NASA buzzroom video! Comet Elenin – Revised trajectory from .24 AU to .0004AU?! what?!

Say it ain’t so! Thought these guys were rocket scientists and they got it wrong?!

This video was uploaded to the “NASA Buzzroom” for discussion over at “nasa”….

quote from NASA buzzroom:

“these are my calculations, but I’ve revised the 0.24AU’s down to
0.0004617 AU’s on 21.42pm 16th Oct 2011 (pretty god dam close!)”

thats about 50,000 miles away from earth …

links below……


translation of the russian article.. thanks to youtube user Lightbeing80 !

Comet Еленина has entered into the Main belt of asteroids while it is in its unloaded part, near to distant border. In connection with that that the orbit of a comet is unique the small inclination for долгопериодической comets (the second example comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) can be considered, the decision to calculate close rapproachements of a comet with asteroids of the Main belt was accepted.

Search of rapproachements was spent on an interval from February, 18th till June, 18th, 2011, by means of program complex ArtemisSIMULATOR. Specifications of distances of rapproachement have been lead in the program the EPOS. 4 rapproachements have been as a result revealed:

– On February, 28th with an asteroid 1999 TV67, a distance of 1 774 707 km (0.012 а.е.);

– On April, 7th with an asteroid 4336 Jasniewicz, a distance of 1 119 713 km (0.008 а.е.);

– On April, 19th with an asteroid 2009 TJ9, a distance of 325 428 km (0.002 а.е.);

– On May, 20th with an asteroid 1999 RQ176, a distance of 338 403 km (0.002 а.е.)

Special interest is represented with last two flights, астроиды will pass through dense enough dust tail of a comet. Probably we will manage to finish shooting the given rapproachements by means of large telescopes. To reveal influence of gravitational indignation of a comet on an asteroid, by means of ground-based optical supervision, unfortunately it will not be possible

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4 comments on “NASA buzzroom video! Comet Elenin – Revised trajectory from .24 AU to .0004AU?! what?!

  1. it will come like a thief in the night, even the son of God does not know when it comes… for only the Almighty Father knows it…..yes…. we feel the end of times is near…and post like this helps the same way its not…and build more fears around us….why dont we prepare ourselves and live the remaining time of our life living in peace,love and harmony….why dont you start campaigning about it…so that atleast we can spend this small time happily together …start asking libya to stop the war…help countries with no foods…ask bin laden to stop instead…in our own little ways…we can make it big….one earth …

    • I present the facts in a detached manner and am not promoting fear, as a matter of fact if you read through my recent posts that’s something that I’ve been pointing out. It’s a wise time to prepare but to do it in an energetic state of love and not to give in to fear – and I really work hard at not coming across like a fear mongerer. My purpose here is to present information in as objective a manner as possible to help people understand what’s happening…there are still many who are asleep to the changes that are about to unfold with both the planet and human consciousness. My hope is to build a archive of information for people to learn about earth changes, as well as information to assist in spiritual empowerment and transformation, along with the shadow government, ruling bloodlines and extraterrestrial involvement in humanitys hidden history.

      There are many areas to focus on and limited time…I’ve chosen this as my path, instead of telling me how I should do my work, it would be a more enlightened approach to respect my choice and put a little more effort into understanding how the material helps to assist others on their path. Sounds like you have some good ideas you can focus on to facilitate positive change, we can’t be everything to everyone so I think I’ll keep moving forward in the direction I’ve been going….it’s actually been working extremely well, countless people have expressed their thanks for the hard work and finding this for information them. Thanks for the feedback…

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