The Reality Behind The Number 666

The reason this knowledge has been kept from us is to take away our personal empowerment, Sacred tools that when used properly allow us intentionally Co-Create a better world in partnership with the Divine Mother/Father God.  A world of abundance, joy and happiness for everyone single man, woman and child on earth is available to all who have access to Sacred gifts and tools, but they’ve been kept secret for thousands of years by the ruling elite and the priesthood.

The problems with using these Divine gifts occur when Sacred geometry and numerology are used with dark energy to hurt people in any way, or in a parasitic manner that feeds off the energy of others. It’s a powerful tool that should be used and taught by those who are heart centered, who embody Christed light and who see everything as interconnected.

These are not tools for people driven by ego, hate or fear ~ the very people who have kept this knowledge secreted away for thousands of years and the same ones who killed anyone who was smart enough to figure it out on their own {RIP Bill Hicks}. Fortunately enough people are learning how to use Sacred geometry to benefit humanity that we’ll soon reach the 100th monkey syndrome, the tipping point.

It’s all about energy and learning to use these gifts in a Divine and Sacred manner, using the to eliminate all fear and duality energy from our energetic field permanently.

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Comments are to be approved on this video. I will not let these folks spread fear on this. Watch the video make up your own mind. USE YOUR MINDS. The number 666 (666 / 6*6*6 = 216 / 2160 / 21,600, etc.) is a code purposely left by the ancients to help us understand the nature of the universe. It has nothing to do with Satan or an evil being coming to get you. It is found in just about everything in nature and helps us understand the universe from ourselves to basic structures of matter to the planets and the stars. Time to wake up and see what ELSE the church has hidden from you. This is just the tip of the iceberg too!


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