Martin Bashir On Murdoch: ‘A Media Baron…Capable Of Intimidating Governments, Swinging Elections’

What’s happening with the Murdoch media empire and Fox News is a perfect and scathing example of why regulation of business is a necessary function of government, in this case to protect a large segment of the population from a propaganda machine created with the intent to sway elections.  Not to deliver objective news stories, which is the purpose of a television news station.

by Mark Joyella | 6:09 pm, July 13th, 2011

In a blistering indictment of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir described the owner of rival Fox News Channel as an “unelected media baron” who “was capable of intimidating governments and even swinging elections.” The comments, in Bashir’s end-of-show “Clear the Air” segment, which is a broadcast version of an Op-Ed column, described Murdoch’s rise to power in Great Britain, Bashir’s home. “How did Mr. Murdoch achieve such omnipotence? The answer? Brilliantly, methodically, aggressively and slowly.”

Bashir, who said the UK phone hacking scandal that brought down News of the World, and today’s collapse of Murdoch’s efforts to take complete control of British pay TV company BSkyB represent “nothing short of a catastrophic turnaround” for Murdoch, who just a matter of weeks ago hosted the most powerful British politicians at his annual summer party, where Bashir said “every guest lined up to kiss his ring.” Bashir described a media mogul whose accumulation of power had put him beyond the reach of government:

By the time politicians realized that one media baron had become so powerful that he was capable of intimidating governments and even swinging elections, well they were simply too powerless to do anything about it.

Mr. Murdoch is a disturbing example of what can happen when government falls on its knees and gets out of the way. An unelected media baron begins to dominate public discourse even to the point of determining the outcome of a general election.

Let’s hope that Mr. Murdoch is never allowed to do the same thing in this country.

Watch Martin’s coverage of the story here, from MSNBC:


2 comments on “Martin Bashir On Murdoch: ‘A Media Baron…Capable Of Intimidating Governments, Swinging Elections’

  1. As for the media, the sad part is that the right wing is STILL complaining how the media is controled by “liberals”. They still keep repeating this over and over on Fox. And yet the opposite is the truth. It’s so easy to see if you open your eyes and ears – the right wing controls the media in this country.

    But of course, being the good fascists that they are, they tell you repeatedly the opposite to brainwash you. In the end, it’s all about brainwashing and i have to say,.I am convinced that Americans will end up with a fascist state very soon. And they will vote for it. Unfortunately, it is how our country will end.

    • Ha! Great minds think alike…but are you kidding, we’re already in a fascist state!! I saw it coming when Bush Sr was president and Jr finalized ushering in fascism when they stole the White House in 2000 and again in 2004. Corporations are soley in control of this country and have been for some time, actually it’s a tug of war with the military extra-terrestrial complex. It’s rumored that there may be a take over of the White House, the first coup, by military/Wall Street interests in 2012.. .
      And the whining by the right wing media is called propaganda aimed at keeping their minions brainwashed – accuse the left of the evil wrong doing that you’re committing to keep’em confused. The right knows that if keep repeating the same thing over and over again people will believe it….even when they know better! It’s really crazy how that works. Europeans and people from all over the world can’t understand why Americans can’t see what’s obvious to the rest of the world…and to those who are awakened. They don’t understand how badly the population here has been propagandized starting in grade school and even Sunday school.
      It always amazes me how people on the right scream about the evils of socialism when they don’t understand that food stamps, social security, medicare and all the social safety net programs are socialism. Which are great programs! They also haven’t a clue as to what fascism is or how it’s clothed like a wolf in sheeps clothing with people like the Koch Bros, MItt Romney, Ruper Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh…they’re all a bunch of corporate fascists who could care less about America and are turning it into as third world country where cheap labor is in bountiful supply. Child labor is alive and well in states like Washington and Georgia..well, you know the little bitty hands of a 6-11 yr old are perfect for picking small berry’s!! grrrr

      Something tells me Mother Nature is about to put an end to man’s foolishness…especially in America, since I was a teenager I’ve pretty much known that the country has a karma chasing it down from the genocide committed against the Native Americans. As well as 400 years added to the karmic burden enslaving African Americans and the last 50 years the imperialism and colonization policies that have put over 700 military bases in country’s around the world where we continue to inflict our own brand of predatory capitalism on the local economy’s in lands we inhabit or occupy. Look at the genocidal wars over the last 10 years that are beginning to rival war crimes during WWII.

      Honestly Brian, we’ve already voted fascism in and it came draped in the 9/11 flag with patriotism and fervent nationalism that ran like poison thru America’s veins. In addition, the country’s leaders have been out of control running rampant with our own brand of American terrorism for decades now and with the country so deeply in debt to China and other rising world powers my concern for the country is that the US will be invaded, then divided up into six regions between the BRIC nations. Brazil, Russia, India and China

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