Randi Rhodes Homework Thursday, February 16, 2012

Randi has so much juicy information on today’s homework that I just felt compelled to share all the insanity with you! They’re working overtime at keeping the sheeple distracted with  absolutely outrageous comments coming from right wing favorites like right wing pundit Rush Limbaugh leading the pack on the war against women and our right to PLAN A FAMILY!! Before I get on my soapbox I’ll sign off and let you be the judge, with nay luck these freaks have gone too far this time and people will start waking up to the con job called the Republicon NAZI party.
Election 2012

George Packer: ‘Poor, White, and Republican’

Obama beating Romney by 16 points in Michigan

Santorum’s tax returns show rise in wealth

Can money stop Rick Santorum?

Mitt Romney, Donald Trump raise campaign cash at New York bankruptcy law firm

Is Romney Going To Run Out Of Money?

Romney tells west Mich. businessmen he’ll fight unions

Santorum: People Should Pay Their Own Medical Bills

Rick Santorum’s Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Hypocrisy

Rick Santorum Cast Himself As ‘Progressive Conservative,’ Non-Reaganite In First Campaign

How Would Santorum’s Social Positions Play in the Fall, to the Full Electorate?

Talk radio and Fox News bully the GOP candidates into line—and, in the process, offer a narrow vision of conservatism

Warning!!! They Don’t Care About the Presidency!! They Want the State Legislatures!!

Can I Get on the Mormon “Do Not Baptize” List?

Joseph Kennedy III to run for Barney Frank’s seat

ick Santorum tangles with Occupy protesters in Tacoma, Washington

Santorum Calls Occupy Movement ‘Intolerant’

Norquist: Romney Will Do As Told

Nate Silver: Down in Michigan Polls, Romney Needs to Find His Base

Most of Romney’s top fundraisers remain anonymous

Romney Runs as an Outsider but Makes Room for Lobbyists

Romney Thinks Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Is ‘An Excellent Idea’

Sidebar: Drug testing welfare recipients as a condition of eligibility is a policy that is scientifically, fiscally, and constitutionally unsound.

Sidebar: The Truth And The Rumors Surrounding Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

Citizens United Part II: Montana Supreme Court Collides With U.S. Supreme Court


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