Here Are Over One Hundred Products Made From Child Or Slave Labor (GRAPHIC)

Note: Please pay attention to legislation being passed in states with Republican majority’s that are attempting to abolish and amend Child Labor laws, in many cases allowing children as young as 6 years old to enter the labor force.  In some cases these laws are being passed in a desperate attempt to recover losses in the labor force when states like Georgia forced immigrant populations to leave the state/country to escape Draconian, often racially based laws passed over the last few years in an effort to blame the “other guy” for the country’s economic woes. Instead of pointing the finger toward Wall Street and the crooks who crashed the economy in a massive grab for wealth by the 1%.

Now children are being forced to pay the price…but, lest we forget how much corporate farmers love those tiny little hands, they’re so beneficial for reaching between the thorny branches to pluck blueberry’s in 95-100 degree heat!!

By Harry Bradford   |  Posted: 05/10/12

It’s hard to believe, but true: Still today, many everyday products from around the globe are the result of child and slave labor, according to a 2011 report from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Now thanks to an infographic from the National Post, we can more clearly see the effects: All together, the infographic counts 130 product-types from 71 countries — each the result of forced labor, child labor or some combination of the two.

Indeed, slave labor still exists within economic powerhouses like India, China and Brazil, for example. It’s not just these two forms of labor that have come under fire lately. China has faced more wide-ranging criticism over its labor practices, especially after reports of poor working conditions and labor law violations at Foxconn, a factory that manufactures electronics for companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

Go here for infographic and video:


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