The Cultivation of Life Force as a Power – Nai Gong master John Chang

Life Force is a power. It is within you, but you cannot gain control of it. It is possible to use it in certain situations, but to actually have authority over it requires a highly developed and adept mind. This is important because in physical life you have the potential for power, ability and awareness. If these are cultivated wisely and applied appropriately, they become beneficial for you and for others. However, if they are used for other purposes—if they are used for defense or if they are used for conquest, manipulation or control—then in essence they become evil, something that is inherently destructive and counter productive to the greater purpose of life which is bringing all beings towards union and realization.

We speak of Life Force here because it represents power in the world. And what we have to say about the discovery and cultivation of this power applies to all forms of power in the world. Life Force can be harnessed and directed. It is neutral, so it does not have a will. If it is cultivated according to the guidance of Knowledge, the greater Knowing Mind within you, then like all forms of power, all abilities, and all forms of awareness, it will find a good purpose here.

Life Force within you can exert an actual physical effect. It can have an impact in the physical environment. In the mental environment, it can take the form of thoughts, forces of energy, powerful and self-sustaining ideas, and so forth. It is a power. Life Force is not the same as Knowledge because Life Force is not intelligent. It is like clay— you shape it, you form it and you use it for specific purposes. It is subtle, so most people are unaware of it. It is pervasive, so it is very effective. It is everywhere, so it can be harnessed and used. It abides in all living beings, so its application is universal.

In the Greater Community, Life Force is a power that is used. It can have great influence over the unknowing. Its equivalent in the mental environment is the power of projected forms of thought. In the physical environment, Life Force exerts an actual force that moves things and creates an impact and a reaction. Someone can knock you down with Life Force even if they are standing across the room. Someone can weaken you physically using Life Force even if they are across the street.

From Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 3


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