Happy Birthday Leo’s..!!!


4 comments on “Happy Birthday Leo’s..!!!

  1. Congretz Annette!
    Better late than never…
    Strange, I started to rebel against the then excisting world in ’77 and joined the punk-movement. I was 15 at the time and before always wanted to join the military academy. It was if my mind blew open that year.

    • Well you certainly made the right decision taking the rebels path, the military would’ve ruined you in all likelihood. Something was going on in ’77, it certainly changed my life and even tho it was through traumatic experiences…they were also my greatest gift in so many ways. It was quite a year…

      Love and blessings,

    • Ahhh!! Thought I recognized that Leo spirit…HB Preacher!!

      Actually yes you can, this year is especially significant because it was 35 years ago on July 25, 1977 that my spirit became aware in this body, during my first ascension experience….at some point I hope to cover what happened and why I lost the insights and went into amnesia after descending into the body. People, especially most males…can’t relate to, nor do they have any idea how brutal the war against the Divine Feminine has been and how desperately dark forces have tried to prevent the return of Goddess energy that’s unfolding at this time. I didn’t understand how deep it went, or that it truly existed until just recently.

      My Sun sign is Sagittarius, with a Leo ascendant and Aries moon…thank god the Centaur/Philospher is in the lead, out ahead of the prideful, headstrong lion and baby of the chart…the stubborn ram 🙂

      Its difficult to say who’s in charge right now, this whole awakening is still unfolding as my birthday approach’s on Wed and am feeling more like a Leo now, than the humble Sag…although my recent incarnation through the wormhole of time at light speed was in typical Sag fashion, bow and arrow focused straight ahead taking no prisoners along the way…bouncing out onto 5D, I hit the ground running wondering wtf just happened?? Then realizing I left my true identity somewhere back in time…I leave no stone unturned searching for answers.

      Yep…sounds like I’m a Leo, the ascendant appears to ruling now 😉

      Thanks for asking Preacher…enjoy your 2012 B-day!

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