Potential Sexual Assault Suspect Not Questioned Because “He Didn’t Want To Answer”

Very disturbing incident that symbolizes how the return of the Divine Feminine is being resisted at the level of authority, where aggressive male energy is holding on for dear life.  Here we have a female who;s been viciously attacked by a sexual predator where the eye witness’s intervened, they clearly identified the assailant because they apprehended him ~ yet the police let him go because he didn’t want to answer their questions?! Really???

When at the very same time we have law enforcement creating terrorist scenario’s with ” street theater” in city’s like Chicago and Cleveland where they’re entrapping “peaceful” Occupy protestors in terror schemes that have no basis in reality.

It’s as though we woke up from our sleep in “opposite world”….


A suspect in a New York sexual assault case was released by police after just a few minutes.  Why?  He decided he didn’t want to answer any questions.

Via Feministe, a Brooklyn blog reports that the victim, “[W]as returning home from her job at a Manhattan night club when she exited the 4th Avenue/9th Street F/G station. As she walked on 16th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues she noticed a man was following her, but thought that she’d shaken him. Soon after, the man jumped at and groped her. Neighbors heard the young woman scream, and as they ran outside, the assailant fled. He didn’t get far though — a neighbor cornered him on Prospect Ave and 3rd Ave. ”

According to a news report, the suspect was allowed to leave once the police arrived because he told them he didn’t want to talk to them. “”I was just (beep) off that the cops didn’t do anything about the guy,’ said Donald Harrington, the witness. ‘They came up here, I told them where the girl was and they just kept on going. They said they had no victim even though we call them back. We took the girl down we spoke to the police and they said the guy didn’t want to be questioned so they let him go.’”

Possibly responding to community pressure, the police now are releasing video surveillance of the alleged attacker, in the hopes of pursuing an investigation.  There is no word if the investigation is off again if the suspect says he doesn’t feel like talking.
Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/potential-sexual-assault-suspect-not-questioned-because-he-didnt-want-to-answer.html#ixzz1w7J9JcI3


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