Peak Experiences and Oneness

The light of peak experiences helps harmonize your consciousness by bringing all your inner aspects into oneness. This state of oneness is then extended to all others. As this crystalline clarity surrounds your consciousness, you see through the actions of others, and are able to view their true heart and desires. You may perceive that a person’s authentic self lies hidden under a veneer of fear and misunderstanding. When you respond to the truth of a person’s heart instead of their outer armor, you open a space for them to step into this truth. In this way, you view all situations you encounter from a place of clarity and purpose, and you respond from the depth of your spiritual understanding rather than superficial reactions.

By entering the Portal of Peak States of Consciousness, you are able to perceive your life and all the universe from a very high vibration that penetrates each second straight to the heart of love. From this place, you are able to see your entire arc of lifetimes — past, present and future — and assist and embrace the progression of your soul across time. As you access this crystal-clear perception, every thought, belief and attitude that is not in harmony with your highest vision fades away. In this heightened state of aliveness, you transform the world around you as you move through it. Your greatest gifts to the New Earth are the gifts of your spiritual freedom and your highest vision.


DL Zeta


2 comments on “Peak Experiences and Oneness

  1. The information here is amazing. The light of peak experience has happened to me. It happens rarley and only when I recognise it as it is happening. I am sometimes just “in” that light without realizing it. I will try to “be” in that light consciously so it is a usual state for me. I am in need of help with this. The portal of peak states of consciousness is not somplace I have been before. I have never been at that height of perception. It is a place of yet to be for me. Help for this, for me, is also needed. I will learn.

    • Sounds like you’re really making progress Dent…just keep the focus one Oneness with Christ Light/consciousness, keep erasing separation from your reality by staying in the now and connecting with your Divine I AM presence for guidance. Just keep pulling down Divine Light, ask for DNA upgrades and your Divine human blueprint…next week things will ramp up with the incoming Light from Siruis. This is POWERFUL energy that began pouring in last weekend here on the island…so tap into it, ask for upgrades and guidance, because we have so much Divine assistance at hand it’s absolutely incredible. Would’ve never believed a year ago…but it’s real.


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