For those of you who have listened to Bill
Donahue’s videos he laid down a very good argument for the fact that “God is Photon”
, that’s why the region of the galaxy we’re moving into will have enormously transformative effects on the earth and her people.

This is really an  exciting time because many of us can feel the changes already beginning to take place, especially in our ability to co-create positive results and in transmuting negative energy. It’s also why the dark ones are running scared, they  feel it to0 because they can’t operate as well as they used to. Now that the energy is changing it’s not conducive to dark, dense energy. So now their plans are backfiring more and more as the Servers of the Divine light begin to make headway in our plans to usher in a Golden Age for Gaia and her children.

Please join Meg Benedicte this Sunday for a very special Global Intention Meditation from Mt Shasta, this is the time to set your intent to heal yourself and the planet; while working directly with the incoming Photon Light for powerful results! For more information and to register go here:

In Lak’ech,


Thursday, 17 May 2012 13:08
Written by Kerry Cassidy

From a friendly Camelot supporter:


You may be feeling a huge rush of photon energy on May 20th, directly related to our central sun, Alcyone, as the alignment is estimated to take place between 4:44 pm and 4:50 pm (PST) on Sunday!!

Alcyone (also known as the Central Sun) is right smack in the middle of the photon belt, and we are going to be lined up to Alcyone, our Sun, and the Moon (ring of fire eclipse), which is very cool, and full of weirdness. You can be certain that the energy will nothing short of incredible. This Photon Belt has been outside our solar system for a long time and now it is inside our system, and guess who is feeling it — YOU!

Photon Light vibrates at a very high frequency and it has a direct impact on our bodies, on our DNA, and on our brain waves (which makes you feel so tired in the middle of the day you think what is happening here).  If you keep an eye on you can see the changes to the photon energy every 10 minutes and quite frankly you can feel it increase and then check the website for confirmation (if you want).

I have been told that the May 20th solar eclipse (ring of fire) signifies a ‘reboot’  for the Multiverse. This reboot is not just a local deal, just little old us, but rather it is a major reboot for the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Thereafter we start a brand new 25,920 year cycle.

This eclipse will intercept important energetic lines (the serpent and dragon lines) on Earth at two locations. One is at Mt Shasta and the other is at Mt Fuji.  Those two locations will be charged up with very potent energy, and you’ll be right there.

We have to be emotionally prepared for major changes after this eclipse, some natural, and others contrived to put us into a state of intense fear. The duality of the situation is quite interesting. This period of time marks a fantastic opportunity for humans to wake up and get with the plan, while at the same time it marks the perfect time to create intense emotional fear to feed off of.




  1. i started feeling things stirring (more so than normal) a week or two ago. good info. love this . ❤

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