Annunaki – Don’t watch this film

This entertaining little video sheds some interesting light onto human history and the Annunaki enigma…enjoy!


2 comments on “Annunaki – Don’t watch this film

  1. Its amazing 20 years ago if someone said they believed in aliens they would have gotten laughed at. now if you ask someone they see it as a possibility. whever UFO’s are terrestrial or extraterrestrial more and more are showing up, and the more sittings that are reported the more they seem to support each other. Anything seems to be possible with todays technology and history has prven that the governments are a bunch of deceptfull cowards who use humans as puppets for there games. whatever the reason turns out to be, new world order, nibiru, 2012, etc people are waking up and not being so brainwashed. we know something is coming we can feel it.

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