US FLOODS Urgent Update: Gavin’s Point Dam Explosion Warning

All of this information came from Dutchsinse and links in the post below, the first video I posted from Teral was last week called 7/7 ELE Warning. He brings up some good points supported by facts, in this case better to be prepared and aware of whats going on up stream with these dams. With or without explosions this looks like a dangerous situation developing, please be careful if you live is the area and pass this information on to others who are in the path of the water.

From: TerralO3  | Jun 26, 2011  | 9,193 views

We identified the ‘Dam Explosion’ Threat in the 7/7 Warning Video, but we did not have intel on which dam would be chosen to begin this cascade catastrophe. Now we know for certain that the Gavin Point Dam has been wired for demolition in anticipation of a deliberate ‘staged event’ that will begin the domino effect of breaking levies and dams to create the biggest catastrophic event in US history. These monsters are deliberately piling all of this water on the central USA and the Mississippi River Valley to assist the ELEnin Dwarf Star in the liquification process that will see a large inland gulf formed from Louisiana to the Great Lakes.

Gavin’s Point Dam To Be Blown:

Fort Calhoon Nuclear Plant:…

Corps of Engineers Reservoir Control Center:…

Ray Coast-to-Coast:

Ray Troop Testimony:

March 13, 2008 Congress Secret Meeting:…

US FLOODS Urgent Update Gavin’s Point Dam to be Blown

From: TerralO3  | Jun 26, 2011  

This is serious. All Ozarks-bound Group Leaders must be aware that the Govt is about to blow the Gavin’s Point Dam. Those of you in Ohio, Michigan and all parts east of the Mississippi River must make multiple travel route decisions about whether to go north or south of this man-made catastrophe. Group leaders must decide on when to deploy based upon the known threats. If you show up early to the Ozarks, then you must make provisions for your people in motels, travel trailer parks or set up camp sites in the designated Conservation Areas where you can camp for free; so long as you move your rig every two weeks. Our support people will be in place later in the timeline and we must give them time to deploy their people and equipment before we can begin moving people into the caverns. Remember the time for deployment has been August 1, 2011 and we are being forced to move those dates back in July. Therefore, expect that we will have problems on our hands and we are doing the very best we can to get things in order just as soon as humanly possible.

9/26/2011 Warning Video:

ELE Event Timeline:

Survival Video:
Survival Post:

ELE Survival Info Post:

ELE Threat Assessment Video:

ELE Threat Assessment Chart:…

ELE 7/7/2011 Warning Video:

Tracking ELE:

Tracking ELE Post:

25 Dwarf Star Signs:

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June 2, 2011 ELE BlogRadio with Nixie LaRue:…

June 12, 2011 ELE BlogRadio with Nixie LaRue:…

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