Private: Scientists Secretly Evacuating Mexican Port Town Of Ensenada Due To Impending Cataclysm


From Kerry Cassidy’s blog Jan 11, 2012 about alleged impending geophysical event in Ensenada Mexico:

LETTER FROM KEITH HUNTER – His Investigation into the following story I posted yesterday”Scientists Evacuating Ensenadas, Baja Mexico


Notwithstanding that this article is dated erroneously at the top as “2014” …. if true it would have serious consequences for Southern California. However, I have not received any confirmation of this information. If this article is accurate then a cataclysm to the area is being anticipated and is known by at least some of those in attendance at this meeting. If anyone has contact with a scientist who was in attendance please contact me…


Here is Keith Hunter’s very interesting research into this story:

Dear Kerry,

I may have some information regarding your article: “Private: Scientists Secretly Evacuating Mexican Port Town Of Ensenada Due To Impending Cataclysm”

From my work, there is a very intriguing connection to the region that may indicate a possible earthquake event – either natural or artificial. I may have mentioned this to you Kerry in one of our interviews.

Do you recall the ancient city of Jericho? It was destroyed by Joshua. But I believe this was via use of the Arc of the Covenant which was a high-tech weapon. God’s instructions to Joshua for bringing the walls down were are follows:

“Ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city once. Thus shalt thou do six days. And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams’ horns: and the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets. And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram’s horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat.”

The above I believe is ‘code’ for engineering a high-tech resonance effect, and that Jericho was particularly vulnerable due to its location.

In my work Kerry I have spoken about how pure latitude arc measures displaced from the equator are carefully selected to engineer a nuclear explosion or trigger an artificial earthquake. This is how I believe Jericho was destroyed. Now, the latitude up from the equator to Jericho – which survives as a city today is:

31° 51′ 19.6″ North (31.855444 N)
The elliptical Arc Length = 11567661.625 feet

What is very interesting though is that this is practically dead-on the latitude of the Mexican Port Town Of Ensenada:

31° 51′ 28″ North (31.857778 N)
The elliptical Arc Length = 11568510.719 feet

The Ideal Value I would calculate for the optimum latitude at which a possible earthquake event might occur shortly, if there is some sort of event forecast (or to be engineered artificially), would be:

31° 52′ 23.05″ North (31.8730706 N)

This would give an elliptical Arc Length up from the equator of:


The significance of this is that 1/11574074.074… = 0.0000000864

864 as a progression is linked to time units:

864 / 6 = 144
144 / 6 = 24

Also, I find a ratio of 0.24 linking the value of 11574074.074 to an arc length associated with the Chile 9.5 Earthquake. This may too be of interest.

The above connections at least let me propose that if there is some sort of high level earthquake (or nuclear event) of significance to strike near to the Mexican Port Town Of Ensenada in the near future, then the location of the event would in my estimation be at the latitude of 31° 52′ 23.05″ North (31.8730706 N), elliptical arc 11574074.074…feet + or – 1500 feet or so. This would be the optimum to achieve the necessary energetic effect.



Article “Scientists Evacuating Ensenadas, Baja Mexico

Jan 4, 2014
By Alexander Backman

CRN® Jan 4th 2012- Conciencia Radio is currently conducting an investigation on something massive that occurred in the port town of Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. In or around August 2011, a very big secret meeting took place among the scientific elite at the number one scientific research center in Mexico known as the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE). This preliminary report, not be published as of yet, is being developed to ascertain why prominent scientists from different parts of the world that work at CICESE have decided to suddenly relocate or flee from the Baja California peninsula due to an impending geophysical event of great magnitude.

We release this information to our colleagues in the field so they are informed as to what is transpiring. We ask them to not publish anything as of yet until our investigation is finalized. We ask them this so our work into this matter is not jeopardized in any way. We trust in you keeping this story private only among your trusted groups of researchers.

We spoke a series of anonymous sources. Among them a woman who yesterday revealed to us what transpired at the CICESE. She and a professor of hers arrived to the CICESE to attend an astronomy workshop. When they arrived to the center, the saw that the Mexican Military had closed all vehicle access to the center. They thought they were removing radioactive substances that are used in the labs, which is not uncommon to see because the removal of hazardous substances such as chemicals and radioactive compounds are ascribed to the Military. Later they realized why the Military was there and it was not for this purpose but to protect important visitors that were present at the CICESE at that same moment.

They two women, who wish to remain anonymous, decided to park behind the center and ingress from the back of the facility. They parked their car on one of the hills and managed to get inside the complex. Once in, they went to the auditorium were the workshop was supposed to be held. To their surprise, the main access to the auditorium had been sealed off. They decided to go around the building and found an access door that led them inside. They expected very few people attending the event in question. To their surprise, the auditorium was full of people and it was not in any way related the astronomy workshop/conference that they planned to attend.

To their amazement, they saw scientists from different parts of the world having a very heated discussion over a definite problem of enormous proportions. They saw Japanese, Russian and other European nationals present at the event. They were all discussing in a very high tone of voice. They even saw things being thrown and tables being banged. Another source whom which we spoke to informed us that at least a top-level Cabinet member from the Calderon government attended the event as well as possibly the Governor of Baja California (the latter has not been confirmed) who was in Ensenada on that day.

The topic being discussed by the scientific elite is the fact that they now have confirmation that a huge cataclysmic geological or geophysical event is about to occur any moment now that would at least destroy the port city of Ensenada Mexico. Ensenada is located at just 68 miles south of the Tijuana/San Diego border. At least 300,000 people reside in Ensenada. Among other things discussed was that they leave the city as soon as possible. It has been revealed to us that in fact many of the foreign scientists working at the CICESE and other well-connected individuals in the Baja California elite have left Ensenada. Our direct source mentioned in the interview we conducted with her on January 3rd, 2012 that the antendees mentioned that they were expecting the event to occur any moment now and that they referred to it as a “geophysical event”.

I spoke with a prominent scientist from the CICESE in 2010. Although her name was not given, she confirmed the latter. Another family member of a Supreme Court Magistrate from Mexico told her to relocate outside of the city as soon as she could because something enormous is about to hit Ensenada.

CICESE and the HAARP Connection

This event goes in tandem with the report we published in April 2010 where a University student was told by the daughter of a prominent scientist from the same CICESE that American scientists working on the HAARP project came down to Ensenada to talk to the researchers at the CICESE to inform them that they a massive earthquake with tsunami was being planned or forecast for Ensenada, Mexico. Whether the seismic event was to be triggered by HAARP or is a natural event was not discussed in 2010; just the impending warning that a massive event was to occur soon.

You may access the 2010 HAARP report here:

CICESE Scientist Confirms of Impending Geophysical Event for Ensenada.

More testimony from another source in February 2010 who attended the home of one of the prominent researchers that currently works at the CICESE was made privy to the fact that while the CICESE decided to replace outdated monitoring equipment (mentioned as cameras of some sort) along the whole Pacific-side of the Baja California peninsula corridor from Ensenada to Tijuana. To their surprise, the devices could not be located where they were supposed to be. They hired a special scuba-diving team to go search for the devices. After they finally located the devices, the CICESE researcher told our source, they discovered that a massive event was to happen any moment in Ensenada of catastrophic proportions.
Now, with this new testimony from our 2012 source, we can at least foresee that a very big geophysical event is about to occur that will affect the northern part of the Baja California peninsula. This information has forced many important and prominent scientists from Europe, Russia, Japan and Mexico to relocate from Ensenada and leave their jobs at the CICESE.
This investigation is still in process.

If you know anything that might shed any light on this investigation please contact us.

© 2012 Alexander Backman- All Rights Reserved

Also this interesting piece of information from Kerry’s blog Jan 11, 2012 that may relate to this cataclysmic event:

BREAKING NEWS! — from a Camelot supporter: “Periodically I take care of a baby relative of mine -not so much of a baby anymore; a toddler now and growing up fast. Last night we were sitting in the dark by the wood burning stove enjoying the fire. Out of the blue she said, “the ocean is coming.” She got up went to the door and looked outside.” She lives 50 miles inland at about 4000ft. in San Diego County.”

Very interesting


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