The New Earth & Manifesting Your 5th Dimensional Reality

It is no longer necessary to struggle toward higher states of consciousness. The greatly expanded light on the Earth plane has opened many new portals to higher consciousness you may now enter through awareness, intention and allowing. You may enter expanded states at will by simply setting the intention to do so and surrendering to the highest vibration you are able to access. Even brief experiences of peak consciousness transforms your existence by bringing you into greater communion with your higher self and opening your mind to new possibilities. One of the greatest breakthroughs of a heightened state of consciousness is the ability to perceive yourexistence across lifetimes – from the first flicker of life force within human form to the final dream of earthly existence.

The entire history of your soul can be viewed from this place. Within this high vibration, you are able to access and interact with any “you” that exists anywhere in time. By bringing your entire arc of lifetimes into your conscious mind, you magnetize to you the gifts and understandings you have acquired across all-time. The high perception of a peak state is like standing on one of the Earth’s highest mountains, looking out over the world below. It can be likened to entering a space where all time becomes one eternal flow -a fabric that can be accessed or observed at any point in its existence. From this mountaintop of peak experience, you are able to take any past event into your heart and transform it with the light of love and understanding. You are able to view the threads of connection that exist between yourself and all others. You are able to clearly perceive the future, your spiritual progression, and the lessons that appear before you. From this place of higher awareness, you can embrace all that is known and not yet known, and magnetize your deepest desires.

When you enter a peak state of consciousness, you are able to perceive any thought, belief, emotion, or attitude that is not in resonance with the peak state. This begins a detoxing of consciousness that extends into all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As you release old habits and beliefs, you begin to see your reality differently. In the blink of an eye, you view everything that is not aligned with your highest vision.

Healing all past hurts is not a prerequisite for entering peak states of consciousness. However, it is important to remain in the present moment as much as possible. If your attention is constantly drawn into the pain of the past, you will not have the level of stillness and attention required to access heightened states.

Manifesting 5th Dimensional Realties

Many lightworkers today are questioning and experimenting with different manifestation tools and are learning to use the New Earth energies to manifest their hopes, dreams and wishes. Due to the latest stargate and the influx of Paradise energy, you are again learning new and exciting ways to manifest your realities. The higher consciousness of the dolphins and whales is working with you and helping you to access this higher consciousness and new energy in ways that are beneficial and helpful.

In simple terms, manifestation is taking energy from different dimensions or levels of consciousness and weaving this energy together by words, thoughts and practices. In order for you to create your manifestation you need to connect with the other energies that are working with you during this time. At present you are working with the Angelic Realms, the God and Goddess archetypes and the elemental energies.

These energies and your energies combined are extremely powerful in helping you to create and manifest your desired changes. Daily ritual is an important tool when it comes to manifestation and ritual and connecting with the different energies will help you to create you dreams.

The greatest key to effectively manifesting your dream is to believe in your own power and the power that you have to create positive, loving and abundant change in your life. Until you are able to reprogram your subconscious mind to believe, your manifestations will take longer to come into being. You have begun the process of healing and releasing and your energies now flow freely and the desired results and changes will happen faster.

One of the most important parts of manifestation comes when you have entered your heart and are living from this place of pure love and light. Once you have opened your heart centre fully the more involved you become in manifesting your desires. In living and creating from your heart centre you are better able to open the doors to your creative mind and subconscious. You begin to effectively bridge the creative right brain with the analytical left brain.

Due to your society and culture, the left brain has been dominant and generally in control. It is closely connected to the conscious mind and deals totally in reality. It is also the side of the brain that makes us feel guilty and critical of yourself and others.

The creative right brain pertains entirely to your imagination. It is artistic, visual and creative. The left and right brains need to be balanced as they help you to create and manifest in practical, imaginative and moral ways. The right side allows you to connect with the powerful belief that connects you to the different energies of the Angelic Realm, the God and Goddess Archetypes and the elementals. It is also this side of the brain that creates manifestations.

You have all worked extremely hard at eliminating old patterns and thought forms of failure, dissatisfaction and lack of belief in what cannot be seen and now it is time to connect and bridge the left and right brains so that they may work in tandem with each other to create and manifest your desires, wishes and dreams.

To create the bridge it is truly important to really think through your reasons, using your left brain, about what changes or desires you would like to manifest in your life. The energies at this time are extremely powerful and old saying “Be careful what you wish for” should really be adhered to. The human willpower is very real and powerful, but it is directed by the right brain imagination. The Universe does not consist of chance factors, but is an ordered system with correspondence in all things. Understanding this and working with these patterns will enable you to work with all the energies to create your desire, wish or dream.

The energies of the higher dimensions are there for humankind to use as a catalyst for raising consciousness. Working with these energies will bring about changes within your own environment and that of the collective consciousness. This is very obviously seen in the way that Lightworkers across the globe have managed to raise the collective consciousness as well as the consciousness of the planet itself. You have all become more aware and conscious of the realities that you are creating. We ask only that you continue to create and manifest your New Earth with love, light and laughter! Happy manifesting!

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