Ancient Tomorrow ~ Free Energy Pioneers

The Call

by Ramon Govea

For years, we have been searching for answers.  2012 is here.  Some say it’s the end.  I believe it is a new beginning.  For too long we, as a species have been dependent on a way of life that has been destined to destroy us.  Oil prices sky rocket; natural gas provides our heat; plastics and toxic metals pollute our air, water and food. The very building blocks of our society exist on shaky ground. Soon we will run out of these precious resources, or destroy our lives with their byproducts. What then?

There are solutions, but they exist in places we have yet to look.  We have been so focused on the future and in developing new technologies based on the unstable ones we already know. What if the answer isn’t in any of the things we’re familiar with?


Time is running out.  Ancient prophecies have whispered of this time for thousands of years. This time of great shift is considered by some to be the end of the world, but what if it’s only the end of the world as we know it?

Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved by the consciousness that created it.”
Well, what if this 2012 shift is nothing more than the time for humanity to transcend that old consciousness.  The old ways of thinking, the old ways of acting and our old beliefs simply cannot usher in a new, more harmonious way of life.  For too long we have been killing our planet, using her resources and giving very little in return, but, I believe that there is hope.  If you dig deep enough, if you search beyond the tales we are told as children, you will find evidence of forgotten cities, mysterious artifacts, and an ancient way of life that predates recorded history.   What if I told you that all of it pointed to an advanced civilization that makes us seem primitive in comparison?  History teaches us about stone tools and modern science is still bold enough to declare that our genus and species is only several thousand years old, but what if I told you that there exists so much evidence to suggest otherwise?

I’m not talking about aliens.  I’m not talking about cavemen. I’m not talking about ancient pulleys or irrigation systems.  I’m talking about a society with a technology so advanced that even our most cutting edge modern equipment cannot replicate its creations.  I’m talking about a technology that could change the way we think about the world and our place within it.  If we learned to harness it, imagine how we could re-shape our entire planet.

What is this advanced technology, you ask? More importantly, consider why this information was lost.  Was it hidden from us?  Was it destroyed? Peruvian RainforestIf it was, who would hide it and why?

What if  the answers are still out there, just waiting to be discovered?  We do not expect the path to be clear or the journey to be easy, for anything worth having requires hard work, patience and persistence.  Our destiny challenges us to travel to the far reaches of our planet in search of answers.

What was this ancient technology?  Who built it?  Where can we find it?  I can’t say we have any answers, but I can tell you this…  We have spent years investigating any clues that might help us discover the truth of humanity’s history, and we intend to find it.

Will you join us?


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