Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Mind!! Living in the Vortex…

How Does Vortex Energy Work?
Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte, discusses some of the key strategies to activating Ascension. All of life vibrates in the Unified Field of Energy in a range of frequencies – and we need to substantially increase our energetic frequency to Ascend. In every particle of our being, we are connected to the infinite intelligence of the Unified Field Matrix.
The very nature of our humanness allows access into the field of all possibilities. As we open our cells to hum and flow in alignment with the rhythm of Nature, we begin to move in harmony within the counterclockwise rotation of the universal Quantum Field. When we break free of the downward clockwise sprial of Duality, our bodies and minds are in sync with the fluid motion of Creation…our being become a pulsing, thriving electromagnetic energy field.

All of life in our dynamic Universe emerges from Singularity (Stillness) and returns to Singularity in the constant motion of energetic collapse and expansion, continually re-creating itself. It is the natural pulse of life, like a cosmic heartbeat that fuels our Universe.

By using Vortex Energy in meditation, we can activate the Pulse of Creation in our bio-energetic system and accelerate our personal evolution. By spinning in Vortex Energy we can collapse all discordant thoughts, emotions, patterns of disease – and pulse alive our new healthy body, clear mind, joyful heart and calm Center. Vortex Energy accelerates the counterclockwise oscillation of our sub-atomic particles to UNLOCK and break free from the dense, polarized magnetic field that is keeping us stuck, unable to improve our life situation. Step into the VORTEX and Set Yourself FREE!

Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Mind!

In an age where advances in awakened consciousness and spiritual enlightenment are sought by the masses, groundbreaking ideas are constantly emerging. We live in extraordinary times, and are witnessing an unprecedented window of opportunity to evolve and ascend humanity. Yet to genuinely transform a life, one must be willing to transform the mind.

man_in_galaxyThe question is how? Today, a totally innovative and cutting edge approach is making its mark in the world of co-evolutionary enlightenment and it’s called Unified Field Therapy®. This unique, revolutionary process, which was developed by Energy Healer and Evolutionist Meg Benedicte, not only helps release energy that is blocking one’s good, but it clears past traumas and quickly awakens consciousness.

Cut Loose of Limitations…Expand Your Vision….Fulfill Your True Potential

As humans, the majority of us live our lives under limited experiences based only on old energy blocks, incorrect assumptions and outworn systems that no longer support our dreams. Unified Field Therapy® is a holistic healing approach that begins with an evaluation and assessment of old patterns and takes the participant through an expanded meditative state within a spinning vortex that releases engrained programming and energetic blocks.

Applied in a gentle, sacred healing manner, Unified Field Therapy® serves as a catalyst, almost immediately shifting the energy in the body and mind and leaving one with feelings of peace, empowerment and motivation. Imagine for a moment how good life would be if we were deliberately choosing to clear away unwanted behaviors in a serene, peaceful setting. It isn’t hard to envision and certainly not hard to achieve, particularly when one incorporates the Unified Field Vortex into their lives. Impacting dynamically on the physical, emotional and spiritual systems, this innovative approach helps shift a person’s vibrational energy, thereby moving a participant towards achieving more soul-body union; thus aligning with true purpose and the spirit’s genuine destiny on the Ascension Path.

Break Free From Unwanted Behaviors!

Ask yourself if you are missing out on some of the joys in life because of old memories or trapped energy? Does it appear that others are experiencing a deeper and more lasting level of fulfillment and enlightenment? In truth we cannot do anything to get happy, but we can instead become happy and that can be achieved by releasing out-of-date programming that no longer works. If you are aware of the stresses in your day-to-day experience and know that you are not living the life you always dreamed about, perhaps you are ready to break free from these unwanted behaviors and sabotaging mental blocks. Perhaps you are ready to experience the Unified Field treatment, a process that will break you free of self-imprisonment, and guide you into the New Earth!

“What is Unified Field Therapy®?”

Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and their daily environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that is possible.

In Holistic Medicine, a symptom is considered a message that something is out of balance and needs attention. The symptom is used as a guide to look deeper into the condition of the mind, emotions, body, and spirit in order to locate the root cause of separation.

According to Unified Field Theory, developed by Albert Einstein and his successors, our physical, mental and emotional bodies are supported by a grand force field of energy that permeates and bonds all. This grand “Unified Field” of energy which operates much like a matrix of interconnecting life force (chi), contains all possibilities, past, present, future and all unmanifested potential. Because our energetic bio-fields are part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by one individual can benefit the health and well-being of another.

Based on the tenets of Quantum Mechanics, there is no reality until it is observed…our very act of dna_chakras_small

observation breaks the natural wholeness of the Unified Field. Quantum physics shows us that matter is how spirit appears in the physical universe…how matter appears depends on our mind’s choices. We create our current reality by the continual choices that we make. Our “Unified Field” translates into a human hologram where our inner condition is interwoven with the manifestation of our physical lives.

Throughout time every thought, emotion, fear and belief is stored in our cellular structure…evolving into the blueprint that produces our third-dimensional image in space. The swirling strands of DNA code are the conveyors of genetic information that determine our entire physical existence; and can be changed! There is considerable evidence that mind-body interventions have positive effects on psychological functioning and quality of life, and may be particularly helpful for patients coping with chronic illness.

By correcting the intention of our thoughts, choices and desires we can transform the molecular patterning that creates our human experience. The quantum notion of discontinuity and the illusion of time and space also provides a transformational opportunity. If life does not occur in a linear fashion as a continuous phenomenon, then we can transcend the past in one moment. Within the timeless 12 Dimensions of the Unified Field Vortex, we can jump into a totally spontaneous newly formed present, released from past conditioning…ready to experience life with new freshness, hope and purpose.

Meg Benedicte channels an original approach to assess and evaluate optimum patterning within the Vortex Healing, and if beneficial or necessary, transforms energy and matter. Unified Field Therapy® is an interactive process…within a powerful force field, Meg can catalyze radical change in people’s lives by updating the outworn physical, financial, emotional and spiritual systems that are limiting their human experience.

Acting like a mechanic of energy systems, Meg is able to read the energetic blueprints in the Unified Field, access the Akashic Records, locate and assess the source of the pattern; heal the original wound; integrate the life lesson; erase the karmic debt; remove the genetic lineage and create a new reality better reflecting true soul purpose and Ascension. Specializing in energy dynamics, Meg has applied this innovative technique on freeing clients from debilitating programs from family of origin, from addiction systems and from generationally transferable disease, as well as Soul karmic contracts.

This is done during deep meditation, within a powerful 12-Dimensional spinning vortex, where one can revamp ones bio-energetic programming in a radical way. The proprietary vortex spin enables individuals to make headway in penetrating the Unified Field with its infinite content. Meg guides groups into the necessary deep meditative state, penetrating the Unified Field, and use her skills as an energetic surgeon to change the past for a newly formed present. The focus and application of Unified Field Therapy® is offered mainly to support and activate individual Ascension, evolution and purpose.

What should you expect after a healing session? You will feel lighter and peaceful within all levels of your energy field, but sometimes feel fatigue as the physical body integrates the healing work. It may take 2-3 days for the physical body to update and catch up with the higher consciousness. You may also experience consecutive waves of releasing emotional or mental energy in the weeks to come. You will begin to notice and observe daily habits and behavior that no longer resonate with your increased consciousness, and start the release process for more to clear out.

® Unified Field Therapy is a registered service mark of Meg Benedicte. All rights reserved. This mark can only be used by certified Unified Field Therapy practitioners who have also signed a service mark license agreement with Meg Benedicte.

Unified Field Vortex


I have been listening to the Unified Field Vortex meditation, and afterwards I feel very relaxed and an inner calmness comes over me. I would like to know if this meditation can be used to heal any physical malady in the body, and can it be listened to more than once a day?

Since our session 3 weeks ago, I’m feeling so much better and the heart palpations have improved immensely. I have tried many different methods of healings over the years, and have never had results this quick or so profound. I feel very drawn to this method of healing.
Thank-you so much for this wonderful gift you have to share with all of humanity.

Alice Frith, Windsor, Canada

This morning while listening to a Podcast of your fifth program on World Puja, I fell asleep and dreamt that I lifted/raised up a grey, lifeless, naked version of myself from the floor and held her on my lap.  (It was hard work and a long process because she was so heavy.)  I held her around the waist so that our two forms were parallel.  The next time I noticed, the two had become one, and I was that one.  It was as though some split-off portion of myself that had died from lack of nurturance was re-integrated into myself.

These programs you have given us are so powerful that I have no doubt they will be instrumental in bringing about much healing and integration.

It’s just so wonderful to have a technique that is so deep and comprehensive (yes, and love-filled).  Some deep underlying anxiety in my soul has been calmed just as a result of having a technique I feel really confident about.  Confident, because I feel such a resonance with every single aspect of the technique (perhaps because it mirrors the very workings of the universe).  And given from a heart that is so loving that it carries the support and power of the divine Father-Mother.

I’m also very grateful to Jennifer Templeman for the very helpful and beautiful “graphic” of the Vortex technique.  It really helps me to visualize the process.

How can I doubt that my guardians and angels and soul group is guiding and supporting me when I have been given such a gift!

Elizabeth Dempsey,  Foristell, Missouri

Meg, the Monthly Group Meditation teleclass this past week (Feb 09) was exceptionally powerful. During the class the kundalini energy rose considerably within my being…having such a wash of energy ripple through my being lifted much duality from my cells. I later experienced a metalic/ sulfur smell/taste as the chelation process of transmuting carbon to crystalline was processed through out my body. I am still experiencing waves of clearing days later…the intensity of the clearing is subsiding… Thank you for offering these gifts of practice to us all, Namaste,

Jen, Cornwall Ontario, Canada

“Just a brief note to thank you very, very much for the series you just completed on the WPN (

I’ve been listening to and doing meditations/activations for some time. Your activations are the first to actually ‘break through’. I felt profound energy on the second activation and so it’s continued. I’d been starting to assume that I just wasn’t able to feel energy in the way others could, so thank you – from the bottom of my heart! I now feel like I might really start to make progress now I ‘know it’s real – for me as well as others.  Thank you for sharing your techniques, your intelligence, insights and beautiful energy.”

Dee, Birmingham UK

“Meg and her amazing healing program has truly been the most powerful and positive influence in my life. She has taught me ways to expand my energy and vision to the highest levels of consciousness…helped me clear emotional blockages in my body and mind…release old patterns, fears and habits…speed up my healing process through clearing karmic patterns…helped me to understand true mind/body and spirit connection…and most importantly she has helped me align with my true soul purpose!

After working with Meg I have regained my personal power and have opened my senses and eyes to living in ways I have never dreamed possible. She is a New Age pioneer and a very gifted intuitive healer, who is  helping this planet get back in alignment with their true soul purpose and reconnect with Goddess energy.”

Andrea Sulzbacher,  Redondo Beach, CA

“I am in awe of Meg’s special gifts, eternally grateful for her clarity, strength and nurturing spirit.
Working with Meg saved my life.”

Christian Georgescu
New York City, NY

“In a period of three months Meg’s Unified Field Therapy has completely changed my life.  Meg has done what many years of medical, psychological and spiritual therapy failed to do. She went to the origin of each problem, mostly past life and early childhood trauma, cleared them completely and restored the normal flow of life energy.  She has also helped me identify and get on the path to my true life mission.  I am enjoying a level of peace, joy and health that I always dreamed of.  I am deeply grateful for the gift Meg is to this planet.”

Brenda Countz,  Santa Monica, CA

“Meg, you’ve removed from my emotional landscape what I can only describe as issues that have felt like “physical” blocks to me.  At one point you told me that for some of the things we worked on, I would have what amounts to amnesia about them, and I can state that as bizarre as it sounds, that is exactly what has happened. I still intellectually know what those issues were, but they no longer have an emotional impact on me – it’s as if they are no longer part of my emotional history.

During one of our sessions, I was even able to feel you energetically working on different parts of my head to help repair and greatly minimize my migraine headache. It was way cool. (And I think it very important to mention that all my sessions with you have been over the phone.)

You’ve been able to pinpoint, explain and eliminate many negative patterns and programming that have played a large part in molding my life. As a result, you’ve not only helped heal aspects of my psyche, but also have educated and allowed me access to a deeper level of understanding about my human nature and to feel more comfortable and hopeful about my earthly experience.

I also want to thank you for suggesting that I work with Shannon Fry. Between the two of you, it has been one interesting journey – and I’m not even going to go into that whole collapsing the third dimension stuff.”

Just sign me as, Eternally Grateful,
Rebecca Parsons,  Los Angeles, CA

“Meg Benedicte is the consummate “mid-wife” leading me from one level of consciousness to a more expanded view.  She does this with humour, ease and grace making what seemed so serious into a light and enjoyable learning experience.  I have been working with her for 8 months and my life is completely different from whence I started.  I cannot say enough about Meg.  I truly think she is an angel sent to help me! ”

Nikki L Goodman,  Los Angeles, CA

Read a whole page of testimonials here, mine was so  long I had to omit it but will forward it to you ask below:

Metatrons Cube



TIER 1 – Physical & Emotional Healing/Activation of Quantum Vortex

and Bio-Energetic Field

Week 1: Access Quantum Vortex template, activate Sacred Geometry of Metatron, alter gravitational field to Neutralize all polarity in the zero point vacuum state that exists in the Quantum Vortex.

Week 2: Use Quantum Vortex to remove and release all discordant patterns, programs, operating systems and genetic codes of polarity that create separation – break free from dark web of Duality.

Week 3: Activate the timeless state (All Time) in Quantum Vortex to repair, mend, and heal the Original Wound of Separation – our disconnection from Source.

Week 4: Clear the emotional pain body of all past trauma, suffering, loss, grief and despair from all timelines

TIER 2 – Holographic Mind Healing/Pineal Activation of

Multi-Dimensional Communication

Week 5: Heal Inner Child psyche – mend and integrate fragmented self in Quantum Vortex.

Week 6: Disconnect from collective mind consciousness – transition from living under ego control to living Soul purpose according to Divine Will.

Week 7: Open and activate Right Brain – balance left/right hemisphere, open visioning and shift reality to universal perspective and time travel.

Week 8: Activate Pineal gland – expand multi-dimensional neural network to Higher Self.

TIER 3 – Spiritual Healing/ Activation and Integration

of OverSoul and Akashic Records

Week 9: Connect with Soul Presence, our personal energetic signature, frequency, soul lineage and purpose – use Quantum Vortex to build soul/body fusion.

Week 10: Ignite the upward resurrection spiral of Quantum Vortex to increase Kundalini Life Force in chakra pillar – our ascending Light Spiral to Higher Self.

Week 11: Access and connect particle/anti-particle field – activate alchemy in the quantum field.

Week 12: Connect OverSoul to axiatonal lines in body – blend and unite Light Body with physical body, activate sacred geometry template to access Akashic Records.

‘Life Tool’ for Accelerating Spiritual Evolution

During the 12 Week Training Series I will teach you the universal knowledge and walk you through the steps to catalyze radical change in your life, by updating the outworn operating systems that are limiting your human experience.

In 1997 I experienced a profound awakening that activated my inherent template for performing and understanding the mechanics of the Quantum Vortex as a powerful tool for transformation. This experience was life-transforming as I uncovered the magnitude of change possible when tapping into the Zero Point Field (vacuum dynamics).

One day in 2004 I was awakened early dawn to a presence sitting next to me on my bed. Archangel Metatron reached over and embedded in my heart/throat chakras his sacred geometry of creation…activating my role as a channel and quantum alchemist.

I’ve been developing and refining Quantum Vortex Healing these past many years into a comprehensive program that is available for the first time now. I know you will be amazed at how fast you pick it up and transform your entire reality…

Specializing in energy dynamics, I’ve applied this innovative technique on freeing clients from debilitating programs from family of origin, from addiction systems and from generationally transferable disease, as well as Soul karmic contracts.

During 2012 I will be unveiling this time-tested Ascension Blueprint that will propel you onto the fast-track of becoming your own “Guru”. Learn how to increase your energy frequency, remove debilitating thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns, and shift into living your true Soul Purpose!

By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics and the ancient alchemy of Egyptian Mystery Schools, I’ve developed a comprehensive program you can apply to your personal health and evolution, and also as a healer in your healing practice and service.

Certified Training Program

3 Tiers (12 Week) Series  – $495

Single Tier Course – 4 Week Course  – $195

Starts on Tuesday, June 19th at 5pm PST


3 Training Tiers must be completed for certification. Register for comprehensive package and receive certification in Quantum Vortex Healing. Payment Plan available for Series Package. Read More…


Editors Note: In my opinion this training is priceless information you can’t find anywhere else because it’s a safe, uncorrupted path toward becoming a Divine human on the path toward Ascension. It’s important to learn from one who has already ascended and has learned the lessons, knows the pitfalls and can teach you what to expect, look out for and how to use your gifts. Also to recognize what’s happening, I’ve got all kinds of colors, sounds, sensations going on and really need feedback to help me understand the process without missing opportunities to grow because I didn’t recognize the departiculation process as it was unfolding ~ or something to that effect.

Guided meditations are excellent ways of connecting to Source, with a gifted individual to guide you through the journey and help with creative visualization techniques that facilitate healing, protection and spiritual evolution. Having someone who’s already ascended as a guide to Light the way is nothing new, Buddhist’s have the Dali Lama and there are many, many masters guiding students in eastern traditions all over the globe.

Anyone who believes they can successfully follow their own spiritual path to ascension in this mixed up, crazy, disconnected world is deluding themselves. Removing Archon’s and their technology should be the first clue as to why we need assistance, I had holes all over my unified field that had to be repaired and couldn’t do it on my own ~ that was only the first layer of the onion.

In Lak’ech,



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