Posts featured at our Sister site for October 15, 2011

With so much happening in the world on so many different fronts it seems to make sense to let this first more established blog have more of a focus on Esoteric,  Higher Consciousness and Nature related content.  Whereas the new website will have more of a Political, Current events and Hard News emphasis for coverage of stories like the Occupy Movement and the 2012 Presidential campaign.  There may be some crossover, but for the most part you’ll begin to see a clear separation of content and will do my best to give you a daily run down of stories on both sites.

For Sunday October 16, 2011 featured stories were as follows:

Occupy Wall Street: People Power vs. the Police State

The NYPD has erected a ring of steel around Liberty Plaza, but Occupy Wall Street vows to resist.

As Herman Cain Surges, Corporate Media Ignore His Koch Connections

Steve Jobs, Best Quote

Occupy Wall Street (Full Movie) Documentary October 15, 2011

Close Your Bank Account and Get Arrested!! This is war…

UNBELIEVABLE!! This is a must see video and is a very disturbing glimpse of what may be right around the corner for people who have bank accounts with major banks

Bank of America refuses to let customers close accounts!

Ummm time to take your money and run folks, these are not  good developments,

Cash Transactions Banned by Louisiana

Another disturbing development that can most likely be traced back to ALEC legislation.

The Nation: We Are All Human Microphones

A very creative adaptation to repressive tactics by authorities…

BREAKING Alternative News Iss. #8 – Rome Protest | Lousia Tornado | El Hierro October 15, 2011

Chris Gould Canadian environmental groups protest oil spill


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