Ascension: How To Ascend

Aloha my friends!  Over the last month I’ve been sharing my ascension experience/kundalini awakening with readers in the hope that it will help others on the same path to recognize, understand and trust the process when it begins to take hold.  For myself, as a walk-in soul I experienced ascension at the tender young age of 16, the problem was I entered the body of a traumatized girl who was heading into post traumatic stress disorder {PTSD}for the next 14 yrs until it was diagnosed, treated and healed.  Additionally, the odds were stacked against me living in the bible belt in Oklahoma,  there was no emotional support from family and there wasn’t an evolved spiritual environment to nourish my soul. So eventually the experience faded over the next few years as life’s battles kept piling on.

Because once we reach enlightenment, the energetic state has to be maintained through spiritual devotion or it will fade off away, so it’s of vital importance that we exercise our spiritual muscles on a daily basis. 

So, here’s are few suggestions that helped me over the last few months, maybe they’ll help with your journey of self discoveru:

ALWAYS focus on Oneness with Divine Love, Christ Light ~ we exist in the consciousness of Prime Creator/Source, so feel it, be it ~ in Oneness with your maker. Stay present in the now and ALWAYS be aware of your thoughts and your energetic state, how they’re running in synch to create and magnetize your reality. This is a biggie folks, you’ll begin to notice your thoughts are connected to manifestations in the outer reality as your awareness expands ~ even to the point of your outer reality begins responding back in some very interesting manners once you reach the stage of enlightenment, or as some would prefer to say: Kundalini Rising.

Work on erasing separation from your past lives, on remembering by bringing all timelines together. Also send out signals to your soul family group: ask your Oversoul for unity, clarity and understanding about your ‘soul mission’.  We all brought a plan for the next phase of our journey…ask your Oversoul for the mission, or plan. Then wait for the answers to come into your reality or awareness, in a myriad of manners to numerous to list here ~ suffice it to say it’s not a linear process.

And keep in mind for everyone on the ascension path, that you’re future self is working hard on future timeline from the 5D Gaia to send love, support and guidance back to assist your journey in the “now”. That was a real Ah-Ha moment for myself and a realization that’s been very helpful…

Also this may be tricky for some, not sure. During the first ascension experience, I learned to feel a sense of Oneness with my surroundings and with the music coming over the radio ~ at the time, being new in town and severely traumatized by virtual strangers while at the same time estranged by my mother…music was literally my ONLY friend.  Somehow I learned to naturally synthesize my mind and body with music to help create or “spin” dreams into reality.  It was a learned process that happened automatically in July 1977, right after walking-in to this body when much of the rock music still had a conscious and the beats weren’t of such a destructive nature to our soul’s frequency’s.  Looking back on this life, most of what I dreamed and envisioned with the help of music at 16yrs is now unfolding, or manifested over the last 35yrs…although in many cases interference from dark forces side-railed almost every opportunity that came my way, or once the dream came true it was anti-climatic in nature.

So until very recently,  life has been a real mixed bag of flying with the angels and battling with demons while dancing with the devil. But, at the end of the day my friends, dreams really do come true as long as you keep the intent in your heart pure and always treating others the way you wish to be treated ~ regardless of how they treat you, aside from the love in our hearts our integrity is all we really have.

October 8, 2009 by Akemi-

Ascension symptoms

First of all, you do not need to know the word “Ascension” nor anything about it to ascend. The Ascension soul shift (new soul coming in to replace the old) happens like the first period — when the timing comes, it happens. Having said this, it helps to learn a little about it in advance so you know what is happening to you. Proper knowledge reduces unnecessary fear and anxiety.

So here is a list of Ascension symptoms you may recognize:

■Abrupt loss of interest in the people and things that held your interest before.
You simply cannot do that job any longer, or tolerate that person any more. Done.
■Strange wanderlust or urge to relocate.
You may just * know * where you need to be.
■Inner need to simplify life.
“Why the heck am I carrying around this much of junk? I don’t even remember why I wanted them.” is a common sentiment. Declutter and donate your stuffs to Good Will. You may also get the urge to detox your own body.
■Sudden change in food preference.
In my case, I woke up and found myself vegetarian. My body decided not to take meat any more (without consulting me, really). And a few times I persuaded and had some meat, I had to go to the bathroom quickly. Within a few months, eggs and dairy dropped off my shopping list as well. I now eat very close to Earth — vegetables and fruits.
■Sudden change in the taste to dress and decorate.
■Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment.
■Feeling spacy and detached from the rest of the world.
■Getting harder and harder to follow conventional thinking.
“What the heck do I care (to keep up with the Jones, to stay in the status, to be organized and considerate, etc.)”
■Absolute need to rest and relax.
■Feeling younger or childlike.
In fact, your friends may notice you look younger.
■Urge to do what you like to do.
Again, like a small kid. Being in the joy becomes increasingly important to you, replacing other priorities.
■Change in sexual drive.
Overall, I think the drive decreases but there may be periods of bouts. When you are happy just the way you are, there is not much need to seek out sexual pleasures.
■Change in sleep patterns.
Sometimes you wake up at 3 or 4 am every night and okay with it. Sometimes you sleep 10 hours or take a long nap.
■Physical symptoms such as ringing in the ear, change in vision (sometimes daily), or strange itching and twitching around the body.
■And some report switching back and forth between the new way and the old way. Well, this can happen if you don’t allow yourself to be in the new way.

Each person’s sensitivity is different. An analytical soul, such as Alpha Centaurians or Blueprint Technicians, may notice little change while some souls may be wondering “What the world has happened to me?”

And these are not temporary symptoms. With Ascension soul shift, this is going to be your new way, so you are best to embrace the changes.

Ascension soul shift as rebirth

With Ascension soul shift, your existing soul crosses over without the physical death. And you receive a new version of soul. So it’s a way of being born again. What is great is we retain the body and the knowledge we have accumulated.

It’s like a software upgrade. With certain computer software, say Microsoft Money, you are offered a new version — Year 2009 version, for instance. It’s the same software — it’s not Microsoft Word. But it’s brand new and runs faster. All the learnings in the past have been incorporated into the new version.

You are the same person, yet you are new. So the best way to go around is to embrace the new you rather than resisting it.

Ascension soul shift is just the beginning

Because I can observe the soul shifts, I tend to think of Ascension from that perspective, but I know this is not all. Far from it. Ascension soul shift is just the beginning of Ascension process.

And where are we headed to? Becoming a lightbody and achieving immortality is one possibility. Remembering the various psychic / supernatural / extrasensory abilities we possess is another. And together, we are creating the New World, or the new version of heaven on Earth.

How to ascend

The way to ascend, then, is:

■To be open to this change, the shift of ages, the Ascension.
■To increase the vibration by aligning more with Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance and Power.
■To embrace the changes including Ascension soul shift.
■To live in the Now.

Being open is fundamental. We all have free will, and even if you are ready to ascend, if you refuse to do so, then you won’t. Lightworkers respect everyone’s free will.

Regarding how to increase the alignment with the five energy flows of Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power, I’ve already written more than 10,000 words in the New World series, so I’m not going to repeat it here. The first post of the series, about Love, is here. Each of the five quality has a post and the post comes with action plans at the end, so please read them.

Ascension is about change. And you are not going to change when you cling onto your past. So the last two points, embracing the changes and living in the Now, are really the same thing.

Ascension is not about the future

Some of us get hang up with the anticipation of Ascension. I was that way only a while ago. This is, however, counterproductive. Ascension happens in the Now, not in the future. Or more accurately, Ascension is about breaking the illusion of time.

Ascension is a natural process, and you will be guided to do what you need to do. In a sense, you don’t have to try to ascend at all. Again, it comes like the period. You cannot help it. What you might want to do is to take good care of yourself, be in the joy, be in the Now, and be the Love and Light.

By the way, some readers pointed out that the Ascension symptoms resemble kundalini awakening. I’m not a yogi, so I don’t really know, but I’m sure spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are helpful.

Ascension is not about condemning physical body in favor of the spirituality

It’s true that many of us get the strong feeling that we are so “done”. Combined with the common myth in spiritual community that this physical world is something inferior to the spiritual world, it’s easy to start thinking that Ascension is about leaving this world, to be out of our physical body, to go somewhere better, be it called higher dimension or something else.

Wrong. We don’t ascend to the higher dimension. We are bringing in the higher dimension right here. There is no point in condemning our physical body and our life in this physical world because we are developing right in this body. Rather, Ascension is about mastering both the physical and spiritual lives and integrating them to one.

How to develop Lightbody

As you may have noticed, I’ve been learning about physical immortality recently. Which , I now understand, is the same thing as developing lightbody.

So how do you develop your lightbody? By the same way you ascend, by embracing your inner divinity.

I want to repeat one thing here. Don’t get so hang up about the future. If you keep thinking whether you can achieve immortality, whether you will die or not, then you will. Because your attention, your energy, is on death.

I personally don’t really care if I live forever or not. Some people say death is the dingy backdoor to heaven, and we should aim to enter there through the front door, by achieving immortality. I don’t really care which door I get to or when. I care how I’m doing Now — maybe the heaven can come to me rather than me driving up there. (Akemi driving is generally not a great idea. . .:) )

Some people say death is the ultimate source of fear. I doubt it. If the idea of “There will be no death” excites you, that’s great, because feeling good is critical. So for those of you, the idea of physical immortality works really well. For me, death looks like a revolving door. Just don’t leave any slippery stuff in front of it.

I’m not saying physical immortality is impossible or a bad idea. It’s a great idea that expands our consciousness, and I’m learning a lot from Janni, Robin and Kathy. I think everything they say relates to what I call Ascension. And I’m pretty sure they agree that immortality is not about the future, it’s about Now.


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