Michio Kaku on ABC News “3 RAGING MELTDOWNS in Progress!”

If they’re rolling out Michio Kaku to declare meltdowns are in progress, this nightmare is going from grave to…it’s real bad. Kaku is usually pretty calm, cool and collected  in his demeanor, where here by the sound of his voice he appears to be very concerned.  He states that the Prime Minister of Japan for the first time used the words “Breach”  meaning an “Uncontrolled release of radioactivity into the environment”.

This is a great time to remind ourselves that fear and panic serve no useful purpose. Knowledge and taking the appropriate steps to prepare and protect yourself are your best weapons of defense, as well as keeping your energy in check to make sure you’re focusing on a positive outcome and staying healthy. The power of our mind is infinite when we use it properly and there are things you can do and take to reduce your risk of radioactive contamination and illness that can lead to cancer.

There are several posts under the Radiation Remedies that have a variety of things you can take other that potassium iodide, like kelp, wheatgrass, rosemary, chlorella and other natural antidotes to help flush radioactive particles from your system.  Also on Sat I posted two radio programs on this subject, one from Project Camelot with Dr Bill Deagle and another with Chris Everand and Max Igan that also revealed the serious nature of this crisis the mass media is failing to communicate and that there is no safe low level of radiation.


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