The Dream To Awaken Our World


Posted on May 20, 2012


A history professor once taught: A country cannot control a technology without an academic culture that understands the science. For example, during much of the 20th century, Eastern countries that coveted Western technology learned that the ideas and ways of Western science must also be adopted by their academic institutions if the technology were to be successfully wielded. A sword does little good outside the hands of a trained swordsman.

Here at the beginning of the 21st century this principle is now being used toward our technological enslavement. Our science has been stunted and misdirected, and technological developments have been classified in the name of national security (e.g. T. T. Brown’s work in electrogravitics in the 1920′s) or suppressed for the sake of business (e.g. Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower in 1917) out of which a top-down industry of suppression and deception has since flourished. Project Camelot and other alternative news sites have interviewed witnesses and whistle blowers who have provided evidence for this time and time again.

A primary goal of Blue Science is to shine light onto the suppressed physics and technologies that have been kept from us. The risk of our enslavement, for ourselves and future generations, by a scientific dictatorship now outweighs both the alleged risk to national security, and the inconveniences incurred to the petroleum and related energy industries should their oligopolies be negatively impacted. The very hands that our well-intentioned predecessors attempted to keep the new technologies out of are exactly the ones to which they have fallen into. This unbalanced state of forces catalyzed by the Internet now sets the stage for the new energy physics and technologies to inevitably emerge into the public sphere. This is the stage upon which we now choose our roles, write our scripts, and play out our parts in History.

To learn is to teach, and vice versa. Blue Science shall cover fundamental concepts of quantum theory, for instance, looking closely at the actual kinds of exotic phenomena it does model, vs. common misconceptions of its applicability to things like telepathy, remote viewing, etc. the ultimate point being not to disprove psychic phenomena, but instead, to look for new physics to understand and explain them rather than limit ourselves to the conceptual pigeonholes provided to us by 20th century physics. We will examine in detail alternative unified theories such as the subquantum kinetics of Paul LaViolette, among others. We will attempt to communicate to a broad audience, but not at the expense of important details. For example we will use differential equations when needed, as this is the most precise language we have for describing and modeling physical systems, but we will do our best to translate them into less technical language as well. Accordingly, this is the level of detail we invite other researchers to share their work with us. We seek to find and share the work of researchers whose experiments have tangible results, or whose theories make accurate and falsifiable predictions.

Project Camelot has shown us what is possible–let us now bring these ideas into reality.


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