by the fire service and other people who were going out there in canoes I think. This is a terrible blow, not only because of the cost of losing the sheep, which must run into thousands of pounds, but also the type of animals they were. –The

Piers Corbyn has been one of the only guys  getting it right…
Comments from Piers
Delta House, 175-177 Borough High Street. London SE1 1HR, UK +44207939 9946
From Piers Corbyn +447958713320 ,

Tropical Cyclone threats for Australia and simultaneous snow/ thundersnow deluges in N/E USA imminent around 11-12th Feb
Piers Corbyn astrophysicist warned on 8th Jan that the Extra Top Red Weather warning period of 10-12th Feb, announced on 4th Feb is likely to include Tropical Cyclone formation North /East of Queensland as well as renewed snow and thundersnow in North/East USA.
The Tropical Cyclone Formation/Rapid development period 28-31 Jan for likely formation NE of Queensland was dramatically confirmed by TC YASI – simultaneous with massive blizzards in N/E USA also forecasted by Piers Corbyn – see WA News No3 , following which WeatherAction announced dates for ‘ETs’ – Extreme Top Red Weather Warning periods – in the remainder of Feb:
“These type of weather patterns are continuing” said Piers; “There are TWO main danger ‘ET’ (Extra Top Red) periods of TC formation &/or severe thunderstorm development in Australia with the first one around 11th-12th Feb and as happened around Jan 31st/Feb 1st we expect simultaneous snow / thundersnow deluges in N/E USA.
The detailed forecast trial statement for this next ET period in Australia is:-

10-13 FEB (esp 11-12th) 2011 ET – Extreme Top Red Period. Formation probability 80%

One or Two Tropical Cyclone Formations likely which could reach TC3 or TC4.

Most probable region NE of Queensland / Coral, Sea landfall / near landfall LIKELY (70%)

Tropical Depression/Cyclone formation is also likely in Southern Indian Ocean NW of Australia.
The full forecasts for Australia/South Indian Ocean and for USA to the end of Feb are available together. Both pdf s are accessed via – & choose Extreme Events World Exc Europe + Trop Storms.
“Solar-Lunar driven major jet stream and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone blocking will continue at times through February and indeed the whole of 2011 giving more extreme weather around the world – including further Tropical Cyclone hits and floods in Australia and we will issue forecasts as appropriate”, said Piers.
“The CO2 warmists have failed and will continue to fail to predict anything and are a costly millstone holding-back western economies and world development. These extreme dangerous and costly events are nothing whatsoever to do with so called man-made climate change which is failed pseudo-science based on fraudulent data and which has now morphed into a political cult based on nothing other than blind faith and utterly biased and dishonest media propaganda.”

“The stance of the BBC and certain arrogant and ignorant newspapers has more in common with the Mubarak regime in Egypt than balanced presentation of evidence-based science and as long as they hold sway the advance of science will be held back and the world will increasingly suffer from wasteful profiteering green plunder”.
See also WeatherAction 2011 No1 for lunar effects on Australian floods and WAnews2011 No2 for further general comments and news/new VIDEO links on jet stream etc via: also for vids.

WeatherAction News & Warning will be published on (eg Comments…. button). Twitter users get immediate links to these warnings

© Weather Action & Piers Corbyn ™ © accept no liability for any loss howsoever arising from use of forecast information. Application of forecasts is entirely at the user’s risk.


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