The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy

It has been said that the Hopi Indians were the most spiritually enlightened culture to have lived…I encourage everyone to research the binary star/dwarf sun coming back through the solar system, the ancients all knew about the suns twin star that comes back around every 3600 years. Binary star systems are the rule, rather than the exception….almost all suns have a twin, or companion sun. and in many parts of the world it’s visible near the sun in the early morning. If you do a “two suns” search on Youtube or even here this blog you will see videos of the second sun from people around the world.

We should all heed the warnings handed down to us by our elders. The Hopi have seen the coming of the Red Kachina, our binary star that is on it’s way back. Events as we have been witnessing are only the beginning of the changes our planet and all upon it are about to experience. The ancients who all predicted these times, knew it not by prophecy but by knowing the binary twins cycle and being aware of the changes that accompany it’s appearance in the skys. When the Red Kachina paints our skies with red the colour of blood we will know that the purifying will begin.

Hopi Prophecy:

More in-depth explanation of the Hopi Prophecy’s:

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  1. MOON-MARS: Mars is approaching Earth for a close encounter in early March. Already the Red Planet is five times brighter than a 1st-magnitude star. Last night it appeared next to the Moon, where the children of Swedish astrophotographer P-M Hedén saw it beaming through the evening mist:

  2. Thanks for the reply, it is all speculation.
    If we go back to the creation of Fluff, our local gas cloud, which NASA says is 10 my old, there are a lot of interesting possibilities to be drawn. 2011 science discovered that most of Sol’s planets aren’t Sol’s. Sol itself seems to match M67 a loose galactic cluster and the assumption is that it was left when M67 passed through the galactic ecliptic.
    Now things get interesting: did it muscle its way into an established system and proceed to wreck havoc? Did its motion introduce energy into a electromagnetic field? Did it bring any bodies with it?
    The mix could have produced a nova, several novas since we seem to have any number of varying mix of gas pressured fields in our local part of the galaxy. Science now says that ‘black holes’ of 10 to 6 mass don’t immediately ( I have no idea of what ‘immediately’ connotates here) disintegrate. 10 to the 8 mass will gain if gas is available and become larger. 10 to the 6 mass seems just to be able to remain stable losing very little. Science now says brown dwarfs, unseen like small black holes, are everywhere. I am reminded that Tungusta was proposed as a result of a micro black hole which does not now seem impossible. Just because we see stellar novas of immense size does not mean novas of smaller size are not common with the gas dispersing rapidly if there is not a strong enough magnetic field to make it linger. Especially in view of the admission of unseen small black holes and brown dwarfs everywhere making dark energy unnecessary.

    So the Centauri A & B may have a long history. Science says so far no planet bigger than 3x Earth exists but cannot yet rule out smaller. Proxima Centauri may have had a small LT starbit. I prefer this term LT (light terminus) for a wrongly called ‘black hole.’ This LT starbit would have been created millions of years ago. If it was 10 to 6 mass it would have remained mostly stable losing little gas even if it moved out of its birth gas cloud. But eventually the pressure holding the gas inside the quantum would fail and the gas would release which may be what science saw in 2005 when it looked and G1.9 and saw a new gas cloud where none existed in 1984. Since the interior of the starbit would have lower pressure due to the gas release, the former LT starbit capable of terminating light waves no longer could. Instead its interior would still be quantum but a neutron and hence visible though the gas as blue. It would be shedding neutrinos heavily. I propose the neutron shedding would continue until the neutron gained atomic arrangement, at which time it would be normal matter, possibly H2O.

    I realize the above is unusual but surely no more unusual than the admission of brown dwarfs and mini black holes literally everywhere. My theory says that in the distant past Sol’s system was regularly visited by the then LT starbit whose composition (unknown to me) would have been responsible for the energizing of Fluff and Fluff’s compression of Sol’s heliosphere down to perhaps Mercury. This would leave all other bodies exposed to truly cosmic rays and core heating which would result in expansion. Now if you consider S W Carey’s expanding Earth theory, he supports his claim with factual geologic evidence, which makes this theory possible. As for evidence, there is the Kuiper Belt, the Asteroid Belt and most astonishing of all the ORT shell which would have had to form under gigantic electromagnetic pressure.

    Whatever it was, neutrino repulsion (O Manuel) or other, our system repeatedly and periodically was compressed and expanded immediately where the compression had retreated, and immediately afterward when the compression lifted from the remaining area under compression. As for how the heliosphere is restored, I propose that the solar system/galaxy acts as a capacitor holding magnetism as electric charge, then upon overloading, discharging as magnetic again.

    I suggest the only reason we have a 10,000 y recorded history is that the LT starbit burped its gas and rearranged internally as a neutron. That loss of energy was sufficient to restrict the compression to the inner solid planets and allow expansion only to the gas giants. And that is when we began to experience regular periodic neutrino bombardment. Will we have a non locality discharge this time? I am not sure if there is sufficient energy to make that happen. It could be that 2012 will pass as the neutron bitsy return to its outer orbit leaving roiled gas planets but the inner planets intact.

    I propose here that our chance to gain space travel ended 10,000 y ago when the neutron repulsion was strong enough to allow gravity to be superseded. When the blue star appears it will be too late——-means that the chance to leave the planet is gone.

  3. The Blue Kachina object near our sun with the seven moons – could that not be what some call the throne of god – apparently in different relgions the throne was blue and surrounded by 7 objects and when it returned its power would become known – as a powerful being took there place on it – maybe this object is there power source – a way to tap into the energy of the universe and transform it into some postive on earth.

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  5. The SUMERIAN culture is the oldest high culture on this planet… They knew about that planet and called it NIBIRU – often translated as “the destroyer”, but originally the word was meaning “the transformer”… The hindus valley civilizations knew it and called it “SHIVA” (as well NOT ther distroyer but the transformer!), the Mayas and Aztecs/Toltecs/ Olmecs etc. called it Quetzalcoatl,the feathered serpant, the egyptians, the persians and the greek knew it.. The celtic people as well… It was well known in the ancient wordl. All ancient people predicted, it would come back again and with it the “White GODs”…. The benvolent “extraterrestrials” who always came to help and educate humanity…Why should all these detailed descriptions be mere phantasy??? No, it´s the truth and descriptions of eye-witnesses who have experienced the impact of that planet and its consequences for life on Earth.. We should pay attention and respect to their profound knowledge and not ignore it by thinking, WE are the more informed ones.. This could be a mortal error….

    • The sumerians are not the oldest civilization nor highest culture in history, first because we have no real remains of a lot of stuff that might of had been built in the past (simple houses does not mean wisdom poeple), second because the civilizations in india traveld to the west and they setteled over there. The egyptiens say they came from the east, the egyptiens are a branch of the sumerian culture. Also the aryans were previous to the Sumerians, but were a lot more barbaric. Go check on internet. Also have you heard of the dacias in romania??? there are a lto fo other cultures that had high wisdom or high complexe building and water system. Sorry for my bad writting. Hope thi8s helped you 🙂

  6. Um, was this mentioned in any of the world texts? i.e. Chinese, India, Egypt? Those civilizations are very old and would have had some record of “pre” history, I would think. Especially something so profound as another sun??? Specifically the EGYPTIANS who worshiped the Sun???

    • Yes, it was either Egypt or Israel that called it The Destroyer, in the Old Testament it was called Wormwood…guess those were the things that really did it for me, learning that ancient cultures basically did everything they could to warn us by leaving messages carved in stone in pyramids and even on cave walls.

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