Cabal Clone Factory Underground Facility Destroyed by CIT

The links at the bottom will take you into a world few people know exists, one we’ve been led to believe only existed in the realms of science fiction. There have been all manner of cloning/bioengineering conducted in underground facility’s for an untold number of years. Information here reports that presidents Clinton and Bush were  both clones, and that George W Bush died in 1987 of a drug overdose.

Cabal Clone Factory Underground Facility Destroyed by CIT

by Richard Boylan.

I just received information from a key informant, with affiliation to a three-letter government agency, that a Cabal-controlled installation, which has been manufacturing and then mentally programming Hybrid-Human clones to operate as its Super Soldiers, has been eliminated.

The details.

In early 2006 an enormous underground installation, 16 miles long by one mile wide, began operation some kilometers distant from the Icelandic village of Djupidalur.

It took 13 years to build, having been authorized in 1993 by the U.S. National Security Council, who had been duped into believing it would be a research facility concerned with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

Instead, this facility was a key part of Cabal plans to build a super army of mostly Human clones whose genetics had been upgraded with just enough retrieved Star Visitor genetic material to give these clones enhanced physical, mental and psychic abilities.

This cloning project is what Colonel/Dr. Michael Wolf (Kruvant) of NSC’s Special Studies Group was so incensed about when he told me several years ago that he had learned that his work in human cloning was being perverted by (Cabal) military into creating the Super [hybrid] Soldier who would then receive mental programming to get the clone to mindlessly follow immoral orders. This caused him to resign from government research work.

This weekend, a crack counter-insurgency team (CIT), operating independent of military control, and disgusted by Cabal takeover of key positions in government, undertook a mission to penetrate the Djupidalur installation.

The CIT located where the hapless, misinformed Hybrids were being held, liberated them, and escorted them to the surface, where their safe extraction would be arranged for by an individual with friendly ties to Star Nations and legitimate compartments within the U.S. National Security community.

During the escorting, CIT came under fire from Cabal security forces, and in the ensuing firefight, (Cabal) Brigadier General Frank Dougherty and a number of his security troops were killed.

The Counter-Insurgency Team then set off munitions they had emplaced, and destroyed the clone factory installation, after setting off an alarm to give non-security personnel an opportunity to leave for the surface.

When Dr. Wolf was working on cloning, he told me that it took a year to create a human clone from test tube to walking, talking adult. So, if Djupidalur went on-line in early 2006, and went off-line in early 2007, there must have been only one “batch” of Hybrids graduating from that mill. And the CIT team got them all.
The complete success of extraction of the Hybrids and destruction of the installation is a signal moment in the incremental retaking of Earth from Cabal control.
But we are not yet at final victory.

Many other light-workers are doing what they can, from wherever they are located within society and its structures, to take back Human society from the control of the Cabal monsters.

Look for your opportunity.

Although most will not be as spectacular as the CIT’s, opportunities to reform and transform our society are all around you.

Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robitoids and Doubles
Doubles, Robitoids and Replicas
Lots of More Links and Information Here.


USS Enterprise False Flag!! Uncle Sam and Auntie Semite, a wicked piece of work.

This video has been making the rounds, decided to post it to help send the message we have our eyes wide open this time. That we’re on to the war profiteering and the lies aimed at propagating a war that enriches only the lives of the few at the expense of the many.  We the people of America want an end to all wars, we want our tax dollars spent here at home rebuilding America, rehabilitating war tattered vets, putting Americans back in their homes, restructuring our education system, creating jobs and so much more that has suffered at the expense of the illegal, senseless wars against innocent people on foreign lands.  And that’s not to mention the depopulation agenda that appears to be unfolding alongside the carpet bombing of neighborhoods using bombs made of depleted uranium, resulting in the death and destruction of entire generations while laying waste to the cradle of our civilization. The biggest war crime of all is the use of nuclear weaponry in any form, which was set forth at the Nuremburg trials over half a century ago. Now it seems like they’re chomping at the bit to use drop more bombs on innocent children, women and men.

If you haven’t already been doing so, now would be a great time to send love and protective violet light to Iran….

In Lak’ech,


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From: Snordelhans
The Heretic presents, Mike Rivero’s “USS Enterprise False Flag” from
Stop the False Flag Attack on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The NeoCons in the US and in Israel are probably staging a False Flag Attack in order to ignite the War on Iran. It can be stopped and the lives of over 1700 brave sailors can be saved, along with countless others.

With the collapse of the oil embargo to force Iran into a confrontation over the Straight of Hormuz, the US and Israel are looking for another way to get the long-sought war with Iran started, and more to the point, need to make it look like Iran is starting hostilities in order to make it politically more difficult for Russia and China to support Iran.

Now, recall that Israel has a past history of attacking US warships and framing others to trick the US into attacks on Israel’s enemies, with the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (initially blamed on Egypt) as the most well-known example.
So here we have the USS Enterprise, the oldest carrier in the fleet, on her last legs, scheduled to be decommissioned next year. Her name is well known, in part because of the Star Trek TV series. Decommissioning a nuclear aircraft carrier is a very expensive process. USS Enterprise is powered by 8 nuclear reactors, all of which must be disposed of as nuclear waste material along with all the associated machinery. The US Navy would save a great deal of money, more than the scrap worth of the steel, if USS Enterprise were to be sunk in the Persian Gulf, where the radioactive mess is someone else’s problem to deal with.
So, why send an ancient ship at the end of her useful life into harms way? The same reason Franklin Roosevelt moved a bunch of obsolete warships from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, while the newer carriers and warships were well away from Hawaii on December 7th, 1941.
Israel has 3 Dolphin submarines, given to her by Germany. They have been seen transiting the Suez Canal in the past, and could well be operating in the Gulf of Oman, even the Persian Gulf by now, lying in wait for a used-up and obsolete warship, more useful as a sacrificial lamb than an actual weapon, a ship with American sailors, to be attacked as Israel attacked the USS Liberty, then to be blamed on the designated target, Iran, by a compliant media.

Sun May Soon Plunge Into Interstellar Cloud

My research totally supports everything Dee sets forth on interstellar changes affecting the entire solar system, especially in regards to the magnetic ribbon and foreknowledge the Mayans had about what would happen at this time on a cosmic level.  She also references the scientist Susan Joy Rennison who’s done extensive, ground breaking research highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand or validate the metaphysical aspects to the changes unfolding on Earth and in the solar system.  All three of Susan’s videos are posted here, a simple site search for Rennison will pull them up.

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Sun May Soon Plunge Into Hot Cloud of Interstellar Gas:…

NASA to Discuss Discoveries of Material from Beyond Solar System on Tuesday:


Startling new information on CMEs and X Flares


People reporting CMEs and X-Flares etc from the sun need to wrap their minds around this:

Whereas this info has been out there for some time… it becomes more important now that we are entering this time. The following has been verified by at least 2 sources…

…”If I can, I will answer questions about the mechanism of event progression.
Please elaborate
The Interstellar cloud we are entering (as a solar system) changes a simple model CME discharge event into a more continuous process.
The CME will act as a trigger or switch.
The Intertellar (magnetic cloud) can support a continuous ion flow between “connected” bodies, this phenomena would be orders of magnitude beyond a simple CME discharge.”

“..The magnetic flow (cloud) will make the ‘ether’ much more conductive, so energy will be flowing like crazy, instead of just merely on the normal currents it flows through now. So it makes the EMP effect, not only massive, but pretty much all consuming. And, due to the solar system being submerged in this magnetic could, it will make the EMPs somewhat continuous.”

..”And according to Anthony L. Perrat as I posted in the emails (plasma physicist in Los Alamos Nuclear facility) a dense plasma has already entered our solar system.”

–from Mike Philbin and others/ fragments from …./ 36272983the-coming.pdf available at Scribd: (

This information courtesy of Kerry Cassidy’s blog:

Documents Reveal DC Mayor Gray, U.S. Conference of Mayors Dramatizing and Inflating Cost of Occupy DC to the District


January 24th, 20125:34 PM

By Mara Verheyden-Hilliard

As the Mayor of the District of Columbia came to the aid of Tea Party favorite Congressman Darrell Issa at his political hearing today designed to demonize the Occupy movement, the PCJF is exposing that the Mayor’s office in coordination with the U.S. Conference of Mayors has intentionally sought to inflate the cost of the Occupy movement.

The PCJF has obtained documents in response to its Freedom of Information Act initiative about the coordinated crackdown on the Occupy movement. These documents reveal that the District of Columbia Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM) has been misrepresenting the cost of the two Occupy DC encampments to the media and the public.

Hoping that no one will read the fine print, the Mayor’s office deceptively testified today that the “cost to the District exceeds the previously requested reimbursement of $1.6 million dollars.”

Politics has very much been at play in assessing costs. Internal communications between the Mayor’s office and DC agencies, as well as public communications to the media, reveal that the Mayor’s office dramatically inflated publicly announced costs to the District in a matter of just 15 days. The Mayor’s Office’s cost estimates rose from $21,000 (as of 10/19) on November 15, to $894,000 on November 18 to $1.1 million in MPD costs on November 22 to $1,579,000 on December 1.

The huge inflation in cost estimates came in response to inquiries from the media and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has engaged in a national coordinated campaign to provide talking points and rationales for evicting encampments, including an effort to assert that encampments are causing a financial hardship to American’s cities.

Mayor Gray’s office today pandered to the call to shut down the encampments coming from Rep. Issa, the richest member of Congress who, with an estimated net worth of $450 million, is firmly rooted in the upper 1%. Issa is also the architect and principal cheerleader for the massive attacks, cutbacks and layoffs targeting postal workers.

While Representatives Elijah Cummings and Eleanor Holmes Norton exposed the hearing as an effort to inhibit or subvert the free speech rights of a new progressive social justice movement, the Mayor’s office functioned as a prop for Issa’s campaign.

Background: The Evolution of Changing Cost Estimates

Initially, on November 15, the Mayor’s office estimated total costs to be “about $21,000” and acknowledged that any costs were within “normal daily duties” and further, that were any additional costs to arise they would be covered by the “congressionally appropriated funding from the federal government for [these type of] events.” The District receives $15 million a year in federal funds designated to cover demonstrations and other national events. Three days later, on November 18, the Mayor’s office claimed that Occupy DC cost the MPD alone $870,000.

The Mayor’s second round of numbers sought to extract regular budgeted agency costs of carrying out normal daily business as though they were special costs incurred in response to the Occupy demonstrations. Moreover, they used an estimate of the normal police costs for an average day of staffing significant demonstration and march activities and multiplied it out over the days of the encampments regardless of actual deployment and costs.

On November 15, the EOM reported to the media that as of October 19 the total cost to the city been $21,000, including only $1,000 incurred in police overtime.

In the email, Senior Communications Manager Doxie McCoy writes, “These are not additional costs because city agencies are performing normal daily duties.”

But in an update on November 18 to the same reporter, McCoy writes that the cost to MPD rose to $870,000. DDOT reported $4,400 of costs related to the Key Bridge march and $14,000 of costs for traffic control officers but that, “both figures are regular expenditures and not overtime.” These costs included such routine duties as emptying trash cans, street sweeping and parking enforcement on public roads.

The Mayors False Narrative Continues to Pick up Momentum

Only four days later on November 22, the EOM reported, “MPD has spent about $1.1 million for patrols on marches, protests and other duties associated with Occupy DC,” to a different reporter.

Correspondence also includes an email from the U.S. Conference of Mayors from November 28. By then, the multi-city campaign to evict encampments was in full swing. They wanted to emphasize the purported financial burden that was being placed on cities. That email solicits the EOM to recalculate MPD’s costs which had been reported to them as calculated at $65,000 since demonstrations began at both Occupy locations. The email from the U.S. Conference of Mayors states, “That seems low to me, so wanted to make sure it’s correct.”

In response, the EOM adjusted the reported cost related to the DC occupations upwards to nearly $1.6 million both in submissions to the U.S. Conference of Mayors and in public statements including today’s testimony. The U.S. Conference of Mayors representative writes back: “Thanks so much for pulling this together. I’ll make sure they replace DC’s previous responses. This will be especially helpful as we try to show what the Occupy Movement is costing cities.”

The Tea Party-backed Congresspeople and the Mayor are promoting a false narrative. Rep. Joe Walsh, a leader of the Tea Party, histrionically asserted at the hearing today that, “the city of Washington, D.C. is at a breaking point right now.” Walsh and the others are not referring to D.C.’s staggering unemployment rate, or the soaring poverty that is devastating communities throughout the District of Columbia. He is referring to two small encampments in downtown parkland that are protesting a system that rewards the 1% while keeping a large segment of the population mired in poverty and unemployment. The Mayor would do better by abandoning his allies at the hearing and attending to the real needs of the people of the District of Columbia.

Regime Change In Oakland

Posted 13 hours ago on Jan. 31, 2012, 8:58 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

police army

On Saturday, January 28, thousands of parents, families and engaged citizens gathered together to open a community center in the heart of downtown Oakland. The Police, under orders from Mayor Quan, responded to this peaceful demonstration of direct democracy and community building by arresting around 400 people. Hundreds more were injured when an army of officers marched on these unarmed families, raised their guns and fired bullets, tear gas canisters, smoke bombs, concussion grenades and other explosive devices into the crowd. Mayor Quan, on the same day as solidarity marches were organized by dozens of occupations across the nation, has called on the Occupy Movement to denounce Oakland’s show of bravery under fire and community strength. We stand with Oakland and call for the immediate resignation of Quan, who on Saturday made it clear that the state has abandoned democracy and joined the 1% in declaring war against the people.

Extreme economic injustice and true democracy can never co-exist. We have seen this violent truth before: in Pinochet’s Chile, 1990’s Russia, Suharto’s Indonesia. Four months ago, the Occupy Movement showed that this historical truth has finally come home: The economic oppression by the 1% has become so egregious that it cannot exist without destroying the spirit of the American democratic system. Across the country, people are rising up to demand a more just nation, and police brutality and state violence are the only things keeping this injustice in place. In Oakland, thousands of active community members chose to engage in true democracy by supporting the real and pressing needs of the people. The state, which supposedly represents these people, exercised extreme police brutality and violence to protect the 1%’s vacant assets. The explicit goal of the action was to build community—to open a desperately needed community center with a library, medical care, free education and emergency housing in a city that has suffered massive budget cuts, high unemployment rates and ravaged public schools. In response, the city government poured hundreds of thousands of dollars, bullets and canisters of tear gas into declaring open war on these parents, students, workers, artists, teachers, children and veterans. These people’s only offense was to believe so deeply in the American tradition of democracy, self-sufficiency, and sacrifice for the next generation that they were willing to put their bodies on the line to make this nation the empowering democracy that we know it can be.

On Saturday, Mayor Quan’s actions again demonstrated that open war has been declared on the spirit of democracy and the people of Oakland and this nation. We call for the end of Mayor Quan’s administration and a regime change in Oakland. We continue to stand in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and will support them as they continue peaceful protest and community building until this and all other authoritarian administrations have been ousted from their place of illegitimate power. Together, we are building a stronger world, a stronger community, a stronger promise for the next generation.

Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests


The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas & Joe Joseph 
January 29, 2012

Listen to the exclusive podcast that accompanies this article here.

In the dawn of 2012, many Americans, still left in the dark and unawakened to the fact that their omnipotent government and floundering leaders in Washington would have anything less than the peoples best interest at heart, will now face one of their biggest fears.

Factions within the US Government’s Military Industrial Complex have been, and indeed are testing Directed Energy Weapons, along with chemical, nuclear and biological agents on the civilian populace.

In fact, US law, approved by Congress, allows chemical and biological testing on the populace. (see PUBLIC LAW 105–85—NOV. 18, 1997 111 STAT. 1915)

Official White House Photo

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues is composed of 13 members and was established in November of 2009 by way of Executive Order 13521 which was issued by President Barrack H. Obama.

According to the PCSBI official government website;

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues [PCSBI) advises the President on bioethical issues that may emerge from advances in biomedicine and related areas of science and technology.

The Commission works with the goal of identifying and promoting policies and practices that ensure scientific research, health care delivery, and technological innovation are conducted in an ethically responsible manner.”

The documentation provided on the PCBSI website concludes that the commission has engaged in various studies over time, one of which was the Dec 15, 2011 study entitled — Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research.

The opening statement in Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research reads like a mad scientists diary stating;

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues today issued its report concerning federally sponsored research involving human volunteers, concluding that current rules and regulations provide adequate safeguards to mitigate risk.

In its report, “Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research,” the Commission also recommended 14 changes to current practices to better protect research subjects, and called on the federal government to improve its tracking of research programs supported with taxpayer dollars.

The statement goes on to openly admit that the US Government spread bio-agents (STD’s) to Guatemalans in the mid 40’s stating;

President Obama requested that the Commission undertake an assessment of research standards following the October 2010 revelation that the US Public Health Service supported unethical research in Guatemala from 1946 to 1948 that involved intentionally exposing thousands of Guatemalans to sexually transmitted diseases without their consent.

The President gave the Bioethics Commission two assignments: to oversee a thorough fact-finding investigation into the specifics of the studies (released September 13, 2011,,),,; and to assure that current rules for research participants protect people from harm or unethical treatment, domestically as well as internationally.

The statement goes on to highlight the Key Findings:

In the report’s central finding, the Commission found that the “US system provides substantial protections for the health, rights, and welfare of research subjects.” 

Evidence has now been brought to light that over 55,000 human testing projects (with numerous people per project) took place during the year 2010;

In assessing the current regulations that protect human subjects, the Commission learned that there is no central source with information about the overall size, scope, and cost of the government’s research involving human subjects.

The Commission requested information from 18 individual agencies that conduct most federal human subjects research, but discovered that many federal offices could not provide basic data about the research they support.

The Pentagon, for example, required more than seven months to prepare information on specific studies supported by the Department of Defense.

In its report, the Commission found that the federal government supported more than 55,000 projects involving human subjects around the globe in Fiscal Year 2010, mostly in health-related research, but also in other fields such as education, engineering and social science.

The PCSBI sounds great to the average person nearly skimming the surface pages of the government website.

However, a closer look reveals that the commission has possibly been put in place to aid in a massive cover-up of what is really taking place right in front of our  eyes on a daily basis, congress has approved it, and apparently it’s legal.

The deliberate poisoning and desecration of humanity through a multi-tiered militarized program commonly referred to as geoengineering or chemtrail operations, and large scale testing of direct energy weapons on the American people is just a small dose of what the diabolic globalists have planned for you and your family.

A massive cover-up achieved by diverting the attention back to older “openly admitted” topics such as the Guatemalan STD’s continues while the powers that be spray the American populace like roaches with toxins and chemtrails —  congress is aware of it, and there is even a budget tracing back to the top of the ladder, the President of the United States (POTUS). In essence, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

These aerosol spraying campaigns can be used to modify and control the weather, and aid in advanced manipulation the weather derivatives market through practices utilized by criminally ran corporations such as Enron and  the upper tier of the global crime syndicate known as the New World Order.

Peter Kirby (The Intel Hub) has covered this in the January 12, 2012 article entitled, The Chemtrail Business

The PCSBI official website gives a brief history of bioethics commissions dating back to the early 70’s stating;

The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1974-78) is generally viewed as the first national bioethics commission.

Established as part of the 1974 National Research Act, the National Commission is best known for the Belmont Report. It identified fundamental principles for research involving human volunteers and was the basis of subsequent federal regulation in this area.

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1978-83), also established by Congress, produced reports on foregoing life-sustaining treatment and access to health care, among other topics.

Its 1981 report Defining Death was the basis of the Uniform Determination of Death Act, a model law that was enacted by most US states.

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (1994-95) was created by President Bill Clinton to investigate human radiation experiments conducted from 1944-1974 as well as radiation intentionally released into the environment for research purposes. T

He committee considered the ethical and scientific standards for evaluating these events and provided recommendations aimed at ensuring that similar events could not be repeated.

If thats not enough, check out the Meeting 4 transcript, where a US citizen reports she has been involved in direct energy weapons testing as an unwilling participant.

A transcript excerpt from Meeting 4, Session 10 states;


Good afternoon. My name is Connie Marshall. I am a former mayoral candidate from Louisville, Kentucky. I have never been involved in any criminal activity. I found a document in my bank account that said problem with Kentucky government. Check federal government paperwork in file before releasing information to anyone.

I am an eight year victim survivor of assaults by directed energy weapons. The torture I have experienced consists of body overheating, body extremely cold, seizures, heart pain, earaches, itching behind eyes, burning behind eyes, swelling, headaches, involuntary movement of my limbs, exhaustion, speeding and heart racing, hair coming out by the handfuls as if I have had chemotherapy, mind paralysis, being hypnotized or being placed in a trance-type state, being tracked by a drone or satellite, controlled dreams, sleep deprivation, V2K which is voice to skull, projected sound, extreme muscle spasms and extreme muscle cramps; being made to fall down; blue circles around the pupils of my eyes and I am here and you can look at them if you like; low frequency noises in my home; high frequency noises in my home; sexual stimulation.

Numerous electrical appliances in my home are destroyed; four computers, two fax machines, seven telephones, four CD players, VCR, DVD players, the electrical igniter switch on my furnace, washer and dryer, air conditioner.

Also my car radio, CD player and engine were destroyed. I am watched in my home 24 hours a day and followed around everywhere I go, though I do not have a criminal history.

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Does China’s ‘cat-eyed’ boy have natural night vision?

For more information about the little boy with perfect night vision, this story is a follow up to yesterday’s “star child” video.


Published January 31, 2012 | LiveScience

According to a news reel from China, a young boy there possesses the ability to see in the dark. Like a Siamese cat’s, his sky-blue eyes flash neon green when illuminated by a flashlight, and his night vision is good enough to enable him to fill out questionnaires while sitting in a pitch black room — or so say the reporters who visited Nong Yousui in his hometown of Dahua three years ago.

The footage of Nong and his strange-looking eyes originally surfaced in 2009; it got little attention at the time, but is now making a splash all over the Web. If the boy really does have a genetic mutation that confers night vision, then he would be an interesting subject for analysis by vision scientists, evolutionary biologists, and genetic engineers alike — but does he?

The experts we shared the video with say Nong does have unusually colored irises considering his ethnicity, but he’s not the next step in human evolution.

Night vision is made possible by a layer of cells, called the tapetum lucidum, in the eyes of cats and other nocturnal animals. This thin layer is a “retroreflector” — when a beam of light hits it, it reflects the light directly back along its incoming path. The reflected beam constructively interferes with the incoming light beam, amplifying the overall signal that hits the retina and enabling the animal to see in very low-light conditions. Retroreflection also causes cat eyes to flash when they are lit upon at night, and experts say Nong’s eyes, if they are truly catlike, should do the same. [Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can’t See]

“It would be easy to test the boy’s eyes for retroreflection (eyeshine), which would be indicative of a tapetum lucidum,” said Nathaniel Greene, a physicist at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania who has studied retroreflection.

In fact, such a test is run in the video.

In the footage, Nong’s teacher claims the boy’s eyes flash when shined with a flashlight in the dark, but the reporters don’t seem to be able to catch the effect on camera. When Nong’s eyes are illuminated in the dark, they appear normal. James Reynolds, a pediatric ophthalmologist at State University of New York in Buffalo, noted, “A video could capture [eyeshine] easily, just like in nature films of leopards at night.”

Furthermore, there is no single genetic mutation that could produce a fully formed and functioning tapetum lucidum, Reynolds explained; such an ability would require multiple mutations, which don’t just happen all at once. Evolution happens incrementally, he said, not by leaps and bounds. “Evolutionarily, mutations can result in differences that allow for new environmental niche exploitation. But such mutations are modified over long periods. A functional tapetum in a human would be just as absurd as a human born with wings. It can’t happen,” he told Life’s Little Mysteries.

On the other hand, in the footage, the reporters gave Nong a questionnaire to fill out while sitting in a dark room, and they acted surprised by his ability to see and complete the fill-in-the-blank form. Even if he doesn’t have cat eyes, he may nevertheless have unusually good night vision, Reynolds said. He could have a rod-rich retina, for example — a retina that contains a higher than usual number of cells involved in light detection. Or the video could be a total hoax.

“It is hard to say what the truth is about this boy,” said Dennis Brooks, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “A good ophthalmic examination by a physician ophthalmologist is in order, I think.”

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Dutchsinse: Nuclear plant vents RADIOACTIVE steam onto DOWNTOWN CHICAGO

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First, i would like to say much love to the people of Chicago — this is the last thing anyone needs to hear right about now — but since the MSM decided to BURY this story — Im sure it will come as a shock to a lot of people up in the great ‘windy city’.

If you were outside today in Downtown Chicago — Any time after about 1030am CST — 1/30/2012 — chances are , you may have been exposed to NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT from the steam that was vented by the Byron Illinois / Exelon Nuclear power plant.

More specifically, aerosolized particulates of Tritium were in the clouds of steam released—- those clouds then blew down wind into Chicago area proper. As to whether people inhaled these particles — only time will tell now.

They say low levels— but if you go to my full post on this — you will see the health risks associated with this radioactive particle.

On top of fukushima (japan) radiation – this is the last thing anyone needs.

Here is the full story:…

Here is the news bulletin in the video:…

Also I have assembled dozens of radiation monitoring links (click the above link )…

I’d like to remind everyone that there are NO “good” levels of radioactive particulates… before anyone tells me it was “safe levels”.. I’d like them to go stand near those “safe levels” for a while and get back to me on their assessment.

If you live in Chicago — you DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH !

I have also included information on Tritium at the above link.


This barbaric assault on marine life must be stopped before it’s too late! I don’t know what’s more disturbing the lack of public outrage or the insensitive arrogance on the behalf of the military. Instead of moving forward in consciousness a certain portion of mankind appears to be stepping back in time to the barbarism of centuries long passed, based on the way we treat both the animal kingdom and those among us who are less fortunate.

Rosalind Peterson also brought us news that geoengineering is destroying the atmosphere, which is a must see film that  you can find here by doing a simple search of her name. Please pass it on to help inform others about the downhill spiral and dire situation the web of life is caught in due to chemtrail pollution, Rosalind is the leading researcher in the field of atmospheric pollution.

 Please do what you can to share this information and contact your local and state representatives to demand a stop to the genocide of sentient life in the sea, they are literally the angels of ocean life. Only the mind of a psychotic could implement a plan like this.

By Rosalind Peterson
August 11, 2009

The United States Navy will be decimating millions of marine mammals and other aquatic life, each year, for the next five years, under their Warfare Testing Range Complex Expansions in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS under NOAA), has already approved the “taking” of marine mammals in more than a dozen Navy Range Warfare Testing Complexes (6), and is preparing to issue another permit for 11.7 millions marine mammals (32 Separate Species), to be decimated along the Northern, California, Oregon and Washington areas of the Pacific Ocean (7).

U.S. Department of Commerce – NOAA (NMFS) Definition: “TAKE” Defined under the MMPA as “harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect.” Defined under the ESA as “to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct.” Definition: Incidental Taking: An unintentional, but not unexpected taking (12).

The total number of marine mammals that will be decimated in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico for the next five years is unknown. The NMFS approvals will have a devastating impact upon the marine mammal populations worldwide and this last Navy permit, which is expected to be issued in February 2010, for the “taking” of more than 11.7 million marine mammals in the Pacific will be the final nail in the coffin for any healthy populations of sea life to survive.

Now with ever-increasing numbers of permits being issued for sonar programs in more than twelve ranges in the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic regions of the United States, our marine mammals and other sea life are facing complete devastation. When you add bomb blasts to this list, warfare testing of all types, future war testing practice, and the toxic chemicals which are both airborne and to be used underwater, there is little chance that most marine life will survive in any significant numbers. Our U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen refuse to postpone these disastrous “takings” or hold U.S. Congressional Hearings while pretending to be ocean environment friendly in their re-election speeches.

Earlier this year, June 8th through June 16, 2009, a delegation from Connecticut and California spent time walking the halls of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. We left petitions, color fliers, and information about saving our marine mammals, requested a postponement and U.S. Congressional Hearings. Ninety-nine senate offices were visited and 2/3 of offices in the U.S. House of Representatives. The silent response from our elected officials regarding these two requests has been zero…one U.S. Congressman even stated that citizens would be “laughed out of the halls of the U.S. Congress for suggesting that we protect our marine mammals”. Corporate paid “Lobbyists”, who hand out money by the $Millions, on the other hand, are always accepted at hearings, give testimony, and are welcomed in the halls of Congress…apparently the voices of citizens of the United States are not given the same status.


These virtually unregulated Navy Warfare Testing Programs already approved are now taking a toll on marine mammals, the fishing and ocean tourism industries, and on all aquatic life. Many U.S. Senators and Congressmen are ignoring these issues by pretending that they doesn’t exist even though they have been informed in advance of these programs.

A brief history of the Navy Warfare Testing Program is needed to understand the full implications of this Pentagon/Navy Warfare Testing Program. In 2004, the Bush Administration signed a bill weakening U.S. Environmental Laws (1), with regard to the U.S. Navy. And then in 2008, President Bush signed an executive order allowing the Navy to be exempt from environmental laws which protects endangered and threatened species (2-4). The Navy Southern California Complex was the first one to benefit from this executive order. Soon other Navy Range Complexes were obtaining exemptions from the NMFS with little or no oversight or significant mitigation measures (5).

A partial listing of known Navy Range Complexes (6), shows the amazing scope of the disaster. According to U.S. Congressman Waxman in a letter dated March 12, 2009: “…The Navy estimates that its sonar training activities will “take” marine mammals more than 11.7 million times over the course of a five-year permit…The sonar exercises at issue would take place off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Hawaii, Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico – affecting literally every coastal state. In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of training exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur. Of particular concern are biologically sensitive marine habitats off our coasts, such as National Marine Sanctuary and other breeding habitats…In all, the Navy anticipates that its sonar exercises will “take” marine mammals more than 2.3 million times per year, or 11.7 million times over the course of a 5-year permit….” This statement was made in response to public inquiries regarding the Navy Northwest Training Range schedule for Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

KTVU Oakland San Francisco Television Station is the only television station to investigate and air a story about this U.S. Navy program (13), on May 18, 2009. It took a great deal of courage, in the face of the fact that no other major television networks would carry this story. A few courageous radio stations are also helping to get the word out to the public.

Published in the United States Federal Register on March 11, 2009:

The United States Navy published an application, as an addendum to their expanded Warfare Testing program, in the U.S. Federal Register, dated March 11, 2009. This application from the Navy “…requests authorization to take individuals of 32 species of marine mammals during upcoming Navy Warfare testing and training to be conducted in the NWTR areas (off the Pacific coasts of Washington, Oregon, and northern California) over the course of 5 years…”

The Navy Warfare Testing Program will “…utilize mid- and high frequency active sonar sources and explosive detonations. These sonar and explosive sources will be utilized during Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Tracking Exercises, Mine Avoidance Training, Extended Echo Ranging and Improved Extended Echo Ranging (EER/IEER) events, Missile Exercises, Gunnery Exercises, Bombing Exercises, Sinking Exercises, and Mine Warfare Training…” (More listed in Navy E.I.S.)

The “taking” of marine mammals negatively impacts the entire ecology of our oceans and the life in them which feeds large numbers of people and other species around the world. It should be noted that the list of toxic chemicals that the Navy proposes to use is a long one as noted in the Navy E.I.S. Depleted uranium, red and white phosphorus, mercury, lead, and a whole host of chemicals known to be toxic not only to man, but to marine life, are being served up on the “Navy Warfare Chemical Menu” that will contaminate our air, water, and soil.

Since all of the Navy Warfare Training Range Complexes have received, or will receive in the near future, permits to “take” marine mammals during their respective 5-year warfare training programs the cumulative and synergistic effects of losing millions of marine mammals will be disastrous. It is time to say no to any future permits being issued by the National Marine Fisheries Services. Please feel free to file protests by the August 12, 2009, deadline National Marine Fisheries Service (9), regarding the U.S. Navy Environmental Impact Statement (10).


On May 28, 2009, U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson from California, in a Press Release to NOAA, made the following statements which could be directed toward any ocean Navy testing range: “…I am concerned about the United States Navy’s ability to properly review the environmental impacts of proposed enhancements in its Northwest Training Range Complex (NWTRC)… I am particularly concerned that NOAA’s existing mitigation measures may not be best suited for the protected marine mammals and endangered salmonids present in the Pacific Northwest… I am also concerned about proposed changes to current levels of activity in the NWTRC that focus on training for new aircraft and ship classes and physical enhancements to the training range. The Navy’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) acknowledges that these changes, particularly those related to its increased use of mid-frequency sonar, are likely to have measurable impacts on 32 protected marine mammal species known to inhabit the NWTRC…”

Congressman Thompson continues: “…As the Navy moves forward with plans to train on new weapons systems, it is essential that NOAA identifies the environmental impacts of these new aircraft, ships and submarines – and their accompanying mitigation measures – specifically with reference to the productive ocean habitats and species that define the Pacific Coast… I am not aware of any specific elements included in the evaluation and am concerned that the review will be inadequate to address the Navy’s EIS with respect to protection of Pacific Coast ocean ecosystems.

NOAA’s comprehensive review is particularly important given that the Navy has estimated shipboard visual monitoring for marine mammals – the most commonly employed sonar mitigation measure – to be effective only 9% of the time. It is important that NOAA take immediate steps to validate its comprehensive review of mitigation measures. Specifically, I request that you provide my office with an outline of the comprehensive review process and answers to the following questions:

1. What mitigation measures will be reviewed during NOAA’s process?
2. What data will NOAA use to identify those mitigation measures best able to protect marine species?
3. How will your agency’s recommendations target specific species, habitats or training activities of concern?
4. How will NOAA’s recommendations address sonar impacts to species other than marine mammals?
5. How will NOAA or the Navy establish performance standards to ensure that recommended mitigation measures are functioning as intended?…”

The public should also be informed of any information received by Congressman Thompson’s office. In addition, there are a few more questions which need to be answered:

1. What are the synergistic and cumulative effects of all the permits that have been issued in the last two years to Naval Range Complex requests?

2. Bomb blasts and toxic chemicals are also being tested by the Navy and NOAA reviews are not including information on the Navy Hazardous Waste and Toxic Chemicals sections of the Navy E.I.S., such as bioaccumulation of chemicals in the food chain, death from exposure to toxic chemicals and bomb blasts.

3. The Navy will also be conducting classified future warfare testing. Since the public is not to be informed of those tests, chemicals being used, electromagnetic weapons systems, and other air or land based tests, who is protecting sea life, human health, water, soil, and air from pollution and other experimental tests?

4. Human health from airborne pollutants, toxic debris, and shoreline contamination from toxic chemicals should also be considered in the NMFS evaluation. The protection of cruise ships, fishermen, ocean tourists, U.S. Coastguard personnel, and the public who swim in the ocean should also be considered in their evaluations. This is not just a marine mammal issue.

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It is now time for all of us to weigh in with regard to these warfare programs which will devastate our marine mammals, pollute our air and water, and have negative impacts on human health. We should have U.S. Congressional Hearings and a postponement of these programs until such time as the public can be informed about these issues.

For more information contact: Rosalind Peterson (707) 485-7520 Or, E-mail:

Additional Information:

1- Bill Signed into Law by President Bush Summary. 108th Congress H.R. 1588, 2004
2- Associate Press January 18, 2009 – “…President Bush’s decision to exempt the Navy from an environmental law so it can continue using high-power sonar in its training off Southern California _ a practice they say harms whales and other marine mammals…”
3- Los Angeles January 16, 2009- Associated Press President Bush Executive Order Undermining Environmental Laws.
4- U.S. Department of Defense News Release January 16, 2009 Navy Warfare Testing Southern California Range Complex-Use of Sonar.
5- No Significant Mitigation Measures for all of the Navy Range Complexes Listing on this U.S. Map.
6- Partial Listing of known Navy + Air Force Range Complexes:
NOAA Listing (NMFS) August 9, 2009
A – Northwest Training Range Complex – California, Washington, Idaho, Oregon
B – Southern California Training Range Complex, and here
C – Cherry Point Training Range Complex and here
D – U.S. Air Force Eglin Gulf Test+Training Range EGTTR Strike Weapons Tests 2004-5 Years
E – Hawaii Training Range Complex and here
F – Jacksonville, Florida Navy Complex Training Range E.I.S. – Marine Mammal Disaster 2008
G – Virginia Capes EIS/OEIS and see here and here
H – Gulf of Mexico Range Complex EIS/OEIS and Map
I – Atlantic Fleet Active Sonar Training. See This and This
J – Mariana Islands Range Complex EIS/OEIS
K – NSWC Panama City Division: EIS/OEIS
L – NAVSEA NUWC Keyport Range Complex EIS/OEIS
M – Navy Undersea Warfare Training Range Complex. Also see this
7- California, Washington, Idaho, Oregon Decision Pending
8- Navy Cherry Point Range Complex, Table of Contents Environmental Impact Statement – Finalized April 23, 2009, Weapons Systems Descriptions – Note Section on Red and White Phosphorus Hazards, 2003 GAO Report Navy
9- Public Comment Deadline NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service August 12, 2009, Information here for how to file your protest and comments, 2009
10- California, Oregon, Washington & Idaho Navy Environmental Impact Statement
11- NOAA “Take” Requests and Permit Authorization-Note Military & Other Types of Organizations
12- NOAA Glossary of Terms – 2009 Definition: Incidental Taking: An unintentional, but not unexpected taking. More Terms, and
13- KTVU Channel 2 Investigation U.S. Navy Warfare Testing Program May 18, 2009
14- President Obama Restored Species Act Consultation-U.S. Department of Commerce & Interior

© 2009 – Rosalind Peterson – All Rights Reserved

Snowy Owls Mass in United States

Snowy Owls Mass in United States

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Snowy Owls Mass in United States

Snowy Owls Mass in United States

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A rare mass migration of snowy owls has bird enthusiasts traveling from Texas, Arizona and Utah to see the two-foot birds that normally spend their time looking for food in the Arctic tundra. The influx of thousands of snowy owls has been documented by many appearances in Michigan, Idaho, Montana,  Missouri, Kansas, the Pacific Northwest and Massachusetts. Some have also made it as far south as Texas, and one may have ventured all the way to Hawaii.

“What we’re seeing now — it’s unbelievable. This is the most significant wildlife event in decades,”
said owl researcher Denver Holt. (Source: Reuters) The one in Hawaii was the first to ever appear there, but was shot by federal officials  because they said it was near an airport and might interfere with planes landing and taking off.

Called an irruption, this very unusual mass migration of snowy owls isn’t fully understood yet. Speculation has been they are flying further south due to a lack of food – generally lemmings – in their traditional habitat. Another possibility is that right before the sudden absence of lemmings, the owls had a very productive breeding season, so there are far more of them than usual, and they were forced too hunt outside their normal range. It was reported in Michigan they have been eating small voles, mice and rabbits.

The irruption has been predicted to end by late March or early April, so if you are interested in traveling to an area where they might be seen there is still time. In Kansas ninety snow owls have appeared, and in Missouri there have been forty, with the previous high being eight. If you are interested in seeing them, it might be beneficial to carefully research online first, as there has already been one ‘owl jam’, with thousands of people arriving in the same area to see the rare visitors.

Snowy owls are protected by law, and it is advised to keep a safe distance from them so they don’t get scared, because in that state they use burn energy and some of them are already in a compromised state due to lack of food. Some of the owls have been found dead, and starvation was the cause.

Image Credit: Floyd Davidson/ Wiki Commons

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Ancient Aliens S01E04 – Closer Encounters

Uploaded by on Dec 26, 2010

From The History Channel : Reports of encounters with strange beings and sightings of mysterious objects in the sky have occurred throughout history. A 13th century historical book, Otia Imperialia, includes an account of a creature descending from a flying craft over Bristol, England. The log from Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America contains a report of strange lights in the sky. Medieval art pieces depict disc-shaped objects floating in the heavens. Sightings of flying cigar-shaped crafts were reported during the Black Plague. And there were even discussions of extraterrestrial life among America’s Founding Fathers. Could these sightings, coming from every part of the world, from biblical times to present day, be evidence that aliens have been with us all along?

NibiruMagick 2012’s Climate Change Update’s: Disturbing Noises from the Sky, Children’s medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

Please accept my apology’s for the lack of new information over the last 24 hours, health related issues knocked me out of the game yesterday. With so much going on here are the last two days of Climate Change Updates, the chaos continues to unfold at almost every level….Much love to all,
In Lak’ech, Annette
Climate Change Update: (31 January 2012) Children’s medicines coated with brain damaging aluminum
From: NibiruMagick2012  | Jan 30, 2012

Aluminum Lake food coloring, used to heavily coat liquid medicines for children, contains dangerous amounts of aluminum and harmful synthetic petrochemicals. These “petrochemicals” are carcinogens containing petroleum, antifreeze and ammonia, which cause a long list of adverse reactions.

Strange Sounds in Sky Explained by Scientists…

USGS monitors Earth’s magnetic field to prepare citizens for magnetic storms

Emergency shutdown at Illinois reactor — Smoke was actually steam containing radioactive material — Workers evacuated — Releases will continue throughout day

Climate Change Update (30 January 2012) Disturbing Noises from the Sky

Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2012

From as far back as 2008, video recordings of strange and disturbing noises that seem to come from the sky have been appearing on the internet. In the last 12 months, many more of these ‘strange noise’ videos have been recorded and uploaded by people from many different parts of the globe. (Video)
Strange Noises in the Sky…Trumpets of the Apocalypse?

Microscopic plastic debris from washing clothes is accumulating in the marine environment and could be entering the food chain, a study has warned. Researchers traced the “micro-plastic” back to synthetic clothes, which released up to 1,900 tiny fibers per garment every time they were washed.

ACTA is worse than SOPA, here’s what you need to know

Asahi: Sources reveal about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials released from Fukushima reactors

Ancient Aliens – “Underground Aliens” on Hopi, Mayan, Turkish Cultures and Inner Earth legends

Uploaded by on Mar 23, 2011

Next Episode:

If extraterrestrials influenced human history, can evidence of their existence be found in hidden tunnels and caverns around the world? Could a cave in Ecuador contain metallic books inscribed with secrets of alien technology? Was an ancient underground city in Turkey built with alien help… or as a refuge from an alien attack? Rumors of the U.S. military working alongside aliens in a secret base inside a mesa in New Mexico continue to swirl, Native American legends mention strange inner-Earth beings, and recent archaeological discoveries in the Yucatan may point to an extraterrestrial reality behind.


Playlist: (Contain all videos for season 2)

History Channel — Ancient Aliens — Underground Aliens
(Season 2 Episode 4)
November 18, 2010


ancient aliens season 2 episode 4 full ancient aliens s02e04

Shuttle Mission STS 123 – Unidentified Objects Exhibit Changes In Velocity Vector (Raw & Enhanced)

Interesting to note that when asked about the UFO’s involved in the “tether incident”, a Project Camelot whistle-blower once said to “think of outer-space as an ocean”.  That concept really makes a lot of sense when viewing these anomalies because they appear to be alive, swimming in space just like fish in the ocean do.
Disclose.tvShuttle Mission STS 123 – Unidentified Objects exhibit changes in velocity vector (Raw & Enhanced) Video

This presentation takes a brief look at a few anomalies that can be found in a 16-second segment of video footage shot in low-Earth orbit in March 2008, back during NASA space shuttle mission STS-123 (Endeavour). This brief clip shows multiple unidentified objects that were visible outside the shuttle, including several that exhibit changes to their velocity vectors as they float across the field-of-view. The footage concludes as the camera is abruptly panned away.

Unfortunately, based on the limited evidence available to us, there is simply no possible way for anyone to make any kind of credible size or range estimations for any of the unidentified objects seen in this sequence. As you will see, it is pretty clear that several of the objects do not maintain purely ballistic trajectories, with their movement profiles demonstrating there are indeed several subtle changes in their velocity vector occurring. One object that I focus on specifically near the end of this presentation exhibits a very dramatic change in flightpath trajectory. The object can be seen materializing into view (or into the sensitivity range of the camera system) in the lower right of screen shortly after the footage begins, and the flightpath deviation it exhibits is very abrupt and results in over a 90-degree change in the velocity vector.

Any flightpath deviations must be due to either some external force acting upon the object (push/pull), or alternatively, we must also consider that there could be an internal force or thrust being emitted from the object itself that accounts for the changes in trajectory/velocity observed (the second option could of course potentially denote some level of intelligent control being involved). You will also witness some objects that appear to materialize and de-materialize directly into or out of the scene (or at least into or out of the sensitivity range of the low-lux imaging system that was being employed to shoot this footage).

Also please keep in mind, the fact is that there is simply no way for anyone to identify the objects seen in this brief segment of footage, so therefore, by definition, those objects must logically be classified as being “unidentified”.

Of course, the term “UFO” does not necessarily mean “Alien Spacecraft”. These objects can be accurately referred to as being “UFOs” because that is exactly what they are. They are anomalous, unknown objects that are clearly flying free in space that cannot be identified as being any form of known man-made structure or known celestial object. We do not know what they are, how they got there, where they came from, where they are going, or what they are doing there. By definition, that makes them “UFOs”.

Cheers everyone,

Click here for video:
Disclose.tvShuttle Mission STS 123 – Unidentified Objects exhibit changes in velocity vector (Raw & Enhanced) Video

Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012

 Nong has a beautiful inner light shining through his stunning blue eyes, he’s an outstanding example of the growing generation of indigo children coming into the world at this time.

Click here for video:
Disclose.tvAlien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012 Video

A boy has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark. Doctors have studied Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes. Dad Ling said: “They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did.” Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day. Could Nong Youhui be a Hybrid or Starchild? A new and growing generation of extraordinary and gifted children are springing up across our planet, is the human species evolving, or possibly our Extraterrestrial visitors tinkering with our DNA? As always you decide. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

Chief NOAA Scientist: North Pole Is Moving Rapidly


Click here for video:
Disclose.tvChief NOAA scientist: North Pole is moving rapidly Video

Rodney Viereck
Chief, Space Weather Services Branch, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Poles shifting confirmed… Listen to his ( slip ) oops.&

Entire Video (27:00 the Question)
Eruptions from the Far-Side: New Global Views of the Sun;feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Story posted on 24 December 2009….. Interesting the timing……

Shift of Earth’s magnetic north pole impacts Tampa airport

Hidden treasures revealed in Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World at the British Museum

If anyone thinks the only reason we went into Afghanistan was to fight the Taliban or to protect oil transportation routes and mineral rights, you better think twice.  Afghanistan is/was rich in ancient wealth that held many secrets to our past, which most likely included ancient technology’s the military would love to reverse engineer. When we invaded Iraq the first buildings troops raided were the museums because Saddam Hussein apparently was in control of ancient weaponry or technology that our military wanted to get it’s hands on.

Uploaded by on Mar 25, 2011

A story of daring and intrigue – archaeologists discovered the treasures of Afghanistan’s nomadic ancestors but then had to hide them to keep them safe.

You can see the treasures in the exhibition Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World at the British Museum until 3 July 2011.

Book tickets now:

VIRAL VIDEO ALERT – Main Stream News Covers MAJOR OUTBREAK Of Strange Noises! Even Tibetan Monks reporting weird sounds

This video is dedicated to the naysayers who left nasty comments about covering this subject, think about it. If there wasn’t something real going on the subject of “strange earth sounds” it wouldn’t be the #1 search topic on Google or 2012 The Awakening last week. Do you really think all those people are all searching based on a few hoaxed video’s?

Denial is not a river running thru Egypt, you better wake up to the fact the earth is changing or you may get a rude awakening in the not too distant future, if you’re not psychologically and spiritually prepared. The fact that you’re in denial tells me you’re not even close to prepared. You may have guns, ammmo and an underground bunker full of food, but that won’t be enough to save you from what the Earth has in store from those who still harbor negative emotions or hate in their soul.

Click here for video:
Disclose.tvVIRAL VIDEO ALERT – Main stream news covers MAJOR OUTBREAK of Strange Noises and sounds! Video

Here’s another angle on Earth sounds, this video was posted last April. The strange, almost haunting sounds coming from the cave starts a minute or so into the playback so let it play for a bit.

Uploaded by on Apr 10, 2011

Sounds from the Hollow Earth.

Citizens of Shambala are releasing powerful vibrating energy. It sounds like a extreme combined energy of healing mantra sounds. On the surface the Tibetan monks that are meditating in this cave of the spirits for a long time are saying that this started to happen only recently. They also were saying that the spirits telepathically transmitted to them that something major is going to happen soon. The Earth is ringing like a bell more and more recently. Its all happening guys.

No human interference in the audio file. You can download the original file Russian scientists recorded on:

The good part is that we are not alone in this major planetary shift and I’m sure that people of Shamballa will do their best to protect all life on Earth when time comes.