Massive Global Protests Arising ~ Virtually No Media Coverage

Living here on Hawaii’s big island is probably about the closest you’ll get to living in paradise! In addition to the beautiful, lush scenery we’re also fortunate to be in the new 5D Earth energies. The air here is crisp, alive with a sense of magic. While the people are generally courteous, friendly, happy and always eager to lend a helping hand to total strangers when the need arises. Yesterday while running errands in Hilo, it was great to see that people everywhere were smiling and happy. It’s a culturally diverse island where people are learning to live in harmony with each other and the environment. In addition, the crime rate is at a minimum so the police presence is very low key here, fortunately we’re not experiencing the surveillance state or the presence of robocop police forces as on America’s mainland ~ wouldn’t be good for tourism which is our livelihood.

So, while living in the Aloha spirit it’s easy to overlook the fact that other parts of the world are still barreling toward collapse and a lockdown, surveillance state.  Many countries are currently ablaze in a revolutionary spirit that doesn’t always lead to peaceful, non-violent means of protest and expressions of discontent.

As the planet gets flooded with more incoming photon light, there’s also a virtual cosmic soup of space weather that’s also changing the “aetheric atmosphere”  to a higher vibration.  As a result of the changing vibrations, dark forces are finally beginning to show visible signs of struggle as they purge from the bowels of middle earth. They’re fighting to maintain control in a losing battle against the Legions of Light that are fighting and winning this spiritual war in the Higher dimensions, bringing love and peace back in to the heart of Gaia and her children.

People all around the world are rising in massive protests that are receiving little or no media coverage, while in some countries like the USA and the UK  even the YouTube videos have even been removed. Virtually the entire middle east is a powder keg of anger, fury and discontent as the dark ones surge to maintain a grip over the masses. In Saudi Arabia two protestors were recently killed causing a massive backlash in demonstrations.

Here are just a few examples in the global atmosphere of revolution as people rise to take back their power, and it’s less than three weeks into the Uranus Pluto square. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting year.

Following photo’s courtesy of Meg Benedictes Facebook page…

MEXICO:  The BIGGEST protest ever in Mexico is happening, but almost no media coverage.
(Thank you to our friends at A Taste of the Social Media)
Photo: MEXICO:  The BIGGEST protest ever in Mexico is happening, but almost no media coverage.  In some countries like USA and the UK even YouTube videos have been removed. (Thank you to our friends at A Taste of the Social Media)

These next two video’s give a chilling look at scenes from Saudia Arabia,

with all the hallmarks of a CIA born incursion…

July 11, 2012, 1:17 pm2 Comments

Video of Protests and Clashes in Saudi Arabia


Video posted online by Saudi activists, is said to show the funeral of a man killed at a protest this week in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

Updated, 2:13 p.m. As my colleague Kareem Fahim reported, video posted online by Saudi activists late Tuesday appeared to offer a glimpse of protesters clashing with the security forces in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province.

According to the Saudi journalist and blogger Ahmed Al Omran, a brief video clip of protesters hurling Molotov cocktails at the police was recorded after a funeral Tuesday night in Qatif, a stronghold of the kingdom’s Shiite minority near Bahrain, where there have been periodic demonstrations beginning last spring.

Video posted online by Saudi activists is said to show protesters in Qatif hurling Molotov cocktails at the police on Tuesday night.

Activists said the funeral was for Muhammed el-Filfil, who was killed when shots were fired during a protest in Qatif following the arrest on Sunday of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shiite cleric. Protesters said the security forces shot and killed two demonstrators on Sunday, while the authorities insisted that although “gunshots were overheard in the town,” there was “no security confrontation whatsoever.”

Another Saudi blogger, Redha al-Boori, drew attention to video said to have been recorded during the funeral, showing thousands of mourners packing the streets in Qatif.

Video said Saudi activists said was recorded during a protester’s funeral in Qatif, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night.

Reuters reported that the funeral of the second man killed on Sunday, Akbar el-Shakhouri, is scheduled to take place on Wednesday night.


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