Max Igan on “A Fear Based Reality”

One of the greatest challenges humanity faces in surviving the changes we are facing is in overcoming fear and understanding how emotion affects the reality we are constantly in the process of creating. The greatest lesson is learning that when we live in a constant energetic state of love, with a total lack of fear or worry about life – that we will create everything we need in every moment.  The universe is always supporting us, it’s only when we begin to vibrate on a lower level of energy through fear or worry that things in our life begin to go awry. What’s worse is the system we live in thrives on our fears and if we plan on changing the world we must change our emotional state if we are to succeed.  Once we understand that there’s really nothing to fear, humanity will take an enormous leap forward and leave this negative energy field behind creating a world of abundance for all of humanity.

Max has a very informative website with lots of links, great videos and a whole archive of radio programs like this one to help enlighten, inform and educate all who are seeking the truth.


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