DAVID WILCOCK with DRAKE Interview 29 March 2012 ( DivineCosmos.com )

And the reason for releasing this information to the public would be _______________? Excuse my skepticism, it just doesn’t make much sense to let a plan such as this out to the public BEFORE THE FACT. Why when such an announcement could serve to alert the dark ones to their fate? Granted it’s a great idea that could usher in a Golden Age, who wouldn’t want that? But why would they take a chance of  making their mission more difficult by releasing highly sensitive information to the public before the arrests just to placate the people by setting our minds at ease?

If it’s true, they must be quite confident this is a no fail operation because it just doesn’t make sense to take the chance of risking failure when so much is at stake. Interesting interview, likeable guy…this Drake. Sure hope he’s not pulling everyone’s leg, because it appears we’re dealing with Master Deceivers under the Luciferian league and apparently a trickster God that much of the world worships as their Be All, End All Father in Heaven.

In a recent Red Ice interview David Icke commented that it’s gotten to the point he doesn’t believe in anything any more, maybe that’s because much of what we’re presented with is illusionary. Or maybe in this case we’re being given a tool to seed our intentions with and use as a visualization template for the intended outcome. After all the world is just a stage in this holographic program called Earth reality, we find ourselves immersed in.

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29 MARCH 2012. Complete interview posted on DivineCosmos.com on 29MAR2012 with David Wilcock and Drake. Interview is from Wednesday evening. Posted on Divinecosmos.com on Thursday.


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