Twin Flame Union ~ A Guided Meditation by Meg Benedicte plus Announcing a VERY Special Upcoming Event!

Aloha Fellow Light Warriors!

As many of you know my health took a serious downhill turn last year and over the last six months I’ve worked hard using vortex energy to heal myself both physically and spiritually, since many health problems are actually manifested by problems in our energetic field.  I can personally verify how empowering Meg’s work has been in completely transforming my life.  She’s   pioneered an incredible path toward ascension so if you feel drawn to this work then don’t hesitate to follow your instincts ~ it may be the best thing you ever do for yourself!

For more information about Meg Benedicte’s work please visit the link at that bottom of the page, where you can also learn more about joining me in the vortex on May 20th for a very special event live from Mt Shasta during the upcoming eclipse.

2012 May Global Intentions & Crystalline Activations

Have you ever dreamed about traveling the cosmos? Do you want to connect with home? Well now you can!

Meg Benedicte will be broadcasting ‘Live’ from Mt Shasta, California during the Pleiadian Eclipse! You can take advantage of this rare opportunity to step into the Vortex with Meg in the energy of the May 20th Eclipse!

Meg will take you on a journey to the Great Central Sun, thru the Galactic Core into the parallel Crystalline White Universe to connect and reclaim our soul gifts for Ascension. As we integrate and activate the crystalline light in our energy, we will continue to adjust and reset our 2012 Global Intentions for a peaceful, loving New Earth.


Day: Sunday, May 20th 2012

Time: 11:00am PST/ 2:00pm EST in US/Canada

Registration Fee $10

Login information will be automatically emailed upon registration. Event recording will be available at the URL you recieve – Register HERE.

Link to Meg’s website:


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