Hinge Point ~ Venus Returns!!


Here’s  Meg Benedicte’s newsletter with important updates on the Venus transit, Stargate 12 and the importance of taking this time to really focus on clearing past emotional energy that’s keeping us from moving forward on our new timeline. We have an important Lunar eclipse in Sagitarrius on Monday June 4th, then right on it’s tail we have the Venus transit on the 6th signifying the return of the Divine lover. This passage is triggering healing of emotional heart break with significant others, so you may be dealing with anger and emotions that need healing to help you move forward toward a complete ascension. Remember to use the vortex to help spin all that stuff up and out of your energetic field, spin it out just like a salad spinner using your will and the momentum of the vortex.

Also, I want to thank everyone for your interest in Meg’s work with Quantum Vortex healing. As a matter of fact, she’s had such a great response from 2012 The Awakening readers that she’s offering 10% off membership and everything in the store to all readers! Give me a day or so to get the discount code and keep your eye out for the post with the code to sign up.

All my love and blessings to everyone!


May 2012 Newsletter
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Dear Annette,

I would like to extend my gratitude to all who participated in the powerful Global Intention Meditation during the Solar Eclipse on May 20th. We joined together and formed a ‘group heart’ all around the planet to uplift Humanity into the ascending Gaia! It was such a special day…we are still feeling the effects of the global intentions reverberating through the collective field.

The Total Solar Eclipse was at zero degrees Gemini at the zero point of our orbit around Alcyone in the Pleiades. This has created an extraordinary cosmic reboot onto a new Timeline. I literally shut the door on the past 19 years since my kundalini activation and shifted onto my new Timeline in Mt Shasta, CA – a fresh new start! During the following days leading up to the 2nd Eclipse on June 4th, pay attention to feelings of completion and rebirthing inside. An Eclipse always closes one door and opens another. Our Oversoul may be pulling us to relocate to a 5D town during 2012, or to move away from impending earth changes such as floods and earthquakes.

With the weakening polarity our solar system’s EMF we are seeing the two world paradigms pulling apart at the seams…literally birthing a crystalline ascending Gaia away from the dying 3D earth. Time is increasing towards zero point and the splitting of the 2 worlds, so we need to remove ourselves from 3D activity and distractions. Now is the time for daily vortex meditation, quiet reflection, inner healing and conscious intentions to anchor our new life’s timeline in Gaia. This is very potent, fertile energy right now, so please don’t waste it!

We are knee deep in the Venus Retro phase now – which can be triggering healing involving the shadow feminine presence – a dark destroyer matrix, and especially issues of abuse and imbalance in our relationship with our inner male/female dynamic and with our human partners. Continue to work on flushing out all out-of-balance patterns and operating systems of Duality that are running inside from our parental projections. All needs to be resolved and healed during the Venus Retrograde lasting till June 27th.

Artwork by Zack Covell

Last Sunday, May 28th was the first day of the final galactic vortex spin of 260 days in the Mayan Calendar. All day Sunday I was blissed out feeling magic in the air…a new energy in the ethers. Later in meditation I discovered that Stargate 12 was wide open directly to Source Love! The Pleiadian Eclipse helped us open our portal to the godhead! All souls pass through Stargate 12 when entering the earth plane and it has been blocked by the controllers since Atlantis. As a result, souls have been entrapped in the incarnational karmic cycle unable to transition back into union with Source. On Sunday this finally was re-opened!

Then late Sunday night after I fell asleep, I was pulled into a battle with dark opposing forces, thrashing and sweating all night as the 144,000 Master Souls worked to contain Stargate 12 from the invading races. It still remains open at zero point, but the ethers are chaotic and fired up with aggression. Keep meditating in the zero point as we take back our divine passageway home.

The upcoming Venus Transit on June 6th is highlighting our desire for increased Sacred Love. In ancient spiritual tradition the Feminine was represented by fluid water/oceans/anti-matter and the Masculine represented by the sun god/fire/ Light. This Venus Transit of 2012 offers us the opportunity to balance all polarity and embrace the Solar Feminine – which is the pure crystalline Light Creation we are working with! Our time to celebrate the return of the Divine Feminine power has arrived!

Love to you,


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3 comments on “Hinge Point ~ Venus Returns!!

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  2. Hello Annette! Thanks very much for posting this article by Meg. I have put it on my blog. However I noticed in doing so that all your links have been removed by Word press. If you click on any of the links in your article above you will see that it terminates at a warning page. As such I have removed the links on my blog inclusion of your article. Should you have the correct links I would be happy to place them in the article on my blog.

    Thanks for all you do and God bless!

    Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D.

    • Aloha Gillian!

      Love your website! Thanks for sharing Megs information with your readers, as far as I can see she come closer than anyone else in “getting it”. In finding the keys to liberating anyone who applies sacred geometry and learning the art of living in the vortex as a way to heal, cope and ascend to Divine states of consciousness that we have the potential to attain. If the planet is literally going thru a dimensional shift, it’s my belief that those who haven’t raised their vibratory states along with reaching higher levels of consciousness won’t be able to connect with the shift when it happens. Those who may get left behind may never even know the shift happened.

      Delores Cannon speaks of this and until recently I didn’t really “get it” or understand how that could happen. Now I do, completely.

      Also thanks for alerting me to wordpress blocking links now…looks like the only way to avoid that will be to let readers know they may have to copy and past url’s to get to the original site so they can follow links. What a pain…figures, there’s so much counterforce at work right now it’s unbelievable. Just have to move thru it.

      Thank you for your support!

      Love and blessings!

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