4 Asteroids Strike the Earth Within a Year and the Media Covers It All Up

There’s a media blackout taking place over many of the earth changes occurring at this time, surely you haven’t heard about the four asteroid, or meteor impacts over the last year. Some of these events have been highly covered in the news as “gas explosions”, the largest one being the San Bruno, CA impact that claimed several lives.

Most recently was just last week in Allentown, PA where an unnamed official from the local gas company claimed that no calls came in complaining about gas smells prior to the event.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page where there are several video’s and much more information on this developing story.

The solar system is entering into a region of space debris that will bring in many unexpected objects, so heads up folks!


LUCUS 2/11/11 1:30PM CST

Exactly 1 year ago today a meteor struck the country of Mexico leaving a 100 foot (30 Meter) crater in the Ahuazotepec Municipality.

You did not hear about this on CNN or FOX News. It was all over the media in South America, but Western media avoided the whole topic.

The explosion was so massive that it broke out windows kilometers away and made building sway. There was another report that the impact either damaged or destroyed a bridge.


This is just the first of 4 major impacts on Earth within a year’s time.

There has been loss of life, property damage, and massive craters left behind in the wake.

The most recent asteroid strike was in Allentown Pennsylvania (My Home Town) where it destroyed 5 houses, damaged over 40 homes, left 5 people dead, and caused a huge crater right in the middle of town. Like the San Bruno explosion, this too is being labeled as a natural gas explosion.

Much more, including videos here:



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