Venus Return – Stargate 12 of LOVE, Please HELP Defend our Portal!

Aloha Everyone!

Wow! Once again, yesterdays healing meditation with Meg was POWERFUL! In addition this show is jam-packed with valuable insights on how the planetary alignments taking place have shifted us into a new timeline, how the Venus transit is bringing up issues that need resolved in our relationships and how crucial this time is for healing past wounds for a fresh start onto new timelines.

For myself this has been a time of tremendous release where I can literally feel the door shutting on a very painful, emotionally tumultuous  past.  While this is happening I can also feel Light coming in from a doorway opening to a new future where magic fills the air, allowing us to freely and easily co-create an abundant, loving and peaceful world.

One piece of advise if you plan on joining in on the group meditation, especially if you’re new to meditating ~ it really helps to start centering yourself with deep breathing while she’s talking, before Meg does the group work. I have a lot of mind chatter that will interrupt my focus on the “inner work”  if I don’t relax my mind before starting the meditation. Even tho the energy emanating from  Metatrons  cube ~ your grounding platform, pasted at bottom of post ~ helps cut down the time it takes to reach higher states of awareness when compared to Transcendental Meditation or free-style, it still helps to clear out the noise before beginning. Also remember to set up a sacred, protected space with candles and pure incense where you do your meditations from.

Also after the group work stay tuned in while she takes calls because one caller was dealing with a lot of counterforce in her life, something that most everyone reading this has surely dealt with and it can be a serious problem for so many people. Including myself, this has been a major problem in my life and it’s really helped me to listen to these shows so I can listen to learn how to heal these problems within myself.

Meg also gets into the Treaty of Anu with one of the callers ~ this is where it all went wrong for humanity and what we’re here fighting to restore.  This was back on Lemuria before Atlantis when the Lightworkers were deceived trying to help the reptilian races develop a heart center ~ that was the intent ~  instead they stole the Sacred codes, invaded the planet and began shredding the original Divine human blueprint with a 12 strand DNA down to the 2 strand DNA model we currently are operating under.

Also Meg discuss’s the fact that Stargate 12 is NOW open and operating, but it’s also under attack.  EVERYBODY needs to help defend this gate because it’s our portal to ascend out of duality.  Currently 144,000 Master Souls are fighting to keep the Stargate open and they need our help, this is how we fight for sovereignty ~ with our Light.  Meg better explains what’s happening and how you can help in your own private meditations, we also performed a group infusion of Light and Love to help fight to keep the gate open and secure.

You see, when we all come together in the ethers at this level it magnifies the effect and becomes EXTREMELY powerful in affecting change. We ARE making a difference and I invite you to join us as a Weaver of Light, learn about your gifts and then use them to help us fight a war most people are completely asleep to ~ even many of the so-called “awakened” are still asleep to the real battle taking place in higher dimensions. Keep peeling back the layers on your awakening, none of us are quite there yet…In Lak’ech! AscendingStarseed!

Link to show:

Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for seeing subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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