Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative

Think it’s ime for a new category called “Things that make you go hmmmm” because life is getting stranger by the day, or at least the online version of it.  It’s getting harder to tell who’s who and what’s what – literally! Which is why it’s so very important to source your truth from within and dangerous to ‘follow’ anyone or to believe that someone or some “thing” outside of you will save you from the world, especially from yourself. Now here we have someone who’s claiming to be a former Whitehat who’s now amongst a group of people who left the Whitehat’s because they – like everyone else – have been corrupted. So we basically have more info-misinfo-disinfo to throw on the pile of useless information coming at us from all directions.

Now I’m throwing this one in because it touch’s on a subject that’s crossed my mind regarding the credibility of Benjamin Fulford. While I would love to believe what he says and would like to think he’s a credible whistleblower, the author below brings up some interesting, even entertaining points. Although my basic suspicion was Bennie boy has a cocaine problem since his mannerism’s exhibit someone with a heavy coke problem. My history working for the concert industry put me in the unique position of working around coke heads, so every time I watch Fulford he reminds of people I used to work for.  With that said, I’ll let you be the judge of the authors allegations below…it’s an entertaining read if nothing else. Enjoy!


One of the disinfo agents purporting to be a White Hat spokesperson is Benjamin Fulford, or the clone that claims to be Mr. Fulford.

I may be killed for what I will reveal over time on this blog. That seems inevitable since I quit the White Hats when I learned we had been corrupted by agents of the NWO cabal. A number of us, thirty so far, have split apart and formed what we will call The Brethern of the White Robe.

At first, yes. Caucasian journalist Ben Fulford was a White Dragon/White Hat spokesperson; however, on Dec. 13, 2011, he was “detained” by a certain agency with cabal ties and replaced by either a lookalike agent or possibly a programmed clone. One need only look closely at pre-2011 photos of him and how he looks now and one can see…this is not exactly the same person:


Fulford was replaced to spread disinformation, or to release truths couched in apparent insane ramblings…we can never be sure what is what…you may have noticed that after Dec 13, his inteviews and postings make less sense and sound like the pontifications of a madman or a guy on a cocaine binge, That is done intentionally.

Unfortunately, the White Hats and Dragons have been comnpromised by moles and double agents taking orders from the reptilian cabal.

I will be posting more about what is happening behind the scenes over the next weeks and months leading to a war. If I stop posting, I have been disappeared or killed.


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