Beware Fluoridated Salt

By Zen Gardner

Monday, July 30, 2012

by Zen Gardner

This was a wake up for me. I was traveling abroad last year and noticed the salt was fluoridated on every label I read. I wondered why but soon realized the mountainous countries I visited couldn’t possibly control the fresh water flow into its many cities. So sure enough, here’s a way to get your dumbing-down fluoride if you can’t dump it into a central water works.

Fluoridate the salt. Of course. Just like they did at German concentration camps.

It’s reinforced so strictly in some countries that it’s illegal to produce salt WITHOUT fluoride.

Go figure. Where the hell could such a centralized mandate come from? The implication is that fluoride is an absolutely ESSENTIAL additive.

Damn them. What bullshit.

These elitists are everywhere instigating this perversion of natural life. All with corporate and local industrial American influenced backing I might add. All sell outs against the good of the many.

What an indictment.

So Where Do They Do This Deliberate Chemical Poisoning?

Wherever they can. Just as they’re further adulterating our food by the day, these bastards are at it 24/7 to push their lethal agenda. Here’s what one health website had to say:

In several major European countries, India, and Japan, salt fluoridation is routine. Of course, the usual excuse is that it’s good for teeth, but that claim is highly questionable. While topical treatment may be beneficial, ingestion offers no benefit, and fluoride is highly toxic.

In spite of its known toxicity, many countries are now requiring that salt be fluoridated, and most of the others are not far behind.

If you think that fluoride in water is a problem, then you’d best start looking at your salt. In many places in Europe and South America, salt is fluoridated. Source

Here’s the Problem

You wanna visit some of these salt fluoridated countries? While you’re guarding your water intake and maybe you found some natural sea salt at some fancy outlet, you’re getting slammed by your delicious fish fillet and rice and anything else you eat while out.

You want to eat some yummy local snack? Mmmm…more fluoride. Gotcha covered. And for someone aware of all this as I am, it’s not fun.

That isn’t to say it’s not the same anywhere. Where do you think your drive-thru gourmet coffee water is coming from, an artesian well? Super filtered water?

Right. Only specialized filters can catch fluoride and some of these other nasty micro-metallic toxins. Some might do it, but don’t hold your breath.

Reverse osmosis is supposed to work, but whatever anyone promises, we’re all taking our risks.

Anywhere we are.

Welcome to Planet Toxic.

Long Term Scam

I remember wondering why I’d see wealthy people drinking Perrier water many, many years ago. What was the big deal? Water is water.

Ignorant pawn I was. As are so many.

The elites have known all along, had their own water and food supplies, and now even have anti-radiation drugs only the elites can get.

Just for starters.

We’re supposed to grovel at the feet of the great suppliers and roam supermarkets for their approved adulterated foods. Even organic is a scam and hard pressed to be validated. A very sad state of affairs.

A History of Fluoride

In 1945 local water treatment facilities began to add sodium fluoride to our water supply.

The first thing you should know is that the sodium fluoride they put in our water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive.

Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct from aluminum manufacturing.

As aluminum production increased in the first half of the twentieth century, it became necessary to find somewhere to put the fluoride.  Manufacturers could no longer get away with dumping it into rivers or landfills, because it was poisoning crops and making livestock sick. Francis Frary, chief scientist for ALCOA,  had an idea.  He commissioned Gerald Cox at the Mellon Institute, to conduct research regarding the benefits of adding fluoride to the water supply.  The Mellon Institute was frequently hired by big business to produce research that supported their industries, and for several decades they produced research showing that asbestos was safe and did not cause cancer.  Hmmm.

They also produced reports assuring everyone that fluoride was not toxic and would be beneficial to add to our drinking water for healthy teeth.

Another proponent of the safety of fluoride at that time was scientist Harold Hodge, who was later revealed to to have been part of the the Human Radiation Experiment; injecting test subjects with plutonium and uranium in 1945-46.  This was documented by pulitzer prize winning reporter Eileen Welsonne in The Plutonium Files.
Hodge was also chief toxicologist of The Manhattan Project and fluoride was a key component in the production of the atom bomb.  His studies were conducted with a bias toward proving fluoride safe, which would protect the government and industry from lawsuits. More

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