Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Simultaneously Ramp Up in Action

7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the east coast of Japan

July 10, 2011JAPAN – A 7.0 earthquake has struck off the east coast of Japan at a depth of 34 km, though the EMSC shows the quake as a7.1 at a much shallower depth of 10 km. Tsunami warnings have been issued for the region by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The agency issued the advisory for Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. The earthquake epicenter was about from 212 km from Sendai, Honshu, Japan. We believe this might have taken some of the pressure off the Pacific plate around the Kermadec seismic plate swarm. Stay tuned…  –The Extinction Protocol
(left) The latest seismogram reading from Japan and the New Zealand (right)

Small quake swarm at Ascension Island magma plume hotspot

Ascension Island – A small earthquake swarm has erupted at the Ascension Island magma plume hotspot which straddles the boundary dividing the South America and Africa plates. According to the European Mediterranean Seismic Center, three quakes have been registered- a 4.7magnitude and a 4.8 and a 4.9 magnitude quakes. This means we’ve seen quakes at 3 deep magma plumes today- Java, Hawaii, and Ascension and volcanic activity at the shallow plumes of Iceland and Mt. Etna in Italy. We can confidently say thermal forces are definitely astir today within the Earth.

Ash from eruption of Mt. Etna closes Catania airport in Sicily

July 9, 2011SICILY – A southern Italian airport was on Saturday closed due to ash from Mount Etna, forcing traffic to be diverted to Palermo, the ANSA news agency said. Catania airport on the east coast of the island of Sicily was not expected to re-open before Sunday morning while the runway was cleared, the report said. The volcano, which currently does not present any risk to local residents, spewed lava on to its southeastern slopes on Saturday afternoon and winds carried the ash further afield. Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at 3,295 metres (10,810 feet). The last eruption was in May. A massive flood of meltwater from Iceland’s Myrdalsjoekull glacier, meanwhile, has raised fears of an eruption from the powerful Katla volcano there. –MSN

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