Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner interview with Project Camelot – EXPLOSIVE REVELATIONS! Crypto-terrestrials, human-alien hybrids and even androids existing among us

Thanks to the effort of some very hard working, dedicated, fearless researchers we seem to have peeled the layers of the onion back to get to the core of humanity’s problem and why things have gone so terribly wrong here on the planet. After listening to what may be a mind blowing interview for many newly awakened souls, let’s all do our part in distributing this information far and wide. Secrecy has been their strength for thousands of years, but now that the truth is getting out it’s our job to tell everyone we can what’s been going on as quickly as possible because lives are at stake here. The fact is crypto-terrestrials,  human-alien hybrids and even androids have been living among us from the beginning of human history here on Earth, they created us to be a slave race and we are still performing that function in in almost every respect.

What’s truly incredible though is we’re awakening to this knowledge simultaneously as the veils are beginning to fall  on the false reality imprisoning us and also as many of us begin to remember that we’re powerful Co-Creators and why we incarnated on Earth at this time. IMO we must develop our higher selves, expanding our consciousness as a way to empower ourselves. Because  if there comes a time to fight against these forces,  guns won’t get you anywhere. You must learn to call upon and tune into your higher power, as well as your guides for  protection.

So that said, without further ado….Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy for one of the most informative interviews yet discussing everything from Crypto-terrestrials to the Archons and the Nag Hammadi to why the use of Skynet, AI and nanotechnology is a serious threat to the survival of the human race.

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