HAARP facilities around the world

Everything you wanted to know about weather modification but were afraid to ask at the link below! Thanks Dutch!
From: dutchsinse  | May 9, 2011  | 2,534 views

All about the different world wide networks of HAARP facilities, and a LOT of information about weather modification systems , and other VLF / UHF systems used to influence weather, the earth (seismic), and a lot of research covering the entire spectrum of frequency possibilities…



One comment on “HAARP facilities around the world

  1. I’ve been infromation on HAARPS aurora project for about one year. The haarps electromagnetic microwave energy is a weapon of mass destruction. Where upon such weapon can be and is being used world wide.
    ”THEY” are killing the citizens of the UNITED STATES with the aove mentioned and with CHEMTRAILS,inwhich has numerous toxic chemicals and unknow bacteria.
    The aforementioned projects are producing new deseases within the human population.

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