Fukushima – Plutonium Radiation on SEAFOOD in the Pacific Ocean

The best advise for EVERYONE is to STOP EATING SEAFOOD  all together. The contamination from the BP oil and corexit toxins have been carried to  every ocean around the world by the oceans conveyor belt. Now there are 100,000’s of tons of radioactive water seeping back in to the Pacific Ocean. Now, on a molecular level the contaminated ocean water from both environmental disasters evaporates and rises into the upper atmosphere to come back down in the rain, eventually contaminating every body ow water around the globe.

Which is why nuclear energy and weapons should be outlawed immediately.

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Fukushima Japan plutonium radiation and the Pacific Ocean

Facts In Brief


Tablets only protect us against Iodine 131, not against Cesium 134, 137, Plutonium, Uranium, and Strontium 90 radioactive particles. It’s not a surprise that the gov’ts hasn’t been more forth coming with the true readings of the radiation.  After all, the Gulf Oil Spill is supposed to all cleaned up now and of course the 9 11 first responders, fire fighters, police officers and volunteer workers all have cancer or have already passed. All the while the EPA said everything was OK!!

Seafood species harvested in the Pacific Ocean.
Barracuda, Hake (Pacific Whiting), California Halibut, Pacific Mackerel, Rockfish, Sablefish, Salmon, Sole, Pacific Sardine, Thresher Shark, Swordfish , Albacore Tuna (fresh and canned), Blue fin Tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, Dungeness crab, Rock and Spider Crab, California Spiny Lobster, California Prawns, Pacific Pink Shrimp, Sea Urchins, California Market Squid, Bluenose, Gulf Corvina, Flounder, Grenadier, Grouper, Pacific Halibut, Alaska Pollock, Spiny Lobster, Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Mussels, Octopus, Alaska Plaice, Pomfret, Pacific Sanddabs, Scad, Sea Scallops, Sea Urchin Roe, Snapper, Shortbill Spearfish, Squid, Trevally and White Seabass.
(Some of the species listed are found in other bodies of water as well. If it was a species found in the Pacific Ocean, it made the list!!)

Major Fish Species Native to California

Seafood watch

U.S. Seafood Industry Braces For Japan Crisis Impact

Commercial Fisheries

Radiation in seawater may be spreading in Japan

Toxic plutonium seeping from Japan’s nuclear plant

Japan’s nuclear troubles grew worse still today, even as confirmed deaths from the earthquake and tsunami topped 11,000. Officials reported radioactive water has spread beyond a damaged reactor building, and radiation has also gotten into the ground.


6 comments on “Fukushima – Plutonium Radiation on SEAFOOD in the Pacific Ocean

  1. Too little, too late I’m afraid. TEPCO is dumping 11,500 tons (1 million gallons) of highly toxic waste now. However, this is only the first shot.

    This thing can fester for 100 years. Now, consider the damage from additional dumps like this, once a week, for the next 10 years alone.

    Even if we stop the use of all nuclear power systems right now, then it won’t make a bit of difference if the world cannot find a way to completely stop all radiation leakage from the Fukushima power station.

    We could be witnessing the beginning of a very long end to the reign of mankind on this planet. Sorry about the gloom, but this is fact now, not a figment of a warped imagination anticipating future events. It’s here, right now!

    • It’s not gloom when it’s true…yes, it’s a gloomy truth we have no control over. And the waste will last a whole lot longer than 100 years, some of it has a half life of over 100,000 years! Which means after 100,000yrs it starts to cool….it will still be highly radioactive for several more 100,000’s years. J=So, just say no to seafood…especially after BP poisoned the oceans, and now Tepco is radiating the Pacific Ocean.

      It’s almost like it was planned by whoever… whatever is intent on destroying the planet.

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  3. Good article. Honestly, it is insane that common sense does not override this “dissipation” talk. What have you heard about nuclear waste? It is my understanding that Japan had been running out of space to store their nuclear waste, which has been around since 1970. Most was stored in Aomori, which was devastated by the tsunami….where is all the waste??

    • I hadn’t heard about that side of the story…I new they stored the spent fuel rods in reactor #4, the mox fuel. But I hadn’t heard about Aomori….omg. That’s not good…

      Aside from a little salmon every once in awhile, I quit eating seafood 2yrs ago when I started reading about the high levels of mercury at gotmercury.org and actually calculated how much mercury I was taking in. But no one has researched PCB’s or any other toxins polluting waters around the world. So god knows what we’re eating that fish have through, or did their eggs sit in radioactivity before they hatched, you know that kind of thing.

      The navy was dumping radioactive wasted off shore of the east coast 25yrs ago when a friend of mine was in the navy, she was appalled that they were actually breaking laws dumping this waste so close to shore. Think how much has accumulated since then…no wonder the Earth is about hurl us off, many humans don’t deserve the privilege to exist on this beautiful planet because they don’t respect it.

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