Why 2012 Ascension Does Not Matter To Most People {UPDATE: Departiculation defined}

Dedicated to Ann, Dent and everyone struggling to find a safe path out of the dark  side of the matrix,

Each one of us is on the hero’s journey toward self-discovery, take enjoyment in creating your OWN path and take from others that which resonates in your heart. Leave the rest behind and be kind, gentle and forgiving with yourself as well as others ~ the road to enlightenment is not an easy path, so keep your sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be watchful for people who aren’t heart centered in their work.

It’s ALWAYS important to remember we create our reality with every emotion, thought and belief we allow into our awareness.  Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions because the magnetic energy resonant in fear or faith, manifests foundation for reality we create.  As our conscious reality begins to change with the energetic shifts on the horizon, we’re all  moving into various stages of transformation ~most especially myself, so I can only share my journey and my own very “unique” perspective.  In some respects, being a recently awakened walk-in has been a disorienting process because it’s also accompanying a rapid expansion in consciousness into the quantum universe virtually over-nite, as a new identity ascends into consciousness from the higher levels of the oversoul where I’ve been sleeping in the background since July 25, 1977.  In other respects ,  after six weeks processing the river of information that poured in from the ether’s at once, combined with soul memories from my first ascension experience in ’77 when I first came into this body. Every thing unfolding at this time is beginning to make sense,  as I clearly  remember my purpose here is to usher humanity through the coming shift. That knowledge was actually communicated through an angelic being when I first walked-in at 16yrs old. As far as EXACTLY what we’re heading into, all I’m sure of is Gaia has already ascended in the future and most of heart centered souls will ascend with her ~ I’ve been physically feeling the upward spiraling ascending motion as if I were on an elevator for several months now.  With that will also come earth changes that may include a pole shift…hopefully we’ve been able to shift timelines into a smoother transition.  As we get closer to the end of the year, all I have are intuitive hunches…the devil is in the details and will drive you crazy if you let them.

Instead just stay present and focused on the now, find that center of peace within that nothing can disturb and strengthen it’s boundaries through daily meditation.  Build a sacred inner sanctuary where you create and intention your future timeline. Remember, we’re moving into highly charged photon light, the ancients knew this thousands of years ago and wrote about it the prophecies of a coming Golden Age.  We’re in a highly beneficial atmosphere for creating that which you wish to manifest for future outcomes, which is why it’s important to monitor your  Shadow Ego for judgmental, fearful, insecure or negative thought patterns that magnetize unwanted outcomes through the mirroring effect. 

This blog originally began as a personal archive in the clouds to store information on earth changes, over time it’s evolved into…something else.  Three months ago the message here mirrored the chaos unfolding in 3D, but as the winds of change blew through and as my awareness has expanded, the content here is shifting to reflect the changes I “see” on the horizon from my point of perspective living here on the islands. Like other 5D locations on the earths grid system, the energy here is of a Higher frequency…with that understanding, my hope and vision is for the 5D areas to provide a guiding light to help lead the way out of darkness for those still under the cloak of dark matrix’s control systems on the continents.

While on the mainland in March for two weeks earlier this year,  I got a good taste of the repressive lockdown “energy” alive and well everywhere I went. It took nearly a month to get my “spin” back after 7 days on a cruise ship with my family and 3000 highly distracted souls, while being force fed TV for a week in the cabin with my sister and then nearly three days in Oklahoma ingesting chemtrails.  The energy on the mainland is horrible and my heart goes out to everyone struggling to stay spiritually grounded, while also fighting to bring about change in the land of robocops, surveillance drones and GMO’s. Fortunately we’re free from many of the distractions and tyranny here on the islands, so my goal at this point is to just provide inspiration, hope and a guiding light for those who are struggling to fully awaken and bring Divine Light and Christ consciousness into their lives.

As spiritual beings we’re like human antenna’s, or receiver’s. When we awaken to our Highest potential by finding our souls mission and our own inner Divine Light, we empower ourselves to create positive changes in our life, that then creates even more change in the world by sending out waves of ripples.  Little fractals of energetic Diving Light that ultimately fractals out, impacting the rest of the world ~ thereby intentioning the concept at the core of the phrase “Be the Change you want to see”.

Mayan Elders reported on June 7th that humanitu reached the tipping point ~ the 100th monkey syndrome ~ now the momentum’s building on behalf of the 99%. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen massive global protests, the tide is turning on bankers and the globalization agenda. Right as bringing the controllers to justice and accountability suddenly appears on the horizon. People all over the world are rising to the occasion and it’s happening while more powerful planetary alignments culminate to keep dark forces in a constant state of struggle , strife and collapse. The latter half of 2012 certainly is shaping up for the awakened ones who are fighting to build a New Earth, and it’s difficult to say exactly what’s going to happen as the unfolding progress’s. Just know that we have never been alone, that Divine Intervention has been working hard on our behalf. So, it’s important to stay in the present, have faith in outcomes and be open to “Inner Divine” guidance available to assist you through the shifting Earth changes or any dimensional shifts that may be coming.

Let me also take this moment to apologize for neglecting to define the de-particulation process when discussing dimensional shifts, I may have left the wrong impression ~ we’re not talking about ‘Beam me up Scotty” or anything woo-woo like that. De-particulation is a process from shifting to the Higher dimensions of the “inner universe”, it’s simply a state of mind you move through to get into the crystalline universe and a phase you go through to reach the highest dimensions of awareness. In the bigger picture there’s nothing to be concerned or to worry about, you are always where your supposed to be on your souls journey. Just look at it this way, life is our school, god is our teacher and experience is the course of study. We came here to learn, evolve, serve…so enjoy your journey on the path toward a full awakening and enlightenment!

We live in the mind of our Creator, we are all One with each other…striving to achieve a living state of Oneness with Christ consciousness and/or Divine Love has all the ingredients we need to magnetize, build and create a New World paradigm for all when we live in unity consciousness.

All my love,


Why 2012 Ascension Does Not Matter To Most People

March 15, 2010 by

I’ve been writing about Ascension since I observed my own Ascension soul shift in January 2009. Ascension soul shift, new souls arriving to replace the old, is a major change is our spiritual existence that can be read in the Akashic Records. So far, however, I haven’t been clear exactly how this relates to 2012 or if 2012 is truly a significant year. (Photo credit)

Recently, I’m receiving more detailed info. . .

Why every psychic has different opinions about 2012 Ascension

Because our experience (more accurately, our perception of the experience) depends on our spiritual awareness and willingness. Our free will is always respected by God, so if you don’t want Ascension, you won’t have it. You don’t have to worry if you accidentally may ascend against your will. If you don’t want to see the great shift of ages, you won’t, and that will be your experience, your version of reality.

And those who is not spiritually ready to experience Ascension will not experience it. I must say this is the case with the majority of the world population. Many people don’t see themselves as spiritual beings. Many are afraid to even acknowledge there are invisible aspects to life beyond the physical world that meets the eye. If a person’s spiritual growth level is that primitive, they simply won’t notice anything now or in 2012. So again, no worries to them. Life will be just the same for them in 2012 and beyond.

But what about the people who is spiritually developed enough and open and willing to experience Ascension?

How to Ascend

In my previous post How to Ascend, I explained Ascension soul shift is just the beginning of the new experiences, not the end or the goal. I also suggested to increase your vibration by aligning more to Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power. (The link takes you to the summary post of this series.) These are all good points I still stand for, but here, I want to emphasize the most important point.

If you look forward to Ascension in 2012, while you loathe your present life and the world, you miss the whole point. The trick is to live and love right here and now, as if we are to go on forever beyond any time point in the future.

Many people make one of the two big mistakes:

  1. Life is long. Be prepared. People in this camp live on deferred life plan. They postpone real life and work like crazy now. They even postpone love.
  2. Now is all we’ve got. Do whatever you want to do because tomorrow we may die. People on this camp live in transient pleasure. They fail to see the true pleasure of life because they are so hurried to grab instant gratification.

Ironically, both camps fail to experience life fully. Neither is what I am suggesting, of course.

What I am talking about is to live today fully in a way that you can keep doing all the way into your old age but at the same time, you’d have no regrets if you see angels in your night’s dream and are told this was your last day.

Forget 2012 Ascension. Live now.

This is how you may experience the most wonderful thing.

What spiritual growth means

What is it really to grow spiritually? Is any spiritual or religious practices superior than others?

To grow spiritually is to have full awareness of love, to love oneself, the life, this Earth, deeply and completely. The five Divine energies are really one: Love. Light is another aspect of love. Love is Light and Light is Love. And when All is the loving light, there is nothing that is not Truth. And this light is all there truly is, it’s Abundant. When you are filled with this Light of Love, you have the true Power.

All the spiritual and religious practices, including meditation and prayers, are helpful only in assisting you to realize this Love. They are not the requirement of Ascension or spiritual growth.

What happens to those who misses the “opening” of 2012?

Most likely, nothing. When they grow to Love, they would understand what would have happened in 2012.

So we don’t need to hand out cautionary notes warning something terrible would happen to them in 2012 if they don’t repent and prepare. Nay. Rather, love them as they are right now.


Are you living love? Are you living in a way that you can go on and at the same time you can leave any time? Take some time to reflect on this, not for the sake of Ascension but to live well today — and you may get to know what 2012 Ascension is all about.

This is all I can say at this time because, for those of you who is heading toward Ascension, more will be revealed directly. Stop relying on psychics to understand 2012 Ascension and start paying attention to your direct communication with God and your personal spirit guides.

The title of this post is surely written in a tongue in a cheek manner. Whether you are spiritually developed or not, live as if 2012 doesn’t matter.

Update: Ascension Possibilities (August 2010)

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