Many Ancient Cultures Predicted 2012: Not Just The Mayans

HotBed Info, 12/16/2011

Spoiler Alert: The World Will NOT End in 2012

When most people talk about the year 2012, the Mayans and the “End of the world” are usually included in that conversation. Shockingly, what most people don’t realize is that the Mayans are one of many civilizations who have predicted this timeline based upon astrological cycles and the alignment of planets. Furthermore, it wasn’t the “end of the world” Armageddon they were predicting, they predicted the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. What that means is whatever you want it to mean.


You have to ask yourself, how did so many isolated civilizations predict the exact same date thousands of years ago? Well, it was because they all understood Astronomy and the end of cycles. Notably, the ancient Chinese culture also points to the year 2012. I would also suggest in light of knowing these facts that the mayans didnt create their calendar at all, but simply added to and borrowed what previous ancient cultures had already discovered.

Below are a list of ancient cultures who are all pointing to the year 2012 as the end of this cycle and the beginning of a new one.


The I Ching is one of the oldest of Chinese classic texts. The book contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy. In Western cultures and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.

The I Ching was written in China in 2800 B.C. and is still revered to this day in China and many parts of the world as a book that can foretell the future.

Terrence McKenna, an American author, public speaker, metaphysician and philosopher studied the I Ching intensely and began to see a pattern emerging from his in-depth studies. From the patterns of lines that were produced through the tossing of two-sided coins, McKenna produced a time line graph and called it the “Time Wave Zero” theory. Mckenna’s time line derived from the I Ching ended in the year 2012 – December 21, 2012 to be exact, the winter solstice. (SOURCE)


December 21, 2012, (give or take a day) was nonetheless momentous to the Maya.

“It’s the time when the largest grand cycle in the Mayan calendar—1,872,000 days or 5,125.37 years—overturns and a new cycle begins,” said Anthony Aveni, a Maya expert and archaeoastronomer at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. They are the most talked about who predicted this date. According to them we are gradually entering the completion of creation. (Source)


Hopi is an ancient civilization from the land of Arizona. They have clearly predicted about the natural and unnatural destruction in 2012.

According to both Hopi and Maya myth we are currently in the Fourth world. To the Hopi, the arrival of Pahana will the the key which opens the door to the Fifth world. According to Maya myth this key is found in astrological cycles which begins and ends at and that date is regarded by scholars as December 21, 2012 which coincides with the winter solstice. (SOURCE)


The Hindus, are one of the ancient civilizations that follow the Lunar calendar. According to them, Lord Krishna is supposed to occur at the end of the world.

Various Hindu scholars and astrologers are predicting that Kali Yuga will end in 2012 with Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, beginning on December 21, 2012. The change will be marked with chaotic changes in the environment and social systems, but overall leads to greater knowledge.
2012 Hindu Calendar. (SOURCE)


There are many fake 2012 predictions claimed by people on the internet about the Egyptians, but they are all false and there is no evidence at all to support these theories.


Aztec is very similar in prophecy as to the Mayans and other ancient cultures. Even they pointed to the date of 2012, in December at 11:11. They follow the long count calendar and according to them it’s a time of the 6th sun, a New Age of creation. Death and rebirth of humanity as we know it.


This civilization also mentions the turning over of life, the renewal of life. There calendar also ends on the year of 2012 and they predicted that several times of an aligning of the planets will bring forth the New Age.


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