Police radio communications CONFIRM ~ Bat Man shooting STAGED, PHONY, A DRILL by Jim Stone

NOTE: The evening the headline on the Colorado shooting appeared, it intuitively felt like a diversion so I moved on and paid it no attention.  And guess what? The next day was GREAT! Completely absent from images of carnage searing my mind while running errands, while at the same time feeling concerned for everyone sporting fashionable media IV units. Still attached to the beast and magnetized to dark images, continually feeding darker forces psychic life energy. While literally denying themselves access to infinite amounts of Divine Light pouring onto the planet. They {shadow ego} can’t even feel or believe it’s coming in. 

Folks if you have done so already, it’s time to detach from 3D fear matrix’s  and take your energy back before getting pulled under in the collapse. As the end of 2012 draws closer, expect to see more media trickery and disinformation psyop’s designed to keep ego’s fascinated in battle mode and frozen in the collapsing operating systems. It’s difficult to discern where the truth is coming from anymore and is only serving to keep people locked in, confused and ignorant.

At this time,  very few people are aware that a powerful Black Magic spell was set into motion thousands of years ago by occultist’s from outside Dark forces, controlling the secret societies within ruling bloodlines.  The same forces that control religion, the mass media and emtertainment industry play a major role in keeping people hypnotized under the “spell” of  black magic programming.

These “wag the dog” psyops only serve to dangle a bright shiny object to keep the public eye off darker agenda’s playing out and even worse, they keep people’s mind in a trance-state completely distracted and unable to focus on discovering the Divine side of the matrix structures.  Desensitized and lacking the intuitive receptivity needed to sense or feel the “highly transformational” cosmic energies pouring on to the planet.  When we’re distracted, incoming healing energies aren’t being utilized or aiding spiritual evolution. 

Darkness has no where to hide in the Light of awareness when we reclaim our power as sovereign beings. If we stop feeding the beast our psychic lifeblood, it will cease to exist as we evolve into our true nature as spiritual light beings. The PTB have feared this day for thousands of years, now that it’s upon them it’s bound to get ugly as they fight a losing game to stay in power. No telling what’s around the corner with the 2012 Olympics, don’t “feed” it much attention…just stay aware and in the now.

This whole mass shooting scenario in Colorado stinks,  please share this post.


THIS ARTICLE caused an ENORMOUS number of attacks against this site

I did not realize it, but the following Bat man article caused numerous DDOS attacks against this site, plus the thread that had this in the forum is gone, plus hundreds of internal messages within the forum also vanished because of the following article. THIS MEANS IT REALLY TWEAKED SOMEONE, ARCHIVE, POST, AND RE POST IT EVERYWHERE! I pulled it off the sister site and re-posted it here after I confirmed this.

I have received two e-mails from people saying that witnesses to the shooting posted their accounts of it at a game forum and at Yahoo answers. I am not changing my take on this, and here is why – It’s because the CIA hired over a million goons to go around the social forums re-enforcing stories like this and spread disinfo. If there ever was something that said it’s all fake, it’s the look on the face of the shooter afterward, and the photo op photo farther down this page. I don’t buy it, and even if I am wrong about this and there really was action the rest of the story does not wash, this event was staged, pure and simple. And either way, these police tapes are worth a listen, because they have details which do not match the whitewash in the press. No shootout with the Joker and the police afterward? GET REAL.

In THE FIRST intercepted police radio tape, (which is silent for the first 11 minutes, indicating nothing was being said for those 11 minutes) at minute 11 the police units involved in the drill check in, and say all are present. Then, right around 13 minutes it is discussed where one of the centers will be. Then, starting at minute 14, they are discussing where they will be at the Aurora mall for the start of the drill at the Aurora theater.


I then skipped to the last of these, where they are talking about setting up the press, where to put the ambulances, where to put the “victims” families, etc for their photo ops. This MP3 has the police communications in the left speaker, overlapped with the Fire department communications in the right speaker It’s OBVIOUS what is going on here. Keep in mind, that because this is a drill, bodies and injured WILL be mentioned and played as real, but it’s ALL FAKE as confirmed by recording 1, and the overall attitude in this MP3, where they are talking about WHERE TO PUT THE PRESS AND FAMILIES AND AMBULANCES FOR PHOTOS!

My original suspicions were confirmed by these tapes. The bat man shooting NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL! These MP3’s were posted by Wellaware1.com, which is begging people to download these and re-post them elsewhere so they do not get shut down. So these are coming off my servers now. I suggest you download them from here to distribute the server load, (I have headroom to spare right now) but if there are any problems they might still be at the source. And I thank Wellaware1.com for sticking their necks out to spread the truth. Here are ALL files from Aurora. The first and last are linked above (as well as down here), those are the ones I took a peek at.

I took more of a look at these than I planned to. It is mega obvious the drill was not even of primary importance to the police department, it’s just a side thing.

1. Setting up the drill
2. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
3. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
4. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
5. The drill in progress (boring, supposedly the shooter is in this one)
6. The drill in progress (boring, a second bomb is supposedly in this one)
7. Where should stuff go for the photo ops?

MANY THANKS to forum member Kwai_Chang for linking to Wellaware1.com in the forum, absent that I would have never found this.

Bat man shooting CONFIRMED a wag the dog

There are serious problems with the story surrounding the “shooting” in Colorado.

There is no evidence being presented of: DEAD BODIES, A SHOT UP THEATER, NO CCTV FOOTAGE, RIDICULOUS PLOT (How does an unemployed college student get ahold of $20,000 worth of extremely controlled military gear) or anything else he had. You don’t need any dead bodies to put an ambulance on camera and have a dozen or so actors cry for a camera. Why ONE BIG AMBULANCE, not many? Easier to manage. Cheaper. WHY were the police there INSTANTLY? This is a WAG THE DOG, COUNT ON IT!!!

And in the end, it will work JUST AS WELL. AND, why this shooting, so close to the previous in Colorado? Not plausible either, unless you have a community there that has been assigned by the power elite to pull these stunts. I do not believe it ever happened. PROVE ME WRONG. Oh, the elite stronghold under the Denver airport – the new base for everything. Cute. Consider that as well.

SO far documented, 1 ambulance 1 fire truck, several police, one Joker getup, a shirt with a bullet hole and a total of about a dozen crying people in photos. No stretchers, No CCTV footage, NO shot up theater pics, No bodies being carried out, NO pictures of people with any bandages or injuries present, NOTHING. This is a lazy cheap fake at best, being rammed down the throat of the public by a scamming media. And after being quickly nailed by viewers of Aljazeera, and having people point out immediately that the dead osama photo published in the U.S. was fake, it seems they did not want to take chances with stock photography and therefore we are seeing NOTHING OF PROVABLE SUBSTANCE.

“No plane theory” anyone? Possibly rightfully so!

Looking over the pictures published thus far, it really does look like a mega stupid fake once you realize the things I mentioned above. Capture this moment, because if people wake up to this they will have countless fake photos made to order. For now, they are resting easy.

And I strongly urge you to watch the following movie trailer for Wag The Dog, so you understand the concept and realize how easy something like this shooting can be faked.


7 comments on “Police radio communications CONFIRM ~ Bat Man shooting STAGED, PHONY, A DRILL by Jim Stone

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  4. Hhmmmm…interesting, my first take on the news of this was, ” I wonder what they don’t want people to see now?”(after the smoking wildfire and story a week or so ago about a giant machine that was moved at Denver airport). Thanks for posting this and all the other wonderful stuff you do. People really do need to wake up to the distractions and diversions they are being exposed to in the media. We cancelled the cable May 31st, and I can say we don’t miss it at all. We can hear the birds, and play our fave music.. I was even able to get off my blood pressure meds. At night we watch a movie sometimes, or catch up on all the posts and videos in this blog.
    Much love, JaBezabelle

  5. Jim, I’ve just read this and I haven’t listened to everything yet, so excuse me if I sound naive or similar……ARE YOU SAYING THE SHOOTINGS/KILLING NEVER HAPPENED?! Omg, this is unbelievable and amazing?? Definitely NOT going against you here at all mate, and yes I will definitely read and listen on, but I just want to confirm what I “think” I’ve just read??? Never actually happened?? No real dead people?? All fake?? Please jet me a quick reply just so I know where to put my head before I move on man, ok? If what you’re saying is fact, I am going to come unglued, I mean that will be the last straw, and I absolutely WILL get “in the game” from this point on!!! I know I may seem to be just another reader, however actually I’m not, and my passion button connects with my resources can really get some things done, at least I’ve had some pretty good luck in the past, so hopefully my streak will continue? This IS mind blowing?? Can you confirm for me, please? Thanks, Timothy (an American patriot living in London!)

  6. While I am totally in agreeance that this was setup, I have to tell you it was very real! I live here and I know many young people who were there that night and are devastated by the horrors they witnessed. There was actually a cell phone video posted by a young friend who was there and it does show people covered in blood running out of the theatre. The police was there instantly, but that is becuase the police department is only 2 blocks from the location. Normally the off duty police volunteer at this theatre as security on the weekends, however because this was a Thursday night they were not there. There are people in the hospital with injuries sustained by being trampled in the panic. I think you might have more luck convincing people of the set up rather than try to convince them it never happened.
    I myself am staying out of the sensationlism of it and simply focusing on the love and light being given to the many victoms and families.

    • Aloha JoAnne,

      For myself, taking a look at the bigger picture…these matrix’s are operating systems utilized for mind control to keep the public in a state of fear. The media locks on and continues to drive these stories into the hearts and minds of the people, creating a virtual reality continually broadcasting negative energy that eats at the psyche like a cancer. If the event was real, you can bet it was an not accident…the perpetrator at some level was under mind control from etheric or technology based sources.

      What few people comprehend is we’re in the middle of a spiritual war that’s been going on for thousands of years, one that’s taking place in other dimensions as well as this one. When people can look at what’s going on from that perspective it changes the whole ball game. Both sides use technology to assist AND/OR control humans at a psycho-spiritual level, unfortunately forces from the dark matrix appear to have the dominant upper hand in technology used for negative mind control programs.

      At this point I’m reserving judgement on exactly what happened because I haven’t spent the time examining the facts and really don’t care to get sucked in on an energetic level to the collective dark matter that’s engaged in that mind matrix , especially since I’m trying to heal from being in that system for way toooooo long. All I’m doing is sharing what I see on a more collective level with street theater games and the virtual reality being created through the use of technology that has people believing in a false reality designed for mind control.

      Thank you for the feedback and for sharing what your witnessing…I appreciate your participation in the discussion.

      In Lak’ech,

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