America’s Anti-Christ: “How The Kochs Are Fracking America”

Note: Just to be clear, it is this editors opinion that the Koch brothers represent what the Christian fundamentalists term as the modern day Anti-Christ for 30 years in actively destroying the democratic foundations and principles America was built on, by covertly subverting our democracy into a fascist, totalitarian state. One only has to look at how ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council has been designed to dismantle the public good, how the entire skeletal structure of local and state governments is being sold off to corporations for profitization – my term for privatization – in states where Republicans have the majority. If you think you’re getting anything different with Ron Paul you better think again, he’ll sell everything off that makes this country good, for a profit! It’s not government that’s bad, it’s the corporate money that bought the will of our politicians, that’s what corrupted the system.

When we take the corporate money out of politics – no more lobbyists, no more PAC’s, no more Citizens United – when politicians can’t be bought like Indy Race Car Drivers then we’ll get the government we deserve. As it stands corporations are in control of everything, even the defense department are beholden to the corporations that manufacture weaponry and defense systems.

And this article clearly makes the connection between the Koch brothers and corporate destruction of the environment through fracking, which is causing earthquakes and the permanent destruction of the water tables. Would anyone argue that there’s a better, more thorough representation of pure evil in corporate America than the Koch’s?


 At the Republic Report, Lee Fang details how the Koch Industries petrochemical empire is involved in the boom in natural gas hydrofracturing.

The right-wing Koch brothers have developed a vertical empire designed to extract wealth from every point in the hydrocarbon lifecycle. A small fraction of their profits is funneled into corrupting our political system, in order to prevent government from protecting society against the costs of the waste products.

The October 2011 issue of Discovery, the in-house Koch Industries newsletter, explains how the Koch Industries empire is profiting from the “really exciting”fracking boom:

– 1. Koch Pipeline is partnering with NuStar Energy to develop a dormant pipeline from Pettus, TX to refineries in Corpus Christi. The pipeline will transport natural gas from fracking sites in southern Texas. Koch Pipeline is a Koch Industries subsidiary.

– 2. Flint Hills Resources recently purchased a small craft pier and wharf in Ingleside, TX to store shipments of natural gas from fracking operations in the Eagle Ford shale formation. Flint Hills Resources is a Koch Industries subsidiary.

– 3. Koch Supply & Trading, a Koch Industries company that deals with commodity trading and financial products, is “already trading Eagle Ford crude” to help supply Koch companies and other customers, according to a Koch Industries newsletter.

– 4. Koch Chemical Technology Group is designing a processing facility near Yoakum, TX to help process natural gas fracked in southern Texas. Koch Chemical is a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

– 5. John Zink, a Koch Industries company, is providing flares for a natural gas processing plant in Helena to service the fracking industry.

– 6. Georgia Pacific produces resins used for chemicals used to prop open micro-fractures, an important process for fracking to occur. GP is a Koch Industries subsidiary.

– 7. Koch Fertilizer, a Koch Industries company, has tapped into increased natural gas production from fracking to develop fertilizer.

From Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney to the Cato InstituteHeritage Foundationand Americans for Prosperity, the Koch political network has been furiously attempting to block any oversight or regulation of the pollution and risks associated with fracking, no matter the danger to the American public.

By Brad Johnson | Sourced from ThinkProgress

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