Strange things happening with Sun and Moon

Here are a few video’s illustrating some pretty weird things going on in the sky’s lately that YouTuber’s have picked up on…



Uploaded by MaryGreeley on Sep 12, 2011

Uploaded by mommymummy on Sep 12, 2011
Check out my other videos previously posted about the moon.

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2 comments on “Strange things happening with Sun and Moon

  1. On the 11th of July 2011 I was driving from tweed heads to Newcastle basically to get away from being stalked and given a death threat on my mobile by an unknown man. I list custody of my three daughters two years ago to my doctor husband over sex abuse of our four year old daughter which he denied but is guilty. He is a freemason who has signed our children over to government for mind control programming as well as trafficking to satanic pedophiles . This is the truth and I have had several attempts made on my life. I was driving being harassed by the usual large black 4 wheel drive working vans but when I got to ballina early in the morning just after midnight I was on my own except for one black working van on the tail of my hire car when the black working van pulled back from the back of my car. Then out of what looked like a very large bright moon came what looked like lightening that was blue straight through the front window of my car hitting my right hand it was like an electric shock but must have been some kind if a laser. Obviously the moon was a mirage and not real behind it was a military helicopter I think I never actually saw it but the man driving the black working van that pulled bace from my car was in direct ccommunication with who and whatever whatever that shot a blue electric looking laser at me. The moon stayed zooming un and out at my car all the way to grafton till two in the morning I tail gated a truck all the way so it could not get a good enough aim while beeping my horn to get other drivers to look at the very strange moon. The moon as it came in closer was distorted and because I knew obviously hiding a spy military aircraft it is the most frightening experience of my life. When I got to Newcastle I booked into the ibis hotel run by a pack of Freemasons to cut this short I went to use the phone and the lune was cut went out to get something from my car and got greeted by two military airforce men in uniform don’t think it was a coincidence came back inside the hotel collected what I had and left straight away. I don’t care if people think I an crazy I know I am not and this really happened and I have kept it to myself but not any longer I refuse to keep living in fear i choose freedom. K ago by

    • Aloha K!

      Wow! Thank you for sharing your story, and no! I do not think your crazy, everything you’re saying fits in with so many accounts other people have shared about the shadow government. Living in fear is one of the worst feeling in the world and a spiritually horrible space to be in. If you need a place, a peaceful sanctuary to get away to regroup you’re welcome to join me here on the big island of Hawaii. At this time I have a furnished spare room for rent in the tropical rain forest, it’s quiet and peaceful here. And a great place for spiritual journeys…

      Be sure to call upon your spirit guides for protection and Light, also be sure to meditate DAILY!! We are powerful creators, use your own light as your weapon against the darkness. Imagination is the most powerful thing we have, learn to trust your own power. Meg Benedicte has some powerful guided meditations using vortex energy, also at the meditation page there are excellent meditations to help strenghthen your spiritual energys…do 4-5 meditations in a row to get the best effects. Meditating is the key to changing your perception and your reality for the better…

      Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help…sending protective light and peaceful energy your way!

      Much love,

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